01. Nightmare
02. Missing Persons
03. Hotel
04. Police Station
05. Sewers
06. Hell Descent
07. Town Hall
08. The Attic
09. Dark Times
10. Prison
11. Otherworld Prison
12. Church
13. Underground


This walkthrough was written for normal level of difficulty, although the only differences of the hard level are tougher enemies and less ammunition in a clip. This walkthrough is suitable for all versions of the game (PS3, Xbox 360, PC).

Color legend:
X-Ray Film – items
Combat Knife – weapons
Health Drink – supplies
Hospital Map – maps, child drawings and photos
Save Point – save points

01. Nightmare

After the opening scene, repeatedly press the button on-screen to get Alex free. Turn on your flashlight to see in the dark. Check the memo to the left of the double doors and exit the room. Follow the bloody trail on the floor. In the hallway approach the iron gates to meet Alex's little brother, Joshua – he's not very talkative for the moment. The door is locked with the keypad. Head through the open door to the right. Examine the light box with an X-Ray – you'll discover three digits. Examine the memo on the desk to learn that you need three more to get the whole code. Take the Hospital Map from the board. Exit the room through another door. Enter the only open room in the hallway – 203 (the one where the baby's crying is heard – examine the middle incubator to make it stop). Get the Health Drink on the counter behind, check the memo nearby and hop over the broken window to Room 204. Examine the Basic Weapon Combat on the table, then grab the X-Ray Film from the flickering light box. Return to the Nurse Center to place the new X-Ray along with the old one and get the code – 624872.

Go to the keypad door and enter this code. Joshua will run away leaving his drawing on the floor. Pick up the Child's Drawing (1/18) and follow Alex's brother. Proceed to the restroom, see as Joshua slips through another door. Continue your chase. There's a Save Point mark on the wall in the next room – you may save your game here. Head through another door to the women's restroom. Take the Combat Knife stuck in the mirror to trigger a cutscene.

The world will begin to transform into the real nightmare – welcome to the Otherworld and say hello to the creepy Nurse. Attack the Nurse to get accustomed to the combat mechanics, then go to the stall she appeared from and exit the restroom through a gap in the wall. Grab the First Aid Kit to the left of the door and exit to the hall. Enter the door to the left. Go upstairs, break the glass window and hop over to the Day Room. There are two Nurses in the room – you may fight them or turn the flashlight off and slip quietly to the fleshy canvas in the wall. Cut it using the Knife and squeeze through to Room 303. You'll find a Save Point here. There is also a note on the bed. Exit to the hallway. While passing it the cutscene will begin, introducing a new type of enemies – Swarms. After defeating them enter the Linen Room. Pick up the Health Drink from the shelf. Exit through another door. In this hallway go in the south direction to acquire the Photo (1/11) from the gurney.

Enter the Operating Theatre. Examine the memo on the shelf. Go down the stairs and then drop down from the ledge without railing. You better turn off your flashlight here as there are three Nurses standing around the operating table. Move quietly to the fleshy gap as the double doors are shut, and use your Knife to cut and squeeze through. Pick up the Child's Drawing (2/18) from the wall just right after the gap and then go upstairs. Find the gurney with the half of the body and grab the Operating Theatre Key from it. Move down and return to the Operating Theatre. Open the double doors using the Operating Key and step through. Examine the memo on the counter in the room and exit to the hallway.

Here you'll meet Josh again. Speak with him (different dialogue options don't affect anything at the moment) and you'll learn that Joshua wants his toy. Leave Josh and open the door to the left to enter the Nurse Center. In this room take the Health Drink from the shelf and examine the Missing Patient bulletin by the window. Finally there is a Save Point. Exit to the hallway and go into Room 203. A cutscene will play showing Robbie dragged by something into the hole in the mirror. Take the Child's Drawing (3/18) from the wall, then approach the bloody mirror to investigate it. Something will grab Alex's arm: quickly press the button on-screen repeatedly or Alex will miss his limb. Once you retrieve the Robbie, a Swarm will appear in the room.

Head back through the Nurse Center to give Josh his toy, but he will just ran away once again. The gate will open – proceed through it to the hallway. Take the Child's Drawing (4/18) from the ground, head down the hall and take another Child's Drawing (5/18) from the door of  Room 206. Proceed to the elevator and push the button. A cutscene will start. Alex hears metal scarping. He approaches the elevator doors and is stabbed by a huge blade. Alex is awakening in the cabin of the truck on his way to Shepherd's Glen – it all was only a nightmare.

02. Missing Persons

The trucker (looking like Travis Grady from Silent Hill: Origins) drops Alex off and the first objective is to get home. Look at the Anniversary Celebration Flyer on the building's column. Move down the street to the east and a cutscene will play where Alex meets Judge Holloway. In the end of the conversation she suggests him going home as well. Now you can head for the home as you were advised or visit the Town Hall first.

Enter the Town Hall and go into the central room. Take the Photo (2/11) from the counter to the left of the podium. You may also read the Town History Book on the bookstand behind the podium. Afterwards enter the room to the right of the central one. Check the Newspaper Article on the wall besides the door. Approach the table and take the Serum. Serums are very valuable as they not only refill health completely, but also boost it slightly. Save them for the toughest combats as they are extremely rare. Now head for the back of the building. There are two offices here. The one to the right is Judge Holloway's. You can drop in for a brief chat with her. The office to the left has a Save Point on the wall and a Health Drink on the mantelpiece. Nothing more to see here so return to the street.

Go north along Craven Ave. and enter the Shepherd House to the left. In the house head upstairs. Enter the parent's bedroom with double doors. Check the Letter from Mom to Dad on the dresser. Walk into the restroom to find the Cassette Tape on the counter. Exit to the hall and go to the left room which used to be the room of Alex and Josh. Pick up the Flashlight from the lower bed to trigger a flashback cutscene. A bookshelf in the room hides a secret. Examine it and move the books to the left to reveal a yellow button. Press it and the bookshelf will open revealing a hidden room. Take the Map of the House from the shelf inside. Now go downstairs – a cutscene will play. Alex meets his mother sitting in the living room. She looks to be in a near-catatonic state and the only answer Alex gets from her is that everybody's gone. He takes the Old Revolver from her hands, then hears some noise coming from the basement and goes to investigate. Descend to the basement where you will meet a new enemy – Lurker, who will attack from the waters. Deal with him with your knife. Then walk to the back of the basement and examine the door. It is locked and cannot be opened as long as the basement is flooded. Check the water pump nearby to find a Garage Remote and the Water Pump Note. The water pump is out of fuel so we need to go and get some. Walk out of the House.

Use the Garage Remote in front of the garage. Beware as the Lurker crawls out of it. Enter the garage. Grab the Steel Pipe off the counter. Use it to pry open the door of the cabinet in the garage and take the Empty Gas Can. To the right is the Combat Training Manual. As you exit the garage, another Lurker will crawl through the hole in the fence. Kill it (Steel Pipe is quite effective against them), proceed through the hole and then through another one to find yourself in the Park. Pick up the Child's Drawing (6/18) from the wall to the right. Then find the Photo (3/11) lying on the ground behind a slide. Also you can read an article in the Old Newspaper lying on the bench. Approach the chain-link fence door and pry it open with the Steel Pipe. Walk down the alley to discover a truck. A Lurker will crawl from behind the trash cans. Dispose of it and fill the Empty Gas Can from the truck's tank to receive the Full Gas Can. Make your way back to the basement in the Shepherd House and fill the water pump with the gas from the Can. After the water is gone you can unlock the door and exit to the backyard.

