Alchemilla Mental Hospital

1.1 - Arrival

(The scene opens to the sounds of an air raid siren and explosions. Alex finds himself strapped onto a gurney being pushed through a dark hospital by an unknown doctor.)
Alex: Where's my squad? Are they here? Did they make it? Ah, ahhh! Hey, hey talk to me. Say something! Oh God...oh, oh God!!
(There are sounds of screaming, and when Alex looks around he sees the silhouettes of other hospital patients being mutilated in various rooms.)
Alex: Hey, hey what are they doing? What's going on there? Hey where are you taking me? No!! Hey!!! No!! Where am I? Hey what is this place? Hey where are you taking me?! No!! Where am I, man?!
(The doctor wheels Alex into a room, and then turns to leave.)
Alex: Hey, wait. Where are you going? Don't leave me here!!
(The doctor leaves the room. Soon after, however, on the other side of the door, a large unknown assailant arrives and impales the doctor with a large knife. Alex, then, must free himself from his straps.)

1.2 - Josh and the Locked Gate

(Alex walks down a hallway in the hospital and finds a locked gate. The shadowy figure on the other side turns out to be Alex's brother.)
Alex: Josh! Josh, is that you?
Josh: Alex.


1.3 - Josh and the Locked Gate, Part 2

(After Alex finds the key code and unlocks the door, Josh runs away.)
Alex: Josh, where are you going?

1.4 - Swarm in the Hallway

(As Alex proceeds down a hallway, small insects can be seen crawling across the floor behind him. One leaps up and grabs a hold of Alex's forearm.)
Alex: Hey! Dammit! Get off! Get off me! Ah, ahh!

1.5 - Another Locked Gate

Alex: Joshua! Is that you?
Josh: I'm busy. Go away!
Alex: What are you doing here?
Josh: I want my toy!

[1A. How did you get here?]
[1B. Are you afraid?]
1A. How did you get here?
Alex: How did you get here?
Josh: Someone brought me here. They told me Robbie was here. They lied.

[2A. I want to help you.]
[2B. I don't think I can help you.]
1B. Are you afraid?
Alex: Aren't you afraid of being here alone?
Josh: I'm a brave soldier. I'm looking for Robbie.

[2A. I want to help you.]
[2B. I don't think I can help you.]
2A. I want to help you.
Alex: Is there anything I can do?
Josh: Find Robbie! I want my toy.
Alex: I haven't seen any toys around here.
Josh: I guess you're not my friend.
Alex: OK. I'll go see if I can find him.

2B. I don't think I can help you.
Alex: I'm sorry. I don't have any toys for you.
Josh: Find Robbie! I want my toy back. I want my toy back.
Alex: Okay, okay! Where's the last place you saw him?
Josh: In my room.
Alex: OK. I'll go see if I can find him.


1.6 - Giving Robbie

Alex: Josh. Hey. Look at me, pal. Here.
Josh: I want Robbie!
Alex: This is yours, you remember. Take it. Come on...
(Josh begins to come forward, hesitates, then runs away.)
Alex: Where are you going? Josh! Josh, come back! Where are you going? Josh!!
(The door, previously jammed, opens.)

1.7 - Elevator Nightmare

(At the end of the hallway Alex enters an elevator. After the doors close he begins to hear a noise outside. As he approaches to investigate, a gigantic knife suddenly slips in between the doors and stabs him. Alex suddenly wakes up, as if the events in the hospital were all just a nightmare. He is seated in the passenger seat of a large semi, having seemingly hitched a ride and fallen asleep.)
Alex: Ahh!
Truck Driver: Bad dream?
Alex: Yeah.
(The truck driver switches on the radio. The song "Alex Theme" starts playing. Camera pans away from truck and focuses on a sign that reads "Welcome to Shepherd's Glen.")
Shepherd's Glen

2.1 - Truck Ride

(Once in the town, the truck comes to a stop.)
Truck Driver: Hometown?
Alex: You could say that.
Truck Driver: Well, good luck, soldier.
Alex: Thanks.
(They shake hands. Alex gets out of truck.)
Alex: Thanks for the ride.
(The truck drives away.)

2.2 - Outside Town Hall

Alex: What happened to this place?
Voice (Judge Holloway): Alex?
(Alex is startled when a woman comes up from behind him, placing a hand on his shoulder. He turns around.)
Alex: Judge Holloway. Hey.
Judge Holloway: I didn't know you were home. Does your mother know? She didn't say anything.
Alex: No, I haven't talked to her. Actually, I haven't really talked to anyone. I'm not planning on sticking around for long.
Judge Holloway: Oh. Well, I hope you get a chance to catch up with Elle. I'm sure she'd love to see you.
Alex: She's still here?
Judge Holloway: (laughs) Of course. You know how it is. No one ever leaves this place.
Alex: Yeah, I guess. This town's so quiet. It's changed.
Judge Holloway: Hmm, yes. Not for the better, I'm afraid. You should go home, see your mother. Perhaps I'll see you later.
(She turns to leave, but then turns back.)
Judge Holloway: You look well, by the way.
Alex: Thanks.
(She leaves.)

2.3 - Judge Holloway's Office

Alex: Hey, Judge Holloway, can I ask you a question?
Judge Holloway: Sure, Alex. What is it?

[1A. Why is the town empty?]
[1B. Town anniversary?]
1A. Why is the town empty?
Alex: The town seems empty. All the stores are closed or boarded up. What's going on?
Judge Holloway: It's complicated, Alex. A lot of things have happened since you left. I really think you ought to just go home.

[2A. Was that when everything shut down?]
[2B. How's Elle?]
1B. Town anniversary?
Alex: I noticed a banner out front that said something about an anniversary.
Judge Holloway: Yes, the town's 150 year anniversary.
Alex: But wasn't that celebration, like, years ago? I thought I remembered being here for it.
Judge Holloway: You're right. Things tend to stay in one place around here. I guess it's time we took that down, huh?

[2A. Was that when everything shut down?]
[2B. How's Elle?]
2A. Was that when everything shut down?
Alex: Was that when all of the businesses started closing?
Judge Holloway: I'm not sure Alex, it's been a while.
Alex: I was just curious.
Judge Holloway: You need to go home Alex. Your mother's not been well- she needs you.

[3A. Is my mom OK?]
[3B. Exit]
2B. How's Elle?
Alex: How's Elle doing? I haven't seen her in years.
Judge Holloway: Things haven't been that easy for Elle, Alex. She's a strong girl...and I have faith that she'll come through okay.

[3C. What happened?]
[3D. Does she ever ask about me?]
3A. Is my mom OK?
Alex: What's wrong? Is she okay?
Judge Holloway: Go home Alex, your mother needs you. We can talk later.
3C. What happened?
Alex: Why? What happened to her?
Judge Holloway: Maybe you should ask her yourself.

3D. Does she ever ask about me?
Alex: Does she ever ask about me?
Judge Holloway: I thought you two were just friends, Alex.
Alex: We are. Were. I was just wondering.
Judge Holloway: Yes, Alex. She does. I think she's missed you a lot.

(Afterwards, if repeatedly spoken to, she will say the following lines.)
Judge Holloway: I told you, you should go home.
Judge Holloway: Alex, I can't talk right now. I'm very busy.
Judge Holloway: Alex, please...not now. I have a lot of work to do.
Judge Holloway: Alex, this isn't really the time. Maybe we can talk later.

2.4 - Outside the Shepherd Home

Alex: Home - it feels strange to be back here again.

2.5 - Alex and Josh's Bedroom

(Alex finds a flashlight and has a flashback.)
Josh: Ahhh!!
Young Alex: God, what's your problem?
(From the top bunk, leans over to view Josh below.)
Josh: I...I had a bad dream. Never mind. It's nothing.
(Alex lowers a flashlight to Josh.)
Young Alex: Look, take it. If you get scared again, just turn it on. Okay?
Josh: Thanks, Alex.
(Josh turns flashlight on.)
Young Alex: Sure.

2.6 - Mrs. Shepherd

(Alex comes downstairs and finds a trail of water leading out of the basement door, now open. He finds his mother sitting by the window.)
Alex: Mom. Mom?
(He comes closer.)
Mrs. Shepherd: Alex. (turns to face him) What are you doing here?
Alex: I just got discharged. I was in the hospital for a bit, but I'm all right now.
Mrs. Shepherd: You've been gone too long.
Alex: Yeah. Where is everybody? Where's Josh?
Mrs. Shepherd: I don't know. Your father went to look for him. But now he's gone. Everyone's gone.
(Alex looks down and sees that his mother has a revolver in her lap.)
Alex: Mom, what's going on here? What happened? Mom!
Mrs. Shepherd: I miss your brother, Alex.
(He kneels on the floor next to his mother's chair, and places a hand on her shoulder.)
Alex: Look, I'll find him.
(He gently removes the gun from her lap.)
Alex: I had this dream that... I just have a feeling he's in trouble. Don't worry about it. I'll find Joshua. Mom, your dress is--
(There's a noise.)
Alex: What was that?
Mrs. Shepherd: The basement.

