Baseball Bat

Description: A light-weight piece of wooden sporting equipment.
Elements: Wood
Availability: Zone 3+ (rooms), Zone 2+ (shop).


Description: A standard, metal all-purpose tool.
Elements: Steel
Availability: Zone 4+ (rooms), Zone 4+ (shop).

Dagger of Melchior

Description: A small rusty-looking dagger, capable of inflicting more damage than a standard knife.
Elements: Steel
Availability: Zone 6+ (rooms), Zone 7+ (shop), Zone 3 (Valtiel's reward).

Fire Axe

Description: A medium-sized hatchet, traditionally used by the Fire Department.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 4+ (rooms), Zone 5+ (shop).


Description: A red electric guitar with an alder body and maple neck.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 24+ (rooms), Zone 31 (shop), Zone 9 (Valtiel's reward).


Description: A traditional Japanese blade that slices elegantly through creatures.
Elements: Steel, Steel
Availability: Zone 24+ (rooms), Zone 25+ (shop).


Description: A small butcher's knife that's sharp but has a limited range.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 1+ (rooms), Zone 1+ (shop).


Description: A long, Medieval melee weapon with a spiked ball at the end.
Elements: Steel, Light
Availability: Zone 10+ (rooms), Zone 1 (Valtiel's reward).

Meat Cleaver

Description: A sharp, rusty blade used for slicing through meat and bone.
Elements: Steel, Blood
Availability: Zone 2+ (rooms), Zone 1+ (shop), Zone 5 (Valtiel's reward).


Description: A sharp, medium-range tool with a double-sided blade.
Elements: Steel
Availability: Zone 8+ (rooms), Zone 9+ (shop).


Description: A worn steel shovel with a wooden handle.
Elements: Earth
Availability: Zone 12+ (rooms), Zone 12+ (shop), Zone 4 (Valtiel's reward).

Steel Pipe

Description: The same long, filthy pipe that's wielded by nurses.
Elements: Steel
Availability: Zone 4+ (rooms), Zone 5+ (shop).

Sword of Obedience

Description: A long, Medieval blade that is particularly effective against ghosts.
Elements: Light, Steel
Availability: Zone 13+ (rooms), Zone 7+ (shop), Zone 7 (Valtiel's reward).

Wine Bottle

Description: A vintage bottle that causes more damage once it's been broken.
Elements: Water
Availability: Zone 6+ (rooms), Zone 6+ (shop).

Wood Plank

Description: A standard 2x4 plank that has decent range but causes little damage.
Elements: Wood
Availability: Zone 1+ (rooms), Zone 1+ (shop).

Fire Sword

Description: Pulled from the ashes of the Fire Guardian, this flaming blade gets a damage boost in Wood Zones.
Elements: Fire, Fire
Availability: Zone 3 (boss).

Wood Sword

Description: Pulled from the soil of the Wood Guardian's remains, this organic sword gets a damage bonus in Earth Zones.
Elements: Wood, Wood
Availability: Zone 6 (boss).

Water Sword

Description: Pulled from the dripping remains of the Water Guardian, this wet blade gets a damage boost in Fire Zones.
Elements: Water, Water
Availability: Zone 12 (boss).

Earth Sword

Description: Pulled from the remains of the Earth Guardian, this rock sword gets a damage boost in Water Zones.
Elements: Earth, Earth
Availability: Zone 15 (boss).

Steel Sword

Description: Pulled from the head of the Steel Guardian, this powerful blade gets a damage boost in Blood and Light Zones.
Elements: Steel, Steel
Availability: Zone 21 (boss).

Expansion Pack

Beam Saber

Description: A retractable sword made of pure light that can cut through anything.
Elements: Light

A. Y. Guitar

Description: A sleek, black electric guitar with the initials "A. Y." etched into its base.
Elements: None


Description: A standard-issue hospital pillow stained with tears and regret.
Elements: Blood


Description: A heavy, cast-iron Medieval torch with kindling for fire inside.
Elements: Fire


Assault Rifle

Description: A heavy duty, fully-automatic firearm that tears through creatures.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 14+ (rooms), Zone 14+ (shop).


Description: A small, standard-issue firearm with limited ammo capacity.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 1+ (rooms), Zone 1+ (shop).

Laser Gun

Description: An alien firearm that fires a powerful laser blast.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 21+ (rooms), Zone 27 (shop), Zone 16 (Valtiel's reward).


Description: A powerful firearm with limited range but heavy impact.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 5+ (rooms), Zone 7+ (shop).

