01. Welcome Back to Silent Hill
02. Nightmare 1
03. Lost in the Woods
04. Nightmare 2
05. Midwich High School
06. Nightmare 3
07. The Balkan and Dixon Bridge
08. Nightmare 4
09. Nightingale Apartments
10. Nightmare 5
11. Toluca Mall and Simmons Street
12. Nightmare 6
13. Lakeside Area
14. The “Orpheus” and the Lighthouse

01. Welcome Back to Silent Hill

A red sedan loses control on an icy road and careens off road, plowing through a large snow bank and a chain link fence only coming to a stop when it slams straight into a light pole.

The scene shifts and you find yourself in a first person view inside the office of Dr. K. He asks you to honestly fill out a Garner Sobel Personality Inventory Form (K) and questions your last answer on the form.

With this initial test out of the way he’s ready to get started with the therapy session…are you?

Walkthrough Notes
These sessions with the doctor are found throughout the game and how you perform on the tests are one of the many things that help shape your game’s psych profile. This initial test lays the groundwork for your game’s psych profile and personalized version of Silent Hill. Every time you start a new game it’s possible to generate a new profile that creates new looks for characters, locations and ultimately shapes the tone of the story and the personalities of everyone you meet. It’s this overall psych profile that also determines which of the four story driven endings you will receive at the end of the game.

Since the game’s psych profile is rather complex and constantly changes outside of the doctor test environment depending how each person plays the game there’s no way I can cover every variation in a single walk through. To keep it simple, this walkthrough will only cover steps to move through the entire game safely and find all the mementos and all the possible echo messages/photos along the way.

Look for future sections where I’ll discuss how you can go about altering psych profile and how to tailor your game play to met a certain variations of a character and location along with what you need to do fulfill requirements of a certain ending.

Salvage Yard/ Crash Site

After your initial test the scene shifts back to Harry Mason waking from the accident we witnessed earlier. Harry panics when he realizes his daughter, Cheryl, who was sleeping in the back seat has wandered off into town while he was unconscious. Grabbing his flashlight from the wreck Harry calls out for his daughter starts his journey through Silent Hill to find her.

Once you have control of Harry move away from the car wreckage and take a look at your surroundings. It looks like Harry has crashed into some some sort of salvage yard. If you turn around and take a peek back into Harry’s vehicle you will spot stuffed teddy bear that belongs to Cheryl in the front seat. (It has a striped tie! A PS1 Dahlia reference?)

Continuing away from the crash site Harry may make comments on different items you stop to look at. Usually just commenting on whether or not something belongs to his little girl. If you hit the (A) button on the wii-mote Harry will call out for Cheryl in a variety of ways.

Since Cheryl is obviously no longer in the salvage yard make your way over to the rusted gate and climb over. On the other side enter the unlocked green door into the building.

Deisaco Fir Tree Filling Station

Once inside you realize that this building is some sort of auto garage. Turn to the left and move forward through the door on the other end of the room into a back hallway. Ahead of Harry is a broken payphone next to a poster of “Important Silent Hill numbers.” At this point of the game you don’t have access to Harry’s cellphone so make note of any numbers you wish to call later. Some numbers are pretty nice call backs to previous Silent Hill titles.

To Harry’s right are the men and women restrooms, which you can explore if you are so inclined (the men’s room has some lewd graffiti on the stall walls) and to the left is the exit into the Fir Tree Filling Station front shop.

Inside the shop walk towards the back chalkboard in the front of the room that lists a menu of types of coffee drinks for sale. Turn left and enter the door with the “Employees Only” sign. Walk through the next hallway and find a locked door and your first door challenge!

To unlock the door grab top pin on a chain and remove it from the latch. Next grab the red knob and slide the bolt to the right. Presto! The door is now unlocked.

Streets of Silent Hill

Move out to the streets of Silent Hill past the filling station pumps and and make a left. After you pass the Auto Repair shop on the left and cross Finney street you should see two lit shops ahead: Theresa’s New 4 You Clothes and Clear Picture Cameras TV and Appliances. Once you enter or open the door of either shop the other will be inaccessible for the rest of the game.

Enter Clear Picture Cameras TV and Appliances

Move down the red staircase and enter the door at the foot of the stairs. Walk towards the” Clear Picture” neon sign at the back of the store towards the back door. On the counter in front of the back door there’s an answering machine Harry can interact with and play a phone message. The tone and what the person in this message changes based on your profile! When you try the back door it’s locked so your only option is to go through ”Staff Only” door to the left.

In the staff room is a room full of computer and video equipment. Walk to the security monitor ahead and take a closer look: turning the knob to the left shows several different security feeds of the store and to the bottom right of the screen is a large red button labeled “door release.” We want to exit the store so turn the knob to “3″ so you have a view above the locked door and hit the door release button so the light above the door turns green. Return into the main store and exit through the unlocked back door.

Make a left and climb over the red fence to Harry’s right (ignore the “do not climb sign”) and go through the door straight ahead. In the next area turn to the left and climb over the wooden fence into a children’s playground.

Enter Theresa’s New 4 You Clothes

Enter the shop and move forward to the back counter at the back of the store. To the right is an answering machine Harry can interact with. Listen to the message and you find out that the key to unlock the back door is located in Jane’s coat. Good info to have!. Head through the door and make your way up the stairs to the second floor of the shop that looks more like an attic or storage area.

To the left is a full length mirror and the locked exit door. If you had by passed the machine in the beginning there’s a helpful note reminding you that the key is located in Jane’s jacket. Turn around and look at the mannequins behind you modeling three different types of jackets. to find the key open one of the jackets, it doesn’t matter which one it will always be in the first jacket you select.

With the key in hand exit the shop and climb down a ladder into a snowy alley. Move straight through the next door and then climb the fence into the children’s playground.

Children’s Playground

Ahead and to Harry’s right is a swing hanging from a tree and directly to his right in the corner is a discarded bicycle with Cheryl’s (hey how did it get out of the car!) teddy bear hanging from the spokes. Across the playground is a locked door next to sign with the playground rules…looks like we need to find a key if we want to leave the playground. Walk over to the left side of the playground towards the red wagon with the “dead dog” graffiti.

Walk around to the back and you should see three soda or beer cans. One of these cans hides the key to the playground door. Pick up and shake each can until you hear rattling inside. Turn the can that rattles over and dump out a small blue key inside. Pick up the key, unlock the door and exit the playground.

On the next street there are two possible businesses open. To the left is the Diner 52 and to the right is the Good Old Days Tavern. Your psych profile to the point determines which will be lit and open to explore.

If the tavern is open he will meet a red headed (unnamed) bartender. Inside Cafe 52 Harry will meet Officer Cybil Bennett. After Harry’s conversation with either you will now have access to Harry’s his snazzy smart phone. Be sure to check out all the cool functions:

Phone Functions

You can dial any number you wish like the various numbers Harry finds along his journey through Silent Hill. Now that you have access to his phone it’s a perfect chance to out some of the numbers we saw listed earlier on the “Important Silent Hill numbers” poster back in the Fir Tree Garage hallway.

Selecting this function activates Harry’s camera phone which he can use to uncover Echo Photo Messages and take photos of items you may have to refer back to later.

Quick Access: Hit right on the wii-mote directional pad, hit (A) to take photo and hit (A) again if you want to save.

Harry’s phone has a neat GPS function that has a map of the entire town. On viewing the map you can make notes and mark areas you wish to visit. The GPS also lets Harry know where he should be going through automatic waypoints added to the map during the game.

Map Quick View: Hit left on the wii-mote directional pad, hit (A) to view the full screen map.

Check any text or voice messages Harry receives from here.

View any of the photos you saved to your phone here.

Harry’s contact list. Whenever another character calls or texts Harry and he picks up or views their text a new contact is added to the list.

The most important function of this phone! Save your progress through Silent Hill here (It’s a good idea to save often!).

Personalize your phone, change the sounds and ring tones.

This lets you know how many calls you received, all the numbers you’ve dialed and how much time you spent on the phone.

In either business you can find the game’s first memento, Memento #1: A Winter Beacon of a small snow globe of a girl standing by a lighthouse.


Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementosThroughout the game Harry will come across 25 objects that are significant in some way to his journey through Silent Hill. Collecting these mementos isn’t necessary but how many you find has an effect on the game’s ending.

Memento #1: A Winter Beacon

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoA Winter Beacon in the Tavern
Head back to the front door and check the dartboard to the right. Inside Harry should see the snow globe memento.

