Recommendations Before You Start

I cannot recommend enough that you change Walk/Run Control to Reverse in the Extra Options. Normally, you must hold Square while moving to run, otherwise you will walk. Switching it will make running your default movement, which you'll be doing the majority of the time, while you can then use Square to walk if ever desired. This is a must for convenience's sake.

Also while the Noise Effect gives the game a bit of an old horror film look, I recommend turning it off to showcase the beautiful graphics as one of the best-looking games of its time. You can turn it off in the Extra Options.

Additionally, since this is a finely-crafted horror game, I recommend playing at nighttime with the lights off and the volume turned up. A good sound system or headphones work very well to immerse you in its terrifying atmosphere. Trust me, it's more rewarding to fully enable it to frighten you and give you the best experience possible.

Note: This walkthrough was written while playing on Normal Action Level. Therefore health and ammo pickups, enemy locations and numbers may vary on other difficulties, although all riddles and puzzles will be thoroughly explained for all difficulties.

Understand that Silent Hill 3 has an adaptive difficulty that assesses how badly you need health and ammo supplies and dishes them out accordingly in certain locations. For health, you may find one or two Health Drinks or instead two First-Aid Kits or perhaps even an Ampoule and a First-Aid Kit in some areas, or you may find nothing at all if you have an abundance already.

This walkthrough includes supplies that will always be there while pointing out locations where what you'll find may be slightly different or even not there at all. So understand that you may not find exactly what is written, but for the most part you'll still find health or ammo where listed.

This walkthrough was also written with the Playstation 2 version in mind, thus you will see PS2 button inputs like "X" come up often. If playing other versions, keep in mind your button inputs may be different.

by Andrew Haffenden aka Conquerer (Silent Hill 3 FAQ/Walkthrough)

Color legend
Tongs - items
Handgun - weapons
Health Drink - supplies
Shopping Mall Map - maps
Save Point - save points


"Where am I...?"

Amusement Park Entrance

Welcome back to Lakeside Amusement Park after all these years. If you check your inventory you'll notice Heather has a Knife, Steel Pipe, a loaded Handgun and Submachine Gun, plus 30 Handgun Bullets, a Health Drink, First-Aid Kit, and a Flashlight and Radio.

Go wild with these items while you have them as you'll soon see why. Head through the large door to your left to start your journey.

Souvenir Shop Pathway

Say hello to your first enemies, a Double Head dog and a giant Closer deeper in. Feel free to fire at them but you can just as well run past every enemy here.

The souvenir shop can be accessed by the storefront sign, but there's nothing of interest inside. Continue past the huge Closer patrolling nearby and slip through the small brown door at the end of the path.

To the Mountain Coaster

Run past the two Closers and through the gate. Take a left past the ticket booth and under the "Mountain Coaster" sign. Climb the stairs to the top, avoiding or killing the annoying Pendulum creature on your way.

The control room door at the top is locked so pass through the gate directly onto the tracks. Follow the track until a cutscene plays.

  02. Central Square Shopping Center