Your one-room living space reflects your current state of mind, whether that's cheerful and optimistic... or dark and destructive.


Save your progress and lock in memories by scribbling in the pages of your book here. If you ever die in your nightmare, you can continue from these locations.

Howard's Shop

Howard's shop always has the latest weapons, artifacts, items, and accessories available for purchase. Save up some Memory Residue (MR) and drop by anytime.

Boost Room

Spin the wheel and test your luck. The boost room offers a one-time, super-human ability to anyone willing to step into its dark ring.

Forsaken Rooms
Forsaken Rooms hold traumatic memories that have been abandoned. These rooms only appear while playing alone, trapping you temporarily while providing some form of interactive elements. Each Forsaken Room in the game has three possible outcomes. Experiment to see what you can accomplish in each.

Crying Child

A small child weeps in her bedroom as you quietly observe. Will you contribute to her terror, or let her know that everything will be alright?
Light - do nothing
Neutral - ?
Blood - chase little girl

Perfect Family

A picturesque park has been dropped into a dismal, mechanical wasteland. A family caught in a moment, attempts to enjoy their Saturday afternoon. Will you let them?
Light - do not interfere
Neutral - destroy the statue of one of the child's parents
Blood - destroy the statues of child's parents

Bad Baby

An ordinary infant in an ordinary crib may not be quite as ordinary as it seems. Don't be fooled by appearances. Nothing is cheerful in Silent Hill.
Light - do nothing
Neutral - ?
Blood - destroy child's bed

False Enemies

A young girl, frozen in terror is surrounded by blood-thirsty enemies in a wax museum. Will you be her savior, or let them tear her apart? Is any of this real?
Light - attack and destroy the statues of nurses
Neutral - do nothing
Blood - attack and destroy the statue of the girl

Woman in the Box

An unseen, disturbed woman mumbles aggressively from within her iron prison. Only your words can soothe her... or drive her off the edge of madness.
Light - use VO dialogue lines: Commands - Go Ahead, Comments - Random, Yes, Exclamation
Comments: Random, Yes, Exclamation
Neutral - stand still
Blood - use VO dialogue lines: Commands - Follow Me, Stay Here, Tactics - Rear, Comments - No


A series of monitors observe over the nightmare, while a voice reports loosely on the state of your being. It's up to you whether or not to listen.
Light - listen to the broadcast to the end
Neutral - destroy some of TVs
Blood - destroy all TVs


A violent barrage of audio imagery assaults your senses in an abandoned pawn shop. You need to make sense of this. You need to distill the message.
Light - destroy all lamps
Neutral - stand still
Blood - ?

Expansion Pack


An oversized, sickly nurse creature awaits death in a cramped hospital room. It's up to you whether to end her suffering with a nurturing touch, or contribute to it with malice and steel.
Light - ?
Neutral - ?
Blood - ?

Family Portraits

Painted portraits represent four generations of a family. Love, pride, hatred, and resentment are woven into each canvas. It's up to you to sort through these emotions and restore order.
Light - ?
Neutral - ?
Blood - ?

Treasure Rooms


A myriad of bladed weapons awaits your arrival in this traditional training site. Handle each with the respect and care it deserves.

Artifact Room

Unusual protective trinkets are held within these holy sites. Only those favored in the eyes of their creator can carry these divine talismans.


Fulfill all your basic appliance and tool needs at this hidden warehouse. When you've gotta tear down creatures, they've got whatcha need.


This compact shooting range offers all manner of firearms, from light and handheld to massive and fully-automatic. Lock and load.


This curiosity exhibit offers the most peculiar, unusual means of attack. From aliens to the unholy, there's something here to make everyone's skin crawl.


If you're looking for extra ammo, health packs, and tool kits, this is the room to search for. Patch yourself up and return to the nightmare.


Piles of wealth and riches await you in this rarest of rooms. Are you willing to share your spoils with those you call friends?