To complete a Zone you need to solve a puzzle which awaits you at the end of the level. Each puzzle is random. Generally, it's an arrangement of a number of puzzle pieces that you've been collecting in the Zone and which follows a simple pattern which you need to figure out to solve the puzzle.

The first line of the puzzle note describes the puzzle pieces. Depending on the Zone's size there can be a different number of pieces for the puzzle ranging from four to seven. The pieces can be figures of children, hands, monks, dancers, ankhs, etc.

The second line describes the order of the figures' arrangement. It can be:
- From weak to strong (by size, small to big)
- From great to small (by size, big to small)
- Their lights fading (by brightness, dark to light)
- Their souls darkening (by brightness, light to dark)
- Seeking enlightment (by brightness, dark to light)
- From violets to flames (by colour, violet to red)
- Chased from the fire (by colour, red to violet)

The third line describes the direction of the figures' arrangement. It can be:
- Headed to the East (left to right)
- Followed the setting sun (right to left)
- Rose from the abyss (bottom to top)
- Were cast from Heaven (from top to bottom)
- Followed the written word (left to right, top to bottom)
- Read words through reflection (right to left, top to bottom)
- Rose to meet the morning sun (left to right, bottom to top)
- Began at the story's end (right to left, bottom to top)
- Chased after time (clockwise)
- Sought to reverse time (counterclockwise)

You can pull the Hint Lever for a hint if stumped, however its use diminishes the MR reward for the puzzle. Once all pieces have been placed correctly, the Zone exit will unlock.

Six peasants
From weak to strong
Headed to the East
Six children
From violets to flames
Headed to the East
Five candles
Chased from the fire
Followed the setting sun
Six jewelled eggs
Their lights fading
Followed the setting sun
Five vases
From weak to strong
Rose from the abyss
Seven children
From weak to strong
Were cast from Heaven
Six monks
From violets to flames
Read words through reflection
Six rabbits
From great to small
Rose to meet the morning sun
Six spirits
Their lights fading
Began at the story's end
Seven ankhs
From great to small
Began at the story's end