In the backyard there's a Health Drink in the flowerbed to the right. The Child's Drawing (7/18) is on the fence to the left and the Photo (4/11) is on the backpack on the back gate. Before proceeding through it, step up the back porch and enter the back of the house. In the kitchen look into the fridge to obtain the Health Drink. Then use the Cassette Tape on the answering machine to listen to a conversation between Josh and his father. Go to another room to find the Engine Note on the small table next to the couch. Exit the house and step through the back gate.

Move down the alley, then through a metal gate and you will arrive at the Cemetery. Take the Rose Heights Cemetery Map from a stone bench. Go further the path. Alex will notice a gravedigger behind the fence. Leave him be and climb down to the pit. A cutscene will start introducing a new dog-like creature – Feral. Defeat it using knife combos and take the Odd Stone Plate from the old fountain's pedestal. Climb up to another side of the pit. Take the Health Drink from the pavilion and examine the gate to the Bartlett Mausoleum to learn that it's locked. Move to the Family Crypts North. In one of the crypts you'll find a Save Point on the wall. Find the crypt with a hole to the Family Crypts Mid and squeeze through it. Go east and check crypts on the north side – you'll find a Health Drink in one of them. The path is blocked by a locked gate so enter the crypt on the south and duck under the hole. Go further east and squeeze through another gap in the crypt's wall to enter the Founders Row. A Feral will attack from behind the tomb to the right. Go south, jump down into the pit, duck under the opening and climb up onto the other side. Enter the Founders Garden and kill another Lurker devouring the corpse. There's a Health Drink in the north section of the garden. Proceed through the metal gate in the north and go up the stairs to the West Garden. Examine the Plaques at the end of each stairs. Pick up the the Strange Stone Plate from the fountain here and approach the gate locked by a circular mechanism. Put both Stone Plates and the gate will open. Go further and exit to the Main Street.

Head west and turn to the Police Station. At the station's entrance turn to the left and find the First Aid Kit on the ground at the end of the path. Return to the street and continue your way to the west. Here at the billboard Alex meets Elle. She tells him about disappearing people in the town and gives Alex a Walkie Talkie – it will notify you about approaching monsters by emitting static noise. After the cutscene find the Child's Drawing (8/18) behind the billboard. From here head south via River View and turn into the bridge. Open the gate to enter the Junkyard.

Dunk under the hole in the fence, continue your way around the building, squeeze trough a narrow opening in the wall and enter the Shop. Inside Alex will meet its owner – Curtis Ackers. Talk to him to find out that the guy digging up the graves in the Cemetery is Mayor Bartlett himself. In the end he will give you the MK 23 Handgun in replacement for your Old Revolver.

There's Pistol Ammunition behind the counter, and a Combat Training Manual on basic ranged combat on the toolbox. Head into the back room to find the Junkyard Map, the Health Drink in the broken fridge, and more Pistol Ammunition in the stand-up toolbox in the corner. There's also a Save Point, so save your game, then head out the door next to it.

Proceed to the Junkyard entrance gate. Beware of a Feral attack on your way. Once you cross the bridge, a new monster, Smog, will attack you after a cutscene. It's a good advise to keep distance from this creature and use your handgun to dispose of it. Wait till the Smog prepares for its attack and exposes its glowing lungs. At this moment Smog becomes very vulnerable – just a couple of shots into its lungs and it's done. Make your way back to the cemetery. You need to get to the Bartlett Mausoleum. On your way you'll meet some Smogs and Ferals – you can fight or simply run past them. When you finally arrive at the place, you'll discover that the Mausoleum is open. Go into the tomb and examine a coffin to solve the puzzle and open it.

Coffin Puzzle

The goal of this sliding puzzle is to move the top piece downward to unlock the coffin. In order to do that you'll have to move long pieces on the left, which are blocking the way, to the right part of the field to free the second column. Here is how you do it:
1) Move the single piece in the first row to the far left.
2) Move the double piece in the 2nd row to the far right and then up.
3) Move the double piece in the 3rd row up once and to the far right. Now select the vertical piece in the second column and slide it all the way down unlocking the coffin.

All Alex finds in the coffin is the Broken Watch. A terrible noise goes off, making Alex collapse to the ground. When he regains his consciousness, Alex finds himself in another place.

03. Hotel

Alex is in Silent Hill now. He spots Josh behind a car who runs off again. Head down the street and take a look at the Grand Hotel's entrance. There's Joshua hiding inside, but Alex cannot enter because of the wooden boards blocking the way. Run further and go into the alley on the opposite side of the street. Here's a Smog. Deal with it, go down the alley and climb down. Duck under the fire truck and grab the Fire Axe. Return to the Grand Hotel to hack down the boards. Get inside.

In the right hallway there's a Health Drink in the glass case. Proceed down the main corridor to the lobby. The Joshua escapes through the hole in the wall. Approach the reception desk and take the Grand Hotel Map from the mail boxes behind. There are also two memos lying here. Jump across the elevator shaft and collect the Maintenance Key from the toolbox and return to the lobby. The elevator is not responding at the moment – there's no energy. Exit the hotel – beware of the Smog in the main hallway.

There will be a couple of Smogs outside. Kill them as you'll need to solve a puzzle in this area now. Use the Maintenance Key to open a chain-link fence to the left from the hotel entrance. Take the Health Drink from the dumpster and read a memo next to it. Turn to the broken down breaker box and examine it.

Wire Box Puzzle

The clipboard on the dumpster is a clue to the puzzle's solution. It reads: "Don't forget to tape the big game! XXI." The idea is to connect wires in such a way that they would form a "XXI" sign, meaning you have to cross the first and second wires as well as the third and fourth ones. Here's the solution:
1) Yellow wire – connector 2
2) White wire – connector 1
3) Red wire – connector 4
4) Blue wire – connector 3
5) Green wire – connector 5

Hit the switch to restore the power.

Return to the Hotel and call the elevator. Inside the elevator pick up Pistol Ammunition. Hit the 5th floor button as it's the only one working and prepare yourself for combat. New monsters called Needlers will attack from all sides of the cabin and try to reach you with their claws. You can use your handgun or your knife (if you want to spare ammo) to defeat them. Aim for the head. After you kill the Needlers, the elevator will start to descend and the doors will open. Climb out of the elevator before it crashes down.

Check the painting of the woman in front of you, cut it with your knife and squeeze through. There's a locked door behind the painting. Take the Photo (5/11) attached to it and duck under the hole in another wall into Room 302. Use the Save Point here to save your game and exit to the hall. Alex will approach the door to Room 301 and start talking with the woman inside. She asks to find three memories and Alex agrees. Enter Room 303. Here's a message on the wall: "I can't see my face. Maybe you will in 404." It's a clue. Room 304 has a note in the wardrobe. Go through the hole in the wall to get to Room 307. Nothing here. Proceed to 308 across the hall. Here's another note and a clue written on the wall: "405 scares me. I left my ducky in there." Head down the hall to find a boarded up hole into Room 309. Hack through the boards with your axe and enter the room. Climb up to the upper floor.