A Winter Beacon in Diner 52

Walk around the diner counter and open the cabinet. Inside Harry should see the snow globe memento.

As soon as Harry leaves either establishment his phone will beep. A waypoint to Harry’s home address on Levin Street has been marked on his GPS. Taking a look at the map it looks like we need to do some backtracking through the playground and Clear Picture or Theresa’s to start heading in the right direction to Levin Street.

Enter the playground and look towards the swing hanging from the tree. See that staticy ghostly outline of a person? That’s a cue for you to whip out your phone and take a picture with Harry’s camera phone and reveal one of the many “echo photos” you can find during the game.

Echo Messages and Photos

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoesThrough out the game Harry will come across “echoes” of past events that flesh out the back story of Silent Hill. These echos are triggered in two ways:

  • Camera Photo:
    Keep you eyes peeled for ghostly and staticy figures barely visible in the darkness. Walk up to the distortion and take a picture with the camera phone. Once you’ve successfully revealed an “Echo Photo” Harry will receive a text or voice mail from the past.
  • Follow the Static:
    Harry’s phone starts to crackle and his flashlight will flicker and the wii-mote will slightly shake. Direct Harry towards the object in the room that’s causing the disturbance. As you approach the static from the phone will get louder, the flashlight will flicker faster and the wii-mote will rumble. Once you reach the echo object the screen will go white and the noise and flickering will disappear and Harry will receive the message from the past in either a text message or voice mail.

What’s most interesting about these echo messages is that many of them change with time you play. Some have up to 6 variations!

Echo Photo #1: Girl On Swing

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo of the empty swing and reveal Cheryl sitting on the swing clutching her teddy bear and wiping her eyes. Once the photo is successfully taken (you don’t need to save it) Harry will hear a voice message, Playground, from Cheryl.

Climb the back fence to exit the playground, walk through the alley and backtrack through Clear Picture or Theresa’s to discover Echo Message #1: Happy Ever After / Prom.

Echo Message #1: Happy Ever After / Prom

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoClear Picture – Happy Ever After
On walking back into the store static will begin to emanate from Harry’s cellphone. There’s something in the store causing the disturbance. Walk towards the front of the store towards a staticy tv and reveal the “Happy Ever After” echo message.

Theresa’s – Prom
On walking back into the store static will begin to emanate from Harry’s cellphone. There’s something in the store causing the disturbance. Walk towards the front of the store towards the red prom dress and reveal the “Prom” echo message.

On leaving Clear Picture or Theresa’s walk toward Finney street and Harry will receive a phone call from “Home” it’s Cheryl and she desperately tells him he must run as the world freezes over.


The streets of Silent Hill have frozen and you can’t go back the way you came and all the earlier locations you’ve visited are blocked by ice…now what?

Do you hear that rather annoying car alarm? Run towards it, it’s located across the street from the salvage yard. As you approach you should spot a wailing yellow car encased in ice with it’s headlights flashing on a lone yellow door. That’s your exit, take it.

After a short cut scene plays and you’ve regained control over Harry the game’s first nightmare sequence officially begins! These nightmare sequences can be pretty confusing and frustrating ,but believe me if I was able to make it through them anyone can.

Before we begin here are some basic survival tips:

Nightmare Survival Tips

Know your directional options. Harry can climb, crawl or open anything that has a blue tint around the edges.

Don’t forget that Harry’s phone has a pretty handy GPS function. At the start of each nightmare a waypoint is marked on the map by a little blue x. Your goal is to get Harry to that blue x in one piece! It’s easy to get lost during nightmare sequences which is rather frustrating with lots of creatures tailing you. The GPS feature on Harry’s smart phone is a great tool to help you gain your bearings and decide which is the best direction to head towards the waypoint.

You can quickly open the phone GPS by pushing left on the wii-mote d-pad to get a quick view and hitting (A) brings up the full screen map:

  • First, where’s the blue x relative to your position? Are you heading towards it? If not run towards the exit that will take you in the right direction.
  • Are you making progress or just running in circles? The GPS marks all the areas you’ve been through with a purple line. If you seem to just be retracing your steps take a closer look at your surroundings and see if there’s an alternate route (door, ledge, fence, etc) you can take.
  • While viewing the full screen map the creatures can’t harm Harry, so use this to your advantage when planning what direction to run. This reprieve doesn’t extend to the GPS quick view on the phone. Technically since you are still in control of Harry and can walk around with the phone in front of you the creatures can still attack.

Harry may not be able to fight back with a weapon but that doesn’t mean he’s completely helpless. Keep a look out for objects Harry can knock over or pull down to create barricades such as bookshelves, dead trees, etc and hinder his pursuers. Barricades are indicated on screen by a blinking white action arrow. When Harry passes by such an object wiggle the nunchuk as he runs past and he will automatically pull it down behind him creating an obstacle for the creatures on his tail.

Another extremely useful delaying tactic are road flares. There’s usually one (sometimes multiple) in each nightmare stage so keep a look out. Road flares are indicated by a red beacon that you can usually spot quite a distance away. Pick one up whenever you can, however if you already have one in hand don’t bother trying to pick up another Harry can only hold one at a time!

You can light the flare with the (C) button and once the flare is lit it the creatures will cower and stop their pursuit of Harry for around 30-40 secs. Hanging onto a lit flare gives a reprieve from the constant creature attacks gives you the opportunity to put a good distance between Harry and the creatures behind or in front of him.

Dropping a lit flare on the ground with the (-) button has a similar effect and can create a temporary barrier between you and surrounding creatures. The only downside to this method is once you leave the safety of the lit flare the creatures can give chase.

Note: With a lit flare Harry is unable to access his phone until the flare goes out or until he drops it on the ground.

Turn off the flashlight whenever you can! In the nightmare world the creatures can easily outrun Harry so it’s best to try to keep a low profile and sneak by ones if possible. If you have a bunch on your tail and they briefly lose sight of you when you turn a corner or drop off a ledge it’s possible to drop off their radar if you don’t have a bright light indicating your position. You know when a creature has spotted Harry because they will give a screech and the music will speed up.

The hiding spots are also useful in this respect. By crawling under beds or hiding in closets a group of creatures could lose sight of Harry and pass him by, giving you the opportunity to run in the other direction or take an alternate route without a horde on your tail. Remember to TURN THE FLASHLIGHT OFF while hiding or the creatures are more likely to spot Harry and forcibly remove him from his hiding spot.

If the creatures catch up to you (and believe me they will) try not to panic and flail the wii-mote and nunchuk all around. Doing so will not only jerk Harry off the path he may already be moving but it’s also not an effective way to remove the creatures. Using short quick thrusts in the direction a creature holds Harry is the key to an successful escape:

  • If Harry is grabbed from behind: Thrust both your elbows back in a swift and short motion like you are trying to get someone off your back.
  • If Harry is grabbed from the sides: Thrust the wii mote and nunchuck to the left or right (depending on which side the monster is on) in a swift and short motion.
  • If Harry is grabbed from the front: Thrust the wii mote and nunchuck in a swift and short motion in front of you, like you are pushing someone off your chest.
  • If Harry has several creatures hanging off of him take care of the creatures hanging on the front and back and then take care of the ones on his sides.

As soon as you gain control of Harry run straight ahead and climb the fence you see in front you. On the other side run towards the first floor window of the house ahead and turn to your right and enter the side door into the house.

Inside the house run around the shelves/cupboards head through the door in the far left corner of the room. Then exit the home through the single door ahead.

Outside the home is a wide open area with a large ice boulder. Run around the right side of the boulder and you should see back ends of two homes and two fences. Climb the fence on the right and then immediately climb over the following fence straight ahead.

On the other side you should see a building with a set of double entrance doors and a sign to the left indicating it’s the “Still Water Municipal Pool Goods Entrance.” Enter the Pool Building.

Run straight though the double doors under the red exit sign at the end of the hall. In the next hallway take the first door on Harry’s left and then exit the following room through the door straight ahead.

In the next room Harry should see a large and empty pool with a glowing red flare inside. To Harry’s right is a set double doors underneath a large clock and to the left side of the room is a score board and diving board with a second set doors underneath a glowing green exit sign.

We want to head through the doors underneath the exit sign. Grab the flare in the empty pool if you need it and be sure to climb up the end of the pool with the large ice puddle on the floor so you end up on the side with the diving board and scoreboard. If you don’t need or want the flare just run around the left side of the pool on entering the area and run directly towards to doors beneath the green exit sign.

Jump down the ledge and enter the door in the rear of the next room. You will run through a tunnel-like hallway and exit the area through a set of doors under a red exit sign at the of the hall.

