New Silent Hill Games Leaked

September 6, 2022

It looks like all those persistent rumors about new Silent Hill games from the recent years have finally started to materialize as more and more materials from the alleged sequels appear on the Internet this year. First of all, according to the images of the leaked presentation from 2018, it's not one new Silent Hill that has been in production, but potentially three:

  • Silent Hill 2 Remake
  • Silent Hill 5 + Playable Concept
  • Silent Hill Short Stories (episodic indie games)

Silent Hill 2 Remake

Allegedly developed by the Polish studio Bloober Team, Silent Hill 2 Remake is supposed to pave the road for the revival of the whole series which has been in decay since 2014 and the infamous release of Silent Hills P.T. Konami announced its business alliance with the studio last year, supposedly after generally positive reviews of their last title, The Medium. According to the presentation's slide, the remake is going to feature "revised AI and animations", "re-designed puzzles that tie closer with the game's core narrative structure" as well as 2 new endings. The recent leak includes some concept art and 3 screenshots from Bloober Team's 2018 pitch to Konami, so have in mind that the images are not quite representative of the final product's quality. Silent Hill 2 Remake would be PlayStation console exclusive for 12 months as well as released simultaneously on PC.

Silent Hill Playable Concept "Sakura"

Originally planned to be released on PlayStation 5 in October 2021, "Sakura" is supposed to be the playable teaser for the new numbered Silent Hill sequel developed by the Japanese studio similarly to 2014 Silent Hills P.T. In May of this year the Internet saw some images allegedly from the future Silent Hill game or its teaser leaked. One of the images featuring a cherry blossom head creature was even signed by Masahiro Ito who was the member of the original Team Silent. The recent leak provides more info and art from the teaser.

Silent Hill Short Stories

Little is known about this project, although in 2021 an insider reported that Konami was looking to release a couple of new Silent Hill games, one of them would be in episodic format. The leaked presentation connects this game to Annapurna Interactive, an American video game publisher specializing in indie games.

It's not known how long we will need to wait for the games' release or even their official announcements, but some sources from the industry say that not very long, even possible that we'll get the announcement in September as this year's TGS is occurring next week and Konami will be present.

Sources: Resetera, Dusk Golem