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Liminality 2 coming soon


Liminality II: Okaeri will be released very soon - in the beginning of January. For now we present you a promo mix of the album:
Liminality II: Okaeri Promo Mix (mp3)
Liminality II: Okaeri Promo Video (trailer)

Tracklist of the mix:
Technology of Silence - Night Butterflies. Dead and Beautiful
Soaring Man - Bitter Truth Pt.2
Wialenove - Toluca Fog Sonata
Fellirium - Our Special Place
Edge of Lament - Dreamover
Y-Ring - Superintendent's
Macabro - You Should Be Here

Liminality II will run for over 2 hours. First, a digital mp3 version will be available for download. Later a limited 2xCD release is planned.

PS Happy New Year, friends!

Silent Hill: The Escape coming to iPhone


Konami has announced this week that 4 of its titles including Silent Hill: The Escape will become available for download for the iPhone and iPod touch later this month in the App Store. "SILENT HILL The Escape is a first-person 3D shooting game that lets players utilize the control features only found on the iPhone and iPod touch such as moving their character by sliding a finger across the touch panel screen and changing alignment to target enemies using the built-in altimeter."

Silent Hill: The Escape was previously released for FOMA mobile phones last year exclusively in Japan.

Official Konami News Release
Silent Hill The Escape Official Page

Silent Hill: Homecoming original soundtrack


Promo of Silent Hill: Homecoming original soundtrack is available for download in the Music section. Also added soundtrack lyrics. Official release date of Silent Hill: Homecoming OST is still not announced.

Silent Hill: Homecoming now available on Steam


PC version of Silent Hill: Homecoming has been released on Steam today. Finally. The game is available via Steam in North, Central and South America only. PC users will receive a 10 percent discount for the first 5 days when they purchase Silent Hill Homecoming on

Silent Hill Homecoming on Steam

Silent Hill: Homecoming - wallpaper and concept arts


Silent Hill: Homecoming official Japanese site has been updated with a new wallpaper featuring new illustration by Masahiro Ito. The wallpaper is available in the Silent Hill: Homecoming section. Also on the section's Arts page you'll find some new concept arts of environment by Silent Hill: Homecoming concept artist Adam Richards.

Source: Silent Hill Homecoming - Official Japanese Site, CGSociety

Silent Hill: Mobile 2 walkthrough


Silent Hill: Mobile 2 complete walkthrough is available in the Silent Hill: Mobile 2 section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming PS3 wallpapers and theme


PlayStation Store has been updated with official Silent Hill: Homecoming PS3 theme and 4 wallpapers. PS3 owners can visit PSN to download them. Wallpapers are also available in the Silent Hill: Homecoming section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Interview with Jason Allen


First Silent Hill: Homecoming post-release interview - UGO has interviewed SHH lead designer Jason Allen. Read the interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming delayed in Europe


Konami officially confirmed that not only German release of Silent Hill: Homecoming is delayed, but also in other European countries the game won't be released until February 2009. There is no official reason for that, but Europeans have to wait 3 months more now - SHH was first scheduled for November 2008 in EU.

Liminality 2: Homecoming


A new Silent Hill inspired album Liminality 2 with controversial subtitle Homecoming is now in the state of production and will be released soon. For now we present you two promo tracks from the coming album:
Soaring Man - Bitter Truth
Fellirium - Our Special Place (feat. KAVver.)

About the project. Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album is series of albums inspired by works of Akira Yamaoka and Silent Hill. The project is sort of Broken Notes successor and is created by Liminal Recs net-label's musicians. By this moment 2 albums were released: Liminality - The Silent Hill Inspired Album (Sep 2007) and Liminality: Revision (Jan 2008).

