Most creatures in the game have either a Blood or Light alignment. Killing creatures of either type earns karma and pushes your Karma Meter toward one extreme. Even more karma can be absorbed by collecting pools left behind when creatures die. Increasing your Karma Meter in either direction unlocks unique Karma Abilities.

Steel creatures are larger, more challenging versions of the game's creatures. They yield no karma when defeated, cannot be set on fire, and do not affect your Karma Meter.

Rare-type creatures
Bloated - bigger size
Combustible - burning
Corrosive - ruin your equipped weapons more quickly
Dark - turn off flashlight
Disarming - steal weapons and items
Explosive - explode upon death
Hidden - invisible
Healthy - have more HP

Air Screamer

Description: A flying creature with an immense wingspan, it attacks while circling around the room, or slashes with its talons while hovering.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Handgun


Description: A quiet, brutal character who wields a tremendous hammer. He selects a target and will hunt it relentlessly until either he or it is dead.
Weapon: Bogeyman's Hammer
Weakness: Great Cleaver


Description: A powerful, aggressive creature that slaughters its victims with an oversized meat cleaver.
Weapon: Great Cleaver
Weakness: Bogeyman's Hammer

Double Head

Description: This dog-like creature has a head that splits into two. It circles its victims before charging at them.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Wood Plank


Description: A victim of serial killer Walter Sullivan, this creature pursues and wears down its victims with its toxic presence.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Sword of Obedience

Insane Cancer

Description: A grotesque, bloated heap of oozing flesh, this creature attacks victims with the force of its mass, ultimately exploding into messy chunks.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Wine Bottle


Description: A tortured, four-legged creature whose limbs extend into sharp blades. This one is fast, aggressive, and good at dodging attacks.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Katana


Description: This iconic, uniformed creature has notably female features, and pursues its victims with shaky steps and a long, metal pipe.
Weapon: Steel Pipe
Weakness: Steel Pipe

Pyramid Head

Description: A quiet, towering creature with a head constructed of metal plates, it pursues its victims with a massive blade that can tear through anything.
Weapon: Great Knife
Weakness: Great Knife


Description: A mangled, twisted creature with a blade-like head, it wanders blindly and lunges at anyone nearby.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Circular Saw


Description: A bound, tortured creature without face or arms, it lives in constant agony and vomits acidic projectiles at its victims.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Stungun


Description: A relatively small, roach-like creature that pesters and feeds on anyone that gets too close.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Hyper Spray


Description: A pulsating, slimy creature that slithers in mindless pursuit of its victims.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Shovel

Flesh Lips

Description: This caged abomination drops into rooms from above, commanding other creatures to spawn and attack until it's destroyed.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None


Description: A female-shaped mass of flesh pinned to the floor, this creature acts as a portal to bring small creatures into the nightmare world.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None


Description: The silent caretaker of the nightmare world, this creature delivers missions on behalf of an unknown power.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None


Fire Guardian

Description: A volatile, flaming beast fueled by hatred, this creature projects flames from its mouth and hands.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Water Sword

Wood Guardian

Description: A giant, rickety creature of nature, this beast has remained dormant for a long time and will destroy anything interrupting its rest.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Fire Sword

Wood Sapling

Description: A smaller, more aggressive child of the Wood Guardian, struck down and splintered apart with relative ease.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None

Light Guardian

Description: A solemn, towering being powered by its illuminated heart, this creature patrols the darkness in search of trespassers, smashing them with a mace-like arm.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None

Water Guardian

Description: A bloated, aquatic monolith that pulls its victims under water with detaching limbs and a hungry mouth.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Earth Sword

Earth Guardian

Description: Formed of stone and contempt, this large creature has lived in isolation for some time, literally feeding off the misery of other creatures.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Wood Sword

Blood Guardian

Description: A monstrous creature fueled by blood: part vicious, multi-armed mass, part sadistic, female puppet-master.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None

Blood Baby

Description: A deformed, blood-birthed hatchling spawned from its mother.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None

Blood Mama

Description: Broken free from her massive, gelatinous base, this creature is free to rush and pounce on its prey.
Weapon: None
Weakness: None

Steel Guardian

Description: A sadistic, powerful creature birthed of steel and your own desires, this creature exists as an avatar by which you alter reality.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Steel Sword

Expansion Pack

Gray Child

Description: This disturbing, child-like creature surrounds its victims in numbers, slicing them up with knives coughed up from its belly.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Sword of Obedience

Raw Shock

Description: Don't be fooled. Although this creature initially appears human, its true form is revealed when struck. It is a sneaky, cowardly creature that hoards any items it can find.
Weapon: None
Weakness: Sword of Obedience