Cybil's Scenario


[5-1] Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"

第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
Walking toward the cafe

Page 1 (Street, dark)
"Just what time is it now?"
Cybil curses the fact that she forgot her watch at the Brahms station.
"It is probably late at night."
She no longer feels the headache or sleepiness from just before.

Page 2
Holding Cheryl's cold hand Cybil focuses her mind on locating Harry.

Page 3
She figured that Harry was no longer in the cafe, but wonders if maybe he
left a memo or something there for her.

Page 4
Compared to Harry, Cybil should know the geography of Silent Hill better
because of her profession.
However, because of the darkness and thick fog that limit her field of vision
she is in a situation in which it is difficult to know even her current

Page 5
She had encountered a strange monster on her way to the school, so
now she did not have much confidence in being able to find her way back to
the cafe.
第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
The sky became light again
Page 6
The sky began to get light while Cybil walked and contemplated the route to
the cafe.
This made her think that perhaps time is rapidly passing in this town alone.
Although the fog was present as ever to decrease visibility, she could see
a lot better now.
Page 7 (Cafe exterior)
And then, before she knew it the cafe was right in front of her.

Page 8
"...Something isn't right."
Cybil feels a sense of discord within her.

However, her feet continued on, as if guided by strong power, to the inside of
the cafe.
第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
The horrible sight inside the cafe
Page 9 (Dead Air Screamer on Cafe floor)
Cybil led Cheryl through the entrance of the cafe.
The inside of the cafe had been ravaged.
The glass windows facing the street were broken and several tables were
knocked on their sides, so Cybil could not move any further in.

Page 10
"...oh my god."

"I wonder if Harry is alright?"
A red pool of liquid reflects vividly in Cybil's eyes.
She prayed that it was not Harry's blood.

Page 11
"Harry! It's me.
It's Cybil.
I found Cheryl.
If you are here then please come out."

There is no answer.
Cybil had began to step forward, but then gasped with an "Uh".

Page 12
"Just this..."

The corpse of a brown colored monster that Cybil has never seen before lies
in the center of the pool of red liquid.

Page 13
Several shells were scattered about, which meant that Harry probably had
a battle here.

Page 14
Since Harry was no longer here she guessed that he defeated this monster
and then left to search for Cheryl.
"Is he hurt?"

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[5-2] Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"

第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
The ransacked cafe

Page 1 (Dead Air Screamer on Cafe floor)

A ) began to search the area.
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B ) cautiously moved towards the monster.
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[5-3] Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"

第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
Some kind of clue...

Page 1 (Dead Air Screamer on Cafe floor)
Thinking that perhaps there was a memo, Cybil began her search with the
counter; however, there did not appear to be anything there.
"Maybe Harry left here in a hurry after being attacked by the monster."

Page 2
Cybil looked at Cheryl.
With the bloody scene in front of her Cheryl was surprisingly calm.
From time to time she looked out the window as if she were concerned about

Page 3
"Well, your Daddy is not here.
Let's look somewhere else."

Cybil took Cheryl's hand, and without a word they rushed out into the
snowy street once again.

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[5-4] Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"

第五章  「再びカフェ」
Chapter 5 "Cafe, again"
The area around the monster's corpse

Page 1 (Dead Air Screamer on Cafe floor)
Cybil cautiously searches the monster.
There is no doubt about it, the bullets lodged inside the monster's body
were the ones loaded into the handgun that she had given Harry.

Page 2
"Normally these should have gone all the way through..."

The bullets told a tale about the endurance and hardness of the monster.

Page 3
The bullets scattered about on the floor supported this, as they gave Cybil
the feeling that they had just hit the hard skin of the monster and then
bounced off.

Page 4
Other than this there did not appear to be anything else out of the ordinary.

Page 5
"Well, your Daddy is not here.
Let's look some place else."

Cybil took Cheryl's hand, and without a word they rushed out into the
snowy street once again.

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[5-5] Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"

第五章  「病院への道」
Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"
Chasing after Harry

Page 1 (Harry leaning on a car)
Once Cybil caught up to Harry he was having a difficult time breathing.

Page 2
" alright...?"

"That woman...
Dahlia or something..."

Harry placed one hand on his chest, stopped in the street, and placed his
other hand on a car.