Move through the hole in the wall into 406. A memo is in the wardrobe. Swarms will attack you upon entering the hall. There's a Delivery Notice on the little table on the left side of the central hall here. A Nurse will come out from Room 402. Use the Knife to kill her. Look through the hole in the wall in front of 403 to find the last clue message: "You can't wash it off." Enter 402 and push the wardrobe here to reveal a gap in the wall. Enter Room 404 and go into the restroom. Take the Alchemilla Postcard from the cabinet. This is one of those memories the woman talked about. Return to the hall and go in the direction of Room 408. A cutscene will trigger, introducing a Bogeyman. After Bogeyman is gone, Swarms will break into the hall from Room 405. Dispose of them and go into 405. Enter 407 via the hole in the wall and exit to the hall. Use your axe to hack through the wood in front of Room 408, kill a Swarm and collect the Serum from the case on the sink. Return to the hall and hack through the boards to get into the stairwell. Go up the stairs to the 5th floor jumping across the gaps on your way.

A Needler awaits you here. Needlers can block your attacks so the best tactic against them would be attack from behind using your Knife or Steel Pipe. When the Needler rises its leg for attack, dodge to one side and attack its weak spot. After you're done with it, grab the Health Drink on the nightstand across the gap. Room 508 has nothing except a Note and Swarms. Hack down the boards to Room 505, push the wardrobe in the room and enter 507. Pick up the Lakeside Amusement Park Postcard from the bed. Another Note is in the wardrobe and a Health Drink is in the bathroom. Return to the hall and hack into Room 504. Beware of the Needler here. Get Pistol Ammunition on the bed. Push the wardrobe to reveal the Child's Drawing (9/18) on the wall. Get into 503 through the hall and jump down into 403. There's the last memory in the bath. Take the Toluca Lake Postcard and backtrack to Room 503.

Now you'll have to make all the way back to Room 301. Run through the hall to the stairs (there will be Needlers). Go downstairs to the 4th floor. Here will be 3 Nurses – you better run past them instead of fighting. Get to Room 408 and drop down to 309. The Smog is in the hallway. Get to Room 301 through 307 and 304. Give the postcards to the lady and she will give you the Strange Key as her gratitude. Go to the locked room behind the painting on the same floor and open it with the key. Jump across the gap to reach Joshua. Unfortunately Alex doesn't make it and falls down to the ground floor of the Hotel.

Grab the Pistol Ammunition and the Health Drink from the table. Save your game at the Save Point on the wall and proceed through the double doors toward the atrium. Try opening next doors here only to discover they are locked and the Grand Hotel will transform into its nightmarish version. The doors will unlock. Go into the atrium to talk to Mayor Bartlett and prepare for your first boss fight.

Boss 1: Sepulcher

You cannot harm the monster right away. First you need to get rid of the four flesh sacks hanging in circle around the creature. Sepulcher will try to attack Alex stretching its long arms. Hide behind one of the bookshelves around Sepulcher to avoid this attack. The bookshelves can take only a certain amount of damage before it is destroyed, so don’t stay too long in one place. Sepulcher’s second attack is pounding the ground with its punches which causes a rain of glass debris from the roof. Just keep running in circle or dodge to avoid falling fragments of broken glass.

During the first stage wait till Sepulcher punches the shelf with its fist and then attack one of the sacks either with your axe or shoot it with your pistol from the cover. It takes two-three combos with the axe or three bullets to destroy one sack. If you using the axe use one combo at a time and then come back behind the cover to wait until Sepulcher punches again. Repeat until all the sacks are destroyed and Sepulcher will drop to the ground.

Now you can come closer to the monster. Sepulcher will attack with its long arms and also will try to grab Alex. When it happens, just push the button on screen and it will release you. Lock on the monster, wait till his swinging attack and dodge it. Its arm will be stuck in the floor. Run near it and slash it with your axe. The monster will collapse now, so you can run to its head and deal some damage. Repeat such sequence again until you see the button icon on the screen. Tap the button to deliver a finishing blow with your axe to defeat the boss. The monster will fall through the hole in the floor and Alex follows it shortly after falling unconscious.

04. Police Station

Alex wakes up in the cell with all his weapons missing. Check around or just wait for some time and a cutscene will eventually begin. Deputy Wheeler steps into the cell block and asks Alex what happened to Mayor Bartlett. Tell him about the creatures and Wheeler will open the cell. Follow him and you'll finally get to a room with a Save Point. Wheeler tells Alex that they need to meet with Dr. Fitch and opens the next door. Follow him into the hallway to trigger a cutscene introducing new enemy – Schisms. Wheeler tells Alex to get to the Chief's Office. Leave Wheeler covering your back and run down the hall. A Schism will appear breaking the door to the right. You may run past him or enter that room first to collect the Photo (6/11) from the table. Since you cannot fight the Schism at the moment, avoid his attacks and proceed to the last door in the hall on the left, then enter the second door on the left in the next hall. After the cutscene you'll receive the 12 Gauge Shotgun. Take the Station Map from the cabinet by the door and exit to the hallway. Move to the boarded doorway and a cutscene will begin.

Use your axe to hack through the doorway and proceed to the Lobby. Here you'll meet two Schisms. If you deal with these, two more will rush from the hallway to the left. Also one more will appear from the hallway you came. There is a Health Drink on the file cabinet in the room with a broken window – hop into the room to get it. Another Health Drink awaits you on the sink in the Restroom. Nothing more here, so go to the end of the hallway and duck under the hole in the wall. Two Schisms are waiting here. Also there is Shotgun Ammunition on top of the file cabinet in the corner. Hack through the boarded up doorway and move to the Garage. One Schism is lurking here by the car. Look at the Wrinkled Memo on the trunk of the police car. Enter the Garage Office. You can solve a little optional puzzle here to get some supplies.

Safe Puzzle

Examine the locked safe with a keypad. For the right combination you need to remember what memo on the police car said:

"Only time will tell who has the will to live."

Look at the clock by the safe. The time is 2:06, so the combination will be 206. Enter it and collect Pistol Ammunition, Shotgun Ammunition and a Health Drink.

Now pull the lever in the office to open the garage door. Get to the door and duck under it. The cutscene will begin showing as Siam attacks Elle in the car. It's best to use your firearms against the Siam. It will take 3 shotgun shots or 7 handgun shots to finish this beast. After defeating the Siam Alex and Elle escape to the Sewers.

05. Sewers

Go forward and Elle will draw your attention to the Gate 3 valve. Turn it to let Elle under and she'll turn the valve on her side, so Alex can duck under too. Proceed straight forward. There will be two Lurkers in the flooded area. Climb to the side alcove to find Pistol Ammunition x2 on the tank. Go down the tunnel a bit more, then step up onto the platform to the left and pry the wire fence door with a pipe. Go inside and turn the valve to drain the water up ahead. Return to the tunnel and continue your way. Don't move down the ladder to the left yet, but go forward. You'll find a Save Point on the wall. Proceed to the room past the Save Point and collect the Sewer Map and Shotgun Ammunition there. Now return to the drained pool and move across it. Continue to go straight. Get the Health Drink from the raised alcove to the left. Turn the valve to let Elle under the gate. Unfortunately, she cannot move the valve on her side, but she can try with another one.

You have to go back all the way to the very start. Two Needlers will attack on your way back; also one Lurker will await you in the water. Run all the way to the Gate 4 and Elle will raise the gate. Duck under and proceed. Another Needler will attack you here. In the alcove to the right there is Shotgun Ammunition. One more Needler will attack you. Move down an proceed down the tunnel. Two Lurkers await you in the Spillway – you cannot continue without killing them because Elle is scared. After you're finished with them, climb up on the other side. A Needler will appear in the next corridor. Collect Shotgun Ammunition and Pistol Ammunition in the end of the hallway. Now find a lit up lever and pull it to open the gate to the left. Drop yourself down and find the room with a Save Point. After this head to the Main Drain Chamber. Let Elle slip under the gate, but she won't be able to get Alex through again.

