Drawings & Photos


Drawing 1

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, on the floor just past the door with a code lock.
Description: A family of bunnies.

Drawing 2

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), Operating Theatre, just after the fleshy gap.
Description: This bunny looks catatonic.

Drawing 3

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), Room 203, on the wall.
Description: A bunny on fire.

Drawing 4

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), on the floor in the 2nd floor hallway.
Description: Three bloody bunnies.

Drawing 5

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), on the door to Room 206.
Description: This bunny seems to be flailing about in the water.

Drawing 6

Location: Shepherd's Glen, Park, on the fence.
Description: Where is Steven, mommy? He can't play and I'm sad. You mustn't, ask my darling- Steven has been bad.

Drawing 7

Location: Shepherd's House's backyard, on the fence.
Description: Billy too, and Sally? Did they do something wrong? I'm afraid it's true, child- all your friends are gone.

Drawing 8

Location: Shepherd's Glen, on the back side of missing persons billboard.
Description: Beware of he who took them- he goes by many names. The Bogeyman, the Shadow One, but all are he, the same.

Drawing 9

Location: Grand Hotel, Room 504, behind a wardrobe.
Description: For every sin a child has, must be a punishment to bear. Your friends are now beyond our reach: trapped deep within his lair.

Drawing 10

Location: Hell Descent, on the floor near a Smog.
Description: Remember to always behave, for sins he won't abide. He wields a rusty, jagged blade, to cut out your insides.

Drawing 11

Location: Hell Descent, on the floor after going through a fan.
Description: The lying little children, with souls selfish and small, will find their wriggling tongues cut out, and nailed to his wall.

Drawing 12

Location: Town Hall, behind a shelf in the boarded room.
Description: And if they take what is not theirs, there can be no doubt he'll stretch their skin until it snaps, and all the blood drains out.

Drawing 13

Location: Shepherd's Glen, Rose Heights Cemetery, inside a tomb in the Founders Garden.
Description: The bullies and their spiteful wrath will find torment as well. Soon he will strike them where they stand and drag them into hell.

Drawing 14

Location: Shepherd's House (Otherworld), inside the closet (behind the flesh membrane) in Joshua's room.
Description: Child, you must obey your parents: do everything they say. Little ones who do otherwise, he tortures in the flames.

Drawing 15

Location: Silent Hill, on a fence in the backyard of Bait Shop.
Description: Beatings cleanse the soul, they say, and that is what he'll do. If you don't control your anger then you'll feel his anger too.

Drawing 16

Location: Prison, 2nd floor, Cell Block B, Upper Guard Room.
Description: You are your brother's keeper, remember it always. Or else, the Bogeyman will chain you underneath the waves.

Drawing 17

Location: Church, behind the left pylon on which Alex's father was hanged.
Description: And while good children live, bad ones cannot escape their fate. For once your hear his screeching wail, it's already too late.

Drawing 18

Location: Underground, in the room labelled "GATE" behind the dumpster.
Description: So do not cry aloud at night stay hidden in your bed... Or the Bogeyman from Silent Hill will come chop off your head.

Photo 1

Location: Alchemilla Hospital (Otherworld), on a gurney in the corridor in front of restrooms.
Description: Joshua's Robbie the Rabbit doll stuffed in his backpack.

Photo 2

Location: Town Hall, Central Room, on the podium.
Description: Mom and Judge Holloway talking in our house.

Photo 3

Location: Shepherd's Glen, Park, on the ground behind the slide.
Description: A big spider crawling next to my army toys in the park.

Photo 4

Location: Shepherd's House's backyard, in the backpack on the fence.
Description: This looks like a picture of dad's hunting room, but how did Joshua get in there?

Photo 5

Location: Grand Hotel, 3rd floor, on a door behind the painting.
Description: Joey Bartlett sitting in the Tree House in our backyard.

Photo 6

Location: Sheriff's Station, in the room where a Schism breaks out from after the cutscene with Wheeler and Schisms.
Description: Dad and Deputy Wheeler on the Police Boat.

Photo 7

Location: Sewers, in a small alcove after the Main Drain Chamber.
Description: Nora Holloway sitting on the Town Hall steps.

Photo 8

Location: Dr. Fitch's Office, in the back room on the counter.
Description: Scarlet Fitch, in her bedroom with all of her dolls.

Photo 9

Location: Shepherd's Glen, on the ground in front of the missing persons billboard (can be found during the Town Hall chapter).
Description: The repair guy Curtis Ackers in his shop.

Photo 10

Location: Shepherd's House, attic, on the box.
Description: Hey... This is me. What am I doing?

Photo 11

Location: Church, East Wing, in the basin.
Description: Joshua taking picture of himself in our bathroom.