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Silent Hil V Concept Arts


The official site of Kenzie LaMar - the lead artist of Silent Hill V from The Collective - has now a gallery of Silent Hill V concept arts featuring some new yet unseen characters and monsters.

Link: Kenzie LaMar - Silent Hill V Concept Gallery

Thanks to Pyramid

Silent Hil V New Screenshots


Added 8 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section.


Silent Hil V In GamePRO Magazine - Article+Video


A new Silent Hill V article in the latest issue of the German gaming magazine GamePRO. The article is remarkable by having finally some new screenshots. The scans are available in the Silent Hill V section.

Update: Added gameplay video from the GamePRO disc for download.

Source: slayerhouse from Nightmare-Games Forum

Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks Tracklist Announced

KonamiStyle Japan have announced a tracklist of Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks. The soundtrack will contain 26 tracks, 4 of which songs performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Also the cover art illustrated by Masahiro Ito was revealed. The picture is surely nice, only what the hell Pyramid Head is doing here...

1.Shot Down In Flames (feat.Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
3.Evil Appetite
4.Wrong Is Right
5.Not Tomorrow 3
6.Monster Daddy
7.King Of Adiemus
8.Don't Abuse Me
9.Underworld 4
10.Acid Horse
11.O.R.T. (feat.Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
13.Raw Power
14.A Million Miles
15.Battle Drums
16.The Wicked End
17.Blow Back (feat.Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)
18.Real Solution
19.The Healer
21.Behind the Wall of Sleep
23.Murder Song "S"
24.Not Tomorrow 4
25.Theme of Sabre Dance
26.Hole In The Sky (feat.Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)

Interviews with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn


At this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn was honored as one of the few English speaking focus panel guests. While the majority of the focus panel pertained with her anime work, she did begin the presentation of a sample of her work on the Silent Hill 0rigins soundtrack with a brief discussion about her collaboration with Akira Yamaoka. This is one of the only interviews/discussions where she discusses her experiences in the creation/performance process. - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Focus Panel (Part 1)

Additionally, in a written interview with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, she manages to talk a little more about the music of Silent Hill, particularly with the recording process and with the song "Waiting for You." She explains that Joe Romersa is the contact between Akira Yamaoka and herself, and that Joe Romersa is the one who writes the lyrics for the songs. Additionally, she reveals that "Waiting for You" is indeed a studio recorded song and not live public performance. However, they also bring up the idea of having a concert of Silent Hill music performed at the next Anime Expo in 2008. - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn Interview

Silent Hill: Origins Official European Website Launched


On November 16, 2007, Konami Digital Entertainment Gmbh launched the official European site for Silent Hill 0rigins. The site is flash-based with an HUI designed like the PSP. Visitors can view the various sections of the site by pressing/clicking on one of the glowing buttons (Square, Circle, Triangle, or Cross) and using the directional buttons to scroll through images or rewind/fast forward through the videos. The site features both the IGN trailers released in April of this year (listed under the "Trailer" and "Gameplay" buttons). The "Packshot" button shows an image of the UMD packaging and the "Screens" button shows screenshots from

Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH - Silent Hill 0rigins - Microsite

Silent Hill: Origins Official Strategy Guides


On October 31, 2007 BradyGames released Silent Hill Origins Official Strategy Guide for North America. The guide includes a comprehensive walkthrough, secrets, detailed maps, weapon and item details. The guide is in A4 format (10.93 X 8.52 inches) and is 160 pages long. Catalogue numbers are: ISBN-10 0744009081, ISBN-13 978-0744009088. Retail price is $16.99.

BradyGames - Silent Hill Origins Official Strategy Guide
Sample Chapter - pdf (4.62 mb)

On November 27, 2007 Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. announced the release of the official Konami strategy guide, Konami Official Books: Silent Hill Zer0 Official Guide. The guide will be released on December 20, 2007 and be an exclusive available on KonamiStyle of Japan.

The guide will feature character and monster profiles, maps, puzzle hints and solutions, and ending guides. It will be published in A5 format and be 160 pages long. The ISBN is: 978-4-86155-210-6, with a catalogue number of NK0210. The book will retail at 1,238円 (YEN), 1,300円 (YEN) after taxes.

Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. - Silent Hill Zer0 - Official Guide

Music Section Update


Updated Music section. Reworked "Fan Music" part. Added Liminality single of Y-Ring "Nightree / Morningas" to the fan albums and the whole page of various Silent Hill inspired tracks, remixes and covers. Also added Silent Hill 4: The Room Complete Soundtrack ripped by MEMDB.

Silent Hill V In Play Magazine


Play Magazine issue 160 has an exclusive Silent Hill V article. The article includes several new screenshots (unfortunately they're very small) and not a lot of new info. There's also an interview with Wiiliam Oertel and some info on the second Silent Hill film. The scans of the article are available in the Silent Hill V section.


Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Variant Cover & Preview Page


A couple of new artworks from the Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward comic: a variant cover by Justin Randall and a preview page by Steph Stamb (page 14 from the first issue).


Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks Announced


On the 16th of November Konami announced about Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks release in Japan. It will be a limited edition from KonamiStyle Japan. The album contains about 30 tracks from the game - all composed by Akira Yamaoka. Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks to be released on January 25, 2008 at the price of 2400 yen (2520 yen with taxes).

Link: KonamiStyle Japan Silent Hill Zero Original Soundtracks

Silent Hill: Origins Update


A massive update of Silent Hill: Origins section. Added characters, creatures, weapons, versions, wallpapers, icons and new concept arts.

Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward Preview Page


Tom Waltz has kindly shared a preview page from Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward. This is by the series' artist, Steph Stamb, and is page 3 of the first issue. Issue #1 hits in February 2008 (from IDW Publishing) and is the first of five issues.


E for All Interviews With Akira Yamaoka


Two more interviews with Akira Yamaoka from the E for All expo can be found in the Interviews section: one is from Joystiq and another is a videointerview by

Silent Hill To Become A Movie Trilogy


Bloody-Disgusting had a chance to talk to the first Silent Hill movie's writer Roger Avary at the Spike TV Scream Awards and according to him Sony has plans to make a Silent Hill trilogy. Avary also mentions that the only way he'll write Silent Hill 2 is if director Christophe Gans returns, which is very unlikely.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting

Two Interviews With Akira Yamaoka


Two new interviews with Akira Yamaoka in the Interviews section from Wired News and Ruliweb. Akira talks about Silent Hill: Origins in general and particularly about its music and extras and also Silent Hill 5 Wii possibility (or it's better to say impossibility).

Update: We have one more recent SH0/SHV interview with Akira in the section - this one from GAF.

Silent Hill ZERO: KonamiStyle Japan's Exclusive


If you order Silent Hill: ZERO from KonamiStyle Japan, you get a miniature (40x60x40 mm) crystal art figure of the "Butcher," a monster that appears in Silent Hill: ZERO. This figure will come inside a case that has an aluminum foil Silent Hill ZERO logo printed in front. KonamiStyle of Japan will only ship its products within Japan, so the product is available for

Link: KonamiStyle Japan Silent Hill ZERO "Butcher"

Thanks to Burning Man

Silent Hill: The Arcade New Videos


2 new Silent Hill: The Arcade gameplay videos from
Nurses, Choices and Shotguns
Pyramid Head Boss Fight

Silent Hill V: New Screenshots


2 new screenshots added in the Silent Hill V section.

Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward New Artworks


A new portion of artworks from the upcoming IDW comic Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward has been shared by its writer Tom Waltz: a shot of the story's main character, Jack Stanton, rendered by artist Steph Stamb and a variant cover art for issue #1 by artist Justin Randall. Click on the pictures below to view them.


Silent Hill V: OPM UK Article


A new Silent Hill V article appears in the Official Playstation Magazine UK. Not a lot of new information but features images of some unseen monsters and a render of Elle. Scans of the article can be found in the Silent Hill V section.

One More Silent Hill: Origins/Zero Trailer From TGS 2007


A new trailer of Silent Hill: Origins/Zero from TGS has been posted. It almost twice longer than the first TGS trailer and contains some pretty major spoilers. So for those who don't like ones, it's advisable to refrain from watching this trailer. The trailer in HD quality is available for download from

Silent Hill: Origins/Zero TGS 2007 Trailer


First Silent Hill related news from the Tokyo Gameshow which has started today. A new Silent Hill Origins (Silent Hill: Zero in Japan) trailer was shown on the exhibition. The video has some new footage as well as the new vocal track (new if you didn't listen to the music from the Silent Hill: Origins demo soundtrack). The trailer is available now for download from

Additionally the official Silent Hill: Zero site has been updated with this trailer as well as the Japanese release date - 6th December 2007. To remind you, the US release is scheduled for 7th November 2007.

