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Silent Hill: Revelations 3D coming soon?


Producer Don Carmody gave the world some fresh news a few days back as to the progress of Silent Hill: Revelations 3D, the sequel to the original Silent Hill film.

He commented that the picture was "locked" and all that remained was working with the sound and music. They are in discussion with Lionsgate for a release date and are tentatively eyeing late spring or early fall.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Media


Konami has published a bunch of new media for Silent Hill: Book of Memories: 6 screenshots, a piece of concept art and a logo.

Original Voices for Silent Hill 2 in HD Collection. Officially


Producer Tomm Hulett has recently posted on the Official Silent Hill Fan Page that Silent Hill HD Collection will include original voice acting for Silent Hill 2 as an option. Alas, Silent Hill 3 will have only the new voice recordings due to "technical and logistical factors". The Silent Hill HD Collection is expected to be released on Xbox 360 and PS3 in January.

Source: Official Silent Hill Fan Page

Douglas in Silent Hill: Revelation


According to the latest post by Michal J. Bassett the character of Douglas Cartland is going to be in the film and is portrayed by Martin Donovan.

"Suddenly there seem to be lots of people interested to know if the Douglas Cartland character appears in SH2. The answer is yes and he’s played by the fantastic character actor, Martin Donovan."

Source: Michael J. Bassett's Blog

Brian Gomez leaves Vatra Games and Silent Hill: Downpour


Brian Gomez, the design director for Silent Hill: Downpour, announced his departure from Vatra Games.

“When it was announced that Downpour was being delayed to 2012, my family and I came to the decision that I couldn’t keep making the commute between Los Angeles and Brno for another 4-6 months,” Gomez explained to the Silent Hill Historical Society.

“Downpour is so close to completion, there’s not a lot more that I can personally do for the project that Devin, Tomm, and Marek Berka cannot handle on their own. I gave my notice a few weeks ago, setting Halloween as my last day.”

Brian has plans to work on another horror game with survival elements pulled from Downpour that Konami wasn't interested in. More information on that in the possible future.

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society

2012: Silent Hill's Trio Hits Stores Early


Konami has FINALLY confirmed release dates, albeit some vague, for the trio of Silent Hill games we have all been eager for. If things stay on schedule we should see all three games released in Q1 of 2012. Here's the line up:
-Silent Hill HD Collection, January 24th 2012 (Official and with the news of the voice over waivers, this should be exciting.);
-Silent Hill: Book of Memories, February 2012 (No official date but possibly out for the release of the Vita in Western territories- this is the multiplayer, co-op platform.);
-Silent Hill: Downpour, March 2012 (No official date, but this is the big one. We are all waiting to see if they can bring us and the series somewhere we can be proud of again.).

Silent Hill: Stolen Heart

Silent Hill: Stolen Heart is a short fan film directed by Paul Leeming and shot on location in an abandoned mining town in the mountains of Japan:

Broken Notes Extremitas


After a long hiatus Broken Notes team is proud to present Broken Notes Extremitas, their fourth Silent Hill inspired album. One disc album features music by Sam Dean, Samuel Drower, John Anthony Mathewson, Christopher So, Christophe Frutuoso and Jason Gervais as well as guest artist Diego Reynoso. You can download the album from Broken Notes site.

Akira Yamaoka and Jeff Danna to Compose for Silent Hill: Revelation


Michael J. Bassett, director and writer of Silent Hill: Revelation, has recently revealed that Jeff Danna and Akira Yamaoka will be composing the score for the second Silent Hill film. For those of you who don't remember, Akira and Jeff teamed up for the music from the first Silent Hill film. While the music set the mood perfectly, save for a few reuse and rearrangements there was no actual new music. Basset has stated "Quite how they’re going to work is yet to be decided but I’m raring to get into this part of the process to start hearing what they come up with.”

This announcement, coupled with the fact that the same Lead Creature Designer from the first film is returning, is proving to shape up and match the immerse atmosphere that was so great about the first film.

Source: Michael J. Basset's Blog

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Screenshots


IGN have posted a bunch of new screenshots for Silent Hill: Book Memories. The screens shows us a variety of featured monsters taken from various past Silent Hill games (Butcher from SH0, Double Heads, Insane Cancer and Nurses from SH3, Air Screamer from SH1, Schisms and Needlers from SHH) as well as Howard, the postman, from the upcoming Downpour.

Source: IGN

Silent Hill HD Collection Controversy is Coming to an End


Good news everyone! Looks like Silent Hill 2 voice actors have come to an agreement with Konami. On September 29, 2011 Guy Cihi alongside with Dave Schaufele (Eddie), Monica Taylor Horgan (Maria/Mary) and Donna Burke (Angela) signed the SH2 rights waivers which allows Konami to reuse their work for Silent Hill 2 in Silent Hill HD Collection.

"Very special thanks to Monica Taylor Horgan and Donna Burke for signing their waivers! Fans, you need to understand that this simply wouldn’t have been possible without the cooperation and support of Tomm Hulett, Devin Shatsky and Michael Ranja of Konami USA. Plus, I would like to issue a special note of gratitude to Michael Patrick Arnold of Silent Haven who worked selflessly behind the scenes to get everyone together on this, and make the Win-Win ending possible. I don’t think we could have done it without you, Mike!” - Guy Cihi

So now we are one step closer to having original voiceovers in Silent Hill 2 HD rerelase as an option. Jeremy Blaustein (translator for the original series) is currently working on contacting the other actors from Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3:

Jacky Breckenridge – Laura
Dominic Allen – Game Show Host
Dennis Falt – Doctor
Florence Minowa – Amy Baldwin

Heather Morris – Heather
Matt Lagan – Leonard
Lenne Hardt – Confessor
Mike Matheson – Borely Mansion Guide
Michael Gough – Harry
Sandra Wane – Alessa

Jeremy asked anybody who can help finding any of the VAs above to please let him know in a personal message on his facebook page here.