Music of Silent Hill: Homecoming


Many of you probably wonder where is the promised Original Soundtrack to the game stated by Akira Yamaoka to be released at the end of September. However, apparently this was just a translation error and Yamaoka was actually referring to the game. The soundtrack probably won't be until the Japanese game release sometime in the end of 2008. So while we have to wait the OST, here's the first fan music rip which is quite raw and probably not complete, but anyway better than nothing. You can download Silent Hill: Homecoming Fan Soundtrack here. Credits go to Zack__1987 and LordStan.

Silent Hill: Homecoming official Japanese site


Konami have launched the official Japanese website for Silent Hill: Homecoming. For now it has some basic information and Japanese box art for the game drawn by Masahiro Ito. Silent Hill: Homecoming Japanese release date to be anounced.

Silent Hill Homecoming - Official Japanese Site

Silent Hill: Homecoming released


So, Silent Hill: Homecoming, the last chapter of famous series, is now officially released. PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of the game are already available at US stores, while PC users have to wait a little bit more - Silent Hill: Homecoming should become available from Steam service later this month. For now you can visit game's page to learn system requirements. The internet is also filled with various reviews of the game which have quite mixed scores:
1UP (B/A+)
GamePro (3/5)
GameCinemaHD (8.5/10)
IGN (6.7/10)
Official Xbox Magazine (6.5/10)
TeamXbox (8.4/10)
UGO (A/A+)

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Yamaoka reveals soundtrack details


In his interview to Original Sound Version Silent Hill: Homecoming composer and producer Akira Yamaoka confirms that there will be a soundtrack release by the end of September, featuring approximately 70 minutes of music. He also hints at an upcoming project that he belives will be his biggest project to date exceeding even Silent Hill. Read the whole interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Pyramid Head keychain with pre-order


US Silent Hill fans get a nice pre-order present. Pre-Order Silent Hill Homecoming for the Xbox 360 or the Sony PlayStation 3 at Circuit City and receive a free Pyramid Head Keychain. Available at all Circuit City locations, while supplies last.

Source: Silent Hill Homecoming Widget

Silent Hill: Homecoming refused classification in Australia and delayed in Germany


Silent Hill: Homecoming has been refused classification in Australia because of its violent content. Local distributors Atari Australia now have either to accept this decision or edit game's content to meet Australian Classification Board requirements and finally release it some time later. German release of Homecoming is delayed until Q2 2009 most probable of the same reasons - German censorship is known for its strict rules, so the game's content must be edited to be released in this country. These problems don't affect releases elsewhere: Silent Hill: Homecoming is coming out on September 30 in US and November 28 in UK/Europe.

Source: MaxConsole, Konami Europe

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Hands On with New Footage

2008.09.19 have invited Silent Hill: Homecoming Lead Combat Designer David Verfaillie one more time to question him and present some new footage from the game. New footage shows the 7th level "Hell Descent" introducing fans puzzle, new character Dr. Flich and a short excerpt from the Scarlet boss fight. David also mentions game weapons which include 3 melee (steel pipe, axe, hunting knfe) and 3 firearms (pistol, shotgun, rifle). Watch the whole Hands On: - Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands On

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Interview Thomas Hulett

2008.09.18 interviewed Silent Hill: Homecoming associate producer Thomas Hulett and talked about different aspects of the game. Some new bits of information about console versions:
- X-Box 360 and PS3 versions are identical
- X-Box 360 version has Achievements while PS3 version has no Trophies
- No plans for downloadable content

Read the whole interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Official US Site


Konami have launched Silent Hill: Homecoming US promotional site. Besides having a standard pack of screenshots and videos with some information, it also has diaries of three game's characters: Alex Shepherd, Elle and sheriff Wheeler. The site also offers widgets for Facebook, Google and websites.

Silent Hill Homecoming Official US Site

Silent Hill: Homecoming - UK Boxshots


ToTheGame have revealed design of Silent Hill: Homecoming final UK boxarts for PS3 and X-Box 360. A simplistic coverart floating around the internet in the last month appears to be just a placeholder. The site has also a release date stated as the 28th November 2008.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - HD Gameplay and 50 Screenshots


New Silent Hill: Homecoming gameplay HD video from Russian magazine "Gameland" featuring meeting with Curtis, fight with Nurses and the first encounter with Smog. Thanks to xmax for the video.