Silent Hill: The Escape


The Silent Hill series goes mobile again. The new game Silent Hill: The Escape for cellurar phones was announced during Konami's pre-TGS press conference held yesterday.

"The Silent Hill series' mobile installments features authentically gritty 3D visuals, but its gameplay is what really intrigues us. Rather than be controlled with traditional button-based inputs, The Escape instead has an interface built around the cell phone camera. By interpreting camera feed data, the game will be able to determine the direction a player is facing or moving and move the on-screen action accordingly. Players will also aim at enemies by pointing the camera. It could be disastrous in execution, but it's certainly an ambitious concept."


Silent Hill V: Playzone Article And New Screenshots + Art


German magazine Playzone has published a new Silent Hill V article which contains an interesting portion of new images (including the main heroine). Scans of the article are available in the Silent Hill V section. Also you will find there 6 new screenshots first seen in the EGM article, but now in good quality as well as a concept art of the main hero of the game.

Update: Added 5 more screenshots from

Silent Hill Fan Projects Section


I've made a Fan Projects section to review most notable projects inspired by Silent Hill: videos, comics or any other creative form. To begin with we offer you the review of Silent Hill Oneiro - a live-action mini-series. Take a look.

Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album


"Hi! We are the Liminal Recs - a Silent Hill fans' net-label based at the In the beginning of this year we began our work on the Silent Hill Inspired Album, following the traditions of Akira Yamaoka' music and Broken Notes project. And finally it's finished. Liminality (that's the title) became the most important release for us, so we did our best! We tried to include all sides of Silent Hill music - trip-hop, rock, ambient, dark ambient, piano compositions, industrial stuff - we have it all! When compiling the tracklist, we wanted to create some kind of journey around the city, favourite locations and scenes, not just a bunch of tracks. And I think, we did it well."

You can download the album in the Music section. 2 hours of music from 12 composers won't dissapoint fans of Silent Hill and Broken Notes. It's really worth listening!

Silent Hill 5 '1UP Exclusive First Look'


Here it is now - Silent Hill V preview from EGM. A lot of information and real gameplay shown inside.

There also three HD gameplay movies which became available for download now:
Silent Hill 5 'Mood' gameplay HD
Silent Hill 5 'Transition' gameplay HD
Silent Hill 5 'Continuous' gameplay HD

Videointerview With Akira Yamaoka For EGM


EGM uploaded to the internet the first of the two promised in their magazine article videos - the interview with Akira Yamoka in which he talks about his participation in the development of the new Silent Hill series games and their soundtracks.

Link: Gamevideos

Soon exclusive EGM Silent Hill V trailer should become available for download too. Looking forward to.

Update: In the meanwhile was uploaded the second part of the interview - a retrospective of the horror game series.

Link: Gamevideos

Silent Hill V Scans From EGM Magazine


At last we have an opportunity to look through the long awaited article in EGM magazine's October issue. You can find all the scans of the article in the Silent Hill V section.

Silent Hill: Orphan Comes To Mobile Phones


The mysterious title Silent Hill: Orphan presented in Leipzig turned out to be a game for mobile phones. It's one of three games which Konami brings to this platform this autumn. The other two are PES 2008 and Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow. It's gonna be the second time Silent Hill appears on mobile - the first mobile Silent Hill was released in Japan only last year. Now it came time for Europe and USA. Silent Hill: Orphan will take action within the walls of an abandoned orphanage in the fog-shrouded town. It will use first-person view and point-and-click gameplay. Apparently the games's story is somehow connected with the Silent Hill movie's and so it's going to reveal more truth and add some details about the town. The game will offer three playable characters to discover hidden secrets. Silent Hill: Orphan is going to be the first of three mobile games to be released this autumn - it is scheduled for this September. Some screenshots of the game in the Silent Hill: Orphan section.

Silent Hill: Lost Memories English Version Launch


The English version of Silent Hill: Lost Memories is finally online! There's still a lot to make here, but a lot of stuff is already available. We hope you'll enjoy the site and we are going to bring you more as soon as possible. So come back for further updates as well as the latest Silent Hill news. Stay with us and welcome.