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Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on Blu-ray and DVD


hSilent Hill: Revelation will be available on 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and Digital Download on February 12, 2013 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Amazon is already taking preorders.


Technical Information
Running time: 1 Hour, 35 Minutes
Aspect Ratio: 2.40:1 Anamorphic Widescreen
Rating: R for violence and disturbing images, some language and brief nudity
Languages/Subtitles: English SDH, Spanish, French
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1

3D Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet, Selection Number: 2022941)
2D Blu-ray Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy + UltraViolet, Selection Number: 2022942)
DVD (Selection Number: 2022935)

Source: The Sacramento Bee

Silent Hill: Downpour Japanese Covers


Box artworks for the Japanese release of Silent Hill: Downpour by Masahiro Ito (a main cover and a variant cover which will be printed on the back side of the main one):

Source: SILENT HILL (サイレントヒル) on Facebook

Japanese release of Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Book of Memories will release in Japan on February 14, 2013. Yeap, on Saint Valentine's Day. The price of the game for Japanese gamers is 5,980 yen (~$70) for the retail version and 5,480 yen for download. Also, here's the cover of the upcoming release.


Pyramid Head statue box


We have shots of Red Pyramid Thing statue box by ToyMunkey Studios. The art featured on the box is designed by Masahiro Ito. The statue should be released later this year at the price of $150. BigBadToyStore is already accepting preorders for the product.

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society


Silent Hill: Downpour comic teaser


Silent Hill: Downpour writer Tom Waltz has posted a couple of images from what looks like a future Silent Hill comic, presumambly the prequel to the game, together with the following lines:

"Why is Anne so sad and angry? And what exactly are the "sick things" she had to do?"

"Every time I looked at him, you know what I saw? I saw a monster. I saw you." - Anne Marie Cunningham"


Source: Tom Waltz Twitter

Silent Hill: Downpour Patch for Xbox 360 is Out


Silent Hill: Downpour has received the long-awaited patch for Xbox 360. The update is available on Xbox Live in both North America and Europe. The patch for the PS3 version of the game is not yet released.

Source: Rely on Horror

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D Soundtrack Announced


Lakeshore Records announced the release of the original soundtrack for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The album, composed by Jeff Danna and Akira Yamaoka, will be first released digitally on October 30, 2012. A physical release is coming out on December 18, 2012 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon.

"Fascinating at some points but disjointed at far many more, the Silent Hill: Revelation 3D OST is, overall, a disappointment. Perhaps the cues work better within the context of the film but they certainly have trouble holding up on their own." (Bloody Disgusting)

01. Silent Hill Revelation – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
02. Early Birthday Present – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
03. Armless/The Missionary Attacks – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
04. Vincent and Heather Open the Box – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
05. Born and Raised In Silent Hill – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
06. Heather in the Fog World – Akira Yamaoka
07. Alessa’s Mother/No Ordinary Spider – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
08. Vincent Condemned – Jeff Danna
09. Master of the Order – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
10. Red Pyramid/The Nurses – Akira Yamaoka
11. The Carousel/Red Pyramid Battles the Missionary – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
12. Lost Souls – Jeff Danna & Akira Yamaoka
13. Rain of Brass Petals Three Voices Edit – Akira Yamaoka
14. Silent Scream – Akira Yamaoka

Source: Film Music Reporter

Silent Hill 4: The Room Comes to PSN


Silent Hill 4: The Room became available in PSN, for now only in Japanese store, as part of PS2 Classics series for PlayStation 3. The game is priced at 1,200 yen (~$15) and requires 3809 MB of space on the hard drive of PS3.

Source: Examiner

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Released


After a number of delays Silent Hill: Book of Memories, an exclusive title for PlayStation Vita, is released today in North America.

"Silent Hill: Book of Memories is an all-new game in the Silent Hill series, with a unique premise and storyline. The story begins with a strange book that is received, inside that book is your entire life story to this point, everything that’s ever happened to you; all of your memories. You discover that by altering what’s written… you can actually change the past and write your own ideal history.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories is a macabre celebration of the best that Silent Hill has to offer. Players will encounter items and Creatures culled from over a decade of Silent Hill lore, including a special someone who walks softly and carries a gigantic knife. The fear will have a long tail, as downloadable content is scheduled for availability in the coming months."