Silent Haven

Silent Hill: Downpour Fan Preview

Recently Konami has invited Whitney from Silent Hill Historical Society and Cj from Rely On Horror to check out the latest demo of Silent Hill: Downpour. You can find their thoughts and impressions on the game here and here. Guys have also recorded a 40-minute long gameplay video and got a few new screenshots.

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society, Rely On Horror

Silent Hill: Downpour at TGS 2011


At TGS 2011 in addition to the trailer of Silent Hill: Downpour Konami has presented three new screenshots of the game (well, the new is actually only one of them) and demonstrated a new demo version which was featured in an earlier video. Here's another take on the demo by Gamespot:

Source: Konami, Gamespot

New Silent Hill: Downpour Trailer


A new trailer of Silent hill: Downpour was shown at TGS 2011. The main highlight of the new video is a main theme by Korn:

It's interesting that the release date specified in the trailer is 2012. Probably, it's just for Japan, although has also changed the date for the game to 31 March 2012.

Source: SilentHillWiki's YouTube Channel

Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplay


6 minutes of brand new Silent Hill: Downpour gameplay played by some Japanese guys:

TGS 2011 is starting next Thirsday. We hope to see more of new Silent HIll titles and perhaps a Japanese cover drawn by Masahiro Ito.

Source: Gaming Everything

New Covers of Silent Hill: Downpour and HD Collection


Amazon has added American and European box arts for Silent Hill: Downpour and Silent Hill HD Collection to their pages. Keep in mind though that these covers may be not official or not final:




Thessaly Lerner on Voice Acting


Thessaly Lerner, voice actor for Lisa Garland in the first Silent Hill, had also her word about voice acting in videogame industry and her experience with videogame companies:

“The scoop is when I did Silent Hill I was only paid $500 flat rate. They stole my voice for SH3 and my agent threatened to sue and got me a couple grand and that’s it. There are no residuals for videogames -never have been and it’s a major bummer. Video game companies are out only for themselves and to make money. The first budget they cut is voiceover. I have been taken advantage of, knowingly, by many videogame companies, but I’d rather work for a small amount than not work at all.”

Source: Silent Haven

Mary Elizabeth McGlynn on Silent Hill HD Collection


Silent Haven talked to Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, who directed the new voice overs for Silent Hill HD Collection, about the process on the collection and the controversy with Guy Cihi. Here is what she had to say:

“I’m in New Orleans for the weekend so I’ll have to be brief. I stand behind and am very proud of the work we did for the re-releases of Silent Hill 2 & 3. I was approached by Konami to re dub the original Silent Hill versions of 2 & 3. I was told that they would not be using the original voices due to an unfounded demand for royalties by the original actors, specifically the actor who played James. There are no royalties for game voice over actors, as stipulated by and negotiated for in the contracts. Games are a buy out situation. That’s just the way it is. We couldn’t change the script at all so we were constrained by the pacing of the original performances. But I think we brought a sense of naturalism to the updated version. I was proud to be a part of this revision and although I know there will be much resistance to the new voices, I hope the fans will, over time, be able to appreciate both versions of this iconic game series. after recording the voices we gave the product to Konami. What they do with them now is up to them. I love Silent Hill and am honored to have worked on it for all these years. I hope that love shows in the final product.”

Source: Silent Haven

Silent Hill HD Collection Screenshots and Covers


Konami has released 4 new screenshots from Silent Hill HD Collection. Two are from Silent Hill 2 and two from Silent Hill 3 (these are the first officially released screens of the remastered version of the game). You could say it looks pretty good, but hey, what's with the light from the window in the cafe scene?

Also we have covers for this box set featuring image of Maria. A bit different from the typical box art but I personally love it. Hopefully we can see some official box art for Downpour soon as it creeps in closer to the eyed release date.

Troy Baker - the New James Sunderland


The controversy about the new voice overs in Silent Hill HD Collection continues! Troy Baker, the new voice actor for the character of James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2, has recently done a couple of interviews in which he told us about how he got into the project as well as what he thinks about all this commotion.

According to Troy, it's actually Guy Cihi's (James from the original version) fault that Konami decided to rerecord voices for the HD reissue of Silent Hill 2. Cihi states, Konami had no rights to reuse his work without paying him residuals, but Troy says this is not true as there are no residuals for the voice actors in the game industry and all rights for the vocal tracks should belong to Konami. Troy Baker also asks all fans of Silent Hill series not to hate the HD edition of the game prematurely and to play it through before passing judgment. There's still the original PS2 version for those who don't like it!

Personally speaking, I had no real issue from the brief display of voice overs, with Troy's voice as James. What got to me was the lack of emotion in Mary and Maria's voices. Eddie sounds like a strung out druggie but let's face it - I got that vibe from him in the original anyway.

Source: The Gaming Liberty, Rely on Horror

Guy Cihi’s Open Letter to Konami


The new voice overs in Silent Hill 2 from Silent Hill HD Collection have stirred some very strong feedback from the fans of the series, most of which is pretty negative.

Guy Cihi (if you don't remember, he's the actor who played James Sunderland in the original Silent Hill 2) decided to stop this fuss about the new voices in the remastered game and posted an open letter to Konami on his Facebook page. In this letter he tries to explain all the variables leading to the current ordeal. For example, Guy states that he, like the other actors used in the production of the game, didn't receive written contracts. Verbal agreement covered only the original PS2 release. Konami however kept reusing his work without consideration and without paying any residuals. They even blurred his face in the “making of” documentary.

