Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Grand Hotel, Doc Fitch's Office, Town Hall's basement.
Description: Nurses whose purpose is clearly not to tend your wound, but instead to slash you with deadly knives. They can damage you pretty badly with various combos, so watch out and use dodge when needed. The Knife works well against these foes thanks to its speed, however Nurses in groups may require the use of firearms. Also combat with Nurses can simply be avoided in the dark areas by turning the flashlight off and walking past them calmly.


Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Grand Hotel, Hell Descent, Shepherd's House (Otherworld), Church.
Description: These oversized cockroaches usually invade rooms from different holes and breaks in through the walls or floor. They can easily be squashed by stomping on them. The only attack Swarms have is to latch onto Alex and drain his life. When they do this, drop them down by quickly hitting the button shown onscreen.


Location: Shepherd's House, Shepherd's Glen's streets, Sewers, Shepherd's House (Otherworld), Silent Hill's streets, Boiler House.
Description: Lurkers love hiding in the water or dark holes and attack Alex using the element of surprise. Lurkers use their sharp claws to attack. They can also jump onto Alex knocking him down to the ground, beware of this attack and dodge it or counterattack it in the air - hitting them with the Pipe. Most other melee weapons are also good for dealing with Lurkers.


Location: Shepherd's Glen's streets, Rose Heights Cemetery, Junkyard, Silent Hill's streets.
Description: Ferals are dog-like creatures that can move very fast, making it hard to get away from them (though not impossible). They love jumping onto you, knocking you down and trying to rip your throat out. Since this enemy is very fast, the Knife is the best choice for dealing with them.


Location: Shepherd's Glen's streets, Rose Heights Cemetery, Grand Hotel, Hell Descent, Town Hall, Dargento Cemetery.
Description: These monsters resemble a person in a straight jacket. Their only attack is to breathe out a poisonous smoke cloud, so close combat with Smogs is normally a bad idea. They are best disposed of by shooting them from a distance when they're getting ready to breathe out and opening their rib cage. At this moment they are very vulnerable - just a couple of pistol shots into the opened lungs are enough to kill them.


Location: Grand Hotel, Sewers, Prison, Prison (Otherworld).
Description: Needlers are fast, deadly and most importantly, able to block Alex's attacks (including firearm shots). They attack with their enormous blades and can easily knock Alex down. It is essential to dodge their attacks to get to their back where they are vulnerable and use quick knife attacks to finish them. Needlers can also perform a grapple attack with their front legs during which you need to hit the button shown onscreen.


Location: Sheriff's Station, Shepherd's Glen's streets, Shepherd's House (Otherworld), Silent Hill's streets, Church.
Description: -


Location: Sheriff's Station, Sewers, Silent Hill's streets, Prison, Church.
Description: -

Order Member

Location: Power Plant, Prison, Underground.
Description: -


Location: Alchemilla Hospital, Grand Hotel, Church.
Description: -



Location: Grand Hotel.
Description: -


Location: Hell Descent.
Description: -


Location: Prison (Otherworld).
Description: -


Location: Underground.
Description: -