Ammo Pack

Description: A single ammo clip that can be applied to any firearm.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Health Pack

Description: A medical pack that refills a portion of your HP Meter.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Tool Kit

Description: A small collection of tools used to restore the durability of any currently-held weapons.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Backpack Upgrade 1

Description: Carry up to 1 extra weapon, 5 health packs, 5 ammo clips, and 2 tool kits.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Backpack Upgrade 2

Description: Carry up to 2 extra weapons, 6 health packs, 6 ammo clips, and 3 tool kits.
Availability: Zone 4+ (shop).

Backpack Upgrade 3

Description: Carry up to 3 extra weapons, 7 health packs, 7 ammo clips, and 3 tool kits.
Availability: Zone 6+ (shop).

Backpack Upgrade 4

Description: Carry up to 4 extra weapons, 8 health packs, 8 ammo clips, and 3 tool kits.
Availability: Zone 9+ (shop).

Backpack Upgrade 5

Description: Carry up to 5 extra weapons, 9 health packs, 9 ammo clips, and 4 tool kits.
Availability: Zone 11+ (shop).

Identity Stone

Description: This dark and costly amulet allows you to literally become someone else (via main menu Character page).
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Renewal Card

Description: This mystical card refills your HP, ammo, and weapon durability at the moment of purchase.
Availability: Zone 1+ (shop).

Power Move: Karma Flip

Description: -
Availability: Zone 2+ (shop).

Power Move: 360 Attack

Description: Swing your melee weapon around 360 degrees, damaging creatures on all sides.
Availability: Zone 3+ (shop).

Power Move: Push Force

Description: Knock away any creatures immediately surrounding you.
Availability: Zone 4+ (shop).

Power Move: Charge Tackle

Description: Charge in the direction tapped, barrelling through any creatures in your way.
Availability: Zone 6+ (shop).

Power Move: Weapon Breaker

Description: -
Availability: Zone 8+ (shop).

Power Move: Health Siphon

Description: Transfer HP from yourself to another character (or revive someone that's dying).
Availability: Zone 10+ (shop).

Power Move: Flash Burst

Description: Create a burst of light from your flashlight and freezing all creatures.
Availability: Zone 11+ (shop).

  Buy Price Sell Price
Ammo Pack 300 150
Health Pack 250 100
Tool Kit 300 150
Backpack Upgrade 1 1,000
Backpack Upgrade 2 2,500
Backpack Upgrade 3 5,000
Backpack Upgrade 4 5,500
Backpack Upgrade 5 6,000
Identity Stone 3,000 1,500
Renewal Card 1,250
Power Move: 360 Attack 800
Power Move: Push Force 800
Power Move: Charge Tackle 1,600
Power Move: Weapon Break 1,840
Power Move: Health Siphon 2,500
Power Move: Flash Burst 4,200