Psych Profile

Personality Inventory

Throughout this document, you'll notice several references to PI. PI, an acronym for Personality Inventory, is what controls various aspects of the game. Conversations, attitudes, outfits, and the ending are all impacted by your PI. There are five main types of PI throughout the game, they are:

  • Sexual - the most common; primarily influences appearances
  • Friendliness - primarily influences interactions with people
  • Family - primarily affects the ending cutscenes
  • Alcoholic - primarily influences Dahlia and the ending cutscenes
  • Fake - only influences the ending

Each of these are fairly obvious, except for the fake PI. The fake PI only impacts the ending cutscenes and suggests that you aren't interested in the doctor's therapy. Basically, to build this PI, take every opportunity to appear as though you aren't answering the questions truthfully. (See the endings for more info).

Each type of PI is evaluated when you come to a part of the game that includes something that changes according to your current PI. Whichever PI you have been building the most of will take precedence.

However, it is rare that a single object with PI will change anything. What I mean is: you can't expect something to change based on a single event. The whole idea is to evaluate your trends and create a psychological profile. This is collected by a multitude of actions/responses. That said, there are some events that are much more influential than others.

Therapy Sessions

These therapy sessions have a large impact on events throughout the game. Some only affect minor details, while others affect the ending cutscenes.

The Test

This form is the initial psycho-profiling that happens in this game. The profiling influences various aspects of the game. Some affect the ending, while others only influence a scene or two. Even if you're hunting for a specific ending, they all take influences from multiple events; don't worry about getting everything that contributes to a specific ending. Particularly for first-time players, don't worry about repercussions of your choices, they're all minor. Just choose whatever you like.

Question Primary Influence
1. I make friends easily Friendliness PI
2. Having a drink helps me relax Alcoholic PI; Good Ol' Days Bar
3. I always listen to other people's feelings Friendliness PI
4. I prefer abstract ideas Fake PI
5. I have enjoyed role-play during sex Sexual PI
6. Working to a plan or I schedule is best Family PI; Fake P
7. I have never cheated on a partner Sexual PI

Happy Family

Question Primary Influence
1. Would you consider yourself a private person? Friendliness PI
2. Would you say it takes a while for people to get to know you? Fake PI
3. Would you prefer to spend time with friends over family? Family PI

Coloring Time! The colors you use will be reflected on the house you see in the following cutscene. This has no bearing on anything else. Coloring the trees does nothing. The doctor doesn't change his comment no matter what you do. Leaving the page blank results in the same as coloring everything in solid black.

Halcyon Days of High School

The doctor will say a list of titles. Your answer, combined with your class choices afterwards will primarily influence your clothes later on.

Title Influence
Jock Jock outfit
Slut Sexual PI
Drunk Alcoholic PI
Virgin Fake PI
Bully Greaser outfit; Unfriendly PI
Slacker None
Class Influence
Religion None
Creative Writ None
Geography None
Literature None
Theater Michelle's outfit
Football Jock outfit
Basketball Jock outfit
Sex Ed Sexual PI
Math None
Science None

Basically, if you want the jock outfit, say "yes" to jock and make sure to include both sports in your classes. For the greaser outfit (leather jacket) be sure to say "yes" to bully.

How You Want To Die

You'll be in therapy again. The doctor will comment about how he figures you'd like to die. This is an obvious indicator of your PI.

Answer PI
"Surrounded by family" Family PI
"Having sex" Sexual PI
"In your sleep" Fake PI
"Drink yourself to death" Alcoholic PI

For the task of dividing the pictures, I have yet to notice any significant influence from any of the different distributions.

If you put all the pictures on one side, he'll comment that he figured you'd catch it as a trick question. If you divide the photos, whichever side you put fewer on, he'll say they all are (If you put mostly dead, he'll say they're all sleeping and vice versa).

Guilty Conscience

The doctor will talk about guilt and how it stresses people out. He'll then tell you a short story about four characters and ask you to align the characters according to how guilty they are.

Basically the story goes like this:

  • Some guy wants to marry a princess
  • He asks permission from the King
  • Princess doesn't want to marry him, but King agrees; following protocol
  • Buddy tries to seduce her
  • She runs away into a field that's dangerous
  • Bull tramples princess to death (Owned)

Typically, I just leave the characters where they are. I have yet to determine a specific link this has with future events.

Here is what the doctor will comment according to who you declare as the most culpable.

  • Bull - "You couldn't ignore the facts. He was the one who killed her."
  • Princess - "She didn't have to run away, did she?"
  • King - "You think he should've ignored protocol."
  • Wilhelm - "You think if he really loved her, he wouldn't have forced the marriage."



The good doctor will ask you a few questions about marriage. These are the questions he asks:

  1. You think marriage can really last?
  2. Should a couple stay together for the kids?
  3. Do you think it's a bad idea to marry young?
  4. Do you think sex becomes stale after marriage?

Your answers here will affect the following cutscene with Michelle and John. Basically, If you approve of marriage, John will leave Michelle. If you come off as disapproving of marriage, Michelle will make John stop the car and run off.

This is also where you can gain some Fake PI. The best way to do this is simply answer "no" to each question.

The doctor will then ask you to arrange 6 photos into married couples. You can pair them as follows:

  • Same color clothes
  • Same background
  • Same expression

Or you can just scramble them. I've never noticed any changes that I could specifically link to these photos.

For Fake PI, I usually make two of the couples gay, even though I don't really think it matters.

Sex Evaluation

The good doctor will task you to classify a group of abstract images as sexual or non-sexual. All of the images are abstract paintings of something that represents death. Going from top to bottom here's what the images are intended to represent:

  • Hand holding pistol
  • Dagger / knife
  • Noose
  • Rotten apple
  • Bison skull
  • Human skull
  • Totaled car

If you put them all on the non-sexual side, you'll get Fake PI. All of them on the sexual side gets you sexual PI. Otherwise, nothing really changes.