Watch at Youtube

Also made us happy with a selection of 50 screenshots from X-Box 260 version of the game. See them here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Interview with Jason Allen


SHF community members were given the opportunity to put their questions for Silent Hill: Homecoming lead designer Jason Allen and now they have got the answers. Read the massive interview to learn about the team's approach to Silent Hill franchise, inspirations for the game used by developers, Silent Hill movie influence, game's locations and much more.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Gameplay Movies


4 new gameplay clips of Silent Hill: Homecoming PS3 version from IGN. Nothing really new, although graphics seem to be really improved.

Waist Deep
Garage Creature
The Thing

Silent Hill Movie Props and Review


Now we step aside from the modern news and take a look into the past - Silent Hill movie. First of all, I've finally managed to arrange all materials regarding movie props which were sold through auctions on eBay and Premier Props sites. All the memorable stuff including characters costumes now in the movie's section. Also added a wonderful in-depth review of the movie by st-MK. Read, enjoy and remember.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Characters and Creatures Renders


Konami has published a bunch of Silent Hill: Homecoming renders which include characters (Alex, Elle, Josh, Lillian (Alex's mother), The Judge and Curtis) and creatures (Smog, Lurker, Feral, Schism and Siam). Additionaly there is a render of Robbie the Rabbit toy and one art. High-res images available in Silent Hill: Homecoming Arts section.

Silent Hill: Mobile 2 Details


At GC 2008 Konami has presented the second Silent Hill Mobile game in Europe. It's has a similar gameplay to its predecessor. The game is a point-and-click adventure game viewed from the first-person. You control the cursor which allows you to move forward, turn left or right, interact with the objects on the screen as well as attack enemies. Release this September. You can watch game's screenshots, arts and trailer in the Silent Hill: Mobile 2 section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - US Release in September, PC Version via Steam


Konami's US branch has confirmed that PS3, X-Box 360 and PC versions of Silent Hill: Homecoming are scheduled for release at the same time this September, suggesting the delayed November release for all three versions is just for Europe. According to Konami, the PC version will be identical to its console brethren and will be made available via digital download on Valve's Steam service.

Source: Snacknews

Silent Hill: Homecoming - More Screenshots & Trailer


23 brand new screenshots from Gamersyde. Watch them here or in the Silent Hill: Homecoming gallery. Also a trailer was shown at the show which in fact is the same that was shown during Konami press conference at E3, only now it can be watched in a better than off-screen quality.

GC 2008: Trailer

Silent Hill: Homecoming 18 New Screenshots/Release Delayed


Here come 18 fresh screenshots from featuring game's grotesque creatures. All new screenshots are added in the Silent Hill: Homecoming gallery.

Also at Leipzig it has been announced that game will now be shipping in November instead of September. Apparently Double Helix need a couple of extra months to polish the title.

Source: DarkZero

Update: During Konami Press Conference it was announced that a PC version will come out in November as well.

Source: IGN

Silent Hill Mobile 2 to Be Shown at Leipzig


According to GDN photo from Leipzig Games Convention Konami is going to present Silent Hill Mobile 2. First Silent Hill Mobile Java game in Europe was released last year September. The Convention will reveal if this 2nd mobile game continues the original's storyline or present a new one. Leipzig Games Convention is staring tomorrow and we expect to have more Silent Hill news regarding Silent Hill: Homecoming as well.