Outside the building drop down the ledge run around the right side of the large ice boulder in the middle of the pool parking lot. The exit of nightmare is through the double doors straight ahead

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #1

03. Lost in the Woods

Levin Street

After surviving the nightmare we we are back in Dr. K’s office who has some family related questions and gives a picture of a happy family to color in. You can color the picture it any way you want or heck even leave it uncolored, it’s up to you. But remember the game is watching what you do.

After a short cut scene where Harry makes a scene and scares the current occupants of the Levin street address we find ourselves in the back of Officer Cybil Bennett’s patrol car. During the duration of the conversation with Cybil you can fiddle with the door locks, window and change seats.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoSnow and ice overtake the windows of the patrol car and Cybil leaves Harry in the car to figure out where they are. As soon as Cybil leaves the care move forward to the front passenger seat and and open the glove compartment and grab the the pack of cigarettes inside that is Memento #2: Hidden Fire.

It doesn’t look like Cybil isn’t coming back any time soon so move over to the drivers side and unlock the door and step out of the care. Cybil is no where in sight so it looks like we are on our own once again.

Ranger Station

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead up the road and climb over the wooden fence to your. Run up the slope towards the Ranger Station as static emanates from Harry’s phone. Walk towards the yellow phone outside the station door and grab Echo Message #2: Stranded and walk inside.

Turn to the right open the green first aid cabinet and grab the key inside. Head forward and unlock the backdoor to leave the cabin.

Our goal is the reach Orion Hunting Lodge and head back towards town. There is two routes you can take through the woods to reach Orion Hunting Lodge. Path #1 is the most direct route, however; the longer Path #2 takes you by several mementos and echoes along the way.

PATH #1: A Faster Route – Through the Boathouse to Orion Lodge

If you are uninterested in collecting mementos and echo photos/messages take the more direct route to the lodge by following the dirt path you see on the ground. The path will take you along the edge of Caldecotte Pond through the boathouse past Pump Station SC-34A and leads directly to Orion Lodge front door.

PATH #2: The Scenic Route – Through the Woods to Orion Lodge

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoSince we want to find all the mementos and echoes we will take the more scenic route. Walk through the trees to the left of the dirt path towards the large red dot on Harry’s GPS. This red dot is a large water tower that hides a memento. Jump over the fence surrounding the tower and walk around to the side with the hatch. Open the hatch and grab the blue marble which is Memento #3: Frozen Waters.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead towards the right side of the hatch and hop over the fence. Static should start emanating from Harry’s phone. Walk towards the disturbance past the tree with the pink bandanna tied around it. As the static increases you should see a tree with a wreath hanging from it. Walk towards the wreath and grab Echo Message #3: Babes in the Woods.

Pumping Station SC-34A

Turn left and run down the slope to the left and climb over the rusty gate to enter the back entrance to the Pumping Station SC-34A. Walk through the tunnels to room at the end with the exit ladder. When you reach the room turn immediately to the right and jump over the pipes towards the bars down the path to get the second echo photo.

Echo Photo #2: Little Boy Behind Bars

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoWalk towards the bars and take a photo of the ghostly hands clutching them and receive the voicemail message Babes in the Wood.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead back to the main room and head up the ladder to leave the Pumping Station. On exiting head to the right following the static emanating from the phone towards a blue sleeping bag and receive Echo Message #4: Stranded.

Orion Hunting Lodge

Turn around and go back past the Pumping Station exit and up the slope to the Orion Hunting Lodge. You can go into the front room to see what it looks like but we want to actually walk around the left side of the lodge and enter the side door inside. In the kitchen look to your left for echo photo #3.

Echo Photo #3: Deer Carcass

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a picture of the ghostly deer carcass on the counter and receive a text message, Cycle of Death.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoIn the next room head to the left and open the drawer and grab Memento #4: A Broken Ward a pink safety flashlight.

Head outside and across the porch to the door on the right to head back into the lodge. In the bedroom open the wall cabinet and grab Memento #5: A Movable Feast, a rusty hunting knife.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTurn around and head back to the back porch and jump down the ledge. Run down the slope to the left and follow the static from the phone to a stag skull in a tree and receive Echo Message #5: Cycle of Death. At this point Cybil will ring Harry’s cell asking where he ran off to. You can pick up the call and have a brief conversation with Cybil who will also be added to the phone’s contact list. If you don’t pick up Cybil will leave Harry a voice mail instead and she will not be added to the contact list.

Bloody Cabin

Cross the bridge or jump over the creek and run up the hill to the cabin with the pickup out front. The front door is locked so walk around the left side past the bloody trail and pink coat and over to the pink wallet. Open the wallet and pull out a bloody key to the cabin.

Enter the cabin and walk towards the crouching shadow in the back of the building. As you approach the figure will scream run quickly run past Harry and through the front door triggering an otherworld ice world transition.

04. Nightmare 2: Out of the Woods

Leave the frozen cabin and run back down the hill back towards Orion’s Lodge. Climb up the back deck and enter through the door.

Inside go through the door on the right side of the room and exit the lodge through the through the door on the left side of the next room.

Turn off Harry’s flashlight and and run straight ahead. When you reach the large open area with the chasm jump over the left side. Climb up the plateau straight ahead and grab glowing red flare resting on top. If you are lucky the creatures haven’t caught on that you are in the area with your flashlight off. If they have already given chase go ahead and turn the light back on so you can better see where you are going and leap down the other side.

Run up the slope to Harry’s left and head towards the lights you see in the distance. If you look down you should also see a set of mining cart rails that will help guide you to the next cabin. Along the way you will pass several barriers Harry can pull down to hinder his pursuers. If there’s enough distance between you and the creatures I suggest pulling a couple down to help widen the distance between you.

At the end of the rails lies is the back of a two story Caldecotte Sawmill. Climb the back porch and enter through the door on the far right. Enter door on the other end of the room and drop down the ledge. Leap over the chasm on the floor and exit through double doors on the other side.

Ahead the path is blocked by ice and debris so make a left and crawl under the wall. On the other side lies a hallway with a set double doors on Harry’s left, ignore these and continue straight ahead and exit the sawmill through the doors at the end of the hall.

Run straight through the the cluster of tree stumps ahead and drop down over the ledge. A light should be visible in the distance. Run towards that light down and drop down two additional ledges until your forward progression is blocked by some trees, ice and a chain linked fence. Turn the the left and run forward over a chasm in the ground and run into the lit cabin visible in the distance. On entering the cabin take the first door you see on the left. Once you are safely inside ice covers your entrance and exit door.

Puzzle Time

Congratulations you made it through the first half of the nightmare sequence and have earned a short reprieve from the pursuing monsters! But we aren’t out of the woods yet (hardy har har), we still need to figure a way out of this room!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleTaking a quick look around you can see Harry isn’t entirely alone, a frozen family of three also occupies the cabin. A little girl sits on the couch looking back at her mother who sits at a side table with her head in her hands. Behind the mother lies a broken vase and the father stands with with his hands held out slightly forward.

Walk towards the adults in the room and Harry will receive Echo Message #6: Family Vacation that contains a conversation between the mother sitting at the table and a friend by the name of Diane. Depending on your psych profile up to this point tone of the conversation can vary but it’s important to listen to the entire message to receive the clue on how unlock the exit on the other side of the room.

During the message you hear the little girl play a song on a toy piano, the very same toy piano sitting by the froze girl on the couch. To shatter the ice blocking the exit you must repeat the sequence of notes played by the girl during in the message:

“quack” “hoot” “squawk” “squawk” “cluck”

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleTake a look at the piano keys, each key has an animal head on it. Just hit the animal key that correspond with the sound played. Pretty easy right?

The Solution:
Duck key (green)
Owl key (pink)
Parrot Key (yellow)
Parrot Key (yellow)
Chicken Key (blue)

After the ice shatters exit the cabin through the door behind the sofa.

Outside the safety of the puzzle room Harry is in danger once again. Quickly turn off the flashlight and run towards the two lights ahead and to the left. As Harry moves closer to the lights a wreckage of a small aircraft lodged in a tree is revealed.

Run around the left side of the wreckage and leap over the chasm in the ground towards the three lights. Pick up the glowing red flare and enter the door to the building directly ahead.

Once inside ignore the set of double doors to Harry’s left and exit the room through the doors straight ahead. In the next room run past the hiding spot beneath the bunk beds and exit the cabin through the door on the other side of the room.