Whether all of the above is true or not, Guy writes that he's ready to relinquish all his rights to his motion capture and vocal performances in the Silent Hill 2 production without demand for additional consideration to Konami. By doing this Cihi calls on Konami to release Silent Hill 2 in the HD Collection with the original voice overs and a possibility to choose between the old and new vocal tracks during play. We'll see if Konami is going to accept this proposal.

I know where my bets are...

Silent Hill: Downpour Sneak Peak


A new brief video from Gamescom 2011 featuring some footage of Silent Hill: Downpour from the beginning of the game and a new piece of score by Dan Licht:

Silent Hill: Book of Memories Gameplay


Tomm Hulett talks about Silent Hill: Book of Memories with bits of gameplay and concept art shown:

Silent Hill HD Collection Screenshots


We have 9 new screenshots showing polished graphics of Silent Hill 2 from Silent Hill HD Collection.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories First Look


We get a first look at Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PlayStation Vita with 4 screenshots. The game is a co-op multiplayer action game in isometric perspective. The players will be able to create their own characters and equip them with weapons from throughout the series. The title is being developed by WayForward. The game will be released early 2012.


Source: Rely on Horror

New Screenshots of Silent Hill: Downpour


8 new screenshots of Silent Hill: Downpour straight from Gamescom 2011 with one screen introducing a new character in the game. See the screenshots in the game's gallery.

Update: 12 more screenshots.

Silent Hill HD Collection Officially on Xbox 360 + New Voiceover Sneak Peak


Silent Hill HD Collection was first announced as PS3 exclusive, but producer Tomm Hulett announced today in a video presented at Gamescom 2011 that Silent Hill HD Collection will come to both PS3 and Xbox 360 consoles. The game should be released simultaneously on both platforms yearly 2012. The video also featured a sneak peak of Silent Hill 2's new voiceover:

Konami Twitter Contest: Win a Silent Hill Sounds Box!


In honor of their 50,000 Twitter followers Konami is giving away a Silent Hill Sounds Box. To enter the contest you need to follow Konami on Twitter and retweet Konami's Sweepstakes "Kick-Off" tweet. One prize winner will be selected randomly. The contest ends on 19 August 4:00pm PST. Full rules of the contest:

P.S. Open to U.S. residents only.

Source: Konami on Twitter

Silent Hill: Downpour Mexico Pre-Order Goodies


Pre-order "goodies" have been popping up a lot these days- incentive to essentially pre-order and buy a particular game. When you do, you get awesome little gifts and bonuses. From the looks of it, a couple game stores in Mexico have released images and info regarding their pre-order bonuses. When ordering from you'll get a Silent Hill Downpour flashlight that comes with a USB drive containing a documentary with the "Making of" Korn's opening theme.

Another site,, is offering a Silent Hill Downpour mug with their pre-orders.

So far no other word on pre-order bonuses regarding other regions has been released.

On a side note, and it may just be a severe case of being spoiled by the goodies that came with Catherine, but I really hope they step up some of these so called "goodies" for this release. A mug and a flash drive containing the making of what I fear (holding judgement until I hear it) to be a potentially terrible opening theme by Korn. No offense. Loved them and grew up listening to their music until I dropped my angst, but I have yet to hear them do music that I would want paired next to Silent Hill.

Source: Silent Hill Historical Society

Tentative Silent Hill Release Dates


Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill Downpour appear to have some “solid” release dates. So we'd like to share the facts and what we know:

- Silent Hill Downpour was sporting a confused October/Winter release date - depending on where you checked. Gamestop has it listed with an SD (street date) of October 25th for PS3 and Xbox 360.
- Silent Hill HD Collection is showing a SD release date of December 1st, for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

Gamestop management assured me that while they aren't sure how the dates were handed down to them that they do not give titles their infamous SD tag, if they are not almost certain that these are the dates. With that in mind: These are tentative release dates. Nothing has been officially announced by Konami/Vatra and we are not responsible if these dates are pushed back or just plain false.

Source: Gamestop

Joe Remorsa Music Goodies


Music goodies galore - recently, Joe Remorsa (who contributed music and vocals to Silent Hill 3 and 4 soundtracks) released a jam session based off a recording of Akira Yamaoka, Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, and himself. He plays all the instruments and vocals on the track and it is available for purchase as a digital download only. Definitely check it out if you're a fan of the music!

Source: CD Baby

Silent Hill: Downpour Details


Silent Hill: Downpour is in the final stages of completion with an eyed release date of October. There was some feedback on the demo the team took to heart and they aim to fix it before release. One of these things being the “iffy” combat. Here is some new information provided by Devin Shatsky, the producer of Downpour.

- The option for button prompts (Press X to do __) can be toggled on Hard difficulty.
- Combat has been noted as “iffy” by previews, and Konami/Vatra are working hard to tweak and improve it at this stage of development.
- There will be unlockable clothing and weapons. Joke items will also be in the game (e.g. Silent Hill 3′s Sexy Beam)

Now most of this is exciting news. I look forward to running around Silent Hill with a Sexy Beam, or maybe even a Laser Pistol, and improvement to combat means they are listening to us, another good sign. The thing I am hesitant about is the button prompts. I like the idea of QTE (Quick Time Events, anyone who has played Dead Space 2 knows what I am talking about) but it sounds like these are actual prompts for picking an item up, or opening a door. The wording is vague and it may start as OFF, with the option of being toggled ON when playing in Hard mode, or unfortunately the opposite. I hope my immersion into Silent Hill isn't ruined by flashing multicolored shapes informing me what door I can open, and which weapon I can pick up.