(Afterwards, if repeatedly spoken to, she will say the following lines.)
Mrs. Shepherd: I can't talk to you right now, Alex. I'm tired.
Mrs. Shepherd: I don't know anything else, Alex. I'm sorry.
Mrs. Shepherd: Why are you talking to me? Aren't you supposed to be looking for you brother?
Mrs. Shepherd: Just let me be, Alex.
Mrs. Shepherd: Alex, honey, not now.

2.7 - Lurker in the Basement

(When Alex goes down the stairs into the basement, he finds it flooded with water.)
Alex: What is all this water here? Josh?
(He steps down until he is nearly waist deep in water. After a moment, a lurker suddenly emerges from beneath the surface.)
Alex: Ahh...ahhh!! Hey! Hey...

2.8 - Answering Machine

(In the kitchen, Alex is able to insert a cassette he found earlier into an answering machine. The tape plays as follows.)
Josh: Rar, rar, rar, rar...
(He makes other weird noises.)
Mr. Shepherd: Josh! Josh...JOSH! What are you doing.
Alex: Relax, dad, we're just making a radio show.
Mr. Shepherd: Alex, go downstairs.
Alex: Why?
Mr. Shepherd: Just do it!
Alex: Fine.
(Sound of door slamming.)
Josh: Am I in trouble?
Mr. Shepherd: No, of course not.
Josh: Why are you yelling?
Mr. Shepherd: I'm not yelling at you. Listen to me, Josh. Don't you think this is a little too silly for you? Do you want to end up like Alex? Playing all this make-believe?
Josh: I don't know.
Mr. Shepherd: Alright, from now on, just let Alex play with his own friends, okay? And if you need a friend, you come talk to me. Got it?
Josh: Yes, sir!
Missing Persons

3.1 - Rose Heights Cemetery

(Alex finds a man digging a grave in the cemetery.)
Alex: What's that guy doing?

3.2 - Feral

(Alex drops down into sunken section of cemetery. He hears the noise of animals surrounding him. Suddenly a bloody dog-like creature jumps down from behind him.)
Alex: Ahhh! Whoa...easy...easy!

3.3 - Elle

(Outside the cemetery and back on the streets of Shepherd's Glen, Alex finds Elle. She is standing atop a chair, stapling papers to a bulletin board. She loses her balance and falls to the ground.)
Elle: Dammit!
Alex: You always were a klutz. You okay?
Elle: Alex? (stands up) Oh my God, Alex!
(She throws her arms around him. They separate to arms length.)
Alex: Hey, Elle. Your mom told me I might see you around here.
Elle: My God, it's so good to see you. It feels like it's been forever.
Alex: Yeah. Are you alone out here?
Elle: Hey, you know I didn't think I'd ever see you again. You took off without saying goodbye.
Alex: Yeah, well, I'm not here for long. I'm looking for my brother. You seen him?
Elle: No. I haven't, Alex.
(She turns back to her papers.)
Elle: I'm sorry.
(She begins to staple them onto the bulletin board again. Alex notices how many missing persons pages have already been posted.)
Alex: Jesus. What the hell is going on here?
Elle: I don't know. Everyday there are more flyers to put up...everyday more people disappear.
Alex: I had no idea.
Elle: And if you did? Would you have done anything about it?
Alex: Yeah, I would've come back for Josh, gotten him the hell out of here. God knows what kind of trouble he's in now.
Elle: Trouble? Look around you, Alex. This whole place is in trouble.
Alex: I know. I get it. But I have to find my brother. He's my responsibility. After that, I'm gone. I suggest you do the same.
(He turns to leave.)
Elle: Alex, wait.
Alex: Yeah?
(Elle holds out a small radio towards him.)
Elle: I got this from Deputy Wheeler. You should take it.
Alex: What for?
Elle: If I hear anything, I'll let you know...
Alex: Thanks, Elle.
(Starts away again.)
Elle: Alex, I hope you find what you're looking for.

3.4 - Curtis's Repair Shop

[1A. Hello?]
[1B. You're Curtis?]
[1C. How's it going?]

1A. Hello?
Alex: Hello? Can I ask you something?
Curtis: I'm busy.

1B. You're Curtis?
Alex: Hey, you're Curtis, right?

1C. How's it going?
Alex: Hey, man, how's it going?

(After all three choices have been selected, Alex comes forward and places the old revolver onto Curtis's workbench.)

Alex: Maybe this will interest you.
(Curtis looks up.)
Curtis: I know you. The sheriff's kid.
Alex: Alex.
Curtis: Riiiight... Military man now, I see.
(Alex gestures towards the revolver.)
Alex: I'm pretty sure it's broken, what do you think?
(Curtis picks it up.)
Curtis: Hmmm...I think you musta stole this from your daddy.
(Alex leans forward, placing both hands onto the table.)
Alex: Just tell me if you can fix it.
(Curtis stands up.)
Curtis: Now don't go barking orders at me, soldier. The only person that tells me what to do is me, you got it?
(Turns attention back to revolver.)
Curtis: Hmmmm...pretty neglected. It's a damn shame the way people mistreat such nice things.
Alex: Look, what I really need is some information. Have you seen my brother Joshua?
Curtis: You want to talk to the Mayor. He knows everybody's business.
Alex: Mayor Bartlett? You know where I can find him?
Curtis: Sure. Same place he is everyday, digging up people's graves. There's something seriously wrong with that guy. You know, like in the head?
Alex: That's Mayor Bartlett?
Curtis: Yup. No wonder all the streets are broken. Nobody around here gives a shit anymore. Yeah, I can fix it...might take a little while, though.
(He puts the gun down.)
Alex: Keep it, it's yours.
Curtis: What's the catch?
Alex: Consider it payment for your help.
(Dissatisfied with the arrangement, Curtis leans down and produces a different gun from beneath the table and hands it to Alex.)
Curtis: A soldier's gotta have a gun.
Alex: Thanks.
Curtis: Yeah, I like a fair trade.

3.5 - Curtis's Repair Shop, Part 2

Alex: Hey, man, one more question...

[1A. Can I have the shotgun?]
[1B. Why are you still here?]
1A. Can I have the shotgun?
Alex: How 'bout I take that shotgun off your hands?
Curtis: Yeah, how 'bout I slap you and kill you? You're looking for a weapon...take a look around the place. I'm sure you'll find something else you can use.
Alex: Yes, sir.

[2A. What's with all the clocks?]
1B. Why are you still here?
Alex: You know, this town is crawling with all sorts of crazy shit. Why are you still running a repair shop?
Curtis: ]Why do you think I'm carrying this thing around? What am I supposed to do, pack up and leave so somebody else can come in here and steal my stuff? You're not too bright, are you?
Alex: I see.

[2A. What's with all the clocks?]
2A. What's with all the clocks?
Alex: You've got a lot of clock parts in this place. There a reason?
Curtis: Yeah, there's a reason. For fixing clocks! Haven't you noticed that every single clock in this town has stopped at exactly 2:06?
Alex: No, I hadn't.
Curtis: Well, take a look around, son.

[3A. Why?]
[3B. Can you fix them?]
3A. Why?
Alex: Why do you think that is?
Curtis: Hell if I know. I just try to fix 'em. But it's no use. They won't start running again. It's like something's not letting us move on.

3B. Can you fix them?
Alex: Have you ever tried fixing them?
Curtis: Kid, I can fix just about anything you put in front of me. But I've never seen anything like this. There's no reason they're not working. It's like there's something causing it.
Alex: What?
Curtis: Well, that's what you're trying to figure, now isn't it?
Alex: I'm just trying to find my brother.
Curtis: Well, you might wanna think about opening your eyes to everything else that's going on around here. You might find it'll lead you to where you wanna go.

(Afterwards, if repeatedly spoken to, he will say the following lines.)
Curtis: Kid, you don't leave me alone, I'm putting a shell right through your face.
Curtis: You're still here? Why don't you leave me alone?
Curtis: Hey, I can't talk right now. Can't you see I'm busy?
Curtis: I'm tired kid. I just wanna be left alone.
Curtis: Jesus, what else do you want from me? Leave me alone.