Outside the cabin turn off Harry’s flashlight and continue running forward until the path splits beneath beneath a large tree with a broken cabin within its branches. Take the path to the left and enter the cabin with the “Experience Fishing” sign by the door.

Enter the door on the right side of the room and proceed through the next two rooms by going through the doors straight ahead. In the last room make a left and and exit the cabin through the door straight ahead.

On exiting the cabin Harry will leap over a chasm. To Harry’s right are several broken, follow the edge of the frozen shore towards the cabin ahead. Run up the stairs and take the door to your right to get inside. Exit the nightmare sequence through the door straight ahead.

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #2

Bryant’s Overlook

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoExit the nightmare and cross the bridge ahead and head towards Bryant’s Overlook. Run over to the single red car and pop open the trunk to find Memento #6: Pinned Beauty a butterfly on a pin.

Run to the open passenger side and get the fourth echo photo.

Echo Photo #4: Open Car Door

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo of girl crying in the passenger seat and receive the voice mail Bryant Overlook.

Continue pass Bryant Overlook and head into the Tourist Information cabin and out the door. Crawl through the hole in the chain link fence ahead and then climb the fence beside the Midwich High School sign.

05. Midwich High School

Football Field

Walk forward across the Midwich football field and take a call from Cybil who suggests that Cheryl may be in the emergency shelter in the school gym. The scene shifts back to Dr. K’s office who asks some questions to figure out the type of person you were in high school and asks you to put together your “perfect school day.” After the psych test continue across the field past the field goal and hang a left past the bleachers. Follow the path to the left and open the window on the side of the building to grab the key. Head back around and use the key to open the door on the other side and enter the school maintenance room. Exit the maintenance room and head left down the hall past the cheerleader poster and “Tammy graffiti” through the double doors and exit the school.

PATH #1 : A Faster Route – to School building B

If you aren’t interested in picking up echo photos and mementos head directly into Wonderland and into the kitchen. Exit the restaurant through the back door to quickly make it back to the school.

PATH #2 : The Scenic Route – to School building B

Since we want to get all the possible echo messages/photos and mementos we will take a more round about way to school building B.

Wonderland Burger & The Cat House/Honey Trap/Oriental Lotus

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoOnce your step outside follow the phone static to Echo Message #7: Choking Game on the poster next to the bike racks. Head out to the street and follow the road past Wonderland Burger then hang a right down the alley beside the restaurant and climb over the wall. Make a left once you leave the alley and enter The Cat House / Honey Trap/ Oriental Lotus (The name depends on your psych profile at this point) Looks like Harry has found a dingy brothel with plenty of things to ogle if you want your profile to take a more sexual slant. Move past the bar and stop by the couch on the other end to grab Echo Photo #5.

Echo Photo #5: Red Sofa

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo of the female crying on the couch and Harry will hear a voice message, Pigtails.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoHead up the stairs past the various boarded up doors and open the heart shaped box located at the end of the hall to find Memento #7: Suffocated Forever a bug trapped in amber.

Exit the building and leap across to the building next store and head down the stairs into the kitchen of Wonderland Burger.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoFollow the phone static to a red apron hanging on the wall to uncover Echo Message #8: Choking Game.

Turn around and walk through the door to the around the corner and to the left and enter the eating area of the restaurant. Follow the phone static to a table by the window and receive Echo Message #9: Frigid and then head back into the kitchen.

Head towards the back exit door and open the gray fridge to pick up Memento #8: My Plastic Perfect Girl, a naked fashion doll and then exit Wonderland Burger.

Back to School: Building B

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead across the street towards Midwich School Building B parking lot and follow the phone static towards a blue car to receive Echo Message #10: Pigtails and then re enter the school through the white window to the left (after removing the nails of course!).

Enter the storage room and make a right to snap a picture of the belt hanging off the wall hooks to reveal Echo photo #6

Echo Photo #6: The Choking Game

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a picture of the ghostly boy hanging from the belt on the wall and receive a voice message, The Choking Game.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoRun around the cabinets and shelves and open the gray locker on the wall to find Memento #9: Heavenly Protection and then exit the room through the yellow door.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoOn entering the school hallway Harry’s phone will start to give off static if you look to the right end of the hall you should see a shadow sitting on a bench. As you move closer the shadow will stand up, scream and run away leaving behind a photo. Walk up to the photo and receive Echo Message #11: Frigid.

Head back down the hall towards the unnamed classroom on the other end. There’s nothing noteworthy to pick up but what’s cool about this classroom is that depending on you psych profile to this point you will see something different displayed on the projector (Sex ed, lecture of Mosquitoes and God (seriously) I think I also remember just seeing graffiti from students, I’m sure there’s others I haven’t seen yet!).

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead through the back door of the classroom out into the school courtyard and walk towards the lunchbox sitting on the second picnic table to receive Echo Message #12: Prom.

Head into the Chemistry Lab in the next building with the “Waitress Wanted” sign out front. Stepping inside a shadow figure runs through the door in the front door of the classroom. Instead of following enter the double doors across from you to enter the Biology Lab.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoIn the Biology Lab it seems like the students are doing some dissections for class…but hey it looks like Harry doesn’t get to miss out on that fun! On the table to the left is a dead frog sitting a scalpel stuck in its belly. Cut open the frog to find Memento #10: A Frigid Jewel and then exit the classroom front door and head up the stairs.

Down the hall and to the left is the school’s Art Studio and down the hall and to the right is the Planetarium. Like Clear Picture and Theresa’s earlier in the game once you look or go into either classroom the other will be inaccessible the rest of the game.

Enter the Art Studio

The Art Studio looks pretty much like you would expect with several in progress art projects situated around the classroom. Straight ahead is a still life charcoal drawing entitled “Calling Shadows” to the left side of the room is a red curtain partition with several easels nearby containing portraits in varying art styles of the statue they surround (they all look very similar to the PS1 Harry Mason!). Behind the red curtain is the exit from the class room but when you try the exit door it’s firmly locked shut! Now what?

Take a closer look at the charcoal still life. Notice how the objects in the drawing and the one ones in the display do not match up? Beyond the display several pieces of blank white paper are taped to the wall along with three numbers "555" taped to the top left. This looks suspiciously like the start of a typical in-game phone number but where are the others numbers?

Notice how Harry’s flashlight casts large shadows of the still life display onto the back wall and those blank pieces of paper? Don’t forget the drawing is called “Calling Shadows” hmm calling something means Harry needs to use his phone and we have the start of a telephone number, looks like we have our puzzle clue!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleTo reveal the rest of the Calling Shadow’s phone number you need to arrange the objects in the display so the shadows cast will fill in the missing numbers. Luckily we have that charcoal drawing to work from so all we need to do is match the placement in the picture to see the numbers.

Once all the items are in their proper place the full phone number: 555-8465 is revealed on the wall. When the number is dialed on Harry’s phone the exit door will mysteriously unlock.

Now if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of solving the puzzle it’s possible to dial this number as soon as you enter the room and unlock the door.

Enter the Planetarium

The Planetarium is a small and dark amphitheater with posters of the major constellations lining the circumference of the room. A large sphere like object with many tiny lights sits in the center of the floor while a projection desk sits to the back.

On entering the Planetarium Harry’s phone will start emitting static. Walk to the right towards the projector once you pass the exit door the screen goes white, static ceases and Harry receives Echo Message #13: Big Bear. In the message a teacher lectures a class on the major constellation Ursa Minor or “Little Bear.” Depending on what your psych profile is up to this point this teacher will have a different reaction to the students laughter on seeing “Little Bear” traced on the ceiling. Since the exit door is firmly locked we only have this voice mail as a clue on how to exit the classroom.

First go up to the projector and turn it on so and stars will fill the ceiling of the room. Next check the constellation posters on the wall and find Ursa “Little Bear” Minor. With that constellation shape in mind walk down to the large sphere at the center of the room and move it around until you see a cluster of stars in a similar shape on the ceiling.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleWhen you think you have the correct group of stars walk back over to the projector and turn on the trace laser switch which will not only traces Ursa Minor but reveals love declaration from a “Big Bear” to a student named Mandy asking her to give him a call:

Hey Mandy be my little bear
call me!
Big Bear: 555-2327

Call “Big Bear” and the exit door with mysteriously unlock. Now if you don’t feel like going through the trouble of solving the puzzle it’s possible to dial this number as soon as you enter the room and unlock the door.