Page 3
"I...don't know for sure, but...
I have a feeling that that wasn't the first time that I met that woman...
Long ago...I think I met her somewhere..."

Harry says this and begins coughing.

Page 4
"Harry, you don't look so good."

The air seems to have gotten thin here or something...
I just have to deal with it..."


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[5-6] Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"

第五章  「病院への道」
Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"
Harry's condition

Page 1 (Harry leaning on a car)

A ) begins to talk again.
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B ) begins coughing violently.
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[5-7] Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"

第五章  「病院への道」
Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"
Harry begins to speak again

Page 1 (Cybil walking in street) (Harry appears)
"Well, it's alright...
A town in which snow is falling...
The name Dahlia...
And her daughter is with my daughter...
The fact that they are together..."

He lifts his head, and looks at Cybil.

Page 2
There is something that I think I know, but...
it's on the tip of my tongue but I cannot remember it..."

Cybil softly places her hand on Harry's shoulder.
"You're tired Harry.
Let's rest for a bit..."

Page 3
Harry brushes Cybil's hand away, and then begins walking while pressing one
hand to his chest.


Page 4
Cybil once again follows behind Harry's frozen back.
第五章  「病院への道」
Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"
The old signboard
Page 5 (Hospital gate)
Unable to make out the letters on an old signboard Cybil tries squinting.

"Alchemilla Hospital" is written in faded paint.

Page 6
"In this building...Cheryl and Dahlia's daughter are in here...?" (Cybil)

The hospital looks like ruins, and an eeriness is present that makes one
hesitant to even step inside.

Page 7
Cybil just happens to notice an object that looks like a pedestal next to the
door. On top of it plates of four different colors have been placed.

Cybil reads the message inscribed on the pedestal aloud.

Page 8
"The chosen ones
must be moved to
the chosen places
Once the task is complete,
the guidepost leading to chaos
shall appear"
Page 9
Use the L and R buttons to select a plate.

Use the d-pad to move the selected plate.

(Plate game)
Page 10 (Black)
Harry opened the door.
第五章  「病院」
Chapter 5 "Hospital"
Although they came as told...
Page 11 (Hospital reception)
Inside the hospital it is dark, and it seems that if one does not walk
carefully then they would stumble.

Page 12
Pictures hanging on the walls, withered plants on the receptionist's
desk, and other furnishings can be faintly seen.

Page 13
"Is your...
Is your daughter really in this place?"

"...I don't know, but...
all we can do is trust that woman from before...
We don't have any other clues."
Harry spoke not expecting a reply.

Page 14
He slowly turned the knob of a nearby door.
It appears to be locked.
He lets out a long sigh.

Page 15
"Wait Harry.
Let's split up and search.
I will start from the top floor and search heading down.
You start from the bottom.
Then we will meet up in the middle.
That way we won't lose each other."

Page 16
Harry looked woeful.

"Sorry...I wish there was something I could do to thank you..."

"Once we find your daughter then you can take me out to dinner or something."
Cybil smiled brightly.

Page 17
Cybil immediately began to run toward the wall at the end of the corridor.
Once she arrived on the third floor, which should be the top floor of the
building, she caught her breath and then began to search for the girl.

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[5-8] Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"

第五章  「病院への道」
Chapter 5 "The Path to the Hospital"
Harry coughs violently

Page 1 (Harry leaning on a car)
"Cough! Cough...!"

Harry began to cough violently again.

"Are you alright? You look like you are in pain..."

Page 2
Blood flows out from the spaces between the fingers of the hand that Harry
placed over his mouth.


Page 3
Harry wiped his hand on his pants without surprise.

"It's nothing to worry about.
Please don't look at me like that."

Page 4
"But...your pants are stained black with blood!"

Cybil stared at Harry's face.
He looks lonely, and even more worn down than when they first met at the cafe.

Page 5
"Since coming here my physical condition has been deteriorating.
Once I realized this I even found scratches all over my body.

Page 6
It's because all I am thinking of is Cheryl.
That is why I am not feeling the pain."

Page 7
Saying that Harry pulled up one of his pant legs.
Around his calf there was a long dark red scar.

It was a painful looking wound, one that would be impossible to ignore.

Page 8

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