Cybil's Scenario


[2-1] Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"

第二章  「脱出への道」
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
No way out

Page 1 (Street, heavy fog)
Cybil looks back and sees that the cafe has disappeared into the fog.
Having lost her motorcycle, Cybil can only wander about on foot and alone
in the eerie town.

Page 2
"It's too quiet.
There is no sense of anyone at all.
I would like to hail a taxi or something, but there is not a single car

Page 3
At some point Cybil had began to run.
Above all she must get out of Silent Hill.
However, after running for a bit Cybil's hopes were crushed.
Page 4 (Destroyed street)
All the roads leading out of town were cut off, and it was as if the
entire town was floating in the air. There was no way for anyone to enter the

Page 5
Cybil sighs deeply.
She then decides to try going back the way she came.
After running for a bit she comes to another steep valley like before.
It is wide and impedes her passage.

Page 6
And then she became sure that it was not possible to escape from this place.

Page 7
Cybil felt like a bird in a cage as she walked apathetically and aimlessly
through the falling snow.

Page 8
It was not long before a black, wriggling object appeared in her
field of vision.
第二章  「脱出への道」
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
The small shadow off in the fog
Page 9 (Alternate street) (Groaner appears)
" that?"

From off in the fog, the four-legged thing moved at a slow pace as it
gradually closed the distance between it and her.

Page 10
And then as soon as it detected Cybil it began to ferociously run toward her,
scattering the fog as it moved.

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[2-2] Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"

第二章  「脱出への道」
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
Attacked by the ferocious monster

Page 1 (Alternate street) (Groaner appears)
The monster...

A ) attacked Cybil.
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B ) just ran away.
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[2-3] Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"

第二章  「脱出への道」
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
The monster attacks Cybil

Page 1 (Alternate street with close up of Groaner)
Cybil just manages to duck in time and the fierce monster passes over her
head. It continues forward just a little bit, and then turns around.
It is clear that it is coming after Cybil.

Page 2
Cybil places her hand on her belt to draw her handgun.
She utters, "Oh!"

She had just given her handgun to Harry not long ago.
She went pale.

Page 3
Cybil forcefully stands up and begins to run with all her strength.
The sound of the monster's footsteps and its panting close in on her
as it persistently chases her from behind.
Page 4 (Street, heavy fog)
She stomps on the pavement as she moves forward. In the corner of her eye
Cybil sees buildings appear out of and disappear into the fog, and at some
point she ends up losing her bearings and becomes unsure of her location.
She then notices that she no longer senses the presence of the monster.

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[2-4] Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"

第二章  「脱出への道」
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
The monster just runs away

Page 1 (Alternate street)
The monster just moves right past Cybil, and then continues away from her.
Clearly it is headed somewhere with some purpose."

Page 2
Various concerns run through the back of Cybil's mind.
Instinctively, she begins to chase after the monster.

Page 3
However, its speed is fast and it does not appear possible for Cybil to
be able to catch up to it.
Additionally, the thick curtain of fog is also making her pursuit difficult...

Page 4
Cybil continues to run for a while, but ends up completely losing sight of
her target.

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[2-5] Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"

第二章  「脱出への道
Chapter 2 "The Path to Escape"
Calming down

Page 1 (City street, heavy fog)
She stops and leans against an antique lamppost and presses on her chest.
She waits as the time between her continuous white breaths
gradually increases, and then begins walking again.

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[2-6] Chapter 2 "After Leaving the Cafe"

第二章  「カフェを後に」
Chapter 2 "After Leaving the Cafe"
Rising uneasiness

Page 1 (City street, heavy fog)

A ) calms herself down.
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B ) is overcome with hopelessness.
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