Europe will see the release of the game on November 2.

French Silent Hill: Revelation 3D poster


New poster for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D from France featuring Memory of Alessa.

Source: Metropolitan Filmexport

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D motion poster


gA new animated poster for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D has been released as part of promo campaign of the film. Watch it here!

Italian Silent Hill: Revelation 3D poster


New poster for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, this time from Italy.


Silent Hill: Book of Memories Launch Trailer


Konami has released a launch trailer for Silent Hill: Book of Memories which releases in two weeks time on October 16, 2012. The North American demo for the game is expected on October 2nd.

Hideo Kojima asked to work on Silent Hill


Interesting news came from Eurogamer Expo developer session. Hideo Kojima, a well-known game designer and director of Kojima Productions responsible for Metal Gear Solid series, revealed that the president of Konami has personally asked him to make the next Silent Hill game:

“In the past I’ve mentioned Silent Hill in interviews, and as a result of that the president of Konami rung me up and said he’d like me to make the next Silent Hill.

Honestly, I’m kind of a scaredy-cat when it comes to horror movies, so I’m not confident I can do it. At the same time, there’s a certain type of horror that only people who are scared of can create, so maybe it’s something I can do.

That said, I think Silent Hill has a certain atmosphere. I think it has to continue, and I’d love to help it continue, and if I can help by supervising or lending the technology of the Fox Engine, then I’d love to participate in that respect.”

Does this indicate Konami's intention to finally give the series a treatment it deserves?

Source: Eurogamer

Silent Hill: Book of Memories demo tomorrow


Silent Hill: Book of Memories playable demo will be released tomorrow on European PSN.

"The exclusive, single-player taster of the first Silent Hill title for the Sony handheld, features the first two zones from the game and a battle against the game’s Fire Boss. The demo will give PlayStation®Vita users their first chance to experience the combat and exploration elements of the new game and also features the intro cinematics, to whet the appetite for the full game’s horrifying story.

Players can select one of two characters for use in the demo and a selection of weapons and adversaries from latter stages of the full game, are also included."

Source: Rely on Horror

Two tracks from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D


Jeff Danna, composer of Silent Hill: Revealtion, has released two tracks from the film's soundtrack: "Vincent Condemned" and "A Place of Lost Souls / Promise”. Listen to them on Danna's site.

New photos of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D


A pack of new Silent Hill: Revelation 3D screens from


Exhibition of Masahiro Ito in France


On the occasion of the release of the movie Silent Hill Revelation 3D, the Galerie Chappe displays an exhibition of Masahiro Ito, known for his work on the Silent Hill video games. Opening November the 29th, 2012, 19h at Galerie Chappe (Paris, France). Exhibition will be open for a month.

Additional information on Facebook.

Silent Hill: Downpour is coming to Japan


Konami announced Silent Hill: Downpour will release in Japan on November 8, but only for PlayStation 3. Localized Xbox 360 version of the game will not be available in this region.

Source: Siliconera

New Silent Hill: Revelation 3D poster


We've got a second poster for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D.

Source: Cine 1

Ratio's Silent Hill Collection


Today I'd like to present you a new site by Ratio, a guy behind Silent Hill Community and Letter from Silent Hill Heaven - Ratio’s Silent Hill Collection. The site, dedicated to his vast collection of Silent Hill items, mostly related to SH2, has only a few exhibits at the moment, but Ratio is planning updating it once a day, every day, with a new item until all collectibles are displayed. And believe me, it's going to take a while. So don't forget to visit the site again for the updates.

Ratio’s Silent Hill Collection

Book of Memories screenshots from Gamescom 2012


Gamescom 2012 currently held in Cologne brings us 8 fresh screenshots of Silent Hill: Book of Memories.

Silent Hill 3 The Movie


While Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is awaiting its premiere in October, Fungo made Silent Hill 3 The Movie, a feature length movie of the 2003 video-game Silent Hill 3. You can watch this movie on YouTube or download on this page.

