Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition Update #7

March 21, 2021

Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition team has just released update #7. The update includes:

  • Restored specularity - objects' shininess
  • 'ScreenMode' feature - 3 options: windowed, fullscreen windowed, fullscreen)
  • 'DynamicResolution' feature - available display resolutions can now be chosen in the game's options
  • Upscaled image refinements - memos, save screen background, Mary's photo
  • Load outdoor environment fix - fixes brightness when loading a save made outside
  • Consistent save background - images for main/sub scenarios
  • Non-primary display support
  • Fix fade layering for memos
  • Remove "Now loading..." message
  • General, minor touchups to upscaled images
  • Restore default brighteness level fix
  • Take snapshots in fullscreen mode fix
  • Prevent click + drag resizing in bordered mode
  • Compatibility mode safety checks added

Find instructions in the latest video and download files from