3.6 - Smog in the Streets

Radio (Wheeler): Elle. Elle, are you there?
Alex: Hello?
Radio (Wheeler): Who the hell is this?
Alex: Alex Shepherd.
Radio (Wheeler): Alex Shepherd? I thought you were-- (begins to break up)
Alex: Hello? Hello?
(Only static can be heard through the speaker. Alex then begins to cough as he notices a thick smog begin to surround him. He coughs more violently before he notices a strange creature coming up from behind him.)

3.7 - Bartlett Family Tomb

(Solving a puzzle, Alex opens a stone sepulcher and finds a watch inside. He reads the inscription on the back.)
Alex: Forgive me...?
(The world starts to spin and Alex collapses.)
Alex: Ahh! Ahhh...ahhh!!
The Grand Hotel

4.1 - The Streets of Silent Hill

(Alex wakes up in the middle of a road, and he stands up.)
Alex: Where am I?
(The camera moves to show a sign that reads "Welcome to Silent Hill." He hears a strange yell.)
Alex: What the hell?
(Josh appears from behind a car and runs away.)
Alex: Hey! Josh.

4.2 - Mysterious Woman behind the Door

(Alex peers through the hole in the door.)
Alex: Josh, are you in there?
Woman: No one comes to visit anymore.

[A1. Who are you?]
[A2. How did you get here?]
A1. Who are you?
Alex: Who are you?
Woman: I wish I could remember.

[B1. Who left you here?]
[A2. How did you get here?]
A2. How did you get here?
Alex: What are you doing in this hotel? This place should be condemned.
Woman: I can't leave. Not yet.
Alex: This is no place to be alone. You need to leave.
Woman: I lost something, once dear to me. Now all I have is memories of the past. Of better times, but I don't know where they are. I can't go until I have them. Will you help me?

[C1. I can't help you.]
[C2. I want to help you.]
B1. Who left you here?
Alex: Who left you here all alone? Everyone else is gone.
Woman: Don't blame them. You can understand, can't you? It's hard to watch something die.

[C1. I can't help you.]
[C2. I want to help you.]
C1. I can't help you.
Alex: I really can't. I'm looking for a little boy, my brother. Have you seen him?
Woman: I've seen horrible things. Darkness. This is no place for a child.
Alex: I should go. I hope you find what you're looking for.
Woman: I understand. Come back if you change your mind.
Alex: I didn't mean it like that.

[C2. I want to help you.]
C2. I want to help you.
Alex: Tell me what you need. I'll see what I can do.
Woman: So difficult to remember. The warm sunlight dancing on the water, the smell of cotton candy in the air, and the sound of wind blowing through the trees. Find them for me, and I'll give you what you need.
Alex: How will I know when I've found them?
Woman: Three small windows of better days. You'll know when you see them.
Alex: OK. I'll look around.
Woman: You have a kind voice. (laughs)

(Afterwards, if repeatedly spoken to, the following conversations will occur.)
Alex: Are you still there?
Woman: Did you bring me something?
Alex: No, sorry.
Woman: Please! I need them!

Alex: I'm still not sure what you're looking for.
Woman: You must hurry. My memories are fading.

4.4 - Needler on the Fifth Floor

Alex: Josh, wait!
(From behind some rubble, a monster climbs up onto the ceiling in front of Alex.)
Alex: What the hell? You gotta be shittin' me!
(The monster attacks Alex.)

4.5 - The Mysterious Woman Again

(After collecting three postcards, Alex returns to the strange door again.)
Alex: Is this what you wanted?
Mysterious Woman: Thank you.
(She hands Alex a strange key.)

4.6 - Room 306

(Alex sees Josh, but he is on the other side of a gaping hole in the floor. Alex tries to jump across the hole, but doesn't quite make it. He grabs onto the edge with his arms in an attempt not to fall.)
Alex: Josh! Please help me.
(Josh slowly backs away. Alex reaches a hand out toward him.)
Alex: Josh! Don't let me fall! (falls) Ahhh!
(Now on the first floor, he looks up through the hole he just fell through.)
Alex: Josh...
(He stands up.)

4.7 - Greenhouse / Sepulcher

Alex: Mayor Bartlett, I need to talk to you.
Bartlett: Yeah, well, make an appointment in my office.

[A1. Do you know me?]
[A2. What happened to Shepherd's Glen?]
A1. Do you know me?
Alex: Do you remember me? My dad was the sheriff.
Bartlett: Who, Adam Shepherd? Ha ha, that idiot couldn't protect a donut shop. Leave me alone.

[B1. Tell me about Joey.]
[A2. What happened to Shepherd's Glen?]
A2. What happened to Shepherd's Glen?
Alex: What the hell's happened to Shepherd's Glen? You're the mayor. These people are your responsibility.
Bartlett: Now you listen to me, you little asshole, I did everything I could to protect those people. But you can't stop what's already been started! What the hell else do you want from me?

[B2. Don't you want to do more?]
[B3. You didn't do enough!]
B1. Tell me about Joey.
Alex: I'm looking for my brother Joshua, and I know he used to be friends with your son. Have you seen either of them?
Bartlett: Joey? Uh, Joey doesn't want to play with you! Why do you want to know about him?

[C1. Please, I need your help.]
[C2. Help me now!]
B2. Don't you want to do more?
Alex: What about your son? Don't you want to protect him?
Bartlett: My boy. I didn't do much right with him, but I did buy him some nice things. Remember, Joey? Remember that nice present I got you?

[B1. Tell me about Joey.]
B3. You didn't do enough!
Alex: You didn't do a good job of protecting your own son, did you? I bet you don't even know where he is!
Bartlett: Are you saying I'm a bad father? Who the hell are you to say that? I've done the best I could for him, I taught him everything he knows. I bought him anything he wanted, no matter how much it cost. You don't know anything about my son!

C1. Please, I need your help.
Alex: Because I thought he and Joshua might be together. Do you know where they are? Maybe you can take me to them.
Bartlett: I'm not going anywhere with you, you freak! Can't you take a hint and get the hell away from me?! I just want to stay here and sleep in the garden. Oh, Joey loves his little garden...

C2. Help me now!
Alex: You listen to me, you drunken fool. My brother is missing, and so is your son! Where are they?!
Bartlett: Drunken fool, huh? Well, the sooner you hit the bottle, the sooner you'll feel better too.

(Alex hands the mayor the watch he found.)
Bartlett: What the hell is this?
Alex: It belongs to your son, doesn't it? Where is he?
Bartlett: Joey?
Alex: Yes, Joey. He and my brother were friends. I need to find him.
Bartlett: You shouldn't have come back, Alex. Times are bad... The people don't trust me anymore. I can't protect them.
(Mayor tosses the watch onto the ground.)
Alex: Protect them from what? What did you do?
Bartlett: Something has come...and taken everyone away. You can't stop them. They'll get you too.
(The watch sinks into the ground.)
Alex: Who's taking them? What are you talking about?
(A strange object hanging from the ceiling begins to move.)
Alex: Where's...MY...BROTHER?! Bastard sonofabitch.
(Alex grabs the mayor by the shoulders, but the mayor turns away.)
Bartlett: You can't save them.
(The room begins to shake.)
Alex: Wha...what?
(The tree-like thing growing behind the mayor begins to rise up, lifted by meat hooks.)
Alex: What's happening? What did you do?!
(Other objects begin to lower from the ceiling.)
Alex: What is all this?! Jesus Christ!
(Arms come out of the thing rising from the floor. It is a gigantic creature - Sepulcher - hanging upside down from the ceiling.)
Alex: You sick fuck!!
Bartlett: Oh no. Oh God no. Show mercy on me! I only live to serve you! Please...please protect me in this moment of...
(The monster swings an arm around and flattens the mayor into pulp.)
Alex: Oh, shit!!
(Alex fights the monster. After it is defeated, the ground gives way beneath it and if falls down into a seemingly endless pit. Alex is overcome by a wave of dizziness before he, too, falls down into the hole.)
Sheriff's Station

5.1 - Prison Cell

(Alex lands into the middle of a prison cell, apparently back from the otherworld, back from Silent Hill, and returned to Shepherd's Glen. He looks out through the bars.)
Alex: Anybody here?

