The ending you get has two parts. The first, I refer to as the Encounter Ending, and the other is the Videotape Ending. The Encounter Ending refers to the cutscene that takes place in the therapy room, where Harry and Cheryl finally meet. The Videotape Ending refers to the part after this.

The reason I divide it this way, is because your PI can impact either in a particular manner. For example, the "Drunk Dad" ending is only related to the Videotape, and is not reflected in the Encounter. Likewise, the Hero Forever ending is only reflected in the Encounter; not the Videotape.

Encounter Ending

This is the cutscene that takes place in the therapy room. There are three different versions you can get. As these cutscenes do not have official titles anywhere, I've titled them as follows:

  • Broken
  • Bearer of Guilt
  • Hero Forever


How To Get It:
Build up as much Family and Friendly PI as possible. Concentrate on finding Cheryl, ignoring distractions like sex and alcohol. Answer questions as an honest family man would.
Major PI:
- "True" to questions: 1, 3, 6, and 7
- "False" to questions: 2 and 5
- "No" to spending time with friends, over family
- "Yes" to marriage can last
- "No" to sex becoming stale
- Avoid sexual and alcoholic PI
Harry kneels before Cheryl. They gaze at each other, unsure of how to say goodbye. "You've been with me for so long..." she professes. Harry forces a smile and replies "I always will be." Cheryl closes her eyes and shakes her head in a final goodbye. The ice creeps up over Harry, sealing him in her memories forever.

Bearer of Guilt

How To Get It:
Build up as much Unfriendly PI as possible. Don't make attempts to be friendly with anyone.
Major PI:
- "False" to questions: 1 and 3
- "Yes" to being a private person
- "Yes" for taking a while to be understood
- DO NOT have the bull as the most guilty
- "No" to staying together for kids
Harry stands before his daughter. He knows she can't forgive him. Nor does he want to be forgiven. Cheryl stands up and confronts her guilt. "Why did you have to die?" she asks, withholding her tears. "It wasn't my fault," she cries, "someone has to take the blame." Harry approaches her with open arms to try and comfort her. She stops him, holding his hand away from her. They both feel cold to each other. "Forget me." Harry whispers as he retracts away from his daughter. His body freezes as he steps back. His eyes frozen upon Cheryl, he crumbles to the floor...

Hero Forever

How To Get It:
Build up any Fake PI that you can. Basically, you want to play off like you're not interested in the doctor's help, just saying whatever you need to in order to get through the therapy. Whenever you can, try to contradict yourself.
Major PI:
- Look away from the doctor while he's talking; stare at the lamp
- Answer "False" or "No" to every question asked except to confirm completion
- Put all the sleeping/dead photos on one side (doesn't matter which)
- Don't adjust the guilt line
- Pair two gay couples
- Put all the abstract images on the non-sexual side
- Let Harry drown in the car, as well as on the way to the lighthouse
"Dad..." Cheryl whispers. Harry kneels down before her. "You are a hero." She smiles, happier with a father she loves than the truth. "The man who died ... that wasn't my father." She pauses, taking a breath. Her eyes begin to water. "That isn't who I remember. Those memories are all I have. You're all I have." He turns from her. "I'm not even a ghost..." he whispers. Cheryl shakes her head, unable to bear losing him. She wraps her arms around him tightly, tears streaming down her face. They hold each other closely. For once, Cheryl feels warm...

Videotape Ending

This is the series of clips shown immediately after the Encounter Ending. They're all presented as part of a home-made videotape. There are four variations, which are titled as follows:

  • Love Lost
  • Sleaze and Sirens
  • Wicked and Weak
  • Drunk Dad

Love Lost

How To Get It:
Same criteria as Broken. Build up as much Family and Friendly PI as possible. Act as a genuine family man; focused on what's important.
Major PI:
- "True" to questions: 1, 3, 6, and 7
- "False" to questions: 2 and 5
- "No" to spending time with friends, over family
- "Yes" to marriage can last
- "No" to sex becoming stale
- Avoid sexual and alcoholic PI
Harry places his suitcase on the ground and turns to his wife. So many words come to mind, but he says nothing. He just stares at the woman standing before him. "You be careful?" Dahlia softly requests. "Sure." Harry nods lightly, not concerned about safety for the moment. "Harry..." Dahlia tries to explain. Harry holds up his hand. "We've said enough. Let's just..." he turns and notices Cheryl recording the farewell. "Sweetie, don't film this." This is not a memory he wishes to keep. He approaches Cheryl and kneels before her. "You know this has nothing to do with you, right?" Dahlia crosses her arms and listens from the background. "Even though mom and dad don't love each other anymore, we both love you. And we always will." He places his hand on top of the camera, "now come on." Cheryl lowers the camera and turns it off.

