Baseball Hat

Description: A baseball cap from a local sports team.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Classy Fedora

Description: A small, classy hat with a shiny band.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Cowboy Hat

Description: A smooth Western hat made of fur-based felt.
Availability: Zone 4+ (shop).

Face Restraint

Description: A restraint mask for the lower face to prevent biting.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Flashy Sunglasses

Description: Expensive-looking sunglasses with solid silver frames.
Availability: Zone 13+ (shop).

Gas Mask

Description: An unsettling, WW2-era gas mask.
Availability: Zone 19+ (shop).

Germ Mask

Description: A small, fabric mask used to contain coughs and ilnesses.
Availability: Zone 16+ (shop).

Infantry Helmet

Description: A dusty, battered World War I era helmet.
Availability: Zone 9+ (shop).

Plague Mask

Description: A strapped leather mask originally used during Europe's Black Death plague.
Availability: Zone 18+ (shop).

Porcelain Mask

Description: An unsettling, cracked mask made of porcelain.
Availability: Zone 14+ (shop).

Princess Earmuffs

Description: Colorful earmuffs and antennae previously owned by Princess Heart.
Availability: Zone 30+ (shop).

Pyramid Mask

Description: A creepy, bolted metal helmet that seems familiar...
Availability: Zone 22+ (shop).

Robbie Mask

Description: An oversized mask of the popular Lakeside Amusement Park mascot.
Availability: Zone 22+ (shop).

Spiral Sunglasses

Description: Oversized sunglasses with hypnotic lenses.
Availability: Zone 8+ (shop).

Steampunk Goggles

Description: A pair of leather and copper lenses from the mid-1800's.
Availability: Zone 10+ (shop).


Description: Classic sunglasses, cool enough to wear in the dark.
Availability: Zone 7+ (shop).

Top Hat

Description: A particularly dignified top hat.
Availability: Zone 2+ (shop).

Twin Mask

Description: A haunting white mask reminiscent of a bloated baby's face.
Availability: Zone 11+ (shop).

Expansion Pack

3D Shades

Description: A pair of red and blue sunglasses that allow the wearer to see in anaglyph 3D.

Bloody Knife

Description: A large butcher knife lodged in the skull of its wearer.

Blue Robbie Mask

Description: A blue, bloody variant of the popular theme park mascot.

Box Head Mask

Description: A stained plate metal box from the popular videogame 'Violent Hell.'

Creature Head

Description: A gnarled, fleshy head resembling the nightmare creatures.

Cyber Mask

Description: A black and neon face mask typically worn at raves.

Heart Sunglasses

Description: A pair of sunglasses with lenses in the shape of hearts.

Jack-o-Lantern Mask

Description: A full-head mask of a carved pumpkin with a devious expression.

Joke Sunglasses

Description: A pair of comedically-oversized plastic sunglasses.

Mira Head

Description: The cute, cartoonish head of a Shiba Inu dog.

  Buy Price Sell Price
Baseball Hat 600
Classy Fedora 1,600
Cowboy Hat 1,800
Face Restraint 120
Flashy Sunglasses 3,500
Gas Mask 6,200
Germ Mask 700
Infantry Helmet 5,240
Plague Mask 9,005
Porcelain Mask 2,900
Princess Earmuffs 8,000
Pyramid Mask 6,660
Robbie Mask 4,805
Spiral Sunglasses 2,505
Steampunk Goggles 850
Sunglasses 900
Top Hat 1,500
Twin Mask 3,650
Expansion Pack Buy Price Sell Price
3D Shades 100
Bloody Knife 1,000
Blue Robbie Mask 3,000
Box Head Mask 8,000
Creature Head 5,000
Cyber Mask 2,000
Heart Sunglasses 500
Jack-o-Lantern Mask 830
Joke Sunglasses 500
Mira Head 10,000