5.2 - Prison Cell, Part 2

(After looking around his cell for a while, a bright light suddenly comes on and Deputy Wheeler comes forward, pointing a shotgun at Alex.)
Alex: Deputy Wheeler?
Wheeler: Well, well. Back in the world of the living.
Alex: How did I get here?
Wheeler: I put you here. I haven't quite made up my mind about you yet.
Alex: Wheeler, c'mon you know me. Let me out!
Wheeler: You won't be going anywhere until I get some answers. Start talking!
Alex: I don't know. Last thing I remember, I was in a greenhouse...with Mayor Bartlett.
Wheeler: (laughs) Sam Bartlett? That lunatic? Where is he? I got a couple questions I'd like to ask him about what's been going on around here.

[A1. I don't know.]
[A2. He went home.]
[A3. He's dead]
A1. I don't know.
Alex: I don't know. Last I saw him, he was passed out drunk on the ground. He seemed fine. Can I go now?
Wheeler: Wow, Alex, you're a terrible liar. Now tell me where he is.

[A2. He went home.]
[A3. He's dead]
A2. He went home.
Alex: He said something about going home. Why don't you let me out of here and we'll go find him together.
Wheeler: How stupid do you think I am, Alex? I wanna talk to him. Where is he?!

[A1. I don't know.]
[A3. He's dead]
A3. He's dead
Alex: Well, you're not gonna be able to ask him anything. He's dead.
Wheeler: Dead? Shit! You better start telling me what you're up to, Alex. I wanna know right now!
Alex: I'm just trying to find my brother, okay? I thought the mayor might know something. His son is missing too.
Wheeler: A lot of people are missing, but that doesn't give you the right to kill a man.
Alex: I didn't kill anybody!
Wheeler: Then what happened to Mayor Bartlett?!

[B1. You won't believe me.]
[B2. It was an accident.]
[B3. A monster killed him.]
B1. You won't believe me.
Alex: I can't tell you what happened. You'll never believe me! Shit, I don't even believe me.
Wheeler: Huh, Alex, I can believe an awful lot. You've just gotta trust me. Now tell me what happened.

[B2. It was an accident.]
[B3. A monster killed him.]
B2. It was an accident.
Alex: He was drunk. He must have tripped on a tree root and impaled himself or something. That's the only way to explain it.
Wheeler: Now it sounds like you're lying to me AND yourself. Tell me what you REALLY saw.

[B1. You won't believe me.]
[B3. A monster killed him.]
B3. A monster killed him.
Alex: It was some kind of creature, but worse than the others. It came to life out of the goddamn tree! That's what killed him. And that's the truth, I swear.
Wheeler: So you've seen the creatures too... We should get moving. I'm not sure it's safe here anymore. Follow me.
(The deputy lets Alex out of his cell.)

5.3 - Sheriff's Station

Wheeler: Hold up, I gotta think... I was looking for Mayor Bartlett because I found some weird stuff. The doctor is tied up in all the same shit as the Mayor.
Alex: Doc Fitch?
Wheeler: Yeah, they all know a helluva lot more than they're letting on, and I'm sick of being in the dark.
Alex: “They?” Who are you talking about?
Wheeler: No time for that now Alex. Just trust me, we need to get to the Doctor before something happens to him too.

5.4 - Schisms in the Sheriff's Station

(The deputy cautiously steps through the door, looking around warily. He then starts running down the hallway. As they begin to come around a corner, the deputy raises a hand.)
Wheeler: Hold it. This isn't good.
(Two strange monsters with split heads begin to close in on them.)
Alex: What is it?
(The deputy raises his shotgun and points it at the oncoming schisms. He fires at them, but they still continue forward.)
Wheeler: Your gear! It's in the Chief's Office. Run that way!
(Another schism drops from the ceiling and the deputy fires another shot.)
Alex: Alright!
Wheeler: NOW!!
(Alex begins to run.)

(If Alex waits a while, the deputy will continue to yell at him.)
Wheeler: Run Alex, get to the Chief's Office!

5.5 - The Chief's Office

(After making it inside, the deputy turns and locks the door behind them. Alex's radio, lying on the table next to the rest of Alex's stuff, comes on, transmitting Elle's voice.)
Radio (Elle): Alex! Wheeler! Come in. I'm on my way to the sheriff's station. Something's after me!
(Alex picks up the radio.)
Alex: Elle, head to the parking lot behind the station. We'll meet you there.
Wheeler: Okay, clear a path through the lobby and break down the barricade. I'll cover you. Okay?
Alex: Alright.
(The deputy gives Alex a shotgun.)
Wheeler: Ready?

5.6 - Attack of the Siam

(As Alex makes his way down the hallway, the ceiling suddenly collapses, separating Alex from the deputy. A gigantic Siam monster can be seen on the other side of the rubble.)
Alex: Oh, God! What the...?! Wheeler!!

5.7 - Siam in the Parking Lot

(After Alex makes it out of the building, he sees Elle get into a police car and shut the door.)
Alex: Elle...
(A gigantic monster suddenly drops down from above, landing onto the hood of the car, nearly overturning it with its weight.)
Alex: Look out!
(The monster turns around and spins it's arms toward the police car.)
Alex: No!!
(The impact flips the car over entirely and it lands at the other end of the parking lot.)
Alex: Elle!!
(The monster then comes at Alex, and he has to fight it.)

5.8 - Escaping the Sheriff's Station

(After defeating siam, Alex approaches the overturned police car.)
Alex: Elle! I'm right here. Come on!
(He helps her out through the window.)
Elle: Thanks. Alex, where's Wheeler?
Alex: I don't think he made it.
(Numerous monsters are beginning to approach on the other side of the chain link fence of the parking lot.)
Alex: Come on. We need to find Doctor Fitch.
Elle: We'll be safer underground. Come on!
(They uncover an entrance to the sewer. Elle starts down the ladder. The monsters keep getting closer.)
Alex: C'mon, c'mon!!
(Alex goes down the ladder and barely manages to close the lid just before a monster reaches it.)
The Sewers

6.1 - Below the Parking Lot

(Landing below, Elle crouches down next to the wall, tired. Alex drops down. He approaches Elle, placing a hand on her shoulder.)
Alex: Are you okay?
Elle: It's getting worse, Alex. The whole town is falling apart, and there's nothing we can do about it.
(Elle tosses a bunch of flyers onto the ground.)
Elle: We're never gonna find them.
(Alex picks one up and looks at it.)
Alex: Your sister. I didn't know.
Elle: She vanished when all of this started.
Alex: Your mom told me things had changed. I guess I didn't realize. Look, we're gonna find her, okay? This is all connected, and when we find Josh, we're gonna find her too.
Elle: Yeah?
Alex: Yeah.
(Alex helps Elle get to her feet.)

6.2 - Closed Gate

Elle: Alex, there's a valve by that gate. Maybe it opens the gate?
(Alex opens the gate. Elle crawls under before it closes back down. On the other side, she begins to open the gate.)
Elle: I'm gonna hold it open. You come through.
(Alex goes through.)
Elle: Ok, let's go.

6.3 - A Second Gate

(Alex lets Elle through another gate)
Elle: Ugh. This thing's not moving. Alex, there's another gate here I can open. Go back the way we came in, I'll let you through.
(As Alex goes back, some needlers begin to attack him.)
Alex: Oh God.
(When Alex eventually makes it to the gate Elle was talking about, she begins to open it.)
Elle: Alright, just like last time. I'll hold it open, you come through.
Elle: (at some monsters) Stay back!

6.4 - A Third Gate

(Alex lets Elle through yet another gate.)
Elle: Alex, there's just no way to open the gate from this side. I'll head down the tunnel to find a way to open it.
(Three needlers attack Alex. After they are defeated, he hears Elle scream. When Alex finally makes it past the gate he finds a pool of blood along with Elle's radio. There is nothing else he can do, but climb a ladder out of the sewers and back up to the streets of Shepherd's Glen.)

6.5 - Craven Avenue

(As Alex continues down the road, his radio comes on.)
Radio (Wheeler): Alex! Alex! Come in. Are you there?!
Alex: Wheeler? Are you alright?
Radio (Wheeler): Hey. I've been better, but I'm OK. Did you find Elle?
Alex: Yeah, but we got separated. I'm looking for her now. Where are you?
Radio (Wheeler): I'm just now leaving the station to find Fitch. Look, we need to stick together! Meet me at his office. Maybe he knows where Elee is.
Alex: Ok. I'll meet you there. God, I hope Elle's ok.