Silent Hill: Homecoming Coming to PC


According to Kotaku Silent Hill: Homecoming is going to be released for PC together with PS3 and X-Box 360 versions. Additionally to this, ESRB has a rating for Windows PC version (Silent Hill: Homecoming got a "Mature" rating as did his predecessors), so PC version is practically confirmed, though there is no official statement from Konami yet, and will be released probably some time later after console versions come out.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - E3 Videos


The long-awaited trailer for Silent Hill: Homecoming was finally shown at the Konami press conference. After it the gameplay footage from the hotel was shown. It's the same demo which could be partly seen in the G4 Hands On. You can watch the entire Silent Hill: Homecoming presentation at YouTube for now:
Silent Hill: Homecoming at Konami E3 2008 Press Conference (thanks to Silent Hill France)

Also we've got another bunch of videos from different sites:
E3 2008: Monsters Gameplay (HD)
E3 2008: Cam Developer Walkthrough pt.1 (HD)
E3 2008: Cam Developer Walkthrough pt.2 (HD)
E3 2008: Elevator Gameplay (HD)
Note: Cam Developer Walkthrough is the gameplay demo shown at the Press Conference.

E3 2008: Attract Mode - opening movie featuring a song with McGlynn vocals
E3 2008: Welcome to Silent Hill
E3 2008: Got a Fire Axe
E3 2008: Wire Puzzle
E3 2008: Shoot that Thing!

E3 2008: Cam Konami Press Conference Trailer (HD)
E3 2008: Joshua Gameplay (Cam) (HD)
E3 2008: Elevator Gameplay (Cam) (HD)

Silent Hill: Homecoming - E3 Screenshots & Arts


10 new Silent Hill: Homecoming screenshots and 2 arts-renders of Alex & Josh added into the gallery of Silent Hill: Homecoming section.

Source: GameSpot, Gamekyo

Silent Hill: Homecoming - E3 Hands On & Interview


First Silent Hill: Homecoming news from the E3 Expo now taking place in Los Angeles. G4 has published their exclusive hands on reviewing the game and interviewing the lead combat designer David Verfaillie. Fresh portions of gameplay show the new location of Hotel's Greenhouse introducting a new character and a boss fight.

G4 - Hands On: Silent Hill: Homecoming

Also Gamers Universe has interviewed the lead designer Jason Allen. You can read the whole interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming Box Art


Online retailer has added Silent Hill: Homecoming box arts for PS3 and X-Box 360 which look official and might be final for the US release. Release date is stated to be on September 9th this year.

Silent Hill: Origins Section's Update


A small update in the Silent Hill: Origins section. Added a quick walkthrough with all puzzles' solutions and a script of game's dialogues. Also added PSP saves with all features unlocked as well as before all three endings. You can grab them on the Extras page.

Silent Hill: Homecoming in the Qore 2nd Issue


The 2nd issue of the recently launched PSN interactive media magazine Qore for PS3 has Silent Hill: Homecoming coverage which includes two videos with the interview with the lead designer Jason Allen as well as some footage from the game. The footage is mostly already seen but from the newer build as well as there are some new cutscenes one of which introduces a new character. The coverage also includes a gallery with mostly new concept arts of game monsters and locations. Watch everything in one video:

Qore Silent Hill Issue

Silent Hill: Homecoming - 2 More Gameplay Videos


Another 2 off-screen gameplay videos from Gamersyde. While the second video of the graveyard gameplay shows practically nothing new, the first one shows the game footage from the beginning of the demo and reveals some new scenes from the first level - the hospital. Beware of spoilers!

Off-screen Gameplay - Level 1
Off-screen Gameplay - Level 4

Silent Hill: Homecoming - 2 Gameplay Videos

2008.06.26 has published 2 new and long enough gameplay videos (hospital & cemetery) from the recent game here.

Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward #4


The fourth and the last issue of the comic Silent Hill: Sinner's Reward is available for download in the publications section along with the first three.

Interview With Jason Allen And New Screenshots


Game Informer interviewied the lead designer of Silent Hill Homecoming Jason Allen and got answers about the new camera system, the new combat mechanics, and how developers scare themselves at work. The interview is available in the Interviews section. Also there are 10 new game screenshots which can be seen in the Silent Hill: Homecoming section.

