Karma Abilities

When creatures are defeated, they leave behind pools of karma. Collect karma to push your Karma Meter toward the Blood or Light extreme. Karma is used to trigger Karma Abilities.

When the needle on the Karma Meter passes one of the notches, a new Karma Ability has become available. To use a Karma Ability, touch the Karma Meter, then touch the ability you wish to trigger. Using these abilities drains your Karma Meter. Each Karma Ability is controlled using the rear touch pad. Additional Karma Abilities become unlocked as your character levels up.

Blood 1: Barrage
Navigate a cursor around using the rear touch pad, continuously damaging any creatures underneath.

Blood 2: Beam
Navigate two cursors around using the rear touch pad, channeling a blood beam between them that damages any creatures caught inside.

Blood 3: Burn
Stretch a red field over the ground using the rear touch pad, which damages any creatures that wander into it. The smaller the field, the more damage it causes.

Light 1: Heal Me
Navigate a cursor around using the rear touch pad, siphoning HP from any creature it passes over back to your character.

Light 2: Heal You
Navigate two cursors around using the rear touch pad, channeling a light beam between them that siphons HP from any creatures caught inside. This HP is transferred to your character or to another character standing within the beam.

Light 3: Heal Us
Stretch a white field over the ground using the rear touch pad, which partially refills the HP of any Players inside of it. The smaller the field, the more HP is refilled. Creatures caught inside the field become stunned.

Boost Abilities

A Boost Room provides you with a special ability, usable only once per Zone. Stand in the circle, then press the X button to select a boost. To trigger that boost, touch the icon at the top center of the screen.

Guard Boost
The Guard Boost makes the character invincible for 60 seconds.

Karma Boost
The Karma Boost increases the amount of Karma earned for 60 seconds.

Fists Boost
The Fists Boost makes bare-handed attacks 10x as powerful for 60 seconds.

Speed Boost
The Speed Boost makes the character run and dodge faster for 60 seconds.

Strength Boost
The Strength Boost doubles damage dealt by the character for 60 seconds.

Unseen Boost
The Unseen Boost makes the character invisible to standard creatures for 60 seconds.


Power Moves

Power Moves are tactical attacks purchased in the shop. Once purchased, you can trigger these attacks by holding down the R button, then pressing each attack's specific button. The number of Power Moves currently available is displayed as gems underneath the HP Meter, which are replenished by defeating creatures.

Weapon Breaker – TRIANGLE button
Charge Tackle – CIRCLE button
Karma Flip – CROSS button
Push Force – UP button
Health Siphon – LEFT button
Flash Burst – DOWN button
360 Attack – rotate left stick

Weapon Breaker
This move performs a final, dramatic blow with the currently-held weapons, impaling the creature standing in front of the character.

Charge Tackle
This move causes the character to charge forward, barreling through any creatures in the way.

Karma Flip
This move converts all Blood creatures to Light and Light creatures to Blood.

Push Force
This move knocks away any creatures immediately adjacent to the character.

Health Siphon
This move transfers HP from your character to another character. This move can also be used on dying characters to revive them.

Flash Burst
This move creates a blast of light from the character's flashlight, temporarily blinding and freezing all creatures in the room.

360 Attack
This move swings the current weapon in a circular arc around the character.