6.6 - Outside Doctor Fitch's Office

(Alex sees spots of blood on the road, and looking up, sees an injured man walking away.)
Alex: Hey! Excuse me. Sir? Hey, you...
(Alex approaches the man, and he turns around, wielding a scalpel defensively.)
Alex: Huh? Doctor Fitch?!
Dr. Fitch: What do you want?
Alex: Are you alright? Whose blood is that? What have you done?!
Dr. Fitch: Stay away from me!
(The doctor runs away, entering his office.)
Hell Descent

7.1 - Scarlet's Room

(Alex uses a key he found to unlock a box. Inside he finds a doll.)
Alex: Creepy.
(The doll suddenly loses its hair, an eye, and it begins to decay all over. Alex grabs his head in pain as dizziness begins to overcome him yet again.)
Alex: Arrrgghhh!
(He falls to the ground, and the room transitions into the nightmare world.)

7.2 - Doctor Fitch / Scarlet

(After making his way through the Hell Descent, Alex opens a door to find Doctor Fitch kneeling in the middle of a room, cutting himself with the scalpel.)
Alex: Doctor, do you need some help? You're bleeding bad.
Dr. Fitch: Don't you TOUCH me! I bleed out the sin, but it grows back. So I must let it out everyday.

[A1. I can treat a wound.]
[A2. Fine, you fool.]
A1. I can treat a wound.
Alex: I can stop the bleeding.
Dr. Fitch: I don't want your help. These wounds cannot heal.

[B1. What are you doing here?]
A2. Fine, you fool.
Alex: Fine, you crazy fool. I was only trying to help.
Dr. Fitch: You? YOU? You can't do anything.

[B1. What are you doing here?]
B1. What are you doing here?
Alex: Why did you come to this place?
Dr. Fitch: I come here to remind myself. It's the only place I go where she listens to me.

[C1. Who listens?]
[C2. What the hell does that mean?]
C1. Who listens?
Alex: Who listens? Scarlet? Is she here?
Dr. Fitch: She's here with me, now. My beautiful child. Daddy forgot to bring you a present today. She loves dollies.

[D1. What happened to Scarlet?]
[D2. Give the doll to Dr. Fitch.]
C2. What the hell does that mean?
Alex: Look, Doctor. Stop talking like an idiot and start giving me straight answers. My brother is missing, the mayor's son is missing, and so is Scarlet. I want to know where they are!
Dr. Fitch: I don't care about them. Or you. My princess is the only thing that matters now. Her little hands, pure as porcelain, her smile like sunshine...

[D1. What happened to Scarlet?]
[D2. Give the doll to Dr. Fitch.]
D1. What happened to Scarlet?
Alex: I want to ask you about Scarlet. What's happened to her?
Dr. Fitch: Don't you mention her name! You're not as worthy as one hair on her head!

[D2. Give the doll to Dr. Fitch.]
(As Alex hands the doll to the doctor, the man lets the scalpel drop to the floor.)
Dr. Fitch: Scarlet's doll. Where did...?
(The limp doll suddenly raises its head to look at the doctor.)
Doll: Daddy?
(The doctor is horrified. Suddenly, blood starts to well up from his wounds and streak down his body.)
Alex: Doctor Fitch, what's happening? What's going on?! Oh, God!
(The doctor is now covered in blood, as is the ground around him. The doll falls from his hand, and then begins to sink into the blood. A short while later, another doll, much larger and much more horrifying begins to emerge from the pool of blood.)
Alex: What? Oh my God...
(The doll rises up to it's full height, carrying the doctor in its arms.)
Dr. Fitch: Forgive me.
(The doll then bites off the doctor's head.)
Alex: Ahhh!!
(The doll tosses the doctor's dead body to the side, then crouches forward and screeches at Alex. After Alex defeats the monster, a key pops out. Alex, then, begins to sink into the pool of blood.)

7.3 - Town Hall

(Using the key, Alex finds a ceremonial dagger.)
Alex: Wait a minute, is this...?
(He has a flashback, remembering that the dagger was used as a way to open a door in the basement to his home.)
The Pain of the Shepherds

8.1 - Basement Flashback

(At door in basement, Alex has a flashback. Little Alex opens the door to see his father cutting something up with a butcher knife.)
Young Alex: Dad!
Adam Shepherd: What the hell are you doing? You know this place is off limits.
(He comes towards Alex, grabbing him by the shoulders and begins to shake him.)
Adam Shepherd: I don't ever want to see you in here again! Are we clear?
Young Alex: I'm sorry. Yes. Yes sir.
(The door slams shut and the flashback ends.)

8.2 - Attic Flashback

(Alex pushes a bookshelf to the side, revealing a door behind. As he enters the room, he has a flashback. His father is in the room with Josh.)
Adam Shepherd: I have something very important I want to show you.
Josh: Okay.
(His father crouches down next to him, holding up a ring dangling at the end of a chain.)
Adam Shepherd: Do you know what this is?
(Josh shakes his head.)
Adam Shepherd: This belonged to your grandpa, and his father too. And now, we want you to have it. I know it doesn't look like much, but this ring is the most important thing I could ever give to you.
Josh: Is it worth a million dollars?
Adam Shepherd: Much more than that. This is a symbol of our family's past...and our future.
Josh: Can I wear it?
(His father loops the chain around Josh's neck.)
Adam Shepherd: Yes. But, Joshua, you are never to show anybody this ring, not even Alex.
Josh: But I want to show him...
Adam Shepherd: Do you remember when I told you sometimes you must do things and not ask why? (Josh nods) Well, this is one of those times.
Josh: Yes, sir.
(He salutes his father. His father returns the salute.)
Adam Shepherd: That's my boy.
(They embrace and the flashback ends.)

8.3 - Front Room

(Alex comes down the stairs and confronts his mother.)
Alex: Listen to me, Mom. Start telling me everything you know about this!
(He holds up the letter he found in the attic.)
Lillian Shepherd: I don't know what that is.
Alex: STOP LYING! I'M TIRED OF IT! I know all about Silent Hill.
Lillian Shepherd: You don't know anything about Silent Hill!
Alex: I know Dad went there. He went to go fight something. Did he go to get Joshua? Is that where Josh is? God dammit, tell me!
Lillian Shepherd: Oh Alex, I'm so sorry.
(She raises a hand towards Alex's face, but he grabs her hand away.)
Alex: Stop pretending you care about me and start telling me what's going on.
(In the background, the head of a masked figure can be seen coming up from behind them.)
Alex: Joshua is the only one you ever cared about, and I can help him if you tell me the truth!
(Masked figures, dressed in miner's garb, suddenly grab both of them from behind. It is revealed that there are more figures around the room as well.)
Lillian Shepherd: Ahhhh!!
Alex: Mom! No!!! No!!!
(They are both thrown to the ground. The masked figures begin to beat Alex. During the struggle he sees his mother being carried away.)
Lillian Shepherd: Ahhh!
Order Soldier: Forget the Shepherd kid, let's move.
(Before two figures make it out the door, it locks, and the world begins to transition into the nightmare world. Air raid sirens can be heard. The figures run off in a different direction. Alex gets up and tries to open the front door, but it won't budge.)
Alex: Mom!!

8.4 - Nightmare Front Room

(After solving several puzzles, Alex tries to open the front door once again.)
Alex: C'mon... this has to be right.
(After it unlocks, the house begins to transition again into the normal world. The door then opens before it, too, transitions into becoming a normal door. Once outside, Alex sees Elle on the road. She runs towards him.)
Alex: Elle. Elle, I thought you were-
Elle: Alex, she's gone.
Alex: Who?
Elle: My mom. I can't find her anywhere. The entire town's gone!
Alex: I think I know where they are. I found this. I'm not sure what it all means, but we need to get to Silent Hill.
Elle: Are you serious?
Alex: My dad was serious enough to risk his life going there. That's where Josh is, I'm sure of it.
Elle: ...and everyone else...
Radio (Wheeler): Alex, you there?
Alex: Wheeler. I thought we lost you.
Radio (Wheeler): Hell, you're not getting rid of me that easy.
Alex: Glad to hear it. We have a lot to fill you in on. In the meantime, can you get us a boat? We're going to Silent Hill.
Silent Hill

