Cybil's Scenario


[8-1] Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"

第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
The B1 lamp

Page 1 (Black)
Eventually the elevator begins to gradually slow its descent, and at the same
time that it comes to a complete stop the B1 lamp lights up.
And then its doors open...
Cybil dully felt this series of movements.
Page 2 (Otherworld hall)
With the doors open, the light that illuminates the passage that extends
in front of her pours into the elevator.

Page 3
As Cybil begins to walk forward it almost looks like that light is supporting
her from behind.
It is cold.
Although she is just walking down a corridor that is like one in a jail,
Cybil's heart beats irregularly.
第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
A single door
Page 4 (Final door)
Eventually a single door appears.
The passage ends with this door.
Perhaps all the mysteries of B1 will lie in this room?

Page 5
(I didn't want to get you wrapped up in this.)
The voice of the girl flitted about in the back of Cybil's mind.
"What was the girl's goal?
And where is Harry?
Perhaps Harry has come here in the same manner as well?

Page 6
She had a feeling that by opening this door the many questions whirling about
in her head would all be put to rest.
Cybil summoned forth her courage and placed her hand on the door.


Page 7
It is hot, and Cybil immediately takes her hand off the knob.
Something is burning beyond this door.
It is impossible to open this door by hand.
Just from touching the door the palm of Cybil's hand stingingly hurts.
第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
Cybil kicks the door over and over
Page 8
She kicks the door with all her might.
With a hopeful feeling, she continues to kick the door over and over with the
thick sole of her boot.
Finally the knob breaks, and the door forcefully opens inward. At the same
time hot wind singes Cybil's hair.
Page 9 (Final area, burning)
And then Cybil saw it.
The room is about as large as a movie theater. Fire has spread all throughout,
and it has began to collapse.

Page 10
Beyond the debris and flames a man is holding something to his chest and
heading toward another exit in order to get out.
And just as he reached the exit the vigorously burning flames lit the side of
his face.

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[8-2] Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"

第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
The profile of the man visible in the flames

Page 1 (Final area, burning)
It was...

A ) unmistakably Harry.
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B ) an unfamiliar man.
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[8-3] Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"

第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
There is no is Harry.

Page 1 (Final area, burning)
And it was unmistakably Harry.

Page 2
Cybil's voice was a scream.
Without backing away, she ran into the room, which had become hell-like.
A piece of rubble enveloped in flames fell right in front of her.

Page 3
Cybil had fallen back on her behind, but instantly stood up, moved around the
obstacle and proceeded further into the room.
However, she had lost Harry.

She once again yelled out his name.

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[8-4] Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"

第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
It is not Harry...

Page 1 (Final area, burning)
It is not Harry.
It is a slightly plump middle aged man.

Page 2
That man is holding what looks like a white paper bag to his chest and is
running out of the room.

Page 3

Cybil screams.
The man glances toward her, but continues rushing out.

Page 4
Cybil begins to run in order to chase him, but almost stumbles over something
and then stops in her tracks.

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[8-5: Ending A] Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"

第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
Cybil carries the girl

Page 1 (Final area, burning)
Someone is collapsed at her feet.
Page 2 (Alessa laying in final area, burning)
A girl dressed in white clothing is lying face down, and her back moves
up and down along with her breathing.
Cybil stops, kneels down, and places her hand on the girl's shoulder.

Page 3
"Are you ok?
If you stay here you will be burned to death.
Hurry and get up!"

The girl just remains face down and does not even try to look up.

Page 4
Cybil forcefully lifts the girl's shoulders up, and then her face freezes.
The girl is the one that she was just traveling with...

Page 5
The girl's name suddenly rises up within her memory.


Page 6
"Cheryl...why are you here...!"

Cybil carries Cheryl's small body and heads for the exit.
第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
They must escape quickly
Page 7
Cheryl has suffered serious burns on her entire body.
If they don't get out quickly then not only Cheryl, but Cybil as well will be
burned to ash.

Page 8
Black smoke rises from Cheryl's white clothing.
The girl is just barely conscious, and her face is pale.
Part of her hair is burned, and her right cheek is red and swollen.
Cybil sheds tears.

Page 9
The sounds of explosions resound from all directions, and the floor shakes
and rumbles.
Cybil holds the burned girl close to protect her and runs.