Three Needlers will appear and attack lonely Alex. After killing them Alex will hear screams of Elle and a Siam will make its appearance in the chamber. Use your shotgun and when the creature is dead, the gate will open. Continue your way to find Elle's radio in the pool of blood. Check the alcove to find the Photo (7/11) and climb the ladder in the end of the tunnel to return to the streets of Shepherd's Glen.

You'll emerge near Shepherd House, but you cannot enter it at the moment because of barbed wire blocking the front door. Go south for a cutscene. Wheeler will call on the radio and suggest Alex to meet up at the Doc Fitch's Office which is on the Main St. Move forward – two Ferals roam the street. There might be more enemies in the streets on your way.

Before going to the Doc's Office you might want to explore the boarded up room in the Town Hall since you now have the Axe. Enter the Town Hall – there will be two Smogs in the hallways. Hack through the boards on the left side of the Town Hall to get in. Inside you'll find the Portrait of Isaac Shepherd on the table. Move the shelf by the wall to reveal the Child's Drawing (10/18). You might also want to save your game in the back room. After this return to the streets.

Head straight to the Doc Fitch's Office. You'll eventually trigger a cutscene. Follow the blood trail left by Doc Fitch on the ground and enter his office. Pick up the Health Drink behind the reception  counter. Examine the Southeastern University Degree next to the door on the right. Go to the last room in the hallway. Take the Photo (8/11) from the counter. Check a locked box on the dresser. You'd better switch your light off now because when you return to the hall there will be 5 Nurses standing there. Take the advantage of the darkness to dispose of them. You might want to use your shotgun here. Go to the room they came out of and get the Serum from the case on the counter and a Small Key on the bed. Examine the note on the table. Return to the room with a locked box and use the Small Key to unlock it. After the cutscene Alex will find himself in the Otherworld.

06. Hell Descent

Alex takes Scarlet's Doll in the cutscene. This area doesn't have a map, so read carefully not to get lost. Go through a narrow corridor and climb down. Josh will appear up ahead and run away. Don't follow him as it's a dead end. Take another staircase to the left. Hop across the gap and tap the button on-screen to climb up onto another side. Take the path to the left, then jump into the hole in the wall. Move down the hall, jump over the fan. There is a doll at the end of the short corridor to the right. If you examine it, it will say "Behind you" and a Smog will appear in the hall. Drop down through the fan. Kill some Swarms here and take the Pistol Ammunition from the table. Continue to go straight until you'll reach a dead end with an "Exit" sign. Go back a bit and look for a place where you can drop down to a bottom staircase. Go up this staircase to grab the Health Drink from a bench and then go down. Keep going until you see Josh running by in the split. There will be a Smog to the left and the Child's Drawing (11/18) to the right in this area.

Continue your way, jump across the gap to the bridge and turn to the left. Keep going. When you see a fork, choose the left path, drop down, jump across the gap with lava. Step down and climb down the ladder. Find the pipes to squeeze through, then duck under the fan. Take the Crowbar lying on the table, return to the ladder and you'll hear some terrifying screams. Climb up and continue your path jumping across lava gaps. Pull the lever on the wall to stop the working fan in front and duck under. Move down the stairs, then drop down. You'll eventually run across Josh sitting behind the fan. He'll run away as always, leaving his drawing on the ground. Move through the fan and take the Child's Drawing (12/18). In the room with three fans duck under the right one which is not working. Use the knife to open the fleshy gap and squeeze through. Squash the Swarm, then pull the lever on the wall to stop fans working. Duck under the fan and drop down through the fan shaft. Go straight and you'll finally get to a room with six fans. You'll have to manipulate them to get through, but first get through the fans number 3 and 2 to grab the Serum on the bench. Get back to solve the puzzle.

Fan Puzzle

To get through you must turn off all of the fans on one side. To accomplish this task hit the switches between the fans in this order:
1) Pull the 4/5 lever.
2) Pull the 3/4 lever.
3) Pull the 2/3 lever.
4) Pull the 5/6 lever.
5) Pull the 4/5 lever.
6) Pull the 3/4 lever.

Now the fans numbers 4, 5 and 6 are turned off so you can duck underneath them and get to the other side.

After passing through the fans climb down the ladder and you'll find a Save Point on the wall. Proceed further, climb down the ladder. Follow Josh and the wall in front will reveal a hallway. Proceed to the door with a valve. Open it and step into the room. You'll find Doc Fitch in there cutting himself with a razor. Talk to him and give him Scarlet's Doll in the end and then Scarlet herself will make her appearance.

Boss 2: Scarlet

Beautiful Scarlet attacks Alex by swiping with her arms. Before the attack she raises her hand, so you should be able to dodge it. During this stage you need to hack through Scarlet’s porcelain body. Stand in front of her, dodge her hand attacks and deal damage with your Steel Pipe or Crowbar to one of her legs. When a certain amount of damage is dealt, Scarlet will fall to the ground – now you can destroy porcelain on one of her arms. Be quick to do it before she stands again. Repeat it until all of the porcelain shell on her legs and arms is destroyed. Keep attacking Scarlet and when she falls to the ground next time, run to her back and tap the button on-screen to pry her back open. Scarlet will be seemingly dead, but alas not for long.

Scarlet is now moving much faster. She will hide herself in the darkness and then jump out onto Alex. Stay ready in combat stance and dodge her jumping attack. If you’re successful, Alex will avoid Scarlet’s attack and you’ll get the chance to run by her back and deal serious damage by tapping the button on-screen. If you missed her attack from the ceiling, you’ll need to get her off Alex first and then attack her normally, though it will be much harder. The best advice would be to stay away from her during this phase and wait till she gets onto ceiling again and does her jumping attack. Either way you’ll need to attack her back several times until the boss is finally done.

07. Town Hall

After the fight Alex will find himself in the Doc's Office again. He'll get the Founders Key. The symbol on the key's head resembles him the one seen in the Town Hall. So let's head there and find it. Exit the office and head straight for the Town Hall.

Proceed to the central room and approach the pedestal with the symbol. It has a keyhole where you can use the Founders Key. The floor panel will rise revealing a set of stairs into the basement. Go down and take the First Aid Kit under the arch in the wall. Move further whichever way you like. In the next room after the tunnel three Nurses will await you. After you deal with them, you can read 4 ancient books. Also there is a cross. Examine the cross to get the Ceremonial Dagger. It will replace your Combat Knife. During the cutscene Alex will remember where he had seen its handle – at home. Examine the wall between two stands with books to find a keyhole. Use the Ceremonial Dagger to unlock it and proceed through the small labyrinth until you get to a room with a desk. Use the ladder to return to the surface.

You're now in one of the mausoleums in the Founders Garden of Rose Heights Cemetery. Turn to the left to take the Child's Drawing (13/18) from the wall, then use your dagger to exit the mausoleum. Use the dagger to unlock the other mausoleum in the Founders Garden and grab the Serum from inside on the coffin. Now you should return to Shepherd's House, but if you want to collect all the photos as well as more supplies, you need to make a detour here.

