1. If you have the "Princess Heart" costume and a maul equipped, you can hear mysterious Japanese voices on the 1st floor of the alternate Hilltop Center building.

2. If you stay in this room of the Silent Hill 3 Church long enough, you will see a strange pattern of circles.

3. These ventilation rooms of the SH1 Midwich Elementary School and the SH3 Church are linked together.

4. SH3 files contain an item unused in the final game - a photo where Harry and Heather are together.

5. Certain SH games spawn various supplies during gameplay depending on your inventory. For example, these submachine gun bullets appear only when you're fairly low on ammo.

6. Heather has a pretty rare idle animation in which she squats.

7. The message "南無妙法蓮華経" is written on the top of the Closer's head, which literally translates as "Lotus Sūtra" - one of the most popular and influential Mahāyāna sūtras.

8. Two Silent Hill 3 paintings can be seen on the second floor of Graniny Gorki Lab in Metal Gear Solid 3.

9. An unused animation of Memory of Alessa jumping off a merry-go-round horse can be found in the SH3 files. This seems to be a tribute to Cybil from SH1 doing the exact same thing during the battle with Harry.

10. This is how early variants of the SH3 logo looked like.

11. Akira Yamaoka collaborated with the Swedish industrial band Interlace on two tracks. Besides Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit) performed by Interlace and included as a bonus composition in the Japanese edition of SH3 OST, Yamaoka did a remix of Interlace’s track “Missing Link” which he called “Heather Remix”.

12. With the help of a simple trick utilizing the glitch of the Transform costume, you can get out of bounds in the Shopping Mall in SH3, explore the level from outside and even skip the first boss battle.

13. Team Silent planned to finish the series with SH3.

14. The design of the underground church's chamber, in which the cult members are seated around the central part, was inspired by the British Parliament.

15. Robbie the Rabbit is not the only mascot of the Lakeside Amusement Park. The other three are Kathy the Kitty, Huey the Horse and Dawn the Duck.

16. In SH3, you can find a poster of Silent Hill 2 at the beginning of the shopping center level.

17. Silent Hills star Norman Reedus had a little cameo in Silent Hill 3 in form of an image from a 2000 movie Gossip which appeared on a magazine's cover in My Bestsellers bookstore.