Konami Launches Silent Hill Merch Collection

June 27, 2021

Now, of all times, Konami has just added an official Silent Hill merchandise collection to its recently started official shop. To begin with, two limited series skateboards inspired by Silent Hill 2 were teased, but these were gone the minute pre-orders were opened. Now, these can only be found via reseller listings at exorbitant prices. The rest of the collection is more prosaic and includes:

  • Inside Silent Hill Distress Hat – $29.99 USD
  • Red Pyramid Thing T-shirt – $34.99 USD
  • Halo of the Sun T-Shirt – $39.99 USD
  • Silent Hill Load Screen Hoodie – $69.99 USD
  • Silent Hill Fully Loaded Hoodie – $56.00 USD
  • Welcome to Silent Hill Deskmat – $22.99 USD
  • Red Pyramid Thing Pillow – $39.99 USD
  • Halo of the Sun Pillow – $39.99 USD

Silent Hill Merch Collection at Konami Official Shop