9.1 - Boat

(Wheeler is at the helm. Elle walks to the back to sit next to Alex.)
Elle: I'm sorry.
Alex: What are you sorry for? This isn't your fault.
Elle: No. About earlier today, with the flyers...
Alex: Forget it. I should apologize. It's just...this place brings back bad memories for me.
Elle: You know, I never understood why you left. One day, you were just gone. Look, I didn't say it before, but I'm glad you're back. I feel safer with you here. Everything's just been falling apart around us, you know but you just keep moving forward.
Alex: I don't have a choice.
Elle: Yes you do. You could just leave again.
Wheeler: Alex, tell me what you know about Silent Hill.
Alex: I know Joshua and I were told a hundred times never to go there.
Elle: Yeah, my mom was pretty strict about it too.
Wheeler: Yeah, well, your parents were right. I can tell you, it all fits. All those things we've seen in Shepherd's Glen, the nightmares...
Alex: What do you mean?
Wheeler: Silent Hill is what I mean. The place has bad history. Always has.
Alex: You've been there?
Wheeler: Didn't need to, I heard enough. When I decided to move east, I was looking at a job in Brahms, working with the police. At the time, they had this cop, I can't remember her name. She had gone to Silent Hill.
Elle: What happened to her?
Wheeler: No one knows. They found her bike outside of town. But I heard rumors about the people who live there. Let's just say, they're not too friendly to people who don't share their beliefs.
Alex: The Order.
Wheeler: Yeah. When I met with your father about working in Shepherd's Glen, he told me I would never have to go to Silent Hill. I guess there's some sort of irony here.
Elle: Do you really think we're gonna find anyone there?
(Elle takes a locket from her neck, revealing two small pictures. One is of a young Elle, and the other is her sister.)
Elle: I took it from my mother's room the morning Nora disappeared, and I haven't taken it off since.
(She hands it to Alex.)
Alex: Wow... Look at that hair.
Elle: (laughs) Shut up! Jerk.
Alex: I'm just happy to see that something has gotten better since I left.
(They look at each other for a moment.)
Wheeler: Alex. There's a light up ahead. I think we might be at the pier.
(Alex stands up and joins the deputy up front.)
Alex: What should we do?
Wheeler: Turn off our light. I don't want anybody to know we're coming.
Elle: Ahhh!
(They turn around to see Elle being carried off of the boat by two order members. Alex runs to the back of the boat.)
Alex: Elle!
(Elle has a sack over her head, and is being held in a row boat out of Alex's reach.)
Elle: Get your hands off me!
(Alex turns to find two other order members have grabbed Wheeler on the other side of the boat.)
Alex: Wheeler!
(Alex raises a gun towards the two people who have Elle.)
Alex: Let go of her!
(Another boat arrives, crashing into theirs, and Alex falls to the deck.)
Alex: Ahhh!
(His momentum rolls him off the boat and he falls into the water.)

9.2 - The Shore

(Alex wakes up on a foggy beach. He begins to cough as he rolls over. He looks around.)
Alex: Smoke? Fog.
(He finds that he still has Elle's locket in his hand. He remembers Elle's voice in his head.)
Voice (Elle): I took it from my mother's room the morning Nora disappeared, and I haven't taken it off since.
Alex: Elle? Wheeler?!

9.3 - Streets of Silent Hill

Radio (Wheeler): Alex. Are you there?
Alex: Wheeler, is that you?
Radio (Wheeler): Talk quietly Alex. Thank god you're okay. Listen, they've taken us to the prison. It's horrible. They took Elle and they're about to--.... <static>
Alex: Wheeler? Come in Wheeler! What did they do? Wheeler!

9.4 - Outside the Prison

Alex: Wheeler, are you there? Wheeler, come in.
Radio (Wheeler): Alex! Thank god. Where are you?
Alex: I'm at the prison, but I can't get in! Is there another way?
Radio (Wheeler): There's an entrance on the other side of the prison. That's your best chance. Be careful.

9.5 - Rear Entrance

Alex: Wheeler, I'm at the rear entrance. The gate is electrified!
Radio (Wheeler): Damn it!
Alex: It looks like they are running power from across the street. I'm going to find a way to shut it off. Wheeler, what about Elle. Is she Ok?
Radio (Wheeler): I haven't heard anything, but who knows what those monsters are doing to her! You need to hurry!

9.6 - Power Room

(Alex finds a way to turn off the power.)
Radio (Wheeler): Alex, what's goin' on out there!? The lights went out and they're running for cover- <static> -did you disable the power- <static>
Alex: Hang in there Wheeler, I'm heading back!
Overlook Penitentiary

10.1 - Once Inside

Radio (Wheeler): Alex, where are you?
Alex: I'm inside the prison.
Radio (Wheeler): Okay. I'm up in Cell Block B. Come and get me already!

10.2 - Cell Block B

Wheeler: Good job. Now get me outta here! There's a switch over there!
(Alex finds the switch and pulls it. The door opens and the deputy comes out.)
Wheeler: Hey, nice work back there. When this is over, I'm buying the first round, and then the second.
(Alex notices that the deputy is limping.)
Alex: Can you walk?
Wheeler: Walk, run, fly... Shit, I may be a little slow, but whatever the hell it takes to get out of here, let's do it.
Alex: Where's Elle?
Wheeler: They split us up when we got here. But I heard them say something about taking a woman to solitary.
Alex: Then that's where we're going.
Wheeler: But we gotta get back to the guard station.
Alex: Got it. Come on.
(A siam suddenly drops down from above.)
Alex: Ahhh! Fuck!
Wheeler: You cuff him. I'll read him his rights.

10.3 - Guard station

(Alex and Wheeler arrive at the guard station.)
Wheeler: Alex, it looks like I can control the gates for the entire prison from this panel! Yes! It works. Ok. We need to split up. Now here's what you do. Head across the catwalk to the locked bars on the far side. Now get out of here!

10.4 - A Locked Door

(Alex comes across a locked door.)
Alex: Wheeler, you there?
Radio (Wheeler): The damn radio keeps going out. I'm glad you're back.
Alex: Listen, this door is jammed. I need your help.
Radio (Wheeler): Ok. I can see you. That's the entrance to the A-block. Ok, go back.
(Alex starts running back.)
Radio (Wheeler): Okay, go through that door, head down the hall and go right.
(Alex follows his directions.)
Radio (Wheeler): You're in A Block now. Go across and through the doors.
Alex: I'll let you know.
(He goes through the doors.)
Alex: OK Wheeler. I found a keypad but it looks broken. I'm going to search for a way to fix it.

10.5 - Mrs. Shepherd

Alex: Alright Wheeler, I made it in. I'm going to look around.
(Alex finds his mother chained up to strange contraption.)
Alex: Mom. Jesus, what did they do?
Lillian Shepherd: Alex? Is that you?
Alex: Mom, I'm gonna...I'm gonna get you down.
(He comes forward, but when he touches her, she gasps in pain.)
Lillian Shepherd: Ahhhh!! I'm sorry, Alex.
Alex:'s okay.
Lillian Shepherd: Your father and I, we loved you so much. But they said we could only choose one.
Alex: Mom...please...stop... Save your breath.
Lillian Shepherd: Let me go, Alex.
Alex: I can't...
Lillian Shepherd: Ahhh! It hurts so much. Please stop. Make it stop.
Alex: Mom, I...I can't...I...
Lillian Shepherd: Please, Alex. Please...
(Alex raises his gun.)

[A1. OK. I'll do it.]
[A2. I'm sorry, I can't.]

A1. OK. I'll do it.
Alex: (lowering the gun) I can't.
Lillian Shepherd: It's okay, Alex.
(He raises the gun again.)
Lillian Shepherd: I love you...
(He fires. The contraption she's strapped to suddenly comes on, stretching her body apart. An enormous quantity of blood spills onto the ground. The world begins to transition into the nightmare world.)
A2. I'm sorry, I can't.
Alex: (lowering the gun) I can't. I'm sorry, Mom.
(The contraption she's strapped to suddenly comes on, stretching her body apart.)
Lillian Shepherd: Ahhhh!!
Alex: No!!!
(An enormous quantity of blood spills onto the ground. The world begins to transition into the nightmare world.)
Nightmarish Overlook Penitentiary

11.1 - Nightmare World

(After solving some puzzles, Alex drops down a hole. He hears a sound behind him. He spins around raising his gun, but discovers that it's Wheeler.)
Wheeler: Thank God you're alive. I was about to go looney tunes in this roach motel. What is it?
Alex: I found my mother. I couldn't save her.
Wheeler: I'm sorry, Alex. I'm afraid I got more bad news... I found this on one of those Order soldiers I roughed up.
(He hands Alex a paper.)
Wheeler: Elle's name is on it.
Alex: Then we gotta get out of here.
Wheeler: Let's go, partner.