Interview With Akira Yamaoka


During a recent Konami event, Yamaoka sat down with Gamasutra for a brief chat about his feelings on the development switch, his future plans, and the influence of David Lynch.

Read the interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Previews And Interviews


A collection of recent Sient Hill: Homecoming previews and interviews.

Game Daily
Giant Bomb
MTV Multiplayer

Interview with Akira Yamaoka (GameSpot)
Interview with Akira Yamaoka (
Interview with Jason Allen & Akira Yamaoka (Game Revolution)
Interview with Jason Allen (Snacknews)

In addition to this, scans of two magazines previews from July issues of Official Xbox Magazine and PlayStation: The Official Magazine await you in the Silent Hill: Homecoming articles section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - 7 New Screenshots


7 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section

Silent Hill: Homecoming - More Media


Multiple gaming portals have achieved an opportunity to play through SHH demo and now continue publishing gameplay videos and other media. The summarized list of available new videos:
Konami Gamers' Day 08: Demon Dog Gameplay (HD)
Konami Gamers' Day 08: Early Grave Gameplay (HD)
Konami Gamers' Day 08: The Plot Thickens (HD)
Konami Gamers' Day 08: Take Your Medicine Gameplay (HD)
Konami Gamers' Day 08: Big Bugs Gameplay

Gameplay Movie 1 (Hospital Code + Joshua)
Gameplay Movie 2 (Transition + Nurse Fight)
Gameplay Movie 3 (First Feral Fight)
+ Hands On & Interview with Akira Yamaoka

Intensive Care
Dog Fighting
Boobs of Death
Big Bugs
+ Hands-On

'Intro' video
'Exlpore' gameplay
'Cemetary' HD

Besides this, have posted their exclusive interview with lead designer Jason Allen. Also there are some new screenshots and arts in the Silent Hill: Homecoming section.

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Konami Gamers' Day Gameplay Videos

2008.05.15 has published 3 gameplay videos (including one cutscene) of Silent Hill: Homecoming from the recent Konami Gamers' Day:
Early Grave Gameplay
Demon Dog Gameplay
The Plot Thickens

Another news come from GamesRadar journalists which claim having seen "Pyramid Head rounding a corner, trudging along with his massively oversized sword" in the trailer Konami has showed them. Pyramid Head was originally some sort of punishment for the SH2 protagonist James. What could his appearance mean for the SHH story?

Silent Hill: Homecoming - 11 New Screenshots


11 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section, on which you can see a once again changed protagonist's look.

Source: videogaming247

Silent Hill: Homecoming - Man!ac Magazine Review


A new issue of the German game magazine Man!ac has a Silent Hill: Homecoming review. The article is interesting due to having some new screenshots. The scans of the review can be found in the Silent Hill V section.

Update: Added the English translation of the article and 9 min length video preview from the magazine with the new SHH gameplay.


Silent Hill: Homecoming - 11 New Screenshots


11 new screenshots from Gamersyde added in the Silent Hill V section.

Interview With Akira Yamaoka


GamesRadar continue their exculsive Silent Hill: Homecoming coverage with the interview with the game's composer and consultant Akira Yamaoka. Some significant SHH points from it:
-For the first time in the series there will be a 5.1ch surround sound
-There will be around 30 tracks in the SHH soundtrack. Also some arranged tracks may be included
-Akira is happy with the western developers team of SHH

Read the full interview here.

Silent Hill: Homecoming Gameplay Videos + 11 New Screenshots And Preview


GamesRadar published 3 new gameplay videos featuring hospital scenes with some fighting and new Alex's face design. Watch them at GamesRadar or download in the Silent Hill V section.

Update: GamesRadar also has 11 new screenshots and a preview.

Silent Hill V Becomes Silent Hill: Homecoming


Konami Digital Entertainment GmbH has announced the official title of its first Silent Hill game for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Entitled Silent Hill: Homecoming, the game will be released end of September this year across Europe.