More news to come as we get closer to a confirmed release date.

Source: Rely on Horror

Silent Hill: Downpour at Comic-Con 2011


A couple of Silent Hill: Downpour gameplay videos from Comic-Con 2011 by IGN. The demo is the same shown at E3 2011.

First Silent Hill HD Collection Screenshots


Konami has just released the first two official screenshots of Silent Hill 2 from Silent Hill HD Collection as well as a logo of the collection, which is set for release in September/October exclusively for PS3.

Akira Yamaoka Interview for 8-4


Many of us (I know I like to) imagine Akira Yamaoka sitting in the dark recesses of an office, sulking in the darkness and composing the music that made Silent Hill the creepy entity that we know it for. It may surprise some of you to know that at the press conference for the original Silent Hill in 1998, attended by many high profile reporters from the west, he wore a leopard print cowboy hat.

In a recent interview with 8-4 we got to see a glimpse of Akira and his work habits on the original Silent Hill, as well as why left the series and Konami.

At the time, sounds and music in video games were not as important as they are today. Akira sought to change this when Silent Hill originally began stating he felt he was the only one able to bring life to the sound. It was “the game to break game music on.” The process started with writing music for the trailer in hopes of drawing a strong reaction from the team, even a negative one. The team was rather blasé about the track which upset Akira. There was a typhoon that night, casting a sinister shade over Akira's home. Within an hour, he had written a track on guitar, which is the track we all hear when checking out the current Silent Hill trailer. (No, I am not making this up for effect.)

As to why he left the series and Konami, Akira states he looked at where he would be 10, 20 and even 30 years down the road and was disappointed with what he saw. He felt he wasn't in control of his life and that it'd be a steady growth of promotions and predictable security. This culminated in his retirement, an attempt to have control over his fate again.

Source: 8-4

Set Pictures of Silent Hill: Revelation


A user on IMDB forum has posted a couple of new shots from the set of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. The images, which supposedly came from the producer of the film Don Carmody, show Don in the company of the film's cast and crew: Carrie Anne Moss (first time seen in her Claudia costume), Heather Marks who plays a new character named Suki, monster nurses and others. Also there is a shot showing Carmody sitting under a statue of what looks like Valtiel from Silent Hill 3.

Source: IMDB

Ito is Drawing a Cover for Downpour


Artist Masahiro Ito, who worked on original Silent Hill games, will return to the work on the series, drawing a Japanese cover for Silent Hill: Downpour. After the original Team Silent disbanded, Ito continued to contribute to the series. For instance, he created art for two Japanese comics and also drew a box art for the Japanese release of Silent Hill: Homecoming, although the game was never released in the region. So this is great news indeed and we expect another great illustration from Ito-san.

Source: Twitter

New Details on Silent Hill HD Collection


Gamestop has made a product page for the upcoming Silent Hill HD Collection revealing some new details. The set is named Silent Hill Re-Mastered Collection on the site which may be the official title of the product. We already knew, the remastered games will feature completely new voiceovers, but the product description also mentions updated soundtrack score which could possibly mean the original soundtracks for the games by Akira Yamaoka may be changed in some way (remastered as well, perhaps). The collection is going to be released on September 20 in North America at the price of $39.99.

Source: Gamestop

Silent Hill: Downpour Panel Discussion


Video of the panel discussion at E3 2011 where the team of Silent Hill Downpour talk about influences, studio direction, and Pyramid Head:

Interview with Composer Daniel Licht


Interview with composer of Silent Hill: Downpour Daniel Licht by Girl Gamer:

New Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots and More Info on New Silent Hill Titles


More Silent Hill media from E3 2011 here. We've got 7 new screenshots and a press release. The press release gives us a bit more info on The Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The Silent Hill HD Collection is due for release for PlayStation 3 in Q4. The games have been completely reworked, with all-new voice talent, and the addition of PlayStation Network Trophies. No date has been set for Silent Hill: Book of Memories for the forthcoming PlayStation Vita at this point. The game will feature an all-new scenario and soundtrack, and links past and present events in the series in one game. Working with a friend, players are left stranded in Silent Hill, where they must work together in order to escape the town and its inhuman denizens.

Silent Hill: Downpour HD Gameplay


We have finally some proper gameplay footage of Silent Hill: Downpour in HD with commentaries by the producers of the game Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett:

Source: Facebook

Silent Hill HD Collection with New Voice Overs


The new Silent Hill HD Collection, consisting of Silent Hill 2 and 3, will feature not only improved graphics, but also new voice overs. Now we now what Guy Cihi, the actor who played the protagonist of Silent Hill 2, was contacted for by Konami last year, although it's not clear why it's even needed...

Updated: The new voiceovers are going to be directed by Mary Elziabeth McGlynn.

Source: Rely on Horror

Multiplayer Silent Hill: Book of Memories


According to the information from the special VIP Konami event at E3 2011 Silent Hill: Book of Memories for Sony Vita (previously NGP) is going to be a first multiplayer title in the series. Still no more details about the plot, gameplay or any screenshots.

Source: Rely on Horror

More Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplay


More footage of the demo of Silent Hill: Downpour shown at E3 2011:
Gamespot E3 2011 Live Show, Day 1 (skip to approximately 1 h 48 min to see Downpour part)
Silent Hill Downpour E3 2011 Gameplay (Global Media)
Silent Hill Downpour E3 2011 Gameplay (Gaming Trend Videos) (a bit of map shown)
Silent Hill Downpour E3 2011 Gameplay (GlitchyTasty) (transition to the Otherworld)

Silent Hill: Downpour Gameplay from E3 2011


Gamersyde has posted first gameplay footage of Silent Hill: Downpour, sadly, very brief and off-screen.