11.2 - Asphyxia

(Alex opens a door to find Judge Holloway strapped to a chair.)
Alex: Judge Holloway.
Judge Holloway: Alex!
Wheeler: Quick, you get her loose before they start pumping the gas. I'll shut off the valves.
Judge Holloway: Alex, thank God. How did you find me?
(Alex comes forward and starts to help remove her straps.)
Alex: We don't have time to talk. I've got to get you out of here.
(When he helps her stand, Elle's locket falls from Alex's pocket to the floor. It's open, revealing the pictures inside.)
Judge Holloway: What is that? Where did you get that?
Alex: It's Elle's.
Judge Holloway: Elle? Where is she? Is she okay?
Alex: I don't know. I'll find her, though. I promise. She said she took this from you, so...I guess you should have it back.
(He places the locket into her hand.)
Judge Holloway: This isn't mine. It belonged to Nora.
Alex: Nora?
Wheeler: They turned on the gas--
(Something suddenly comes out of the wall behind Wheeler, grabbing him, and pulling him back into the wall with it.)
Alex: Wheeler!
(Alex grabs onto Wheeler, but in the struggle, Alex gets pushed to the ground and Wheeler disappears into the wall.)
Alex: (to the judge) Run! Get out! Get out of here! I'll save Wheeler!
(The judge runs out the door and smiles before it slams shut.)
Voice (Wheeler): What are you doing? Get off me! Stop it!
Alex: Oh God, Wheeler! Wheeler, where are you?!
(The monster - Asphyxia - begins to come out of the wall.)
Alex: Jesus Christ, look at that thing!!
(As it emerges further, it is revealed that it is much larger than it seemed, trailing numerous torsos with several arms.)
Alex: Holy fuck!!

11.3 - After Asphyxia's Defeat

(As Alex defeats the monster, a window breaks. Through it, Alex can see his brother run past.)
Alex: Josh...
(Josh exits through a door.)
Alex: Wait, Josh!
The Church

12.1 - The Confession

(Alex enters a booth used for confessionals, and finds that there is a man on the other side.)
Voice: Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been four years since my last confession. (sigh) I don't blame you for ignoring me, Father. I'm not even sure you can help me. I'm lost. I'm so deep beyond the reach of my faith and I'm sinking further away.

[A1. What did you do?]
[A2. Why should God care?]
A1. What did you do?
Alex: What could you have done that was so terrible?
Voice: I took my role as a father and I turned it into a daily chore. Fed him, cleaned him, put him to bed. I treated the dog with more respect. And when I was given a second son, the first might as well have been a stranger sleeping in our house.

[B1. Sound like you can change.]
[B2. You don't sound sorry.]
A2. Why should God care?
Alex: And why do you think God cares about your problems?
Voice: Doesn't God give us the chance to repent? Won't He listen to me just this time?

[B3. He will.]
[B4. He won't.]
B1. Sound like you can change.
Alex: I feel that you could start loving your son at any time.
Voice: I do love my son, Father. I love both my sons. But I had to make a choice, and the only way to live with that was to make sure my son never loved me. I had to make sure that he would never feel joy or compassion, all the things that make life worth living. You must understand, I was only trying to make things easier for him...and for me. And for this selfishness, I ask forgiveness.
Alex: If you truly want forgiveness, then you already have it.
Voice: Thank you, Father. And now I have something for you, Father.
Alex: I don't need anything from you.

B2. You don't sound sorry.
Alex: But now, do you feel like what you did was wrong?
Voice: I knew that it was wrong, but I pretended I didn't have a choice.
Alex: Then how you can ask me to forgive you, when all that time, you could have fixed things?
Voice: Because I'm scared of what's to come when time runs out.
Alex: The only prayer I say for you is this - whatever hell awaits you, it won't be long before you see it.
Voice: Well, if that is His will, I accept it. And now I have something for you, Father.
Alex: (angry) I don't need anything from you.

B3. He will.
Alex: That is true, He does listen. But, do you believe He has heard you?
Voice: It feels like a thousand hands pushing the air from my lungs. It must be Him, hearing me, showing me He is beside me.
Alex: That isn't God, that's your conscience making sure you never forget what you have done.
Voice: I don't want to forget, I just want to be given the chance to explain myself when the time comes.
Alex: If you truly want forgiveness, then you already have it.
Voice: Thank you, Father. And now I have something for you, Father.
Alex: I don't need anything from you.

B4. He won't.
Alex: There are some people God doesn't bother with.
Voice: What are you telling me? Are you saying my prayers fall on deaf ears?
Alex: The only prayer I say for you is this - whatever hell awaits you, it won't be long before you see it.
Voice: Well, if that is His will, I accept it. And now I have something for you, Father.
Alex: (angry) I don't need anything from you.


12.2 - Going Up some Stairs

Radio (Elle): Help! Alex!
Alex: Elle?

12.3 - Mr. Shepherd

(After defeating two Siams and solving a puzzle, the organ opens up and reveals Alex's father stretched out, suspended by two ropes attached to his wrists. Alex approaches.)
Alex: Dad?
Adam Shepherd: (looks up) Alex? What are you doing here?
Alex: I'm here to save Joshua.
Adam Shepherd: Joshua? You can't save him. You need to get out of here.
Alex: Stop giving me orders, Dad. You have no idea what I'm capable of.
Adam Shepherd: You hate me. It's okay. I don't blame you.
Alex: I don't hate you. I forgot you...a long time ago.
Adam Shepherd: I never meant to hurt you, son. I had to make a choice, and now I'm paying for it. We all are. After all I've done, you still wear my old dog tags...that must mean something.
Alex: What are you talking about? These are mine. I'm a soldier...just like you wanted.
Adam Shepherd:'ve been in the hospital...
Alex: I know. I was wounded in battle.
Adam Shepherd: No... A mental hospital. You've been there ever since the accident.
Alex: No... That's not true. I'm a soldier. I protect people.
Adam Shepherd: We had to take you there...after that night. After I gave your brother this.
(His father's hand holds the family ring at the end of a chain. Alex takes it and inspects it.)
Alex: What is this thing? What did you do? Where's Joshua?!
(Pyramid head appears behind Alex's father.)
Adam Shepherd: Alex, forgive me.
Alex: No!!!!
(Pyramid head plunges his gigantic knife all the way through his father. He then pulls up, slicing him cleanly in half. Pyramid Head then walks away.)
The Underground

13.1 - The Elevator

(After going down the flight of stairs behind the organ, Alex finds a miner outfit and puts it on. He calls an elevator, and when it comes, he finds Curtis inside.)
Curtis: Going down?
(Alex gets on without saying anything. The doors close.)
Curtis: Like your job, soldier? I love what I do...fixing's my gift. But now I have direction...clarity. It's important to know who you are.
(The elevator comes to a stop. While Alex is getting off, Curtis strikes him from behind.)
Alex: Urgh...arrgh!
Curtis: Don't you agree...soldier?

13.2 - Caught

(Alex wakes up to find Curtis dragging him down a hallway. Alex then finds himself in a room strapped to a chair. He looks up and sees Judge Holloway sitting nearby.)
Alex: Judge Holloway.
Judge Holloway: You should probably call me Margaret. You're so grown up now.
Alex: I found Elle, but I don't know what happened. I'm sorry.
Judge Holloway: I'm sorry too. You try so hard to raise a child, to instill your values into her. You want her to be her own person but you hope she'll always remember what's important - family.
(Alex notices a skill saw on a nearby table, as well as a power drill.)
Alex: What's going on?
Judge Holloway: Family is the most important thing, Alex. I would do anything to protect them. That's why I sacrificed my daughter.
Alex: What...
Judge Holloway: The founders, they had good intentions. They left the Order to start a new life in Shepherd's Glen. But they feared the wrath of our God, so they made a pact to keep us safe. All that was required was a small sacrifice... Our children.
(A flashback begins, showing Mayor Bartlett throwing dirt into a grave.)
Judge Holloway: Once every fifty years, the founding families must make an offering to appease the God... One of our children, our own flesh and blood, struck down by our own hands.
(Next Doctor Fitch is shown.)
Judge Holloway: I did what was required.
(Next Judge Holloway, choking her daughter.)
Judge Holloway: I watched the light fade from Nora's eyes as I took her life...
(The flashback ends.)
Judge Holloway: Knowing that her death would protect our family, protect Shepherd's Glen.
Alex: My God... Josh...
Judge Holloway: No, Alex. One of us failed- lacked the strength to fulfill his duty. Your father.
Alex: Where's Joshua?!
Judge Holloway: Don't you see? Because of him, our sacrifices were in vain! The pact with our God was broken, and your father's lack of conviction cursed us all. Our only hope was to revive the Order which our founders abandoned... the true faith.
Alex: By kidnapping, by murdering?
Judge Holloway: Murdering? I've given them life through rebirth.
Alex: And what about Elle? Are you gonna kill her too?
Judge Holloway: I've tried to make Elle understand. But she's like you, Alex. She still thinks there are such things as good and evil. But there aren't. There is only chaos and order.
(Curtis walks into the room. The judge turns to him.)
Judge Holloway: Show my daughter the price of her disobedience.
(Curtis grabs the skill saw and heads out of the room. The judge picks up the power drill.)
Alex: Don't. Look, I can help you with all this. There must be another way.
Judge Holloway: No, Alex. It's time I finished what your father couldn't.
(She drives the drill into Alex's leg.)
Alex: Ahhh!!!!
(Struggling, Alex manages to free his arms from their straps and push the judge away. She lunges at him again, this time aiming the drill at his face. Alex grabs her arms before she can reach him and, using all his strength, pushes the drill back until it catches the judge underneath her chin, drilling up through her head as she screams... and gurgles. She falls to the ground. Alex frees his legs and gets up from the chair.)
Alex: Bitch!

