Liminality is a series of Silent Hill inspired albums created by a collaboration of musicians started on the forum and who later founded the Liminal Recs net-label.

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Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album

Composers: Clinic Brothers, Er| Naem, Fellirium, Gasgruel, KAVver., Mr. Somnabula, Os1R!s, SinFearSilence, Soaring Man, Technology of Silence, Wialenove, Y-Ring
Artwork: KAVver. (original artwork), Master Mind (logo) & X.iso (effects)
Mastering & compiling: Wialenove
Label: Liminal Recs — LimREC018
Release date: 2007.09.09
Format: MP3 192 kbps
Total duration: 2:00:41

"Hi! We are the Liminal Recs - a Silent Hill fans' net-label based at the In the beginning of this year we began our work on the Silent Hill Inspired Album, following the traditions of Akira Yamaoka' music and Broken Notes project. And finally it's finished. Liminality (that's the title) became the most important release for us, so we did our best! We tried to include all sides of Silent Hill music - trip-hop, rock, ambient, dark ambient, piano compositions, industrial stuff - we have it all! When compiling the tracklist, we wanted to create some kind of journey around the city, favourite locations and scenes, not just a bunch of tracks. And I think, we did it well."

Disc 1
01 Kavver. - Into the Suspense
02 SinFearSilence - The Fog Hid the Secrets
03 Gasgruel - Mist
04 Wialenove - Run Away! Run Away! Run Away!
05 Clinic Brothers - No More Tears, Alessa
06 Er| Naem - Slow Pace
07 Fellirium - Loneliness and Fear
08 SinFearSilence - The Seal of Sadness
09 Os1R!s - Lost Memories
10 Fellirium - Mom! Let Me In!
11 KAVver. - Disintegration
12 Technology of Silence - Follow Her Trace
13 Y-Ring - Day at the Hospital
14 Os1R!s - Elevator
15 Fellirium - Walter Sullivan
16 KAVver. - Just a Matter of Time
17 Fellirium - Night at the Hospital
18 Mr. Somnabula - Night After Loss
19 Y-Ring - Endless Break
Disc 2
01 KAVver. - One More Mistake
02 Mr. Somnambula - Lake Side
03 Fellirium - Other Side
04 Wialenove - A Night in the Town
05 Clinic Brothers & Colt - Theme of Cynthia
06 SinFearSilence - Goddess Tears
07 Y-Ring - Little Baroness
08 Wialenove - The Breath from Beyond
09 KAVver. - Along Foggy Alley
10 Wialenove - Between Two Worlds
11 Y-Ring - Easy Going
12 KAVver. - Some Like Explanation
13 KAVver. - In the Possession of Lights
14 Os1R!s - Final Battle
15 Soaring Man - This Town is not Empty
16 Y-Ring - Leave

Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album (CD1)
Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album (CD2)

Liminality: Revision

Composers: Clinic Brothers, Gasgruel, KAVver., Mr. Somnabula, Os1R!s, Sinfearsilence (Vivd Dark), Serge Sunne, Soaring Man, Wialenove, Y-Ring
Artwork: KAVver.
Compiling: Wialenove
Label: Liminal Recs — LimREC037
Release date: 2008.01.27
Format: MP3 256 kbps
Total duration: 1:04:07

Liminality: Revision is the second Silent Hill Inspired release by the Liminal Recs net-label (the first one is Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album 2xCD (LimREC018)). Revision presents an hour-length of completely new Silent Hill inspired works and remixes of Akira Yamaoka tracks done by our composers. After a fascinating success of the original Liminality, composers fully embraced their creative potential resulting in a lot more personalized tracks while still retaining the original Silent Hill atmosphere. There are also some classic tracks here. Liminality: Revision is the link between the original Liminality and Liminality 2 planned for this year.

01 KAVver. - Walk Through
02 Vivid Dark - In Water
03 Soaring Man - Tears Of... (Remix)
04 Wialenove - Dreams Desolated In Silence
05 Gasgruel - Grey Princess
06 Mr. Somnambula - Their Heaven
07 os1R!s - Love Or Hate
08 KAVver. - Sands Of Paranoia
09 Wialenove - Run From Yourself
10 Os1R!s - Lost Memories (Part II)
11 KAVver. - Spider's Web
12 Mr. Somnambula - Alone In The Town (Remix)
13 KAVver. - Distant Voices
14 Y-Ring - Phonebox
15 Sinfearsilence - Death Wish
16 Serge Sunne - Road To Ghost Town
17 KAVver. - Otherside (Free Interpretation)
18 Clinic Brothers - Theme Of Laura (ZodiakMix)
19 Y-Ring - Window, Radio (Night)

Liminality: Revision

Liminality II: Okaeri

Composers: Chaos Control, Edge of Lament, Fellirium, KAVver., macabro, Mr. Somnabula, Sinfearsilence, Soaring Man, Technology of Silence, Wialenove, Y-Ring
Artwork: KAVver.
Liminal Recs — LimREC062
Release date: 2009.01.11
Format: MP3 320 kbps
Total duration: 1:53:21

O kaeri (jap.) - "welcome back".

Liminality II: Okaeri – a new chapter of the series of albums inspired by works of Akira Yamaoka and Silent Hill. This compilation also features trip-hop, ambient, piano compositions, etc. All that we love Akira Yamaoka works for.

Disc 1
01 Fellirium & KAVver. - Elsewhere
02 Fellirium - Our Special Place
03 Mr. Somnambula - Forest Path
04 Sinfearsilence - Peace of Mind
05 Wialenove - Calmness in the Fog
06 Fellirium - Is Someone There?
07 KAVver. - Desperate Desire
08 Sinfearsilence - Love Right
09 macabro - You Should Be Here
10 Technology of Silence - In Memory Of
11 Wialenove - Echoes in the Fog
12 KAVver. - Linger
13 Soaring Man - Promise Reprise (Remix)
14 KAVver. - Everything Counts
15 Chaos Control - Maria
Disc 2
01 KAVver. - Boiler On
02 Technology of Silence - Night Butterflies. Dead and Beautiful
03 macabro - The Girl Who Was Late
04 Mr. Somnambula - Brookhaven Dreams
05 Fellirium & KAVver. - Medicine
06 macabro - Waiting Theme
07 Sinfearsilence - Trapped Deep
08 KAVver. - Support
09 Wialenove - Toluca Fog Sonata
10 Soaring Man - Bitter Truth Pt.1
11 Mr. Somnambula - Water
12 Soaring Man - Bitter Truth Pt.2
13 Edge of Lament - Dreamover
14 Technology of Silence - She Never Was and Never Will Be
15 Y-Ring - Superintendent's
Bonus Track
Fellirium - Our Special Place (feat. KAVver.)

Liminality II: Okaeri (CD1)
Liminality II: Okaeri (CD2)