Page 10
In order to save the faint life in front of her Cybil risks her own life.
Cybil devotes herself completely to her current goal.
And she considers this to be her duty.
第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
The question that grows within Cybil's heart
Page 11
Cybil avoids debris as she heads towards the exit. At the same time she thinks.

Page 12
The man she just saw...
He seems to have just abandoned this girl.
And if that is the case...
第八章  「闇に映える業火」
Chapter 8 "The hellfires shimmering in the darkness"
The white staircase
Page 13 (Staircase to freedom)
Cybil finally arrives at the exit, and places her foot on the white staircase
that extends in front of her.
And then she races up it.

Page 14
From behind the loudest explosion yet occurs.
A sea of fire is just behind Cybil, and is closing in on her.

Page 15
As she climbs the long staircase Cybil has the goal of reaching the light
coming from above the ground. Or perhaps she just senses that it is her
last hope, so she runs stronger and faster up the stairs.

Cybil glances down at Cheryl's face.
The End A

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[8-6] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
The last of her strength

Page 1 (Black)
Cybil somehow manages to stand up, but staggers and falls back down onto the

Page 2
However, she decides to summon the last of her strength in order to save the
girl that she was moving with for a bit, Cheryl.

Page 3
She stands up again.
And her entire body is beset with severe pain.

But Cybil does not fall down.
She presses her left hand to her chest and begins to walk with great effort.

Page 4
She follows the trail of the evil creature that came out of her, and escapes
from the amusement park through the open door of a garage dump.
Page 5 (Cybil walking, half bent over)
"A long staircase to the basement...
Just where does it lead to?"
She rests her hand on the wall, and from time to time squats down where she
is standing, as she continues forward via her strong will.
第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
The presence that guides me
Page 6 (Underground corridor)
Eventually a long corridor appears in front of her.
The passage spreads out like a blood vessel of the town's underground.
"Who could have made this?
Am I being led somewhere?

Page 7
It's too late...
My legs are unsteady and color is disappearing from my view.
A monochrome underground passage...
And from time to time a storm of mixed noise..."
Page 8 (Background begins flashing red)
A warm breeze ruffles Cybil's blond hair.
Somewhere far off, at the end of this passage, something is burning.

Page 9
It's dangerous. However, it's because it is dangerous that Cybil must all
the more face it.

The girl is being held prisoner.

Page 10
Up to this point Cybil did not notice a single signal from the girl that she
was with, and for this reason she is angry with herself.

Page 11
"When did I run into that small monster?
At the school? The cafe?
Or the bench?

Page 12
I tried to kill Harry.
What of the unseen force that tried to make me stop him?"
第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
Page 13
It's hot.
The basement is shaking.
Is it an earthquake, or is Cybil hallucinating?

Page 14
An explosion.
Light flashes from the front.
And at the same time her cheeks become covered in heat.
"It is close. Not far now.
Something is happening.

Page 15
The door at the end of the passage is slightly open.
If I can get in there..."

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[8-7] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
The door in flames

Page 1 (Black)
Cybil thinks.

A ) I can still make it in time...I've got to hurry.
Go to 8-8

B ) Wait, should I go in there...
Go to 8-9 (Ending C-2)

C ) Things will happen as they will...
Go to 8-10

[8-8] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
Someone is here...

Page 1 (Black)
"I can still make it in time.
Someone is here.
I sense them.
I have made it here.
I can still make it in time."

Page 2
Cybil collapses.
With just only a bit further to go Cybil realizes that she is not breathing.

Page 3
"The oxygen is..."
Instead, her skin is burned to ash by the flames.

Page 4
Cybil crawls, she continues to crawl and when she finally reaches a door...
A man is in the center of the room...
An unfamiliar girl is passing something to Harry...
The scene fills Cybil's eyes.
Page 5 (Final area, burning)
Harry holds something dearly, at his chest...
It is a baby.
Harry holds it as if it is his own...
Or maybe he is thinking of it as Cheryl...
He smiles a bit.
第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
It will go on forever...
Page 6
"It's a mistake..."
Perhaps Cybil was the only one to realize this?
"He must not accept that baby...
It will go on forever...
With the spinning of the world and time...

Page 7
The baby represents the beginning.
It is a devil.
Look into its eyes and you can tell.

Page 8
Look closely into its eyes.
The baby's eyes are..."

Page 9
Cybil was unable to convey this to him.
She could not even move, much less speak.