Run to the parking lot of the Cemetery and exit to the street. Head to the missing persons billboard to find the Photo (9/11) lying in front of it. Also there's Pistol Ammunition lying to the left of the billboard. More Pistol Ammunition is in front of the Police Station on the left side. Now you can run to the Curtis' Junkyard to collect more stuff. You'll meet two Smogs on your way there. Cross the bridge and you'll find Shotgun Ammunition x2 and a Health Drink in front of the fence. The Junkyard is locked so go back to the Cemetery.

From the Founders Garden move southwest and drop down into the pit. Duck under the opening in the wall and there will be two Smogs on the other side. You can kill them in order to get the First Aid Kit and Shotgun Ammunition in the end of the pit. Duck under the opening on the west wall and climb up. Here's another Smog – kill it or run past and squeeze through the gap in the wall. Run through the Family Crypts, duck under the opening, then squeeze through to the Family Crypts North. Use your axe to hack the boarded up crypt to grab the Chrome Hammer Pistol which replaces your Handgun. Continue to go east. Climb down to the pit in the East Garden – two Ferals will attack you here. Climb up to the other side of the pit. Run straight to the house. In the Old Crypts area you'll run into another Smog. Get to the Baker Street and enter the backyard of Shepherd's House.

Before going to the basement enter the kitchen via the back door. There's a boarded up door which you can hack now. Inside the dining room you'll find a First Aid Kit on the desk by the window. Exit the house and enter the cellar door. Use your knife to cut through the curtain in the basement and unlock the secret room behind it. Grab the Attic Key from the table and the "Bluesteel" Shotgun from the cabinet. Go upstairs to the 2nd floor and unlock the Attic door. Continue through the next door to the Attic. There, take the Photo (10/11) on the boxes to the left. Push the bookcase to reveal a hidden door. Enter the room and watch the flashback. On your right you can examine Adam Shepherd's Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Approach the table in the front to solve the puzzle.

Coats of Arms Puzzle

You have to move sliding pieces to restore the coat of arms of Shepherd's Family. To see how it looks like, take a look onto the flag above the table in the first person view. Important note: if you start to solve the puzzle and mess up completely, exit the Shepherds House and re-enter to reset the puzzle.

Now here is the list of steps to solve the puzzle:
1) Move the double piece (row 1, column 3-4) left.
2) Move the double piece (row 2-3, column 4) up.
3) Move the piece (row 3, column 2) down.
4) Move the piece (row 3, column 3) left.
5) Move the double piece (row 4, column 3-4) up.
6) Move the piece (row 4, column 2) right twice.
7) Move the piece (row 4, column 1) right twice.
8) Move the double piece (row 2-3, column 1) down.
9) Move the piece (row 1, column 1) down.
10) Move the piece (row 3, column 2) down.
11) Move the double piece (row 3, column 3-4) left.
12) Move the double piece (row 1-2, column 4) down.

After solving the puzzle the desk drawer will open up and you'll get the Letter from Dad and a Map of Silent Hill. Go downstairs to talk with Alex's mom. During the conversation you'll be ambushed and the house will transform into its Otherworld version.

08. The Attic

Now the front door is sealed and you'll have to solve four puzzles in the house to unlock it. Examine the writing on the wall hinting that you must know something about the events from the past to escape the house. Go to the living room to save your game at the Save Point. Take the Angry Mask from the stand on the cabinet. Go upstairs. Get the Cleaver from the cabinet by the window. Enter the bedroom and jump across to the bedroom's restroom. Collect the Indifferent Mask from the sink stand and the Stuffed Rabbit from the bloody bath. Return to the 1st floor and proceed to the kitchen. There's a single Swarm here. If you examine the wall hole more Swarms will come. Take the Frowning Mask and the Health Drink from the kitchen counter. Go into the next room where you'll need to solve the first puzzle.

Mask Puzzle

There are two crosses with skinned bodies in the room. The first cross has a following writing above the body:

"To hide her pain this face she did wear..."

The second one reads:

"Behind this mask her heart was laid bare."

This puzzle is linked with Alex's mother. You have to put the right mask on each corpse's face choosing from three. Examine the masks to find the right ones. To solve this puzzle place the Indifferent Mask on the first corpse's face and the Frowning Mask on the second one's.

Solving the puzzle will light up one of the four symbols on the front door. Return to the lobby. On your way there you'll meet a Schism. Use your Bluesteel Shotgun – one shot is enough for him. Pull the lever to close kitchen's door and open the door to the attic. Go to the 2nd floor. In the guest room push the cabinet to take the Heart of Darkness Medal from the ground under it. Go up the stairs to the attic. A Schism is hiding here on your right – kill it before it can get to you. To the left from it there is a gap you can squeeze through. Beyond the gap you'll find Pistol Ammunition and Shotgun Ammunition. Return to the main area and look for a place near the stairs where you can duck under the pipes. Collect the Vile Acts Medal from the mannequin there. Be careful as right after you take the medal a Schism will attack you from behind. Return by ducking under the pipes and search for another narrow gap between pipes to squeeze through. One more Schism is lying on the ground waiting for your approach. Don't give him the chance! Go further this way, duck through the opening, then hop over the pipe and you'll enter a room with a circular pedestal. Collect the Fallen Star Medal from the case on the pedestal and approach the mannequin in the same room to solve the second puzzle.

Medal Puzzle

This puzzle is linked with Alex's father. You need to place 3 medals on the coat in the right order. To do so examine the shape of the medals in the case on the pedestal. The Fallen Star Medal was lying there in the first place. The second one belongs to the Heart of Darkness Medal, while the third one to the Vile Acts Medal. So the correct order of medals should be:
Fallen Star – Heart of Darkness – Vile Acts

Second symbol will light up. Return to the lobby to pull the lever. Now the door to Josh and Alex's room is open. Go there. Read the Doctor's Note on the wall by the door, then examine the Poem on the wall. After this, approach the clock on the opposite wall to start solving another puzzle.

Clock Puzzle

First part is associated with Alex. You must set the right time by adjusting the clock hands. The correct time comes from a Doctor's Memo on the wall. It's the room number – 206. So the right time is 2:06. Set this time and all of the windows in the room will open.

Second part is associated with Joshua. Approach the window glowing with orange light and place the Stuffed Rabbit, since this toy is strongly connected to Josh. This will solve the puzzle.

The third symbol on the door is lit up now. Before returning to the lobby find the fleshy gap and cut it to get through. Inside you'll find the Butcher Knife and the Child's Drawing (14/18). Go to the lobby and pull the switch one more time. Now the door to the basement is open. Go downstairs and move down the corridor. A Lurker will move out from the hole in the wall. Deal with it and continue to run forward. Duck through the opening, then squeeze through the gap and finally cut through a fleshy membrane. In the hunter's room take out the Bogeyman Knife from the beheaded corpse of Schism. Examine the preparation table for the last puzzle.

Knife Puzzle

You need to insert knifes in the right spots. It's quite easy to do so, just look at the silhouettes on the board. Place the Butcher Knife on the top left rack of the board, the Cleaver on the middle one and stick the Bogeyman Knife into the Schism's head. The task is done.

So now all the symbols around the door are lit up and you can finally open it. Before doing that, it's a good idea to save your game at the Save Point. Open the front door and the house will get back to its normal state. Alex will go out of the house and meet up with Elle. Together with Wheeler they're going to Silent Hill by boat. Alas, during the voyage they are ambushed and Alex is separated from his companions. He's now in Silent Hill.

