Combat Knife

Location: Alchemilla Hospital, 2nd floor, Women's Restroom, stuck in the mirror.
Game description: It's a bit rusty, and the blade is worn, but it still works.
Notes: This is probably the best melee weapon in the game. Thanks to its attack speed it is good to use against most enemies in the game, as it doesn’t allow them to counterattack. A charged strong attack is good for knocking down enemies and lets you finish them more easily.

Steel Pipe

Location: Shepherd's House, Garage, on the counter.
Game description: A section of steel plumbing pipe. It's a bit dirty, but easy to swing.
Notes: Slower than knife, but has a bigger damage rate. Quite effective against Lurkers and Ferals, especially if you manage to hit them during their jump.

Mk 23 Handgun

Location: Junkyard, given by Curtis.
Game description: The 9mm pistol Curtis Ackers gave me. It's in good condition and easy to use.
Notes: Basic handgun which has neither a fast fire rate nor delivers high damage. This being said, in the beginning of the game it will be the your only firearm, so it's better than nothing! The handgun is especially good against Smogs as well as many other enemies if you manage to perform a clean headshot. It is not suitable for fast moving targets like Ferals as they move too fast. Additionally, Needlers are hard to kill with firearms as they are able to block shots with their blades, but other than that, it is an ok backup weapon.
Ammunition: 9 (normal), 5 (hard).

Fire Axe

Location: Silent Hill (outside the Grand Hotel), behind a fire truck.
Game description: I can use this Fire Axe to break down wood barriers and pull obstacles apart.
Notes: This Fire Axe is the slowest melee weapon in the game, but also the most powerful. Due to its slow speed it requires good timing and is best to use right after dodging.

12 Gauge Shotgun

Location: Sheriff's Station, given by Wheeler in the Chief's Office.
Game description: Devastating at close range, but fires and reloads slowly.
Notes: Very powerful at close range, however it is best to save shells for Schisms and Siams as it only takes three shots to kill a Siam. It is also worth saving bullets for bosses, as there is not a great deal of ammo to find in the game.
Ammunition: 4 (normal), 3 (hard).


Location: Hell Descent, in the area behind the pipes.
Game description: This crowbar is heavier and more powerful than the pipe.
Notes: Replaces the Steel Pipe.

Ceremonial Dagger

Location: Shepherd's Glen Town Hall, Basement, in the cross.
Game description: This ancient dagger is etched with strange markings. I swear I've seen it somewhere before.
Notes: Replaces the Combat Knife. Besides its use in combat it is also used for opening doors with certain locks.

A 'Chrome Hammer' Pistol

Location: Rose Heights Cemetery, inside a boarded up crypt.
Game description: Has increased damage and holds more ammunition over the regular pistol.
Notes: Replaces the Mk23 Handgun. Has a faster rate of fire.
Ammunition: 12 (normal), 7 (hard).

A 'BlueSteel' Shotgun

Location: Shepherd's House, Basement, in the secret room
Game description: Has increased damage and holds more ammunition over the regular shotgun.
Notes: Replaces 12 Gauge Shotgun. It is perfect against Schisms as it defeats them in just one shot.
Ammunition: 5 (normal), 4 (hard).

M14 Assault Rifle

Location: Silent Hill, Dargento Cemetery, Moon Garden, in the break of the mausoleum's wall.
Game description: Fires slowly, but has longer range and greater power than any pistol.
Notes: Not as powerful as the shotgun, but has a better rate of fire. It's best to use the Rifle from a distance. The assault rifle is very good against Siams and bosses.
Ammunition: 5 (normal), 4 (hard).

Pulaski Axe

Location: Silent Hill, in the pickup in front of the Prison's back entrance.
Game description: This Axe is sturdier and more effective than the fireman's axe.
Notes: Replaces the Fire Axe.

A Police Marksman Rifle

Location: Underground, Room 113, on the desk.
Game description: Has increased damage and holds more ammunition over the regular rifle.
Notes: The rifle has increased damage and holds more ammunition than the regular rifle.
Ammunition: 5 (normal), 4 (hard).

Circular Saw

Location: Shepherd's House, Garage, on the counter (appears after beating the game).
Game description: A gas-powered portable circular saw. This could really cut someone to shreds.
Notes: The saw is a very powerful, but very slow melee weapon. If you manage to time it right though, the charged strong attack will kill any normal enemy instantly.

Laser Pistol

Location: Shepherd's House, 2nd floor, Josh and Alex's Room, on the dresser (appears after beating the game with the UFO ending).
Game description: Small but very effective. Where did this come from? Did aliens leave it here?
Notes: The ultimate ranged weapon, the Laser Pistol's rapid rate of fire and unlimited ammo makes it the best ranged weapon in the game. It can deal with any enemy, including bosses with just a few well placed shots.
Ammunition: Infinite.