Cybil's Scenario


[9-1] Chapter 9 "Resolution"

第九章  「決闘」
Chapter 9 "Resolution"
Continuing down the staircase

Page 1 (Dark staircase)
Cybil descends the long staircase while keeping one hand on the wall.

Page 2
"For what reason did someone make this?
This staircase leading to the bowels of the earth, extending down from the
first floor of what seemed like a normal hospital."
She is paying very close attention to make sure not to lose her step.

Page 3
She gets the feeling that she has been descending for quite a long time.
Suddenly, the staircase ends and flat ground is then under her feet.
Cybil almost tripped without realizing it.
第九章  「決闘」
Chapter 9 "Resolution"
Something is burning
Page 4 (Underground corridor, flashing red)
It is hot.
Somewhere something is burning.
To her front...

Page 5
Far off in front of her a small red light can be seen.
The red light is swaying...
It wriggles like a hand waving someone to come forth.

Page 6
After the chilly lobby the heat is unimaginable...
The extraordinary heat feels almost as if magma from within the earth has
arisen, and because of it Cybil has to bend down as she walks from
time to time.

Page 7
That room is not far now...
Cybil's sleeves have caught fire.
The fire is gradually spreading around her footing, and Cybil's entire body
is engulfed in flames.

Page 8
She may or may not have realized this...
Cybil continues forward.
第九章  「決闘」
Chapter 9 "Resolution"
Dahlia and Alessa
Page 9 (Dahlia and Alessa in final area, burning)
As she entered the room she noticed two people, Dahlia and a girl
dressed in blue.
The two of them are facing each other amongst the blazing flames, staring at
each other's expressions.

Page 10
When the two of them notice Cybil's presence they turn to face her.
Dahlia looks surprised and the girl looks calm.
Their expressions are in great contrast to each other.

Page 11
Not a single word was spoken.

Page 12
Cybil approaches the two, reads something in the eyes of the girl, pulls
her gun from a pocket, and then places the muzzle against Dahlia's forehead.

Page 13

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[9-2: Ending B-1] Chapter 9 "Cafe"

第九章  「カフェ」
Chapter 9 "Cafe"
Steadily falling snow

Page 1 (Cafe) (Cheryl appears)
When she came to Cybil was sleeping on a small bench in the cafe.

Cheryl is standing next to her, gazing out the window at the steadily falling

Page 2
A bike is waiting outside of the cafe for Cybil. Its engine is running.
Page 3 (Cybil walking in street)
Cheryl...smiles brightly at Cybil, opens the door of the cafe, and disappears
into the fog.

Cybil runs out after her.
The End B-1

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