Submachine Gun

Description: A one-handed, fully automatic firearm that discharges bullets at an incredible rate.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 9+ (rooms), Zone 10+ (shop).

Expansion Pack


Description: A modern, fiberglass mounted bow and stock that fires single arrows.
Elements: Steel


Bogeyman's Hammer

Description: The long, heavy weapon of the Bogeyman, able to knock back creatures with a powerful blow.
Elements: Light, Light
Availability: Zone 20+ (rooms), Zone 150+ (shop), Zone 14 (Valtiel's reward).

Circular Saw

Description: A handheld, electrical saw that rapidly shreds creatures.
Elements: Steel
Availability: Zone 16+ (rooms), Zone 17+ (shop).

Rock Drill

Description: An electrical drill that rapidly grinds its mechanical spike into creatures.
Elements: Earth
Availability: Zone 14+ (rooms), Zone 15+ (shop).


Description: A military flamethrower, capable of unleashing a wide fountain of fire.
Elements: Fire
Availability: Zone 13+ (rooms), Zone 16+ (shop).

Great Cleaver

Description: The oversized, blood-encrusted cleaver used by the Butcher.
Elements: Blood, Blood
Availability: Zone 21+ (rooms), Zone 5 (Valtiel's reward).

Great Knife

Description: Pyramid Head's long, rusty blade, slow to swing but incredibly powerful.
Elements: Blood, Steel
Availability: Zone 30+ (rooms), Zone 100 (shop), Zone 18 (Valtiel's reward).

Hyper Spray

Description: An otherworldly can of aerosol spray that emits a toxic blast.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 10+ (rooms), Zone 12+ (shop), Zone 11 (Valtiel's reward).


Description: A short-range police stun gun that blasts creatures with an electrical pulse.
Elements: None
Availability: Zone 10+ (rooms), Zone 11+ (shop).

Robbie Doll

Description: A medium-sized plush doll modeled after one of the local theme park's mascots.
Elements: Blood, Light
Availability: Enter the Konami Code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Start) in the main menu.

Expansion Pack


Description: A heavy-duty electric saw with a 42cc engine and an 18-inch bar
Elements: Steel, Blood


Description: Small, military fragmentation explosives thrown by hand, which can be 'cooked' for an earlier explosion.
Elements: Earth

Great Spear

Description: An unusually-long, grimey metal staff with sharpened edges and incredible reach.
Elements: Blood, Steel

Princess Heart

Description: A small, plastic wand with fake gold plating and a large jewel. Modeled after a popular animated TV program.
Elements: Light

TV Remote

Description: A standard, early 60's TV remote control with unusual properties...
Elements: None


Description: A clunky, outdated, wood-panel TV set with a 13-inch screen.
Elements: Steel

  Buy Price Sell Price
1. Assault Rifle 1,800 845
2. Baseball Bat 455 125
3. Bogeyman's Hammer 6,150 2,800
4. Cicular Saw 2,100 900
5. Meat Cleaver 300 125
6. Crowbar 600 355
7. Dagger of Melchior 1,100 550
8. Rock Drill 2,245 900
9. Earth Sword 2,300
10. Fire Axe 885 430
11. Fire Sword 1,500
12. Flamethrower 2,500 1,100
13. Great Cleaver 1,700
14. Great Knife 8,600 4,275
15. Guitar 3,500 2,000
16. Handgun 670 200
17. Hyper Spray 1,025 455
18. Katana 3,770 1,805
19. Knife 210 60
20. Laser Gun 3,000 1,500
21. Maul 475
22. Pickaxe 1,215 600
23. Steel Pipe 400 175
24. Shotgun 1,200 500
25. Shovel 900 450
26. Submachine Gun 970 425
27. Steel Sword 3,000
28. Stungun 1,300 650
29. Sword of Obedience 1,405 1,000
30. Water Sword 2,110
31. Wine Bottle 860 200
32. Wood Plank 50 20
33. Wood Sword 1,800
34. Robbie Doll 700 5
Expansion Pack Buy Price Sell Price
35. Beam Saber ? 1,500
36. Chainsaw 2,100 1,000
37. Crossbow 4,000 2,000
38. Grenade 900 450
39. Great Spear ? 4,000
40. A. Y. Guitar ? 200
41. Pillow 10 5
42. Princess Heart 13,000 7,000
43. TV Remote 6,000 3,000
44. Torch ? 800
45. Television 4,500 2,250