School: Building B (continued)

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead down the stairs and a shadow figure will appear from the left side of the hall look up at Harry and then disappear around the corner. On reaching the bottom Harry receives a picture message from someone by the the name of Dahlia showing off her new threads. Harry’s phone begins to give off static as well, it looks like there’s an echo message nearby. Follow the static to the Moonlight Serenade Prom poster and receive Echo Message #14: Prom.

The double doors to the gym on the other end of the hall are locked meaning we have to figure out another puzzle to get through them (Harry can’t catch a break with these doors can he?). Take a look at the security keypad beside the door to see the numbers “1053″ are scrawled on the side. These numbers won’t unlock the door unfortunately but they do correspond with the locker numbers in this hallway!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoHead down to locker 1053 all the way back by the prom poster and open the door to reveal photo inside of the backs of two football players “10″ and “31.” Looks like 1031 must be the door code!

Before heading back to unlock the exit open locker to get Memento #11: An Eternal Rose.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoHead outside and across a small courtyard into the Midwich Gymnasium. Climb the stairs follow the phone static towards a heart shape balloon on the bench to get Echo Message #15: Prom.

Enter to Gymnasium and meet Michelle Valdez the only one to show up to the Midwich High School reunion in this snowstorm. She claims she knew of a Cheryl Mason a year above her is certain it’s Harry’s daughter (despite the fact Harry claims his Cheryl is only seven years old!). Michelle brings Harry to the Principal’s office hoping they can hack into the school records to prove that the Cheryl she knew and Harry’s are one in the same.

To the Principle Office

After entering the office Michelle states she needs to text her tardy boyfriend to find out where he is so it’s up to Harry to try and figure out the Principal’s computer password. The computer will reveal the password once three security questions are answered.

Puzzle Time

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleLuckily for us Principal Herman Fisher isn’t too bright when it comes to picking hard to answer security questions and every answer can be deduced just by taking a stroll around the office:

Question: I said goodbye to bachelorhood, freedom and happiness, where?
Answer: Hawaii
Where?: Take a look at photo on bookshelf to the right of the couple kissing. Along the top it says “Married in Hawaii.”

Question: My bitch of an ex-wife’s name?
Answer: Valerie
Where?: Go back to the secretaries desk and take a look at the post it note on the screen it has the number to Herman’s ex-wife. Call the number (555-9433) to get the name from her voice mail.

Question: I wasted three years in order to major in?
Answer: Geology
Where?: Look at the school diploma hanging on the wall behind the desk.

Question: What is Shakespeare’s greatest play?
Answer: Twelfth Night
Where?: Check the small bookshelf in the front right corner of the room. Several Shakespeare’s works line the shelves but Twelfth Night has been partially pulled out.

Question: My only true (four-legged) friend?
Answer: Nicky
Where?: Check the dog collar on the coat rack.

Question: What is my star sign? Not that I believe in any of that stuff
Answer: Scorpio
Where?: Back by the secretary’s desk is a wall calendar with November 12th marked as Herman’s 65th birthday. Check the star sign chart on the file cabinet behind the secretaries desk to figure out will sign his birthday falls under.

Question: The greatest baseball team, without question?
Answer: Shiners
Where?: Check the baseball cap hanging off one of the chairs in front of the principal’s desk.

Question: What is the name of my wayward, waste of space son?
Answer: Otto
Where?: Look at the child’s drawing to the left of the computer sitting on some file boxes.

Question: The king of sports, a man’s game of squash?
Answer: Racquetball
Where?: Check the sporting trophy on the left side of the room.

After answering three security questions correctly the computer password is revealed to be SUNDAY45. Unfortunately, unlike previous puzzle solutions you will have to answer three security questions correctly before the password will work.

Cheryl Mason’s school records open, but before Harry can get a good look at them the principal’s computer freezes revealing only her full name, previous and current address and contact number. But the information displayed is enough to convince Harry it’s his daughter and he’s surprised to see that they no longer leave at the Levin Street address, how big of a knock did he take to the head?

To try and get some answers Harry calls the contact number on Cheryl’s file leaving Michelle in the office to find better reception. On the other end a woman named Dahlia answers claiming Cheryl isn’t there and gets rather angry Harry tells her who he is. Before Harry can gets any further answers the world freezes over once again.

06. Nightmare 3: School is Out!

After the principle office freezes exit the building through the door ahead. Outside is a ledge straight ahead and to the left and directly to the right is a door back into the school. Ignore the door on the right, move forward and climb the ledge ahead and re-enter the school through the following door. Inside enter door on the left side of the room, crawl under the wall and enter the door straight ahead.

Inside the next hallway are several doors lining the right wall with a set of double doors at the end of the hall you want to take to exit the building.

Run down the stairs, climb the ledge and make a left and across the school parking lot. Drop down the next ledge, climb the fence and re-enter the school through the door ahead. Enter the next door and exit the school through the door at the end of the hall.

Back outside drop down the ledge and run forward. You should see two sets of double doors to re-enter the school in the building ahead. Take the double doors on your left, run up the stairs and exit the room to the Gymnasium through the door at the top.

Drop down off the stage and run through the exit doors on the opposite end of the room into the school courtyard. Once outside drop down another ledge and enter the door straight ahead.

Once you are inside the courtyard run forward and then hang a right. You should see a sign that reads “Midwich High School Main Entrance” with a large arrow pointing towards a building with a set of double doors. Run inside.

Puzzle Time

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleThe main entrance to Midwich is blocked by three female ice figures pounding on the front door. As you approach Harry receives Echo Message #16: Gossip from a teenage girl willing to unlock the door only if you play paparazzi for her and take pictures of another student back inside the school.

As you approach the door back into the school courtyard Harry receives a text message outlining where you need to go to take the photos:

Hot Paparazzi Spots: the courtyard, the parking lot, and the locker rooms.

Each spot paparazzi spot is now marked on the GPS with a waypoint.

Now at this point you have two options.

Option #1 – Fail to get all 3 photos

You can purposefully die three times without collecting the photos and the teenager will become fed up with waiting and automatically open the door. By doing this however you will lose a bit of interesting back story so I suggest completing the mission.

Option #2 – Successfully get all 3 photos

Note: Don’t forget push right on the wii-mote d-pad to directly access the camera phone!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleHead back outside to the courtyard and grab the glowing red flare off the ground. Ahead will be a large window glowing red. Our first paparazzi spot! Run up to the window and take a snapshot of the kissing couple on the other side.

Quickly turn off Harry’s flashlight and enter the school again through the door to your right and immediately enter the door to the left. Run through the hole in the wall and make a left and enter the set of double doors under the sign to the school gym.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleOnce outside climb over the fence. Ahead is another glowing red wall and your second paparazzi spot. Take a photo of the ice girl showering inside. Do a 180 turn and climb the ledge directly behind and re-enter the school through the door on top.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleExit the school once again through the door at the end of the hall. Hop the fence and climb the ledge directly ahead. Run through the school parking lot run towards the glowing red car and the third paparazzi spot.

By this point creatures will be tailing Harry so trying to taking a picture will be extremely difficult. Light the flare you picked up near the first paparazzi spot and drop it on the ground beside Harry. The flare will give you the breathing room to whip out the phone and snap the last picture.

Now that you have taken all three pictures you have two options:

  • Take the easy way: Once the flare goes out allow the creatures to kill Harry and automatically re-spawn in front of the now unlocked school entrance. (but hey where’s the fun in that!)
  • Or take the harder way and backtrack all the way back to the school entrance

Taking the hard way back

Turn around and jump back down the ledge and hop over the fence and re enter the school through the door straight ahead. Drop down the ledge run to your left and climb the fence. Enter the double doors and head back through the hole in the wall and exit through the door ahead.

Exit the school through the door to the right and head across the courtyard back to the Midwich entrance. Once you make it inside the ice figures will shattered and the exit will open.

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #3


07. The Balkan and Dixon Bridge

The Balkan

When you exit the nightmare Michelle is waiting outside and offers to drive Harry to the Simmons street address with her bosses SUV that’s located back at the Balkan Nightclub.

Follow Michelle to the nightclub and after stepping inside she receives a phone call from her boyfriend, John, and asks Harry to grab the SUV keys from her home upstairs.

Go through the staff door and head up the stairs. At the top is a pink and a purple door, it doesn’t matter which you pick each which will take you inside Michelle’s apartment.

The keys aren’t in plain sight but there are a number of place Harry can look for them and where you choose to look effects your overall psych profile. No matter where you start your search the keys will always be in the third place checked.

Head downstairs with the keys. After a brief conversation with Michelle Harry will go into the mens bathroom to clear his head but when he returns Michelle is no longer there and a woman called Dahlia (the very same Dahlia that’s been texting Harry earlier) is in her place.