Page 10
The nightmare will begin again.
A nightmare that cannot be stopped, even when it is known to be a nightmare.
Cybil is headed to her death...
Her vitality is rapidly fading.

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[8-9: Ending C-2] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
If I think it over...

Page 1 (Black)
"Should I go...?
Someone is trying to kill me...

Page 2
I must not go.
I must not obey.
I will stop.
I have now realized...
That this is madness."

Page 3
Cybil crumbles in the spot where she was standing.
Flames burn through her clothes.
And then they jump to Cybil's body.

Page 4
It's hot.
But she can no longer move.
The entire passage that Cybil is in is enveloped in flames.
She does not even know any way to get out.
There is not even a place for her consciousness...

Page 5

Page 6
The next day, in an article from a Brahms region paper:

Page 7
"Early this morning a burned corpse that is thought to be a woman's was
discovered on a path in the north Brahms forest.

Page 8
The body has severe external injuries,
and parts of it were reduced completely to ash.
It appears that identification of the body will take quite some time.

Page 9
Additionally, in the area around the body there was no sign of fire, and no
trace of gasoline, kerosene, or other oil based substances. For this reason
the Brahms Police Department is hurrying to identify the body, and has
launched a full scale investigation into the cause of death..."
The End C-2

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[8-10] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
At any rate I should continue on...

Page 1 (Black)
"At any rate I should go.
If I stay here I will be burned to death."
Cybil continues forward while breathing feebly.
Page 2 (Final area, burning)
When Cybil finally reaches a door...
A man is in the center of the room...
An unfamiliar girl is passing something to Harry...
The scene fills Cybil's eyes.

Page 3
Harry holds something dearly, at his chest...
It is a baby.
Harry holds it as if it is his own...
Or maybe he is thinking of it as Cheryl...
He smiles a bit.

Page 4
"It's a mistake..."
Perhaps Cybil was the only one to realize this?
"He must not accept that baby...
It will go on forever...
With the spinning of the world and time...

Page 5
The baby represents the beginning.
It is a devil.
Look into its eyes and you can tell."

Page 6
Summoning the last of her strength Cybil stands.
She must tell him.
She must tell Harry of his mistake.

Page 7
One of Cybil's arms has already caught fire, and indigo smoke is rising from


Page 8
Cybil staggers towards Harry.
Harry is just beyond her extended left arm.

Page 9
"Look closely at its eyes...
At the baby's eyes..."

Is what she had planned to say, but all that came from her mouth were
unintelligible shrieks.

Page 10
Once Harry takes notice of Cybil he is surprised, places the baby at his feet,
and walks over to Cybil.

that baby is...)

Page 11
Harry takes the hand gun from his hip.

"I thought I killed you...
But yet you are still alive!"

I am Cybil.
A real person.

Page 12
Even though I cannot speak,

even though I have been shot in the chest,

even though one of my arms is burning...
I am still alive."

Page 13

Cybil hears the familiar sound of gunfire.

At the same time she felt a severe impact on her forehead.
Page 14 (Harry standing over Cybil with the gun)
Only vivid red suddenly returned to what had been a monochrome world.

There is no strength in her body.
Her body falls like a doll's, and her broken face forcefully hits the
ground with a smash.

Page 15
"I can see Harry.
He is walking this way.

Behind him...
Behind him I see a baby.
It is looking at me..."
Page 16 (Black)
Harry gently closes Cybil's eyes with the palm of his hand.
That was his final consideration for her...

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[8-11: Ending C-1] Chapter 8 "Convey"

第八章  「伝達」
Chapter 8 "Convey"
From the ending to the beginning

Page 1 (Black)
The world is ending.
Looking at it subjectively, the act of one's body dying is the same as the
world dying.

Page 2
When their five senses no longer provide information, humans know the
end of the world.

Page 3
The world is within the self, and also a part of the self.

Page 4
However, when Cybil lost consciousness for the last time...

She knew a completely different truth than what she was expecting.
The End C-1

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[8-12] Chapter 8 "Resolution"

第八章  「決意」
Chapter 8 "Resolution"
The door that should not have been opened

Page 1 (Black)
"Just who was the girl...?
Cheryl? Or...
Was it that woman's daughter...?

Page 2
Concerning the incidents that have occurred in this town...
No, they cannot be called incidents, but instead
concerning this enigmatic situation, I have not found one piece of
conclusive evidence and that irritates me.