Silent Hill: Downpour Details: 3D and Theme Song by Korn


Konami has released some new assets for Silent Hill: Downpour, including a fact sheet and a bunch of new screenshots. From the fact sheet we learn that the game will support 3D (for the first in the series) and a theme song is going to be performed by a hard-rock group, Korn. Game's world includes day and night ‘Normal’ world and ‘Otherworld’ world, all manifested and sourced from character actions throughout the game. The interesting fact is that the game's release date in the fact sheet is set to October 2011, although the latest trailer said it was going to be released during winter. And in conclusion, synopsis of the game:

"Murphy Pendleton has been incarcerated for several years, having had his sentence extended once already. Due to his history at Ryall State Prison, he is being transferred to nearby Wayside Maximum Security Penitentiary—but a freak accident cuts the journey short. Waking up in a forest next to the wrecked bus, Murphy has a clear shot at freedom. He makes his way into the sleepy town of Silent Hill where mysterious locals welcome him into a slowly developing personal hell."

Source: Konami

Silent Hill Announcements at Konami Pre-E3 Show


As it was expected, Konami Pre-E3 Show 2011 brought us a lot of Silent Hill news. First, Silent Hill HD Collection for PS3, which includes Silent Hill 2 and 3, has been announced. Second, Konami have announced Silent Hill: Book of Memories exclusively for Sony's new handheld console NGP. Details about this title are not yet provided. Lastly, a new trailer for Silent Hill: Downpour has been released with official release date - the game is coming out this winter. Watch the presentation and the new trailer below.

Weapons in Silent Hill: Downpour


Producer Devin Shatsky left some posts at Hell Descent forum talking about how melee weapons work in Silent Hill: Downpour. The concept of breakable melee weapons is very similar to the one we saw in Silent Hill: Origins, however that game did not implement it very well as the weapons were far too fragile. Devin explained a bit how it looks in new Silent Hill concerning weapons durability and balance.

"One thing I’d like to mention is Downpour’s weapons break, but in different states, so often times what once was a 2 handed weapon, now becomes a 1 handed weapon upon breaking. Oh and some of the broken parts are still usable as well.

As for metal weapons it’s a tricky dilemma, obviously we didnt want to only create wooden objects, as that would seem like a cheap design “solution”. And we also didnt want to constantly have to “strategically” take away players weapons via design points (as in your water slide example), because that can come across as forced after a few times. So some metal weapons with wooden handles (EG axes or shovels, etc.) will break, and maybe only the handle is left as a functional weapon. Or in cases of an all metal weapon (such as a crow bar or pipe), it’s more durable, but doesnt have the reach that some other weapons do, and it also will eventually bend to the point where it’s not functional anymore."

Shatsky added that firearms can break like any other melee weapon and can be used as melee weapons when necessary when you'd like not to waste ammo. He also noticed that since the team is going for realism in the game, Murphy is not going to have an unlimited inventory system like in the previous games and will be able to carry only one melee weapon in his hand and one firearm holstered at the same time.

Source: Hell Descent

Malcolm McDowell Talks Silent Hill: Revelation 3D


In his recent interview to FEARnet, Malcolm McDowell talked a bit about Silent Hill: Revelation where he played a role of Leonard Wolf:

"I enjoyed that very much. It's part 2 of Silent Hill and all that. I just really did one major piece in it. I play this weird guy who's blind in a prison cell, with a chain. Scary. It was fun to do. I loved doing it. I just went in for a week, did it, and "Bye bye." I'm sure it'll be good, because this is one of the better ones of that genre of movie. So I think it'll be good."

Source: FEARnet

Silent Hill: Revelation Shooting is Ended


Silent Hill: Revelation director Michael J. Basset has posted a new post in his blog marking the end of the film's shooting.

"Just to let you all know I’ve just finished the last day of principal photography on SH2. It’s been both fantastic and challenging. Surrounded by great people with enormous talent who kept me on track throughout. How the final film hangs together, I won’t know for a while, but I’m pretty certain it’s going to at least look amazing. Give me about 5 months of post production for editing, fx and sound and then I’ll know more."

Also we have two photos from Central Tech High School in Toronto revealing that it will be Brookhaven Asylum in the Film.


Source: Michael J. Basset's Blog, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D on Facebook

Silent Hill: Downpour E3 2011 Teaser Trailer


To celebrate hitting 500,000 fans on the Official Silent Hill Facebook Page Konami has released a teaser trailer with a glimpse of Silent Hill: Downpour gameplay. We're expecting a full trailer of the game and more news and announcements at the upcoming E3 2011 which begins less than in a month. Also stany tuned and follow the first Konami Pre-E3 Show held on June 2 which can bring us more info about the game as well.

Source: Silent Hill on Facebook

Silent Hill: Relevation Filming at School


According to the following document the filming of Silent Hill: Revelation has moved to Central Tech High School in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).


Source: Silent Haven



Another short video clip by Usagi Tanaka about our beloved Robbie the Rabbits and their unfriendly relationship.

Interview with Producers of Silent Hill: Downpour


VG247 published a new interview with Silent Hill: Downpour Producers Devin Shatsky and Tomm Hulett in which they discuss origins of the series and its creators, atmposphere, soundtrack, trends in survival horror genre and perspectives of Silent Hill.

Interview Producers of Silent Hill: Downpour

Interview with Donna Burke


Silent Haven asked Donna Burke some questions about her roles as Angela in Silent Hill 2 and Claudia Wolf in Silent Hill 3 as well as her possible plans to return into the series.