Dahlia acts like she’s always been there with Harry and tells Harry his too drunk to drive. Despite his confusion over Michelle’s whereabouts Harry follows Dahlia to the SUV and they set off for the Simmons street address.

Dixon Bridge

The journey to Simmons street is delayed by the Dixon Bridge being raised. Dahlia convinces Harry to go to the control tower and lower the bridge.

Head over the building on the right side of the road. Climb the ladder bridge control room and walk over to the console. Hmm… the controls to lower the bridge are a bit more complex, there’s several lever here and randomly pulling them doesn’t seem to do much and Dahlia is getting impatient, now what?

Head over to the maintenance cabinet to the left. Inside is a poster containing a number to bridge control. Call the number and have a short conversation with Jimmy Capra who is willing to walk you through the controls during this late hour. Your conversation with Jimmy is cut off but don’t fear Jimmy will call Harry back and leave a voice mail with detailed instructions:

Press the red bridge control button to the left of the console and the lights above the levers will light up. Depending on what color light is lit you must pull a certain lever.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleBlue Light: Center Lever
Red Light: Left Lever
Green Light: Touch nothing
Yellow Light: Right Lever

After the correct sequence of levers are pulled the bridge will come down. Head back to the SUV.

Dahlia and Harry converse some more but as the SU moves over the bridge the world quickly freezes around them. Dahlia turns to ice, the bridge falls apart and the SUV plunges into the icy waters.


The SUV begins to fill with water and try as you might Harry can not open the passenger side door. You can fiddle with various locks, knobs, handles and windows but there isn’t much Harry can do until enough water fills the car and the front headlights go out.

Grab the flashlight floating in the back seat and turn it on. A creature appears outside the car window and writes some messages over the ice that forms along the doors and windows of the SUV and the car radio switches on. At this point you have two options:

Option #1 – Do nothing: Sit inside the car until it completely fills with water and the screen turns white.
Option #2 – Make an escape: Move back up to the front passenger seat and twist the glowing radio turner until the fuzzy song that’s playing gets a clear reception. As soon as you can hear “Always on my Mind” the ice around the passenger door and window will melt away. Unlock the door and Harry will escape to the surface and fall unconscious next to a building.

No matter which option you choose you will see Cybil will drag an unconscious Harry off screen. When Harry wakes Cybil is pushing him in a wheelchair down a hallway in Allchemilla Hospital and wants some answers from him!

Wardrobe Change

You’ve probably noticed during the cutscene that Harry is wearing a new outfit. The type of outfit Harry wears is the game’s progress report and lets you know what sort of ending you are currently heading for:

Wearing: A long winter coat and pink sweater
You are heading for the “Love Lost” ending. You’ve been an upstanding guy and focused on finding Cheryl, helping others, and steer your choices away from booze and women.

Wearing: Green Letterman style jacket
You are heading for the “Drunk Dad” ending which means you’ve shown a preoccupation with alcohol or other drugs and make choices that reflect this sort of lifestyle.

Wearing: Black leather jacket and a partially unbuttoned blue dress shirt
You are heading for the “Sleaze and Sirens” ending thinking about sex as much as possible and letting your eyes linger on sexy images.

Wearing: Duffle coat
You are heading for the “Wicked and Weak” ending meaning you’ve been a bit of a snob and nerdy and aren’t quick to make friends (like ignoring phone calls and text messages!).

Now this doesn’t mean your ending is set in stone you can still get another ending by altering your play style.

Before Harry can respond Cybil’s declaration and the world freezes over once again and Harry is forced to flee from monsters quickly closing in. Maneuver the wheelchair bound Harry through the hospital halls until you reaching a stairway. Harry losing control of the wheel chair and takes a nasty spill on to the floor.

08. Nightmare 4: To the Emergency Room

Limp towards the towards the double doors straight ahead and shut off your flashlight. (By now Harry should have regained his footing) Exit the room through the doors in the next room and and enter the train station.

After passing the back on one train hang a left and run in between two train cars. Drop down the ledge and leap over the chasm and pick up the glowing red flare. As soon as you have the flare in hand light it and enter the train door directly ahead. Lots of creatures will come forward and from behind in this section so it’s very important that you have the flare lit and not completely overwhelm Harry.

Continue forward and exit the train. Outside the train crawl under the train ahead and to Harry’s left. Climb the ledge and enter the right most door. Exit the building through the door in the back right corner.

On exiting hang a left and climb the chain link fence straight ahead. Continue forward, make another left and climb over another chain link fence. On the other side ignore the door straight ahead and make a run straight up the stairs into the hospital ER.

Puzzle Time

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleIce will immediately cover the door you just entered so run towards the only doors ahead. Make note of the Alchemilla Radio station number (101.6 FM) on the poster across from the exit door, you will need it for the following puzzle.

The hospital room is occupied by a frozen man sitting in a visitor’s chair next to a child sitting up in the hospital bed. In the right corner of the room a door covered by ice and a radio on a bed stand.

As you walk towards the pair Harry receives Echo Message #17: Hospital Visit. The clue on how to unlock the door is within that voice mail message. Notice how excited the girl was over the song her father requested on Alchemilla Radio for her? That song is your ticket out here.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleWalk over to the radio and turn the dial to 101.6 you should hear a DJ asking for song requests. Keep the radio on and turn around to face the other side of the room. On the wall ahead is another poster with 10 song choices. Request the right song and presto the door will unlock.

You are never given the song name the dad requested but based on the song titles of the requested songs it should be rather obvious! Dial 555-8814 for “Daddy’s Girl” and wait for the radio to play your selection. When the song finishes the ice will shatter on the door allowing Harry to leave.

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #4

09. Nightingale Apartments

Nightingale Apartments

Harry walks into the Alchemilla ER lobby and spots a red head nurse named Lisa Garland by a car/ambulance that’s she’s crashed inside inside the lobby. Harry tries to convince Lisa to get herself checked out but she says she can fix herself back at her apartment and wants to go home.

Out of concern Harry walks Lisa back to her apartment but before he can leave she convinces him to stay 5 more minutes so she can properly thank him after she’s clean up.

While Lisa changes you can sit and stare at the staticy tv screen or watch Lisa through the open bedroom door but note that whatever you do will effect your psych profile.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoLisa reappears but before she can give her proper thank you she is afflicted with severe head pain and asks Harry to go fetch her a particular color pill from her bathroom. Before getting the pill turn to the right and open the small angel music box under the small bathroom mirror and collect Memento #12: Infinite Jest a skull and crossbones ring.

Open the cabinet to the left of the bathroom on the bottom shelf there’s several pill bottles. You can open each one to find the particular color Lisa asked for or you can grab the first color you see. What ever you choose to do will have an effect on a later cut scene. Return to Lisa, give her the pill from the bathroom.

The scene shifts back to Dr. K who talk about guilt and has you do another therapy exercise.

Leave Lisa to sleep on the couch and exit the apartment complex through the front entrance after pulling open the gate and step outside.

To Toluca Mall

To save some time in the next nightmare world go to the left down the street and and take a picture of the Toluca Mall billboard on the yellow gate and make sure to get a nice the Toucan’s beak.

PATH #1 : A Faster Route – Skip the Memento and head straight for the Mall

If you are not interested in getting mementos at this point go ahead through the double doors into the building to the left of billboard.

Head up the escalator enter the double doors under the red exit sign. Crawl under the partially open metal security door and head out the blue exit doors to the right. Run towards the Toluca Mall entrance you receive a troubling phone call from Lisa (how did she get your cell number?) and must hurry back to the apartment.

PATH #2 : The Scenic Route – Explore Goldenleaf and get a memento

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoAfter taking the picture of the billboard turn around and head back towards the Nightingale apartments and make a left up Navidson Street. Jump the gate to the left and enter the golden leaf warehouse, climb up the blue cargo box to the left and enter the building through the second story open window. In the warehouse office and open the copier under the picture of a Goldenleaf truck for Memento #13: Synthetic Femur a plastic dog toy.

Head down the stairs and walk across the warehouse floor and climb the stairs on the other side. As you approach the second floor entrance of Toluca mall you receive a troubling phone call from Lisa (how did she get your cell number?) and must hurry back to her apartment.

Turn around and head through the double doors directly behind you. Crawl under metal door, down escalator and exit the building. Head around the corner to Nightingale apartment and witness Lisa’s last breaths or show up to see her dead on the couch. Before Harry can wrap his head around Lisa’s sudden death Cybil has entered the apartment with her gun drawn and mighty angry at Harry. Before you can have much of a conversation Cybil, Lisa and the rest of the world turns to ice.