Page 3
And there is uneasiness about the loss of my only partner.

She must be frightened somewhere, Cheryl.

That eerie figure of the girl..."

Page 4
Several feelings of discontent run throughout Cybil's mind.

Page 5
"That Dahlia might know something.
However...the destination that she indicated is this place.
Rather than returning to the church it would be best to search here."
第八章  「決意」
Chapter 8 "Resolution"
Going to get the key
Page 6 (Door in hospital)
Cybil had returned to the first floor to get the key to the hospital rooms,
but then she noticed a door that had been left open.

Page 7
The door sways on its hinges as the result of wind blowing from somewhere.

Page 8
This draws Cybil's attention, and she moves toward the door.

"This is..."

Page 9
This door was unmistakably locked and not open just before.

Cybil looks in the doorway...and at the same time gasps.

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[8-13] Chapter 8 "Resolution"

第八章  「決意」
Chapter 8 "Resolution"
Inside the door there is...

Page 1 (Door in hospital)

A ) There is a staircase leading to the basement.
Go to 8-14

B ) There is a blinding light. Cybil covers her eyes in reaction to it.
Go to 8-15 (Ending B-2)

[8-14] Chapter 8 "Resolution"

第八章  「決意」
Chapter 8 "Resolution"
The staircase leading to the basement

Page 1 (Dark staircase)
There was not a room there.
Just inside the doorway there was a staircase leading to the basement.
It is not lit, so from her position Cybil cannot judge how far down it goes.

Page 2
Upon first glance, Cybil senses that this door was not opened by Harry.
"From the inside...
Someone...came up the stairs..."

Page 3
And then she became sure of this.

Page 4
There was a large bloodstain on the knob on the inside of the door...

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[8-15: Ending B-2] Chapter 8 "Cemetery"

第八章  「墓地」
Chapter 8 "Cemetery"
A nostalgic scent

Page 1 (Cybil in cemetery)
The blinding light falls all over Cybil's body.
Cybil lost her ability to see instantly, and had no idea whether her eyes
were opened or closed.

Page 2
As Cybil's sight finally began to return to her, she felt the wind on her
skin. From these two senses she could tell that she was now outside.

Page 3
She doesn't sense any people...

The chirping of birds...

A nostalgic scent...

In front of her an area of flowerbeds spreads out.
It is a scene that she has seen somewhere before.

Page 4
Cybil begins to walk.
And then, at some point she began to run.
She passes through the trees, and once she climbed a small hill her
field of vision once again expanded.

Page 5
There is a cemetery.

Cybil finally remembers.
This is the place where her grandparents are resting.
When she was young, her parents often brought her here.
Page 6 (Mother Alessa with mourners)
Next to her grandparents graves...
Many people in black have gathered.
The sobbing of the people dressed in mourning clothes can be heard.

Page 7
Everyone is familiar.

Page 8
Her mother and father...
Her three year younger sister...

"What's wrong?
Did something happen?"

None of them answer.

Page 9
The police chief of Brahms...
Fellow officers...
And Sally...

"Hey, Sally?
Who passed away?"

None of them answer.
Page 10 (Close up of gravestone)
The sacred ceremony is proceeding without delay.

A magnificent casket is brought out by several men, and then it is gently
lowered into a hole that was prepared in advance.

Page 11
Sally is whispering to Cybil's mother in a low voice.

"I told her just think about what might happen...
I recommended that she use a car for transportation.

Page 12
When pulling over violators many accidents have happened...
I just cannot believe that this could have happened to her..."

Sally says this and then falls silent.

Page 13
What are you saying?
I am right here.
Notice me..."

Page 14
Cybil tries as hard as she can to try and make someone notice her but
no matter what she does no one does.

Page 15
Her name has been engraved on the tombstone.

"Am I dead?
Am I dead?

Someone tell me..."
Page 16 (Mother Alessa with mourners)
Between the people dressed in black...
There is a girl wearing a white one piece dress standing on the dark green
grass, only half visible.

Page 17
She is just a figure, and only half of her face can be seen, but
it is a familiar one.

Page 18
Everything becomes bathed in white.
The girl's face sways as if it were floating in the air.

And then the girl softly calls Cybil's name.

Page 19
Before long, nothing else appeared in Cybil's eyes.
The End B-2

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