09. Dark Times

Climb up the wooden stairs, jump to the rock platform and climb up to another segment of dock stairs. Move through the hole in the fence to get into the streets of Silent Hill. Wheeler will get in touch with Alex by radio. Apparently he is held in the prison. Check the map. To the west is Dargento Cemetery. You'll need to return there later if you want to get the Rifle, but currently you don't have all the necessary items so just move to the Bait Shop. Beware of Lurkers in the streets that will reappear here. Duck under the hole in the wooden fence. In the backyard you'll find a Save Point, a Child's Drawing (15/18) on the wall and Pistol Ammunition on the crate. Get back to the street. Go via Sagan St. to Overlook Penitentiary's front gate – it's closed. Alex will talk to Wheeler, and Wheeler tells Alex there's a rear entrance on the other street. Continue down the street and enter the door at the roadblock.

Go south Simmons St. No luck at the rear gate too since it's electrified. We need to switch the power off first. Continue going south and enter the Boiler Room. The Boiler Room is flooded so expect the Lurker hiding in the waters. Take the Health Drink from the machinery and exit through the other door. Head to the barricade to the East and grab Rifle Ammunition from the window sill of the Boiler Room. Turn around and head west via Koontz St. towards Alchemilla Hospital. Beware of the Lurkers and Ferals. In the first small yard you'll find the Bloodstone on the bench. Go further to the west and in the second Hospital yard get the Serum from the case on the bench. Now move straight to Toluca Lake Offices on Wilson St. since you cannot get to Toluca Lake and Power from the street.

Inside on the desk to the left is a familiar newspaper. To the right is Pistol Ammunition. Go through the Lower Landing and to the Office. In the Office take the Turquoise from the sink by the door and the Health Drink from the desk. Jump across the chasm. There's a Save Point on the wall. Hack through the boards and grab the Toluca Lake and Power Key from the desk. Make your way back to the Lower Landing and use the key there to open the door and access the power plant.

There are 2 Order Members patrolling the area. They should spot you and climb down. Take them out and then examine the white board on the 1st floor with a diagram of Power Generator System. There's Pistol Ammunition on the shelf next to the fire door. Climb up to the 2nd floor. Head to the Foreman's Office. Take Rifle Ammunition x2 from the shelf nearby. Examine the Notice by the door to the Office. Now we need to solve another puzzle to cut off the power.

Power Plant Puzzle

There are 3 stations in the Power Plant, each of them controlling different systems. Station A is on the 1st floor, Stations B and C are on the 2nd. The generator will shut down only after turning station valves in the proper sequence. If you do it wrong the system will reset. We learn from the Diagram on the 1st floor which station controls what:
Station A – Water
Station B – Boiler
Station C – Steam

The Notice on the 2nd floor says we need to shut down the boiler (station B) first. Turn the valve B on the 2nd floor. Now before turning the steam off, you must shut down the station's supplying water. Turn off Water Feed (Station A) on the 1st floor, then return to the 2nd floor to turn off the Steam Feed (Station C). With all valves turned off, approach the control station and pull the lever to switch the power off.

After the power is deactivated two Order Members will run into the Power Station – one is armed with a rifle. Kill them and head back to the streets via the Toluca Lake Offices building. The streets are now flooded with Ferals and Schisms. Don't waste your time and ammunition fighting all the enemies here – just make your way to the Boiler Room, cross it (another Lurker is in the water) and approach the Prison's rear gate. A Siam breaks through the gate – use your shotgun to defeat it. Now you can head to the Prison or make a trip back to Dargento Cemetery to get a new weapon. If you feel like you don't need it, just skip the next paragraph.

Return to Dargento Cemetery, walk through the Sun Garden and find a spot in the wall where you can breach it. Use your axe to get through. Grab the Garnet from the bench and proceed to the Janus Garden. There's a Smog here – dispatch of him. There's another stone – Sapphire – on the bench in the north section, but you don't really need it. Approach the statue in the centre of the Janus Garden to solve the optional puzzle.

Janus Statue Puzzle

Examine the statue of Janus – the Greek God of youth and adulthood. The are two holes on the side with writings "12 The Old" on the front and the "1 The New" on the back. These circular holes are obviously for the stones to put in. Now, if you examine the stones, you'll see that each one represents a certain month. The numbers on the statue also refer to the months: 1 is January, 12 is December. The birthstone for January is Garnet and the birthstone for December is Turquoise. Place Turquoise into the front circular hole and the Garnet into the rear one. This will open a slot on the side of the statue. Grab the Moon Garden Key from it.

Head to the south section of the cemetery. Open the locked gate with the key and enter the Moon Garden. A Smog is here. Head to the mausoleum in the corner to find a crack in its wall by the ground. A weapon is visible under the crack – take out the M14 Assault Rifle. You may return to the Prison now.

A Smog will be blocking your way out of the Cemetery. Get to the street and back to the rear gate of the Prison. In the pickup's back in front of the Prison get the Pulaski Axe which replaces your Fire Axe. Go to the alley to the left. Grab the Health Drink on the dumpster and enter the Prison's door.

10. Prison

There's a Save Point by the door. Move forward to hear from Wheeler telling Alex he's being kept in Cell Block B. Walk through the door to a locked gate. Come into the Guard Office to pull the lever and open the gate. Move through the gate. Hack through the wooden planks past the gate to get the First Aid Kit. Go down the hall, break the glass window and hop over it. There's a Prisoner's Note lying on the counter. Exit through the door. Find the Prison Map on the wall. Enter the storage nearby to get the Health Drink on the shelf. There's also a Worker's Note on the vehicle. Climb up the stairs. Jump across the gap and enter the Security Office. Here's a control panel, but it's broken. Pull the lever on the wall behind and proceed through the opened gate to the Cell Block B.

Two Order Members are standing up ahead. Take them out. There's an old newspaper in the Cell B5. Pull the lever on the wall to open a gate to the stairway and go downstairs. B5 has a Prisoner's Letter. In the hallway across there's Rifle Ammunition on the shelf. Go through the double doors into the next part of Cell Block B. Right after you open the door, two Order Members will attack you, so backtrack and use your firearms. After you defeat them, pull the lever on the wall to free Wheeler from his confinement. Right after the Siam falls down from above and attacks you. Wheeler will help a lot in this fight. Siam will attack Wheeler, so take out your shotgun or rifle and shoot him in the back. After the fight follow Wheeler upstairs.

On the 2nd floor before moving further turn to the Upper Guard Room to take the Child's Drawing (16/18) from the wall. Rejoin Wheeler, cross the gap and duck into the hole. Pull the lever in the office to open the wire gate and Wheeler will lead you to the Security Office with a control panel. Wheeler manages to get the panel working, so he stays to direct Alex and open the way for him. Exit the office and jump across the gap to the gate to Cell Block A. Wheeler will open the gate. Proceed through the double door.

Cell A6 contains a Prisoner's Letter on the bed. A5 has a Health Drink on the sink. In the cell A8 there's another Prisoner's Letter on the wall. Go through the double door. Wheeler will try to open the chain-link gate, but it gets jammed. Return to the Cell Block and Wheeler will unlock a gate to the staircase. Descend to the 1st floor. Here a Needler will come out from the hole in Cell A1. After the fight Wheeler will open the gate to the Shower Area. In the Shower Room two more Needlers will come out from the hole in the ceiling. Dispose of them and find a section in the wall which you can breach with your axe. Proceed into the Boiler Room and upstairs to the Save Point.