Silent Hill HD Collection patch cancelled on Xbox 360


Silent Hill HD Collection has been recently patched, alas only on PS3. Today Konami announced that there will be no such update for Xbox 360 version of the collection "due to technical issues and resources".

"Understanding the issues some users are experiencing, KONAMI issued a title update for Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3), which fixed frame rate issues as well as audio-synching and other reported issues. KONAMI apologizes to any players who are continuing to experience these issues on the XBOX 360 sku."

Sad. One more disappointment from Konami.

Update: Konami US is offering free games for owners of the Xbox 360 version of Silent Hill HD Collection as a compensation. If you bought a new copy of the title before August 8 and still have a receipt, you can send an email to Konami’s costumer support to express your displeasure about the title's quality and lack of updates and you'll be provided with a list of games to exchange from.

"If you purchased Silent Hill HD Collection for the Xbox 360 new and from a recognized retailer, and still have the original receipt, please send your receipt to Customer Service for verification and further details on how to exchange your product. This offer is only valid for Silent Hill HD Collection (XBOX 360 sku) games purchased on or before 08.08.2012. All requests must be made in writing and submitted on or before 10.07.2012 and is subject to availability. Any inquiries received after this date will not fall under this exchange program."

Source: Konami, Silent Hill Historical Society

Pyramid Head statue by ToyMunkey Studios


ToyMunkey Studios in collaboration with Gecco Corp announced a new statue of Red Pyramid Thing from Silent Hill 2. These incredibly detailed prepainted 1/6 scale figures are due this Fall/Winter with an estimated price tag of $150. The picutres are currently pending approval by Konami and the final product may look slightly different. In the meantime enjoy these gorgeous images!


Source: Silent Hill Historical Society

Creating Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Joystiq prepared a thorough chronological article about the development process behind Silent Hill: Book of Memories starting from the first concepts, demos and finishing with localization of the final game and release of the soundtrack. The article includes exclusive unreleased screenshots and concept-arts. The game, the release date of which was postponed several times already, is going to hit the shelves in October 2012. In the meantime we wait and hope for the best.

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D trailer


First official trailer of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D:

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D interviews from Comic-Con 2012


A couple of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D interviews with director Michael J. Bassett from Comic-Con 2012:
Shock Till You Drop

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D at Comic-Con 2012


A first clip from Silent Hill: Revelation 3D presented during the panel at Comic-Con 2012. Hard to imagine Silent Hill without nurses:

Some more information on the film from the panel was shed by the director Michael J. Bassett and leading actress Adelaide Clemens. Despite the film being based on the third game, viewers do not have to know anything about the world of Silent Hill in order to understand it. It is a film that tells a story about a young heroine who finds the truth about herself and it stands alone.

The score features original pieces by the series composer Akira Yamaoka as well as some remixed and altered compositions. There will be some fan favorite creatures from the first film like nurses. Similarly to the first film the filmmakers tried to utilize the real world set as much as possible and monsters played by the actors in costumes to avoid too much of added CG effects and "have the Silent Hill film feel".

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D will arrive in theaters on October 26, 2012.


Silent Hill HD Collection patched


The PS3 patch for Silent Hill HD Collection is finally here. The patch is meant to improve and fix following issues:

• Improved Framerate
• Voice Synch is greatly improved
• Missing sounds have been fixed
• Missing music has been addressed
• Fog density issues are resolved
• Other minor visual/audio improvements

The patch is available for download on PSN. No news on the similar patch for the Xbox 360 version of the collection at the moment.

Source: Silent Hill Community

Silent Hill: Book of Memories E3 2012 Interview


Silent Hill: Book of Memories E3 2012 interview with the producer Tomm Hullett.