Interview with Donna Burke

Source: Silent Haven

Bogeyman Figure for Pre-Order


After releasing official collectible figures of Pyramid Head and Valtiel several months ago Japanese department of KonamiStyle is going to release another statue - Bogeyman from Silent Hill: Homecoming (even though the game itself wasn't released in the region). The price for the 32 cm high figure is set at 29,400 yen (about $355 USD). Bogeyman is currently available for pre-order and will release on May 5.



New Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots and Concept Art


Konami has released a new pack of screenshots giving us a better look of the starting level of the game in the mountains as well as some location in the underground mine. Also there is some new concept art featuring Murphy Pendleton and Officer Anne Cunningham.

Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots
Silent Hill: Downpour Concept Art

Lakeside Amusement Park in Silent Hill: Revelation


The Torontoist posted new set photos of Lakeside Amusement Park in Silent Hill: Revelation. The set, which was arranged in Toronto, consisted of a giant head, various “concession booths,” and several rides, including a carousel, which was the focal point of the shoot.

And here's also a couple of videos from the set:

Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell in Silent Hill: Revelation


A new press release announced today that Carrie-Anne Moss and Malcolm McDowell have joined the cast of Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix Trilogy, Memento, Unthinkable, Chocolat) will play Claudia Wolf, a religious fanatic who follows Heather, and Malcolm McDowell (Easy A, Entourage, A Clockwork Orange) is playing her father, Leonard Wolf.

Samuel Hadida said: “Carrie has displayed her enormous talent across all genres – from The Matrix Trilogy to Memento – and we are delighted for her to join the world of Silent Hill. She will certainly bring a new level of excitement to fans of the videogame franchise.”

Director Michael J. Bassett said: “Malcolm is quite simply an icon of modern cinema and I’ve been a fan since I was a teenager when I managed to see A Clockwork Orange. He has an amazing ability to bring new and unexpected dimensions to his characters and I know he will bring something unique and disturbing to Silent Hill.”

Also we have a new still from the film with Adelaide Clemens and Kit Harinton.

Press release

Robbie in Dance Evolution


Amusing video of Robbie the Rabbits dancing from the Dance Evolution (DanceMasters) video game, created by Takayoshi "Usagi' Tanaka, a past member of Team Silent:

Akira Yamaoka's Silent Hill Guitar for Sale


A really special auction has been posted on eBay. Akira Yamaoka is auctioning off the acoustic electric guitar Yamaha APX-15FM he used to compose every Silent Hill soundtrack he worked on since the very first game of the series. The guitar also comes with two effects amps used while making the game soundtracks; a Line 6 FB4 and a Line 6 POD. Akira says that using these amps you can recreate any sound from the Silent Hill series. This guitar was also used by Akira at the Video Games Live series of concerts!

The auction is part of the Play For Japan campaign, a video game industry initiative to raise money for earthquake and tsunami relief in Japan. The starting price for the lot was $250, but has already reached $1,475. The auction ends in one week's time and the winner will also receive a personalized autograph on the guitar from Akira.

Check out the eBay auction

More Silent Hill: Revelation Set Photos


More photos from the set of Silent Hill: Revelation in Cambridge. Featuring Michael J. Bassett, Adelaide Clemens, Sean Bean, Deborah Kara Unger and Kit Harington, who according to the latest pieces of information is playing character named Vincent Carter.

See photos in the gallery

Source: Steve Robert Delahunty

On Silent Hill: Revelation Set


Silent Hill: Revelation is currently being filmed in the Canadian city of Cambridge, Ontario and various people and sites begin publishing photos from the movie's set on the internet. The images show the transformed downtown of the city of Galt with streets covered with ashes, various props like shop signs and other details. You can even see Heather Mason in her full costume portrayed by Adelaide Clemens in some images as well as some other characters and members of crew.

See all photos in the gallery

Source: Century 21,, IMDB Message Boards

Multiplayer Silent Hill Rumor Denied


Devin Shatsky, producer of Silent Hill: Downpour, denied today the recent rumor of a multiplayer Silent Hill title. According to Devin the Marek's answer in the interview to the Italian magazine was misinterpreted or simply wrongly translated.

“Whoever that Italian interviewer was either took Radeks comments completely out of context, or it was lost in translation. As previously mentioned, we were (many moons ago) investigating a separate Multiplayer mode, but that was quickly extinguished when we costed it out and determined how much resource time it would detract from the core singleplayer experience.”

Good to hear.

Source: Hell Descent

Rumor: Multiplayer Silent Hill for XBLA


In an interview with Italian X360 Magazine Radek Marek, Art Director of Silent Hill: Downpour, revealed that Konami are currently investigating a possibility of a multiplayer Silent Hill title for XBLA.

"360: Can we expect a multiplayer mode in Silent Hil?
Marek: At the moment there will be no multiplayer modes in Silent Hill: Downpour, but Konami are investigating a separate chapter devoted entirely to the Multiplayer. We do not know the details but it should be an XBLA title that most players have to survive in the town of Silent Hill."

Sounds a bit like a blasphemy as Silent Hill series was always meant for a single player experience and is known for its unique terrifying atmosphere of loneliness. It's pretty hard to achieve that in a multiplayer title. But hey, on the other hand Konami already made Silent Hill: The Arcade, a two-player arcade game, so why don't they make a similar title for XBLA.

