1. Silent Hill: Homecoming files contain an unused dialog of young Walter Sullivan with a psychiatrist.

2. Episode 15 of Law & Order: Los Angeles tells the story of a schizophrenic named Sheppard who thinks he's a character of a video game Shadow Hills developed by Helix 8 - a single father looking for his missing daughter.

3. Travis Grady's outfit in Silent Hill: Homecoming is a reference to Windom Earle, a former FBI agent and antagonist from the TV series Twin Peaks.

4. Silent Hill Homecoming was originally conceived as the first part of the trilogy at the end of which Joshua would battle against Alessa for control of the town.

5. The Shepherd family had a dog named Shuki which is a nickname for Joshua. Shuki means "God is my redemption" in Hebrew, while Joshua means "God is salvation".

6. Nurses in Homecoming carry a human fetus inside their abdomens suggesting they're pregnant. This can be rather clearly seen when they stand in front of the light source.