Shopping Mall Map

Location: On the bulletin board beside the blue stairwell door in the office hallway behind the clothing store after finding the Handgun, Central Square Shopping Center 1F.


Location: In a smashed glass frame on the wall of the ticket booth, around the corner after moving through the turnstiles in the concourse, Hazel Street Subway Station B1.

Underpass Map

Location: On the left wall by the fallen locker and Maul inside the first actual room after a series of hallways, Underpass upper level.

Office Building Map

Location: On the glass table in the first room on the right side of the hall in Monica's Dance Studio, Hilltop Center 3F.

Hospital Map

Location: On the desk in the Reception Office, Brookhaven Hospital 1F.

Church Map

Location: On the wall beside the confessional booth of the Church's chapel, upper level.