Alex contacts Wheeler who tells him to come back. Go downstairs to another gate, which will then open. Proceed through the double door into the Cell Block A. Exit through another double doors to find a locked door with a keypad which is disabled. You need to restore power first. Return to the Block. Squeeze into Cell A11 and then get into Cell A10 to get the Loose Wire from the vehicle's headlight. Come back and head upstairs. Take the Health Drink from the shelf at the top of the stairs. Jump to the other side of the catwalk. Enter the Upper Guard Room to find a junction box. This is another wiring puzzle, but now there are 3 wires missing. Enter Cell A20 to collect the Radio Wire from the radio. Go through the double door at the end of the catwalk and enter the office. There you'll find the Scrap of Wire from the toolkit on the metal table. You've got all of the wires now so come back to the junction box. Place all three wires into the box and start solving the wiring puzzle.

Wire Box Puzzle #2

Once again you have to connect wires by trial and error. You can determine how many wires are connected correctly by hitting the switch – green lights will show the number of correct ones. Here's the right answer to the puzzle:
1) White wire – connector 2
2) Green wire – connector 3
3) Yellow wire – connector 5
4) Blue wire – connector 4
5) Red wire – connector 1

Hit the switch to restore the power.

After the power is restored, pull the switch to the left of the breaker box. This opens Cell A15. Jump to it over a gap to get the Serum. Head down and pull two switches here. One opens A14 with nothing inside. Another opens A12 with a Prisoner's Note which contains the code to the door: 110391. Get to the keypad and enter this number. Proceed into the Solitary Confinement. Move to the end to find Alex's mother bound to the cross. This is the first key moment determining your game's ending. Make your choice between compassion or mercy, watch its consequences and look as the Prison transforms into its Otherworld version.

11. Otherworld Prison

Leave the area. Save your game at the Save Point on the fence and proceed to the next room where a metal cage will rise from the centre of the room. The lever will disappear into the hole. Don't reach inside yet – you will be punished with appearance of a Needler. You have to solve a riddle first to pull the lever safely.

Cage Puzzle

The cage has three dials on it. Accordingly there are three tables in the rooms with the riddles. Read the texts to find out how to turn the dials. The first one reads:

"I stand beside the holy man
The monarchs fear my wrath
None may move the way I can
Ever the crooked path"

Look at the corresponding dial. You need to chose from the presented variants. As you can see they all are chess pieces. The holy man is the bishop. Beside it stands either the knight or the king/queen, but "the crooked path" clearly directs to the knight which moves in an a way, no other figure moves, resembling letter L. Turn the dial so that the image of the horse's head would be on top. The second table reads:

"The man who devised it
Does not want it
The man who bought it
Does not use it
The man who used it
Does not realize it"

Look at the dial on the cage's side for some clues. The answer is rather simple – it's the coffin. Turn the dial so the coffin would be on top. The final table reads:

"What man loves more than life
Fears more than death or mortal strife
What poor men have, the rich acquire
And all contented men desire
What misers spend and the wastrels save
And each man carries to his grave?"

This might be a little bit tricky, but pay attention to the blank spot on the third dial. It's nothing – that's the answer. Set the blank place to be on top.

Now you can approach the hole in the cage and reach inside.

The cage will go up revealing a hole in the ground. Jump into the hole. Alex will meet up with Wheeler in this room. Find a Save Point here to save your game and squeeze through the gap in the wall. Go up the stairs and continue along the path to a room where a couple of Needlers descend from the ceiling. Defeat them with the help of Wheeler and run further until you get to the door with a locking mechanism. Before entering turn left into a room with a Save Point, a First Aid Kit and a Health Drink on the shelves. Open the sealed room. After the cutscene Alex finds himself trapped in the chamber with a monster called Asphyxia.

Boss 3: Asphyxia

Asphyxia’s close combat attacks can be very annoying and are hard to dodge, so you better stay as far from her as possible. Any kind of frontal attacks don’t seem to make serious damage to her and that’s because her weak spot is her tail. You should follow a simple tactic to finish this fight quick and easy. Make some distance between you and the monster, stand so that room’s wall would be right behind you and wait as the boss approaches you. Wait till the very moment when Asphyxia is ready to rush forward and run to the side. Asphyxia will hit the wall instead of Alex. Use this moment to slash her tail with your axe. Make two or three blows and then quickly run away as furious monster will try to hit you with her tail. Repeat this tactic several times more, before you’ll be able to deliver the finishing blow.

After the fight Alex will see Josh through the broken window running away as always. Follow him through the door and you’ll enter a new area – the Church.

12. Church

Run towards Josh up ahead – he takes off as usually. Investigate the left side of this area to find Pistol Ammunition x2. A Smog will attack here. Dispose of him and rotate the wheel to proceed through the gate. After the gate on the right is a Health Drink. Another Smog roams this area. Kill it or run past, grab the Rifle Ammunition to the right of the stairs, then enter the Church.

Pick up the Church Map from the bench right ahead of you. There is also a memo with hymn lines on another bench, as well as Shotgun Ammunition on the bench a bit further. Examine the base of the organ and use your dagger here. This will unlock the gate in the back of the church. Examine the pentagon once more to find five slots. You need to find five plates for these. Leave the organ and head to the back of the church. Watch out the Schism hiding here and enter the East Wing. Examine the basin to get the last Photo (11/11). Take a look at the baptismal font which contains something inside. Turn the wheel nearby to lift the cage. Eliminate the Swarms from inside the font and take the Chalice Plate. Turn around and go upstairs. There's a Save Point on the wall here. An excerpt from the psalm is lying on the table. Approach the confessional booth to find that there's someone inside. Talk to this person. You can forgive the man or not – the choice will affect the ending. Whatever choice you made, take the Kneeling Man Plate from the next booth after the conversation. Go past the Save Point to an alcove to get the Health Drink and the Unlit Candle.

Return to the Main Hall and prepare yourself for the attack of two Schisms. Shoot them down and head to the West Wing. Examine the statue on the 1st floor and put the Unlit Candle on the statue's holder. The statue will release the Candle Plate from her arms. To the left of the statue there's Pistol Ammunition. Go up to the 2nd floor. Get the Health Drink from the table, Shotgun Ammunition from the other side of the benches and examine the triptych painting. You can cut through each painting, but you really need to cut only through the painting of the man to get the Tree Plate. The picture of the woman has nothing inside and the picture of a tree hides a Swarm. As soon as you cut the picture of the man, a Schism will rush through the gate and attack. Get rid of it and go through the gate. Grab the Rifle Ammunition at the start of the hallway. Go further to pick up the First Aid Kit on the bench and the Sword Plate underneath the stained glass window with a picture of the knight.

A Siam will ambush you breaking through the glass and throw you down to the Main Hall. Here another Siam awaits, so that makes two of them. Equip yourself with the rifle and run to the back of the church to make some distance between you and the Siams. Shoot them and change your position if needed to keep the distance. When the Siams are history, head to the organ as you have all five plates now.

Table Puzzle

The slots of the organ pentagon are labeled with different emotions. You need to match these labels with the plates. In order to do that, you need to remember the circumstances under which you got the plates. The Chalice Plate was obtained in the baptismal font full of blood and containing a body which resembles some sort of sacrifice. The Kneeling Plate was taken from a person in the confession booth. The man seemed to penitent his sins. The Candle Plate was taken from the statue of the woman with a look of sadness and sorrow on her face. The Tree Plate was behind the painting of the man staring with desire at the woman from another painting. The Sword Plate was obtained from below the image of a knight being stabbed in the back by an executioner. The scene resembles vengeance.