A quick summary:
- Howard Blackwood runs shop in the game
- Up to 4 players connecting locally or wirelessly through the internet
- You can communicate with other players by using D-pad with a number of pre-recorded class specific options or by using voice chat
- You can share items with other players
- Front touch screen used for menus and puzzles, rear touch screen used for special attacks
- You don't need to play any games in the series to understand the story, although BoM features a lot of aspects from previous titles
- Things like graphical elements and story change based on the way you play
- You can play the game in a single player mode

Silent Hill: Book of Memories at E3 2012


Plethora of Silent Hill: Book of Memories assets from the E3 2012 show. First and most importantly, we have an official trailer for the game. Then Konami have released plenty of new screenshots showing off the menus, various gameplay moments and game's worlds and bosses. And to conclude Book of Memories coverage, Destructoid interviewed Silent Hill series producer Tomm Hulett and WayForward director Adam Tierney (part 2 coming soon). The game is aiming for release this autumn exclusively for PS Vita.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories delayed


Konami pushed back release of Silent Hill: Book Memories. Once again (and this suprises no more). The game, which originally was to come out in the end of March, is now scheduled for an October release. Looks like, the company is trying to market it with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. According to Konami the delay is due to both "timing and development."

Soure: Gaminformer

Patches for Silent Hill: Downpour and HD Collection


Konami has just issued a press release about upcoming patches for both HD Collection and Downpour:

"Today, Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. announced that online patches for both Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection are currently in development and will be released soon.

Understanding the issues some users are experiencing, development teams are currently creating online patches for both games, which will fix the frame rate issues, the audio-synching in Silent Hill HD Collection, and the Auto-Save issues in Silent Hill Downpour. Players have voiced their concerns, and solutions to these issues will be fixed and launched in the coming weeks.

Patches for Silent Hill Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection will be made available on both XBOX®Live Arcade and PlayStation®Network."

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society

EU cover and new release dates for Book of Memories


Silent Hill: Book of Memories got an European cover and new release dates. According to IGN the game should come out on June 12 in US and on June 30 in UK/Europe, Japan and Australia.

Source: IGN

Silent Hill: Revelation releases on Halloween


Silent Hill: Revelation gets a theatrical release date in US - opening across the country on October 26th, 2012. And as we have an exact premiere date now the promo company should start real soon, although acording to the film's director Michael J. Bassett nothing's ready yet. Let's wait a bit more.

Source: Michael J. Bassett's Blog

A Day of Silent Hill Soundtracks


In addition to releasing tomorrow Silent Hill: Book of Memories Original Soundtrack Milan Records are also re-releasing digitally original soundtracks for Silent Hill Origins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories on the same day. Note that there are some slight changes in the tracklists of the latter two albums compared to the original releases. Alex Theme in Homecoming OST is replaced with the Machine Head Mix first presented in Silent Hill Sounds Box. Also for some reason Shattered Memories OST is missing When You're Gone song. Rereleased soundtracks will be available as MP3 downloads in various digital music stores.

Silent Hill Free for PlayStation Plus Members


On April 3 original Silent Hill is going to be available for US PlayStation Plus members for free.

Source: Official Playstation Blog

Why Silent Hill HD Collection needs to be changed


Silent Hill HD Collection's released turned out to be quite a fail for Konami as disappointed players all over the internet write their posts reporting multiple problems on both PS3 and Xbox 360 systems such as poor performance, lack of post-effects (fog, depth of field), too clean new textures with removed griminess, wrong color balance, inaccurate sound looping and others. Konami has already released a PS3 patch for the game, which apparently doesn't fix much if anything at all. YouTube user Freeman34 (aka Levito) has recorded a video in which he substantially describes all these numerous problems with Silent Hill HD Collection and explains, why it needs to be changed, patched, and fixed. A good watch. I just hope guys from Konami will watch it too:

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Delayed


As the official Silent Hill website says, Silent Hill: Book of Memories has been delayed and is now going to be released some time this spring. Originally, the game should've come out in less than a week on March 27. Amazon has now May 31 as the release date for the title in US.

Source: Silent Hill Official Site, Amazon

Interview with Devin Shatsky


DreadCentral posted an interview with producer Devin Shatsky who talks about Silent Hill: Downpour, Shattered Memories and HD Collection.