13.3 - Elle

(Alex hears a scream.)
Alex: Elle!
(Alex finds his way to the room where Elle is being held, but the door is locked. Through the window he can see Curtis bring up the skill saw. Elle whimpers in fear. Curtis walks around to her other side.)
Curtis: Boo!
Alex: (banging on the door) Curtis! Stop!!
(Curtis revs up the saw some more. Elle starts to scream hysterically.)
Curtis: It's a damn shame the way people mistreat such nice things.
Elle: No! Oh God! Please don't!!
(Alex begins to look for another way in.)
Curtis: What's that? (laughs) That's the price you pay.
(Alex finds a door to an adjacent room and pries it open. This catches Curtis's attention and he comes around to attack Alex with the skill saw.)
Alex: You're going down.
Elle: Help!
Curtis: You're dead.
(They begin to fight. The battle finishes with Alex cutting Curtis's throat. Alex rushes to Elle and begins to remove her bindings.)
Elle: Alex, my mother...
Alex: I'm sorry, Elle.
Elle: Oh God, I can't believe this.
Alex: We gotta get you out of here. Come on.

13.4 - Deputy Wheeler

(Alex finds the room where Wheeler is being held. He is strapped to a chair with numerous knives protruding from his chest. He seems dead, but when Alex comes closer, he wakes up.)
Alex: Wheeler...
Wheeler: Ahhh!

[A. Give him a medkit.]
[B. No, he's too far gone.]

13.5 - Leaving Behind

(If you gave Wheeler a medkit.)
Alex: You need to get him out of here.
Elle: What about you?
Alex: I can't. Not without Joshua.
Elle: Be careful. I can't lose you too.

(If you didn't helped Wheeler.)
Alex: You need to get out of here.
Elle: What about you?
Alex: I can't. Not without Joshua.
Elle: Be careful. I can't lose you too.

13.6 - The Sacrificial Chamber

(After solving a series of puzzles, Alex enters the Sacrificial Chamber. When he finds the altar associated with his family, he is surprised to find his own name inscribed on the name plate, and not Joshua's.)
Alex: What...?
(He suddenly finds himself in a flashback. He is back in his room at home, watching another Alex wake up his brother.)
Josh: What's the matter?
Young Alex: Get dressed.
(The flashback now shows Alex and Josh on a boat out on Toluca lake.)
Josh: What are we doing here, Alex? Dad'll freak if he finds out.
(Josh has a flashlight in his hands.)
Young Alex: Give that to me. Someone will see us.
Josh: Nooo.
Young Alex: It's okay. I'm not going to let anything happen to you...
(Alex takes the flashlight from him.)
Josh: Why are we here Alex? What's going on?
Young Alex: What's the scared?
Josh: Oh no, I'm's just...Dad never lets us out on the lake.
Young Alex: Not you anyway. Dad thinks you're a little baby who can't do anything on his own.
Josh: Oh yeah! Then why'd he give me this?!
(Josh shows Alex the ring he has chained around his neck.)
Young Alex: What is that?
Josh: Dad's ring, but he told me not to show you, so I guess that makes me cooler.
Young Alex: Let me see it.
(Alex takes the chain from him.)
Josh: No!
Young Alex: What a piece of crap.
Josh: It is not. It's worth more than a million dollars. That's why Dad gave it to ME! Give that BACK!
(Josh grabs onto the chain, but Alex doesn't let go.)
Josh: Give it BACK! It's mine!!
(Josh pulls harder, then slips backwards. He hits his head on the boat before falling into the water.)
Josh: Arrgh!!
Young Alex: Josh, oh my God!
(Alex turns on the flashlight and points it at the water.)
Young Alex: Josh! Josh?
(The flashback then switches to Alex and his father on another boat. His father is carrying Josh's recovered body in his arms. Josh's hand is still holding onto the ring and chain.)
Adam Shepherd: Do you know what you've done?
Young Alex: It was an accident.
Adam Shepherd: This is not the way it's supposed to be. I chose YOU. Now you've ruined it for all of us.
Young Alex:'s okay...right...?
(Alex sits down.)
Young Alex: No, I can save him... I can, I can save him. I can save him...he's okay...
(The flashback ends. Alex stands in the sacrificial chamber with the ring and chain in his hand. He begins to cry.)
Alex: No...
(An air raid siren sounds and the world begins to transition into the nightmare world. A huge monster-Amnion-resembling a deformed mechanical spider drops down from the ceiling behind Alex.)

13.7 - After Amnion's Defeat

(After Amnion is defeated, Josh's body emerges from the creature and drops to the floor.)
Alex: Josh... Josh...
(Alex walks towards him and kneels down next to him.)
Alex: I'm sorry, Josh.
(He loops the chain with the ring around Josh's neck.)
Alex: I never meant for this to happen.
(He takes out his flashlight and places it onto Josh's body as well.)
Alex: Here buddy...take this... I forgot... Josh... I'm sorry...
(Alex stands up and walks away.)

14.1 - Good Ending

(Alex opens up a manhole cover and steps out onto the street. He turns to see Elle coming out of a building. He starts towards her.)
Alex: Elle. You're okay?
Elle: Yeah. I think so.
(They embrace. After a short while, they separate.)
Elle: What did you see in there?
Alex: What I needed to.
(They embrace again. The scene then switches to the two of them slowly making their way down the road. Alex, weak from the ordeal, leans on Elle as she helps him leave the place.)

14.2 - Drowning Ending

(Alex wakes up in a bathtub full of water. He looks up and sees his father come into the room.)
Adam Shepherd: Don't be afraid, son. Your sacrifice will save us all. Joshua will be safe to carry on the family name.
(His father then pushes Alex's head into the water.)
Alex: No... No!!!

14.3 - Bogeyman Ending

(Alex finds himself in the nightmare world strapped to a chair. Pyramid Head is walking towards him.)
Alex: Oh God. Oh God! What are you doing? Get away from me!!!
(There are actually two Pyramid Heads, one on each side of him.)
Alex: No! No!!! Ahhhh!!!!
(They place a pyramid on his head. Transformed into one of them, he stands out and gives a yell.)

14.4 - Hospital Ending

(Alex finds himself strapped on a hospital gurney staring up into bright lights. He struggles, but can't get free. Looking up, he sees a doctor.)
Alex: Wait...what are you doing? Was this a dream? Is Joshua okay?
(The camera shows another doctor in the room standing next to some electrical equipment.)
Doctor: It's not working.
Alex: I didn't...go anywhere?
Doctor: No, Alex. And you won't be going anywhere until you can start to accept reality and responsibility.
(The doctor standing over Alex brings down two electrical cathodes and connects them to some metal contacts on Alex's head.)
Alex: No, please don't.
(The doctor by the electrical equipment turns a knob.)

Alex: No!!!
(He is electrocuted.)

14.5 - UFO Ending

(Alex opens up a manhole cover and steps out onto the street. He turns to see Elle coming out of a building. He starts towards her.)
Alex: Elle...
(Before they can embrace, they look up and see the bright light of a flying saucer above them.)
Alex: Aww, shit.
(The two of them begin to float in the air, drawn up into the spacecraft. Deputy Wheeler then appears below on the ground, looking up.)
Wheeler: So THAT'S where they've been taking everybody. I knew it!
(The flying saucer closes up and flies away.)

14.6 - Bonus Ending

(Appears after credits if the player gathered all of Josh's photos throughout the game. The camera shows the staircase of the Shepherd home. There are wet footprints going up. Alex goes into his room and sees Joshua sitting in his bed with a camera.)
Josh: Smile!
(The picture comes out of Alex with a surprised look on his face-this is the last photo that you find in the game.)