Source: Hell Descent

Patrick Tatopoulos Designs Creatures in Silent Hill: Revelation


Patrick Tatopoulos is returning as creatures and special makeup effects designer and fabrication supervisor in Silent Hill: Revelation. The French-Greek production designer has done work on such movies as Underworld, Independence Day, I Am Legend, 10,000 B.C. but you may know him best from his work with designing Pyramid Head, Grey Children, Nurses and Bugs. In an interview he revealed that he just designed some creatures for Silent Hill, “I actually just designed some of the monsters for the new SILENT HILL.” He didnt state or describe which creatures he designed but we can expect he did work on designing Numb Bodies, Closers, possibly Slurpers, and an Insane Cancer and hopefully none other than Valtiel! Tatopoulos did a pretty good job with design in the first film hopefully he can work his magic with the iconic creatures from Silent Hill 3!

Source: Silent Hill Haven

Silent Hill Film Stars Return for the Sequel


Don Carmody and Samuel Hadida announced today that the stars of the original Silent Hill film, Radha Mitchell, Sean Bean and Deborah Kara Unger, will reprise their roles in Silent Hill: Revelation.

Silent Hill: Revelation cast is also joined by cinematographer Maxime Alexandre (The Crazies, Mirrors, The Hills Have Eyes), production designer Alicia Keywan (The Haunting in Connecticut, Messengers), costume designer Wendy Partridge (Silent Hill, Hellboy, Underworld) and editor Michele Conroy (Vincenzo Natali’s Splice).

Director Michael Bassett had the following to say: “It wouldn’t be the same without some of the original Silent Hill cast. Sean, Radha and Deborah’s return will certainly thrill fans of the franchise and compliment Revelations stars Adelaide and Kit.”

Alexandre added: “With the most advanced technology available, in particular the lighter, smaller and more flexible 3D Red Epic, we are able to take audiences deeper in the world of Silent Hill than they ever dreamed possible. Devotees will finally be able to enter this realm along side of Heather, Vincent, Harry and Rose and experience the psychological horror and the fear of the unknown with them.”

Enjoy the new shot with Heather and Rose.

Full Press Release


Adelaide Clemens is Heather Mason


As was officially announced ths week Heather Mason in Silent Hill: Revelation will be played by Adelaide Clemens. Clemens was recently seen in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and also had roles in various TV series. Director Michael Bassett shared first picture from the film with the actress portraying Heather. According to the ofiicial press release the other main role in Silent Hill: Revelation was given to Kit Harington.

Shooting of the film started yesterday in Toronto and will finish in the middle of summer.

Press Release


New Silent Hill: Downpour 2011.02.25 Images


Konami has released a news set of Silent Hill: Downpour images - 8 screenshots and 2 pieces of concept art - showing more new locations and views of the town of Silent Hill.

Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots
Silent Hill: Downpour Concept Art

"Be Buried in Silent Hill" Contest Winners


The winners of the “Be Buried in Silent Hill” contest have been announced today.

"The Silent Hill fans have spoken! The burial sculptures created by Marcell B, Krum, and Mike H received the most “likes” and have been selected as the winners of the “Be Buried in Silent Hill” promotion. Their sculptures will be modeled in 3D by Vatra Games and placed in the graveyard of Silent Hill: Downpour! They will also be immortalized in the “Special Thanks” credits at the end of the game. Awesome work! Please join us in congratulating them!"

Source: Silent Hill Official Fan Page at Facebook


Silent Hill: Downpour Contest's Final


The "Be Buried In Silent Hill" contest of burial sculptures arts for Silent Hill: Downpour is coming to an end and it's time to vote. Konami has chosen their top 10 works. To vote for the concepts enter the Contest Finalists Album on the Facebook and "like" the submissions. The 3 works with most "Likes" on Feb 16th will be chosen as the winners.


New Silent Hill: Downpour Details in EGMi


The latest issue of EGMi digital magazine includes a preview of Silent Hill: Downpour featuring an interview with producer of the game Devin Shatsky, some new images and a short new fragment of the soundtrack by Dan Licht.

EGMi: The Digital Magazine 244.04

Some new details:
- Creatures in the game all tie back to Murphy Pendleton in some form or fashion.
- The game's storyline is more straight-forward and concise compared to the previous games in the series.
- Murphy Pendleton's name is a homage to "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".
- Dan Licht combines ethereal organs with environmental sounds like heartbeats and drops of water in his compositions.
- Not all endings and side quests will be accessible on your first playthrough.
- Murphy's walking animation will differ depending on the situation, ex. he's suspicious or injured.
- Nothing seems to be reliable in the Otherworld with its never-ending hallways, disappearing rooms and crumbling ceilings.

New screenshots from the article

Download sample

Interview with Dan Licht


Bloody-Disgusting has scored an exclusive interview with Dan Licht, composer Silent Hill Downpour.

Audio interview with Dan Licht (Bloody-Disgusting)

Q&A With Michael J. Bassett #3. Shooting Starting Soon


Silent Haven has prepared a 3rd segment of Q&A with Michael J. Bassett, answering questions about Silent Hill: Revelation straight from the Silent Hill fans themselves.

Q&A With Michael J. Bassett #3 (Silent Haven)

Also the shooting of the film should begin in Toronto on March 7th and will end some day between June 5th-11th.

Source: Ontario Media Development Corporation

Actress for Heather is Chosen


Michael J. Bassett, director of Silent Hill: Revelation, in his latest posts on Twitter and his blog happily reported that it's "all done with LA" and the actress to play Heather is finally cast. He's not revealing her name yet, so we'll have to wait for the official statement.

"To call it crucial casting is an understatement – the whole movie rests on her slender shoulders. Not only has she got to be able to play the psychological complexity but she’s going to have to be pretty tough. I run a hard set and expect a lot from my actors. The girl I’ve got in mind brings all this and more to the table. She’s a gifted actress, tough but vulnerable – she’s going to rock your world, I promise. When deals and paperwork have all been finalised it will be announced but I can tell you, my quest is over."