Voltage PR: Full Press Release

Shiny + The Collective = Double Helix Games


Foundation 9 Entertainment announced that it has selected the name, Double Helix, for its Irvine, California studio. The studio, which is based in F9E’s new, state-of-the-art corporate headquarters, was formed by the combination of Shiny Entertainment and The Collective in late 2007. Double Helix is currently at work on three large-scale, multi-platform licensed games (including Silent Hill V). The studio’s new website can be found at

Full Press Release

Interview With Joe Romersa


Game OST has interviewed Joe Romersa - music director of Silent Hill series. He's the man behind song lyrics in Silent Hill 3, Silent Hill 4: The Room and all fresh Silent Hill: Origins/Zero as well as can be heard singing two Silent Hill songs: "Hometown" (SH3) and "Cradle of Forest" (SH4). You can read the whole interview with this incredibly talented person here.

Silent Hill: Origins Section Update


A massive update of the Silent Hill: Origins section. Added endings, items, weapons, notes, maps, extras, credits, new ps2 screenshots and arts. Also some other information was updated. Even more coming soon.

Silent Hill: The Escape


Created a Silent Hill: The Escape section with the information and some screens of this mobile game released in Japan.

os1R!s - Music Inspired By Silent Hill


Added a music album Music Inspired By Silent Hill by os1R!s in the Music section, which is a compilation of the best tracks from author's three albums inspired by the music of Silent Hill: Through the Darkness, Sanctuary of Memories and Dream or Reality. The album is available for download on the Fan Albums page.

Silent Hil V - 3 New Screenshots


Another 3 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section.

Silent Hil V - 6 New Screenshots


6 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section.


Silent Hil V New Screenshots


Added 8 new screenshots in the Silent Hill V section. Screenshots are HD and feature some monsters on them.

Source: JeuxFrance.Com

Interview With Patrick J. Doddy


The Racoon City Times blog interviewed co-writer of Silent Hill V, Patrick J. Doody. Doody talks about his role in the project and his Silent Hill relations. He didn't reveal much about Silent Hill V story. All he agreed to tell about it was "you will discover some new secrets about Silent Hill by way of how its history has influenced a much larger society than you may have previously thought." The full interview can be read in the Interviews section.

Source: The Racoon City Times

Music Update


Silent Hill: Zer0 Original Soundtracks is available for download in the Music section now. Listen to this magnificient soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka and decide yourself is it worth buying or not (and it sure is!). Also added lyrics from it. And in addition to this, added Silent Hill 3 Complete Soundtrack by MEMDB.

Liminality: Revision


Liminality: Revision is the second Silent Hill Inspired release by the Liminal Recs net-label (the first one is Liminality: The Silent Hill Inspired Album 2xCD (LimREC018)). Revision presents an hour-length of completely new Silent Hill inspired works and remixes of Akira Yamaoka tracks done by our composers. After a fascinating success of the original Liminality, composers fully embraced their creative potential resulting in a lot more personalized tracks while still retaining the original Silent Hill atmosphere. There are also some classic tracks here. Liminality: Revision is the link between the original Liminality and Liminality 2 planned for this year.

Download Liminality: Revision in the Music section.

Silent Hil: Origins For PS2 Confirmed By Konami


From the official Konami press-release:
"January 22, 2008 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today confirmed speculation that Silent Hill® Origins, released last year for the PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system is in fact currently in development for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system. Now PlayStation 2 system owners will have the opportunity to experience this frightening and popular survival horror game, complete with signature sound and music from renowned Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka."

The press-release doesn't mention any updates for the PS2 version except "updated controls", but this, perhaps, means updated controls in comparison with previous Silent Hill instalments.

Silent Hil: Origins For PS2?


Numerous rumors about Silent Hill: Origins release for PlayStation 2 platform have gained an indirect confirmation from the large online retailer Amazon, which now has a page with the pre-order for the PS2 version of the game. According to Amazon the game is scheduled for the release on March 4, 2008 in North America. Waiting for the official statement from Konami. - Silent Hill Origins