Silent Hill HD Collection is Released


After numerous delays, Silent Hill HD Collection is finally released in US. Reviews of the title so far:

IGN - 9/10
Game Informer - 8/10
GameSpot - 7/10
Official Xbox Magazine - 7/10

Silent Hill HD Collection is releasing on March 29 in Japan and on March 30 in Europe. If you're still unsure if this collection is worth buying, watch this comparison video by GameSpot and decide for yourself...

Silent Hill Memories V4.0


As you can see the site's look has been updated a bit. Now it looks nicer (I hope), has some new content and new features as well. The site's update is still in the process and the design is not final either. There are a lot of things to do and to add, so keep checking our page for more new content for old and new titles and, of course, latest news from the world of Silent Hill. And if you come across some faults, please let me know. Stay with us!

Silent Hill: Downpour Is Out


Silent Hill: Downpour is officially released! The game accompanied by the original soundtrack and startegy guide is available in North America. Europe has to wait until March 29.

The roundup of Downpour reviews so far:
Rely on Horror - 80/100
Destructoid - 80/100
GameSpot - 75/100
Official Xbox Magazine - 75/100
Bleeding Cool - 70/100
Game Informer - 70/100
GamesRadar - 70/100
PlayStation Official Magazine Australia - 70/100
The Controller Online - 70/100
Machinima - 65/100
G4tv - 50/100
IGN - 45/100

Silent Hill: Downpour Soundtrack Review


My review of Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack with personal impressions.

Special thanks to Milan Records

Plethora of Silent Hill Soundtracks This Year

As you already know Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack is releasing on March 13, 2012. Here's a preview for one track from the future album - a track titled "Downpour Intro":

But that's not the only Silent Hill soundtrack coming this year. Milan Records are also releasing the soundtrack to Silent Hill: Book of Memories (as well composed by Dan Licht) on March 27 and later this year they will release the soundtracks to Silent Hill: Origins, Homecoming and Shattered Memories which didn't receive a proper stand-alone release in the past (except Silent Hill Origins/Zero soundtrack released only in Japan).

Source: Milan Records

Silent Hill: Downpour Soundtrack's Tracklist


Milan Records have revealed track listing for Silent Hill: Downpour Original Soundtrack. The music album composed by Dan Licht includes 19 tracks featuring a theme song performed by Jonathan Davis from Korn. The album is going to be released on March 13 along with the game. It is already available for preorder at for $14.

1. Silent Hill – by Jonathan Davis
Score by Daniel Licht:
2. Intro Perp Walk
3. In The Ravine
4. Bus To Nowhere
5. Meet JP
6. Stalking For Dinner
7. Don’t Go in the Basement
8. Railcar Ride
9. Downpour Intro
10. Jump Monster
11. Monastic Tendencies
12. Clowning Around With Monsters
13. Welcome to Devil’s Pit
14. Basement Fight
15. Cablehouse Blues
16. Town Rain
17. The Caverns
18. Monastery Otherworld
19. The Downpour

Source: Film Music Reporter

Gameplay from the beginning of Silent Hill: Downpour


Silent Hill: Downpour gameplay preview by German site spieletipps showing a bit from the beginning of the game starting immediately after the bus crash and until the fire in the kitchen:

Update: Third part continuing the demo playthrough:

Thanks Joe_Mastic

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Art and Screenshots


PlayStation Japan community blog has published a preview of Silent Hill: Book of Memories featuring some new artwork depicting different character types and creatures (a Nurse and Pyramid Head) as well as a couple of new screenshots.

Source: PlayStation Japan

Silent Hill: Downpour Gamestop Pre-Order Bonus


Gamestop is offering its Silent Hill: Downpour pre-order bonus - exclusive in-game weapons:

Nail Gun: Building a house or killing some monsters? Nail guns provide more ammo in the clip than the normal gun, which makes you able to kill more monsters at one time!

Double Axe: Getting medieval with this very powerful melee weapon. It will come in handy during those battles with screaming monsters.

Not much.

Source: Gamestop

Silent Hill: Book of Memories US Cover and New Screenshots


Silent Hill: Book of Memories US cover has been revealed by Amazon. They also have added 4 new screenshots of the game to the product page.

