Save Point Locations

Here are the locations for every save point in Silent Hill 3.


01. Central Square Shopping Center
02. Nightmare Mall
03. Hazel Street Subway Station
04. Underpass
05. Construction Site
06. Hilltop Center
07. Nightmare Hilltop Center
08. Daisy Villa Apartments
09. Silent Hill
10. Brookhaven Hospital
11. Nightmare Hospital
12. Lakeside Amusement Park
13. The Church

Central Square Shopping Center

1. On the mirror in the starting women's washroom on 1F.

2. On the shelf in the northernmost storeroom in the north 2F corridor.

Nightmare Mall

3. On the bed in the infirmary in the southwest of 1F.

4. On a TV in the south part of the west 2F escalator corridor.

5. On the wall near the vise in the northwest shop in the east 2F hall.

Return to Normal Central Square
6. On the right counter in Happy Burger on 1F, after the mall turns back to normal

Hazel Street Subway Station

7. On a wall by the south stairs descending from the concourse, B2.

8. On the floor of the first moving subway car.


9. On the wall after exiting the subway train once it stops.

10. On the wall in the kerosene heater room in the east, upper level.

11. On the floor in the room before the monster in the water, lower level.

Construction Site

12. On the barrel just outside the entrance.

Hilltop Center

13. On the wall in the northern small room of Monica's Dance Studio on 3F.

14. On the vending machine in the north of the main 2F corridor.

Nightmare Hilltop Center

15. On the wall in the small Green Ridge Mental Health Clinic corridor on 2F.

16. On the wall in the Gallery of Fine Arts main gallery on 5F.

Daisy Villa Apartments

17. On the bulletin board by the front entrance near Heather's apartment.

Silent Hill

18. On the TV stand in motel room 106 of Jack's Inn.

Brookhaven Hospital

19. On the wall of the Reception Office on 1F.

20. On the floor of the 3F Storeroom.

Nightmare Hospital

21. On the bed in room S3 on 3F.

22. On the wall in the Examination Room on 1F.

23. On the curtain in room C4 on 1F.

Lakeside Amusement Park

24. Inside the tin box that falls at the back left of the souvenir shop.

25. On the ticket booth at the entrance of the Haunted Mansion.

26. On the crystal ball table inside the Fortune House.


27. On the altar in the chapel, upper level.

28. On the ground in the octagon-shaped room at the north of the upper level.

29. On the shelf of Alessa's bedroom before the final boss, lower level.