10. Nightmare 5: Shopping at Toluca Mall

Exit the Nightingale Apartment complex. Run forward and hang a left into the open gate into the Goldenleaf Warehouse area. Jump the chasm and enter the double doors to the building ahead. Crawl under the service pipes, quickly turn off the flashlight and enter the door ahead.

In the next room drop down the ledge and climb up the wall on the otherside and enter the door. Hopefully if you were quick enough with the flashlight off the creatures have not see Harry yet. Exit the building through the door at the end of the next hallway.

Climb the ledge, pick up the glowing flare (DO NOT light it just yet) and run up the stairs. Climb up the ledge under the Toluca Mall sign and enter the mall through the door ahead. In the next hallway knock down the barrier to the left if you have lots of creatures on your tail then enter the door to the left at the end of the hall and go door straight ahead in the next room.

Turn the flashlight back on if you haven’t already and climb up the ledge to Harry’s right and enter the door ahead. You’ve finally reached the interior of the mall!

To the left is a large sculpture of the mall Toucan mascot, Tookie. If you didn’t take a picture of the Toluca Mall billboard near the Nightingale Apartments earlier before the nightmare level, you must take a picture of Tookie’s beak now unless you want to have to backtrack later or have a pretty good memory. You will need to know the colors and their order for the upcoming puzzle.

If you need to take the photo light the flare you picked up a few room back and drop it on the ground beside Harry. Pull out the camera phone and take a clear sideshot of Tookie’s beak. When you are finished head through the double doors to the left of the room with store mannequins in the window and head up the stairs and through the door and enter another door straight ahead.

Continue running forward and make a right and enter the door at the end of the hall to enter the roof of the mall. Outside on the roof climb the ledge ahead and run across and drop down the ledge on the other side to the right. Enter the “Garage Access South” entrance and run down the stairs. On exiting the stairwell enter the mall through the double doors to the left.

Puzzle Time

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleBehind the double doors the creatures will stop chasing Harry. Ahead are the ice figured of a daughter pulling her father toward a large “Gumball Shake Up” machine. Approach the figures and receive Echo Message #18: Gumballs with the father and little girl’s conversation regarding the machine and your clue on how to leave the room.

During the voicemail the little girl asks for some gum but is disappointed not to receive her favorite colors. To shatter the ice around the doors behind them you must dispense 4 gumballs of the little girl’s favorite colors.

So what are the colors? Either yhe father as clueless as you receives a hint from his wife on the phone:

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzle“the mascot, the cartoon bird?”

figures it out for himself

“I saw you looking up at Tookie!”

or the little girl tells him

“Tookie’s colors"

The girl’s favorite colors are on the Toluca Mall Mascot, Tookie!

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleWhip out your phone and take a look at the photo of Tookie’s beak and dispense the colors matching those colors (the order does not matter). If the right color doesn’t appear in the door way of the gumball machine shake the top until the correct color appears and only then turn the handle:

The colors:
Yellow, Red, Pink and finally Purple.

The ice surrounding the doors will now shatter and you can leave the room.

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #5

11. Toluca Mall and Simmons Street

The Family Pet

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoCrawl under the partially open metal security door and walk out onto the mall floor. Here you will receive Echo Message #19: The Experience. There are several cars parked in the middle of the floor for some sort of mall karaoke contest. Follow the phone static to the back right corner behind the cars towards a green trashcan and receive Echo Message #20: Problem Child.

After grabbing the echo message head to the other side of the room and enter the red double doors into “The Family Pet” shop.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoNot much of a pet shop inside since only empty animal cages line the store shelves. Follow the phone static to an empty cage to the back right and find Echo Message #21: Family Pet.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoHead over towards the cash register and then hang a left, look at the shelves and unlock the empty cage with the hamster carcass to pick up Memento #14: Memories Undeveloped a roll of film. Jump over the cash register counter behind you and exit the store through the yellow door.

A shadow figure appears and runs away as you walk down the back hallway – here you will get Echo Message #22: The Experience. Head through the yellow door to the right to enter the toy store.

Fun and Games

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoHead to safe to the right and slowly turn the dial until you hear a click and then try and open the safe. It’s important to note that you can’t turn the dial past the click. If you have the door will not open and you will need to try again. Inside you will find Memento #15: My Flying Lizard a stuffed dinosaur toy.

The double red doors to the front of the store are locked tight. Looks like we need to find ourselves a key to leave the store! Head over to train set to the left and pull the lever to the right to change the tracks from 1 to 2 and then hit the green “go” button. The model train will start moving down the track and ultimately crash revealing the door key inside.

Exit Fun and Games and head up the escalator and go through the doors under the red exit sign. Travel through another back hallway to the next exit door.

Celebrations Gift and Card Shop /New Looks Hair Salon

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoThis new level of the mall has some chipper music playing and a lit up statue of the Tookie the toucan (hey I remember stopping in here to take a picture during the nightmare level!) Follow the radio static past the statue towards Echo Message #23: Family Pet from the rubber ball on the bench outside Chica Bella. After grabbing the memento you have the option of traveling through two different stores: Celebrations, a card and gift shop or New Looks Hair Salon. Just like any of your previous room choices earlier in the game once you look or go into either the other will be inaccessible the rest of the game.

Enter Celebrations

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleWalk towards the back yellow door next to the security keypad to receive Echo Message #24: Celebration Time with a clue to figure out the code to the back door. The message is of a forgetful Celebrations employee who phones a co-worker for the store’s code. Instead of saying what the door code is the employee plays some strings and jazz music. This seems to make sense to the forgetful employee who ends the call…but how can music unlock a door?

The main shop floor is pretty barren except for some lone cards in various card sections. Walk up to the anniversary section and open up 20th anniversary card on display and hear some string music play.

Next go over to the birthday card section and open up the 50th birthday card to hear some jazz play.

According to the voice mail the code to the back door is strings and then jazz which means the code must be 2050.

Open the back door and enter another back hallway.

Enter New Looks

Silent Hill Shattered Memories puzzleAfter entering the posh salon head across the shop to the back door. Just our luck it’s locked with a security pad next to it. Looks like we need to figure out the code if we want to leave. Head over to the set of three sinks on the back right wall. On the left most sink and turn the dial all the way to the left so that the water runs hot and then turn the faucet on by pulling the handle to the right. The mirror above the sink will steam up and the door code 1789 is revealed!

Open the back door and enter another back hallway.

Photographic Memory

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoSilent Hill Shattered Memories echoFollow the phone static to the trash can with the magazine sitting on top to receive Echo Message #25: The Experience and then enter the yellow door in the middle of the corridor.

Head up the stairs and enter the Photographic Memory camera store. Jump over the counter and follow the phone static to the flash card sales rack to trigger Echo Message #26: Problem Child and leave store

Cine Real

Head towards the bench surrounded by caution tape and yellow cones and take a picture to reveal Echo Photo #7.

Echo Photo #7: Bench in the Mall

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo of the the girl sitting on the bench and Harry will hear a voice message, Problem Child.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoEnter the cinema and head down the stairs towards the toy crane machine to pick up Memento #16: The Modern Prometheus a Frankenstein monster doll. Enter the screening room and Harry’s phone will start emitting static. Move down the center aisle to see a black and white grainy photo and voice tack play on the screen and once you reach the screen it will abruptly end. Go through the exit door to the left climb over the fence outside.

Green Lion Pawn Shop

Head down Sagan street and make a right onto Simmons and head towards the car on the corner to grab another photo.

Echo Photo #8: Dead Dog

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo behind the car and receive Family Pet.

Continue down the street and enter the Green Lion Pawn Shop to the right.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoLike many other areas of the game the outside and inside of the pawn shop will look very different based on your profile! Head straight for the caged register to grab the key to unlock the back door. Simply twist the latch to the left with the key on top, after the car falls on the dolly grab the handle and turn it towards Harry. Head through the back door.

Before you head up the stairs go through the door to your right to enter the other side of the caged register. Open up to the blue box to the right and grab Memento #17: We, Ouroboros.

Head up the stairs into Cheryl’s current home address to witness a short cutscene. You last nightmare sequence will follow!

12. Nightmare 6: Getting Nowhere Fast

After the apartment freezes turn around and head back towards the entrance. Go down the long set of stairs and jump off the ledge.