Sleaze and Sirens

How To Get It:
Gain as much Sexual PI as possible. This is easy, since all you have to do is stare at every sexual thing you come across.
Major PI:
- Get a good look at every sexual poster you find
- Stare at women's chests/behinds while around them
- "True" to question 5
- "False" to questions: 3 and 7
- "Yes" to preferring friends over family
- "Yes" to being a slut
- "No" to being a virgin
- Include Sex Ed in classes of choice
- Watch Lisa change
- "No" to marriage really lasting
- All abstract images classed as sexual
"Action," Harry calls from the bed, "come on in girls. Introduce yourselves!" Michelle bows before the camera. "I'm Michelle and I'm Midwich High's prom queen." She turns and sits at Harry's side, wrapping her arm behind him. "And our next star..." Harry summons. Lisa giggles as she enters the camera's view. "I'm Lisa; I'm a nurse." Lisa hurries over to Harry's other side. "And I'm Harry Mason; famous author and seducer of prom queens and nurses." "Can we be in your next book?" Michelle innocently requests. "Sure." He complies. "Can you dedicate it to us?" Lisa asks, placing her hand on his chest. "Nope," Harry declines, "dedications are always to my wife and daughter. It's only fair." They join each other in laughter before falling back on the bed.

Wicked and Weak

How To Get It:
Gain lots of Unfriendly PI and act like you hate everything. Having the tan coat outfit is a good indicator that you're on your way to this ending.
Major PI:
- "False" to questions: 1 and 3
- "Yes" to being a private person, and taking a while to be understood
- "No" to preferring friends over family
- "Yes" to being a bully and slacker
- All sleeping photos on "Dead" side
- Watch Lisa change - she'll be angry
- Give Lisa the wrong pills
- Place Celestine, the princess, as most guilty
- All abstract images non-sexual
Cheryl walks down the dark hall, playing with her video camera. She heads towards her parents' bedroom to show them, when she realizes that they're fighting. Again... "You piece of shit!" Dahlia screams at Harry, "When're you gonna bring in some real money?" She slaps him. Harry raises his hand to his face. He says nothing. Nothing will satisfy this demon of rage. "You think your crap is Shakespeare? Your piece of shit novels... no one even reads them!" She strikes him again in fury. Harry collapses to the floor. He yet remains silent. "Be a man!" Dahlia screams "Come on! Fight back!" Harry does nothing. Dahlia towers over him, glaring down at the weak man before her. "You're pathetic... to think that I used to hang off your every word.... to this waste of space!" She strikes him again. Harry's glasses clack against the wooden floor. He bends over and picks them up, slowly returning them to his face. He notices Cheryl with her camera. For a moment he looks at her, ashamed of himself. He remains silent.

Drunk Dad

How To Get It:
Easy, just stare at any alcohol you find and answer the questions that obviously are attributed to being an alcoholic. It doesn't take much Alcoholic PI to get this. By the time you get to the first encounter with Michelle, you've likely already built enough Alcoholic PI to get the ending.
Major PI:
- "True" to question 2
- Stare at all the Alcoholic PI you find (there isn't much anyway)
- "Yes" to being a drunk
- Stare at the doctor's collection of booze
It's late at night. Harry approaches the front porch, beer bottle in hand. "The hell you filmin' me for? Am I supposed to dance for ya?" In a mockery, Harry waves his arms around and pretends to dance, before collapsing to the porch floor in a drunken stupor. His beer spills on the ground. "Be a good girl for daddy and go get him another drink will ya?" Cheryl stares at her fallen father. "Now! Get me a damn beer!" He demands. He sits up and looks at the bottle in his hand. "No wonder I drink with a family like this."

UFO Ending

This is the usual joke ending. In this case, you have to call a number advertised on a billboard and then take photographs of UFOs all over the town. If you miss even one, you forfeit the ending.

This ending is only available on a New Game+, which is the same for the others in the series, except for Homecoming and SH4 (which doesn't have a UFO ending at all. As soon as you are able to use the phone (just after meeting Cybil) you can call the phone number to get started. The number you need to call is 555-3825.

Here's a list of the UFO locations:

  1. Streets - Under a street light in the alley near the playground. It's big and obvious enough that you can't miss it.
  2. Forest Path - Through a hole in the fishing lodge roof
  3. Hunter's Cabin - On top of a barrel out back of the hunter's cabin
  4. Football Field - Between goal posts. Big. Can't miss it
  5. Cathouse - On roof, where you jump between the Cathouse and Wonderland
  6. Midwich High School - In courtyard, above statue in the middle
  7. Hall to Gym - In a tree on the west side of the path; near the wall
  8. Downtown - On the road; look down on from the mall entrance
  9. Toluca Mall - Inside a fish tank in Family Pet. Easy to spot with your light off
  10. Green Lion Pawn Shop - On top of a shelf in the pawn shop
  11. Sewer Access - Through some bars in the sewer. Just before the exit
  12. Docks - At the end of the dock to your left as you jump the fence.
  13. The Lighthouse - In the water off the northern coast from the pier that the lighthouse is on.