Silent Hill: Origins Original Soundtracks

Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill: Zer0 Original Soundtracks

Label: Konami ‎– LC1627
Format: CD, DVD-Box
Country: Japan
Release date: 2008.01.25
Note: The soundtrack album features 6 pages comic booklet written and drawn by Masahiro Ito (SH1-3 monster design) with a story about another version of Pyramid Head.

"That pyramid head has no connection to Silent Hill Origins. Comic booklet, that story is my another pyramid head world." – Masahiro Ito

Hi-res covers

Akira Yamaoka – Silent Hill: Origins Original Soundtracks

Label: Milan Records – M2-36574
Format: CD-R
Country: USA
Release date: 2013.02.12
Note: The authorized soundtrack is made on demand by CreateSpace and sold by Amazon.

01 Shot Down In Flames (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
02 Meltdown
03 Evil Appetite
04 Wrong Is Right
05 Not Tomorrow 3
06 Monster Daddy
07 King Of Adiemus
08 Don't Abuse Me
09 Underworld 4
10 Acid Horse
11 O.R.T (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
12 Insecticide
13 Raw Power
14 A Million Miles
15 Battle Drums
16 The Wicked End
17 Blow Back (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
18 Real Solution
19 The Healer
20 Snowblind
21 Behind the Wall of Sleep
22 Drowning
23 Murder Song "S"
24 Not Tomorrow 4
25 Theme of Sabre Dance
26 Hole In The Sky (feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)

Silent Hill: Zer0 Original Soundtracks mp3, 83 mb

In-game Playback Locations

Warning! Spoilers below

  • Wrong Is Right - opening Konami and Clmax logos / Greenfield Apartments
  • Battle Drums - main menu (intro)
  • Not Tomorrow - Travis stops the truck and sees Alessa in the back mirror
  • O.R.T - intro cutscene / chasing Alessa in the fog
  • Not Tomorrow 4 - second floor of the burning house / after solving the anatomy doll puzzle / meeting Lisa at Alchemilla Hospital / leaving Alchemilla Hospital after meeting Alessa / climbing through the hole to the place of final confrontation
  • Meltdown - meeting Dr. Kaufmann at Alchemilla Hospital
  • Evil Appetite - Alessa's appearance after the first and third bosses / after getting the ring at the Motel
  • Acid Horse - after solving the Flauros puzzle / meeting Dahlia outside Alchemilla Hospital / on the way to Antiques Shop / the final boss
  • Real Solution - leaving Alchemilla Hospital after meeting Lisa / at the catwalk of Artaud Theater after solving the puzzle
  • Insecticide - on the way to Cedar Groove Sanitarium / meeting Dahlia at the Sanitarium / meeting Lisa in the the Sanitarium otherworld / on the way to Antiques Shop through otherworld Silent Hill streets
  • Raw Power - Cedar Groove Sanitarium basement/otherworld
  • A Million Miles - meeting Lisa at Cedar Groove Sanitarium before boss fight
  • Murder Song "S" - meeting Lisa at the auditorium of Artaud Theater
  • The Healer - searching in the auditorium of Artaud Theater after meeting Lisa
  • Snowblind - after meeting Lisa and Dr. Kaufmann at the Rose Suite of Riverside Motel
  • Don't Abuse Me - Alessa's appearance after fighting the fouth boss
  • Blow Back - Good ending credits
  • Hole In The Sky - Bad ending credits
  • Shot Down In Flames - UFO ending and credits

These tracks from original soundtracks don't seem to play in the game:

  • Monster Daddy
  • King Of Adiemus
  • Underworld 4
  • The Wicked End
  • Behind the Wall of Sleep
  • Drowning
  • Theme of Sabre Dance