After Harry’s long fall he finds himself in a very dark and large room. Turn to the right and follow the phone static to a section of floor with broken glass the room goes white and is replaced by a short hallway. Enter the door directly ahead.

Head straight through the tv room (doesn’t matter which) and down the stairs and follow the static from the phone to a mirror hanging on the wall to the right.

Nowhere Labyrinth #1

In this next area it is very easy to get lost so it’s very important that you follow these precise directions!

Quick Direction Reference

Left, Right, Left, Straight, Right, Right, Forward hang a left and enter door on right.

Head through the door to Harry’s immediate left. In the next room ignore the door directly ahead and immediately turn to the right and head through that door instead.

In the next room should be a glowing red flare on the floor with a door to the left and to the right. Pick up the flare, light it and head through the door to the left.

Ignore all the doors on the sides of the hallway and enter the door at the very end of the hall. Inside the large open room take the first door on the right and then take the right door again in the following room.

Back inside the large open room with several door move forward to the opposite wall and hang a left past the door directly in front of Harry when he entered the room and take the door to the left. After entering the pitch black hallway the creatures will stop chasing Harry. Enter the single door straight ahead.

Continue forward through the next several rooms until you reach another ledge Harry must leap from. As Harry falls you can watch several images of Cheryl and her Dad swoosh by.

Harry lands in a (seemingly) wide open room with his frozen wife sitting in the middle on the bed. You can’t run directly to the bed since several invisible walls block your way. Point Harry’s flashlight to the ground and the light will reveal the invisible wall edges. Follow the floor to the left until you reach a dead end. Turn to the right and continue on the path as it swerves to the left. When you reach the area where you can either continue forward or go to the left, go to the left. Follow the path as it swerves to the right and walk up to the frozen Dahlia to be transferred to the second labyrinth.

Nowhere Labyrinth #2

This labyrinth is a little bit easier since the doors you want to go through are surrounded by ice large chunks of ice on the wall.

Quick Direction Reference

Straight (Left door if you died), Flare room – Right, Foward to left passage, Straight, Forward to left passage, Right, Forward to left passage.

Enter the door straight ahead if you are just entering the level (NOTE: If you died trying to get through this part take the door to Harry’s left when you start over!) In the next room pick up the flare and take the door to the right. Move forward down the hall until the hallway splits to the left and right. Make a left and enter the door ahead. Cross the room and go through the door straight ahead. In the next hallway move forward until it splits and take the left passage again. In the next room take the door on the right into another hallway and you take the left passage way at the end.

Enter a dark hallway and exit the labyrinth through the door at the end.

Still having some trouble? See my video run through of Nightmare #6

We find ourselves back in therapy with Dr. K discussing marriage. After a short couple matching exercise we find ourselves back in Cheryl’s apartment with a concerned Michelle leaning over Harry.

Michelle and her tardy boyfriend John are willing to drive Harry over to the lighthouse an older Dahlia mentioned Cheryl was right before the last nightmare world. Unfortunately for Harry this ride doesn’t last very long due to Michelle and John having a fight and them both leaving the car and Harry hanging.

13. Lakeside Area

Storm Drain Access #14

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoLooks like we have to find a way there by foot since Michelle and John have run off somewhere and don’t seem to be returning. Move up to the front passenger seat of John’s car and open the glove compartment and grab Memento #18: Poetry As Precise as Geometry a gold fountain pen.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoExit the car and head through the open gate to your right and enter the sewers. Head down the stairs, down a ladder and then go down another set of stairs to your left. Run straight ahead but make sure to take the first left you see to grab Memento #19: A Happy Bond a small woven ring from the fish inside the pipe to the right.

Turn around head back out to the main path and continue forward. Climb the ladder and open the locked door ahead by cranking the handle clockwise three times. Continue through the next door and up another ladder to exit the sewers.

Weaver Street – Shops

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoWalk up Weaver Street towards the Lakeside Amusement Park billboard at the other end. Follow the phone static to the map on the hood of a parked car to receive Echo Message #27: Day Trippers. Turn to the left and walk towards the shops clustered on the other side of the road.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoHead over to the statue of an Indian holding the cigar box outside the Indian Runner. Pick up Memento #20: Memories Untaken a small pink camera and then enter the Lakefront Souvenir shop to the right.

The souvenir shop is empty except for a small item in a display case. Slide open the glass and pull out the shelf to grab Memento #21: A Beacon, A Key a gold lighthouse keychain. Exit the store by pulling open red curtain to the right and revealing the back door.

Sandford Street – Annie’s Bar

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoClimb over the chain link fence behind the souvenir shop and walk up Sanford Street continue past Annie’s bar (don’t worry we will go in later!). Walk up to the telescope near the water’s edge and turn it to the right until light shines through the eye piece and Memento #22: A Diamond Heart a diamond ring falls out from a slot at the bottom. Turn around and head back and enter Annie’s bar.

Michelle is sitting at a table inside and John is no where in sight. Looks like the couple has called it quits. Harry still wants to get to the lighthouse and Michelle tells him the only way to reach it from here is by boat. Luckily there’s some boats on the docks behind the Lakeside Amusement park.

As we leave through the back door the scene shifts back to Dr. K who discusses sex and after the short test you are in the back hallway of Annie’s Bar. Head through the door, hop over the back fence and make a right onto Craig Street and follow the road to the water’s edge.

Craig Street – Lakeside Amusement Park

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoBefore entering the Amusement Park head over to the bench at the end of the street and open the cardboard box. Take out Memento #23: The Dragon a small stuffed red dragon and add it to your collection.

Back at the Amusement Park entrance jump through the open ticket window to the left. Open the yellow reflective coat to the right and take the key from the breast pocket of the Lakeside employee uniform and open the back door. Travel down a short hallways past the emergency services poster and step out into Lakeside Amusement Park through the door at the end of the hall.

Now that you are inside the amusement park turn to the left and walk over to the large castle in the left corner and take another echo photo.

Echo Photo #9: The Princess and the Knight

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoTake a photo of the photo cut, reveal Harry and Cheryl and hear a voice message, Day Trippers.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoTurn around and run past the hot dog stand and enter the small arcade to the right. Inside are three slot machines (not much of an arcade!). Go up to the middle machine and pull the handle three times to get three hearts in a row and win Memento #24: Eve one half of a gold locket with a woman’s photo inside.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories echoClimb up the wall across from the arcade and enter the Tunnel of Love ride. Below Harry are three white swan shaped boats and a door to the back right corner. Climb down the ladder and walk towards the ice figure sitting in the middle swan and get Echo Message #28: Day Trippers.

As you head for the back door a shadow figure screams and runs past Harry and back up the ladder. The exit is now frozen so go ahead and follow the shadow back up the ladder. On the second floor again you can see the shadow looking over the railing. As you approach the shadow screams again and runs past Harry back to the ground floor. Follow the figure over to front swan boat to and startle it once again so it flees the ride through the frozen back door and shatters the ice surrounding the exit – you will get Echo Message #29: Day Trippers. Exit the Tunnel of Love climb the fence to the docks.

14. The “Orpheus” Boat and Lighthouse

Go up the rightmost dock and head into the “Orpheus” docked at the end. Inside we meet Dahlia who has been apparently waiting for Harry to arrive for awhile. After a quick conversation Dahlia gets the boat moving towards the lighthouse and after the two become intimate the world freezes over.

Young Dahlia is gone and beside Harry is a frozen older version we met back at the Simmons street apartment. Exit the boat onto the frozen lake and run towards the ball of light in the distance. Creatures quickly surround Harry from all sides give chase, there’s is no escape from these guys this time so let them overtake Harry as soon as possible.

As Harry collapses the lighthouse light shines on the creatures and they quickly back off and then freeze over. Harry stands up, the ice world disappears and Harry plunges into the Toluca Lake water.

Silent Hill Shattered Memories mementoSwim towards the light light ahead. You can look under water to see three different frozen scenes and figures. Eventually Harry tires before he can reach the other side of the shore and sinks under the water.

Luckily Cybil is nearby and drags Harry onto shore. After a short confrontation and conversation the two of you finally split ways. Head into the lighthouse which is actually a family counseling clinic run by someone named Dr. Kauffmann.

Inside the waiting room grab Memento #25: Adam the other half of the gold locket found earlier golden locket with Harry’s picture inside from inside the white head bust to the right. Enter the door at the end of the hallway to reach the end of the game.


Don’t forget there are also 5 different endings to find. Each journey you take through Silent Hill will be a brand new experience with new decor, characters looks, echo text, picture and voice messages to receive. Have fun!