1. This scene from a painting "A Bar at the Folies-Bergere" by the impressionist Édouard Manet was partly recreated in Shattered Memories.

2. These numbers mean a misogynistic graffitist ranking the cheerleaders in terms of attractiveness. Their faces were scratched out during last minute bug fixes due to concerns from the legal department.

3. Konami is represented by the goroawase (a form of Japanese wordplay) number 573. "5" in Japanese is "go", changed to the voiceless form "ko"; "7" is "nana", shortened to "na"; "3" is "mittsu", shortened to "mi". That's why in SH:SM you can call Konami by the number 573 (and that's why the names of Japanese Konami's Twitter and YouTube accounts contain this number).

4. The "Babes in the Wood" echo story in Shattered Memories is a reference to a traditional English children's tale with a bad ending.

5. Wii and PS2/PSP versions of SHSM have not only graphical & musical differences but also a layout change. The Balkan Night Club lounge has 2 floors accessible on Wii & only the ground floor on PlayStations.

6. The first published cover for the European release of Shattered Memories featured a different artwork which was later changed to an image of frozen Cheryl used for all releases of the game.

7. The Silent Hill city in Shattered Memories is visually based on Grand Rapids, Michigan. The game actually features Grand Rapids' zip code - 49504 - in Cheryl's student records while the Diner 52 is adorned with Michigan license plates.