Source: Amazon

Silent Hill: Downpour Strategy Guide and Soundtrack


Silent Hill Downpour Official Game Guide published by Prima Games is already available for pre-order at Silent Hill Downpour Prima Official Game Guide is coming out on March 6 and includes:

• Detailed walkthrough of the entire game
• Complete every side-quest
• Custom maps shows all critical items, secret nooks, and hidden crannies
• Solve every puzzle, no matter how difficult
• Unlock every Achievement or Trophy is also offering Silent Hill: Downpour Soundtrack (due out on March 13), which is going to be a first official separate Silent Hill soundtrack release since Silent Hill: Origins (a soundtrack for which was released exculsively in Japan). Soundtracks for Homecoming and Shattered Memories were available only as promos.

Silent Hill: Downpour Videopreview


German game portal has made their Silent Hill: Downpour videopreview introducing some unseen moments and scenes from the game as well as showing more of combat mechanics. The game build looks old, but it's still an interesting watch:


Silent Hill Release Dates and HD Collection Trailer


Konami has confirmed revised (and we really hope, final) release dates for all three new Silent Hill titles - all of them will be available in March. First comes Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 on March 6. Silent Hill: Downpour is coming out next on March 13. The final Silent Hill title is Book of Memories for PS Vita arriving on March 27. Konami has also published a short trailer of Silent Hill HD Collection:

Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed till March


Silent Hill HD Collection was set for release later this month on January 24 in US, but now it looks the date is pushed back till March 6, which is also the date of Downpour release. A number of retailers, including Gamestop and Gamefly, have already updated their pages, though the new date is not yet confirmed.

Source: Examiner

Silent Hill: Downpour Preorder Bonuses for Australia


Australian retailers EB Games and JB Hi-Fi are offering some bonuses for Silent Hill: Downpour if you pre-order the game: a T-shirt and a poster. The offer is valid for both PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. EB Games is offering the game for $98, while a purchase from JB Hi-Fi will cost you a little bit less - $89.Prod



Silent Hill: Downpour at EB Games
Silent Hill: Downpour at JB Hi-Fi

Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection Screenshots


New Screenshots of Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection from Konami in our site's galleries.

Video Demos of Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection


GamesRadar has posted their quite lengthy video tours through Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill 3 from Silent Hill HD Collection guided by the producer Tomm Hulett:

Source: GamesRadar

Previews of Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories


Our fellow sites Silent Hill Historical Society and Rely on Horror had a chance to try Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill: Book of Memories out at recent Konami press events and now they have published their previews. Here's a brief summary of some new facts from these two games.

Silent Hill Downpour
- The game takes place in a completely new area of the town except one location from the past games
- The harder it rains, the more creature will attack you
- The difficulty setting affects not only plot-related puzzles, but also puzzles from side quests
- On-screen action prompts and glow effect on interactive objects can be turned off from the menu
- There's an "Extras" menu with detailed statistics about player's current playthrough similar to results screens from the previous games
- Xbox 360 version currently looks more polished than PS3 version
- Mary Elizabeth McGlynn sings on 2 songs

Silent Hill: Book of Memories
- At the start of the game you create your character by picking the sex, class, look as well as a silhouetted charm which provides a permanent stat boost to your character
- The game starts with a package delivered to the protagonist by Howard Blackwood, the postmaster from Downpour and Past Life. The book inside the package contains the record of the entire life of the character. The trouble starts when the character tries to alter the text inside the book
- Howard sells items and weapons in the game
- You can equip artifacts that will have an effect on your stats. Each equipment slot has a specific stat alignment which differ per class
- The layout of each nightmare zone will be random and different every time you play
- The inventory is limited. Initially you can hold just two weapons, like in Downpour, but later in the game the inventory can be upgraded to hold more weapons and items
- Soundtrack is composed by Dan Licht
- Characters and enemies have two Karmas - Light (healing) and Blood (attack). By killing Blood enemies you increase your Light Karma and on the contrary. When the Karma meter is filled you can perform a “Karma Ability”. There is also a third class of tougher creatures - Steel enemies
- BoM is a spinoff title that takes place in the canon Silent Hill universe

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society, Rely on Horror