Source: Michael J. Bassett's Blog

Silent Hill: Downpour in GamePro Magazine


The latest issue of the german GamePro magazine features a preview of Silent Hill: Downpour. Here's the summary of their impressions and the new facts from the article by Rely on Horror:
- Out of the franchise, the guys at Vatra Games like Silent Hill 2 the most thus, they are orientating on that game.
- GamePro was intrigued by Dan Licht, the new composer who took Akira Yamaoka’s place. They say it sounds like “a modern version of Akira Yamaoka’s work”.
- The player will be put in various situations where he has to decide wether to help someone or let him die.
- The puzzles are “really nice” and vary.
- To prevent players from getting stuck, Murphy will talk to himself on the lowest difficulty level which will help players to find solutions to puzzles etc.
- There will be a bunch of quick time events, however the game will not support Kinect or Move.
- Combat and gameplay is pretty bad at this time of development, also the camera sometime moves like its being used “by a drunken monkey” Vatra promised to improve on that of course.
- The game will be semi-open world. You will be able to explore the city, take side quests, or move on with the main quest. However, the player cannot visit any place in Silent hill from the very beginning.
- There will be different endings.

Source: Rely on Horror

Tom Waltz and Menton3 Interview


Our friends at Silent Hill Experienced have just released their latest podcast featuring a long chat with Tom Waltz, Silent Hill: Past Life writer and Silent Hill: Downpour co-writer, and Menton3, Past Life artist, discussing Silent Hill, comics and of course their latest work - Silent Hill: Past Life comic.

Listen/download the podcast at Silent Hill Experienced

Want to “Be Buried in Silent Hill”?


Devin Shatsky, producer of Silent Hill: Downpour, has called all Silent Hill fans to submit original concept art of the creepiest burial sculptures imaginable to be modeled & included in the graveyard of Silent Hill: Downpour in their new Facebook promotion.

"KONAMI today launched the "Be Buried in Silent Hill!" promotion on Facebook giving fans the opportunity to submit concept art of their own original spine-chilling burial sculpture for the possibility of being included in the graveyard of the latest installment of the Silent Hill franchise, Silent Hill: Downpour. Since this is a new chapter in the Silent Hill saga, sculptures must be original works and not based off of existing characters or creature designs (ex. no Pyramid Head or Harry Mason). The most ideal submissions will be hellishly original designs players would want to see in Silent Hill: Downpour. KONAMI will hand-select the top six submissions and post for public voting on Silent Hill's Facebook page on February 10, 2011, and will conclude on February 16, 2011 when the top three contenders will be revealed.

To enter the contest, please visit Silent Hill's Facebook Graveyard tab, here:"

Update: The contest is open to US legal residents. Detailed rules and regulations are here.

Source: Silent Hill Facebook Page

Crafting Atmosphere of Silent Hill: Downpour


A new article by Gameinformer reveals some sources of inspiration of the Silent Hill: Downpour developer team.

"Silent Hill: Downpour is being developed by Vatra Games, a new studio based in Brno, Czech Republic. The unique Central European environment has the team’s creative juices flowing. Mummified corpses beneath the streets, a huge cavern with a dark past, and a history of Soviet rule make up a portion of the inspiration they’re surrounded by. Needless to say, the country’s chaotic past has made an impact on the team, and they’re eager to share their enthusiasm for their environment."

Crafting Atmosphere: Silent Hill: Downpour And The Czech Republic Influence

Silent Hill: Downpour Details


Konami has released a bunch of assets for Silent Hil: Downpour today: first official screenshots, a couple of concept art images and a new logo. Additionally a 90-second sample of the in-game music by the game's composer Daniel Licht was released. Videogamer also had an interview with Silent Hill: Downpour producers Tomm Hulett and Devin Shatsky.

Silent Hill: Downpour will be released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Autumn 2011.

Silent Hill: Downpour Screenshots
Silent Hill: Downpour Concept Art
Silent Hill: Downpour Press Release

Q&A with Michael J. Bassett


Director Michael J. Bassett answered some questions to Silent Haven regarding the upcoming film Silent Hill Revelation which is currently in preproduction stage.

Interview with Michael J. Bassett (Silent Haven)

Silent Hill: Past Life #3 and 4 Images


Some images by Menton3 from the upcoming issues of Silent Hill: Past Life. Silent Hill: Past Life issue 3 is due for release mid-January 2011.

Source: menton3 on deviantART

Silent Hill: Downpour Coverage in GameInformer


As was announced by GameInformer the fresh issue of the magazine has coverage of new Silent Hill which is officially titled Silent Hill: Downpour now. Here are the scans of the article:


Some facts from the article:
- The game's story doesn't have any connections to the past titles of the series save for the town of Silent Hill.
- The player will have to make various choices affecting the outcome of the game and relationships with other characters.
- There is a choice of puzzle difficulty levels once again.
- Water plays a significant role in the game and acts as a trigger to world's transformation.
- Nightmare world locations in the game are not remixed versions of the already visited places, but will play out as standalone levels.
- The game combines over-the-shoulder view with the fixed classic Silent Hill camera.
- Murphy is no warrior and fights are to be avoided if possible.
- There will be boss battles with QTE system.
- There is no weapon inventory in the game. Murphy can have one weapon at a time only. As weapons he can use various objects he finds in the environment. All weapons have limited durability and will eventually break.
- The game takes place in the unexplored southeastern part of the town. There will be a subway system to make transportation easier to a big number of locations presented in the game.
- It will take you over 10 hours to beat the game if you explore of all the locations and do various sidequests.

Dragonborn from 4chan