Raw Shock

The Raw Shock is the only enemy you encounter in Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. Their groups chase Harry during the nightmare sequences of the game in the ice world.

These monsters look as gender neutral hairless, pale-skinned, humanoid creatures without facial features. At the start of the game Raw Shocks don't have any specific appearance details, but as the game progresses they can adopt different traits based on the player's Psych Profile and develop into one of the four distinctive types: abstract, atrophied, diseased and feminine. Two or three different types can be seen combined and each type is also associated with a certain game ending, although it does not guarantee that the player will earn that ending.

Raw Shocks are invulnerable and cannot be killed as Harry doesn't have any weapons, so the only thing you can do is to run from them while using the flares to scare them off temporarily.

Raw Shock Variations


James Sunderland

"It is no ones fault. Harry and Dahlia have simply drifted apart."

They have unusual geometrically shaped heads with a hole in the center and their bodies are made from flesh discs.

This type is associated with the "Love Lost" ending meaning that the player acts as a genuine family man and focuses on search for Cheryl.


James Sunderland

Their disfigured heads and bodies have holes and concaves in various places with uncovered and joints and bones.

This type is associated with the "Wicked and Weak" ending which is obtained by being easily distracted from Harry's main focus as well as acting uncaring and rude.


James Sunderland

"It was Harry’s fault. Harry is a drunk/addict. Every aspect of his life is mired by his addiction."

They have a bloated sickly appearance with multiple tumors all over their bodies.

This type is associated with the “Drunk Dad” ending which is obtained by focusing on alcohol and drugs in the game.


James Sunderland

"It was Harry’s fault. Harry is a serial adulterer and is sexually immoral."

Their heads and bodies bear clear feminine traits with large lips, breasts and high heel feet.

This type is associated with the “Sleaze and Sirens” ending which is achieved by giving special attention to female characters and sex.