Concluding put the plates into slots in such order:
Penitence – Kneeling Man Plate
Vengeance – Sword Plate
Desire – Tree Plate
Sorrow – Candle Plate
Sacrifice – Chalice Plate

After the plates are fixed in the right spots, the organ opens up revealing a secret chamber with Alex's father, Adam Shepherd, tied to two pylons. During the conversation Adam gives Alex the Shepherd Family Ring and is being eventually sliced by the Bogeyman. After the cutscene go through what is left of Adam Shepherd and collect the Health Drink as well as the Child's Drawing (17/17) from the back of one pylon. Go downstairs. The path to the right is blocked by steam. Go to your left and find a mining suit on the table. With this protection Alex can pass through the steam. Call the elevator and watch the cutscene. The elevator brings Curtis inside. Alex doesn't have any option but to ride together with him. Seems like Curtis is not fooled by Alex's disguise and eventually knocks him out.

13. Underground

Alex is brought to a chamber with Judge Holloway. She reveals Alex what's really happening and takes the power drill to end Alex's life which doesn't really get along with our plan, so push the button on-screen to get yourself free and get rid of this crazy bitch. After the fight look around to collect the Lair Map, the First Aid Kit, the Health Drink and the Ceremonial Dagger. This is your only weapon for now as all your weapons were taken away. Save your game at the Save Point and leave the room. Head to Room 212 in Sector 2. There's a single Order Member inside. Dispose of him and grab the Steel Pipe from the corpse of a policeman. Break the glass into the adjacent room and another Order Member will make his appearance. After defeating him get Shotgun Ammunition from the shelf, the Sector 3 Key from the key rack and your Mk 23 Handgun from the counter. You may also examine the Through the Fog book on the table. Exit through the door of Room 211 and find the last Child's Drawing (18/18) behind the dumpster. Return to the hall through Rooms 211 and 212. Two Order Members will attack you here.

Head to Sector 3, duck under the bars and use the Sector 3 Key to unlock the door. This area is patrolled by one Order Member. Eliminate him, pry the door to the hallway with your steel pipe and continue your way. There are two Order Members around the corner. Defeat them and proceed down the hallway ducking under the bars. The gate will close behind Alex. Move to Room 320 to trigger the scene. Elle is being tortured by Curtis. Now, you must act quickly or Elle will die. Climb over the gate to your left, push the fridge blocking the door and pry the door open with your steel pipe. Step inside Room 321. Curtis will have to distract from Elle and attack Alex with his circular saw. The battle with him is pretty easy. Equip your dagger and attack him without breaks. The saw is so slow that Curtis shouldn't be able to counterattack you. You may also use your handgun to deal with him. Either way, after the fight Alex frees Elle and they leave the room.

Go back into Room 320 to get the Health Drink and the First Aid Kit from the counter. There's also a book lying on the same counter. Go to Room 321 and grab the Room 301 Key from the key rack on the wall. Return to the hall. Rotate the valve to let Elle step through and join her as she holds the gate open with the valve on her side. In the next area two Order members will attack, one of which has a rifle. Try attacking the one with the rifle first and then finish the other one. Unlock Room 301 and step inside. There are some memos in this room. Also you will find one Pistol Ammunition in the cabinet and another Pistol Ammunition in the cabinet past the curtains. Check the back to get All Weapons Back. In the back there's a Health Drink in the cabinet and a Serum on the table. Break the glass separating the two rooms and hop over to Room 302. Grab the First Aid Kit from the shelf and examine the Torture List. Step back to Room 301 and exit to the hall. Head to Sector 1 through Sector 2. Get rid of a lonely Order Member and do the trick gate to proceed.

Enter Room 113 and get the Police Marksman Rifle from the table on the left and the Shotgun Ammunition from the cabinet in the back of the room. There's the Set of Bylaws on the other table. Break the glass to another room and hop over into Room 112. Approach Wheeler for another critical choice which may affect your ending. You can save Wheeler by giving him a medkit or Wheeler will die. After the cutscene step through the door to Room 111. Elle will leave you here. Exit the room and run down the hallway stepping trough the door at the very end. Find a Save Point on the wall in this room. It's you last opportunity to save the game, so use it. After this go into the large circular room. You have to solve the last puzzle here to proceed into the next room.

Founding Families Puzzle

There are four tablets around the room. You cannot read them now. Use your ceremonial dagger on the columns to the right of each tablet to remove the red covering from them and make the text legible. These are the contracts with God of the four founding families of Shepherd's Glen. Draw special attention to the symbols of the families and the method of child's killing:
Family Fitch – eye / knife
Family Holloway – scales / noose
Family Bartlett – triangle / earth
Family Shepherd – trident / water

Check the rings on the floor. There are two rings with symbols here. You need to match the symbols with the places where three members of the families stood. There are only three places here – the symbol of the Shepherd family is missing. The prescription pad indicates the place of the Fitch family. The other should belong to the Bartlett and Holloway families. Rotate the inner ring two times so that the man's symbol (between the bug's and wind's symbols) would be in the place where Doc Fitch left his pad. In this case the wind's symbol (Holloway) will be at the top and the mountains' symbol (Bartlett) in the lower left. Now you need to match family symbols in the inner ring with the family symbols from the tablets in the outer ring. Rotate the outer ring eight times so that the eye's symbol (Fitch) would be in the lower right, the scales' symbol (Holloway) at the top and the triangle's symbol (Bartlett) in the lower left.

After matching the two rings the lock on the door will open. Approach it to find another ring puzzle. Now you will have to match Shepherd family's symbols in both rings so that they would be at the top. The symbol of Shepherd family in the inner ring is a drop of water and in the outer one is a trident. Rotate the inner ring four times and the outer three times clockwise. The door will open after correctly matching the two symbols.

Step inside the chamber. There are four altars here with plaques. Examine the Shepherd family altar to trigger a cutscene and the final boss fight.

Final Boss: Amnion

The fight is rather simple if you have enough ammo for you ranged weapons – just keep some distance and shoot from everything you have. Sooner or later you’ll finish the monster.

The fight is becoming more complicated if you don’t have much ammo – you’ll need to get close to Amnion’s body in this case. Amnion’s primary attack is swinging with its front leg. Another its attack at this stage is black spray coming from its mouth. To dodge both attacks just keep an eye on the monster’s legs – dodge when Amnion raises one or both of its front legs. Then approach the body and use your knife to slice it. Once the boss has suffered enough damage it will change its stance.

During the second stage watch for the Amnion two legs smashing attack. If you manage to dodge it, you’ll get the monster’s legs stuck in the floor for a short time during which you can damage its body with your knife. The boss also attacks you by swinging with its legs, spitting the spray from the top or trying to grab Alex. Dodge all of its attacks, wait till the monster’s legs are stuck and continue to damage its body. Finally you’ll be able to deal the finishing blow – Alex rips open Amnion’s belly, letting Joshua free.

Congratulations! You’ve beaten Silent Hill: Homecoming. Watch the cutscene and your ending. Check out the Endings section to learn more about them. Also if you've collected all the drawings and photos, you'll see a bonus cutscene after the credits.