Alex Shepherd

Age: 22

After a brief stint in a military hospital, Alex returns home on leave to find his entire world in shambles. He never had a happy home life, though Alex took his role as big brother seriously and did his best to watch after Josh. Which is why, after having a series of nightmares about his little brother, he returns home to make sure everything is all right. He soon realizes this is not the case, and sets out to find Josh.

Joshua Shepherd

Age: 9

Alex's little brother Josh was always the favorite son when they were growing up. They got along well, though, and Josh seemed to idolize Alex. Now Josh is missing, and may need his big brother's help more than ever.

Adam Shepherd

Age: 53

The patriarch of the Shepherd family, Adam is a retired soldier who runs his household as strictly as he did his platoon. Casting Alex aside, he focused his limited affection solely on Joshua. He serves as the town's Sheriff, though his current whereabouts are unknown, as he left Shepherd's Glen in search of something...

Lillian Shepherd

Age: 48

When Alex finds his mother Lillian alone at home, she's in a near-catatonic state. Speaking in short, fragmented sentences, she doesn't have much to say beyond the fact she misses Joshua. What happened to cause her condition, and why would Adam leave her like this?

Elle Holloway

Age: 22

Elle is a headstrong young woman who refuses to accept the current state of Shepherd's Glen. She goes to the bulletin board every day to post flyers for the increasing number of missing persons around town – including her sister. Elle and Alex spent quite a bit of time together growing up, so she was a little hurt when he left without telling her.

Deputy Wheeler

Age: 50

Deputy Wheeler works for Adam Shepherd, though he doesn't have any idea where the Sheriff disappeared to. Wheeler is suspicious by nature and subscribes to more than his share of conspiracy theories. Naturally he has his own ideas about what's going on around town, but it remains to be seen how accurate those are.

Curtis Ackers

Age: 41

Curtis Ackers runs the local junk shop, and prides himself on being able to fix any gadget that might need fixin'. The only thing he hasn't been able to figure out is why every clock in town is broken. Curtis has a bad attitude and doesn't get along well with others, but Alex may need to find some way to get past that.

Judge Holloway

Age: 53

Elle's mother is one of the few people still concerned about the town and its citizens. Her calm resolve is a great comfort to those who still remain in Shepherd's Glen.

Mayor Bartlett

Age: 49

Once a respected figure in the community, Mayor Bartlett now spends his days in a drunken stupor. He spend most of his time in the cemetery, digging graves.

Doctor Fitch

Age: 55

Due to his brave actions during an accident some years ago, Doc Fitch came to be regarded as a local hero. The broken man Alex meets, though, doesn't seem to fit that legacy.