How the Ending System Works

While you can only receive the Normal ending on your first run, what determines your ending on successive runs is essentially a point system that awards you for kills, damage received, and forgiving the lady in the church's confession box. The way it hands out points is standardized in the following way:

  • Killing an enemy: 10 points
  • Receiving Damage: 1 point for each damage point
  • Confessional Box (Church): Forgive - 1000 points / Say Nothing - 0 points

Damage points will vary depending on the enemy or attack. An effective way to determine the approximate damage received is by what health items are required to heal your wounds. Health Drinks heal 25 points, First-Aid Kits 50 points and Ampoules a full 100 points.

Note that it's hard to determine the exact amount of damage points received this way since you may slightly over or under heal (for example, recover to 95 health rather than 100, or waste 5 points of a Health Drink when recovering from 80 health), but you can generally approximate it within a fairly accurate margin of error of just 10-20 points.


Whether you will receive the Normal or Possessed ending on subsequent playthroughs depends on whether you have received 4000 points as described above. Additionally, there is a joke ending on top of it called the Revenge ending and is similar to the UFO ending in previous games.

Normal Ending

This is the only achievable ending on your first run and the default ending on subsequent runs, unless you achieve a total of 4000 points with the point system above. If you wish to achieve this ending again, just play normally and you should be fine unless you take a massive amount of damage. But if you want to set a certain target, here's a basic guideline:

  • Kill under 100 enemies
  • Try your best to avoid damage
  • Say nothing to the lady in the confessional box in the Church

This guideline allows you to take just shy of 3000 points in damage, which is a lot. But if you struggle, you may want to limit your kills further to compensate, and if you're better at limiting damage you can up your kills accordingly, just as long as you don't eclipse 4000 points. Never forgive the lady in the confessional to stay safe.

Possessed Ending

Only achievable in an Extra New Game, to receive this ending the player must accumulate at least 4000 points as described in the above system. This can be achieved through reckless play by taking a lot of damage and killing lots of enemies. Top it off by forgiving the lady in the church's confessional. There is no one way to do this, but you can try the following as a general guideline:

  • Kill 200 or more enemies (2000+ points)
  • Try to receive at least 1000 damage points (1000+ points)
  • Forgive the lady in the confessional (1000 points)

Note that 1000 points in damage isn't even a lot, so if you're reckless you can easily achieve more than that and thus not have to kill as many enemies, especially if playing on Hard where taking damage is even easier (but don't be too reckless to run out of health supplies). Another general guideline could be 100 kills and 2000 points in damage while forgiving the confessional lady.

If you wish to just go for this ending without any number guideline, kill every enemy you see, seek out even more in optional "murder" rooms that only contain enemies, don't be afraid of taking damage, and always forgive in the church. Also be sure to equip the Perfume once acquired in the hospital to spawn and draw more enemies to you.

Revenge Ending

Only achievable in an Extra New Game, this ending serves as the UFO ending of Silent Hill 3 with a different name and ends the game at around half distance upon entering your apartment. To achieve the ending, you must first unlock the Heather Beam by killing a total of 333 enemies in your save file over however many runs it takes. Two runs is possible while three is more reasonable with at least a moderate focus of killing enemies.

With the Heather Beam unlocked, you must kill at least 30 enemies with it (Heather Beam or Sexy Beam) before reaching home in Daisy Villa Apartments where the game will abruptly end with this wacky ending. Enemies must be killed with the beam as the killing blow to count, so avoid kicking enemies.