Bubble Head Nurse and Heather Statues by Numskull

October 2, 2022

This month Numskull Designs is ready to release its limited edition statue of Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill 2. A highly detailed 9 inches tall statue comes with hand-painted features, a steel pipe weapon in her hand and a base including toppling hospital trolley. You can pre-order the statue now via the store links from the Numskull website page.

The statue of the nurse is going to be the first in the series of at least three Silent Hill products by the company as at the end of the trailer we can see a hint of their next release – a statue of Heather from Silent Hill 3.

Our longtime reader, Adam.S (MacabreCollections), has just visited the PLAY Expo event in Blackpool, UK and is eager to share some first-hand info on Heather's state:

Okay, so, I spoke with Numskull's co-founder, and creative director yesterday at a small town convention here in the UK. Along with showing the prototype of the Bubble Head Nurse statue, I managed to get some information on Heather! She was actually supposed to be on display there, but she is presently in Japan receiving final approval from Konami.

First thing's first. Yes, it is 100% Heather.

She is 10 inches tall, her base is Lakeside Amusement Park themed, and a Robbie doll rests at her foot. The pedestal she stands on is round with a triangular, circus-esque pattern running along its side.

I was shown the full, unrevealed poster, as well as the paintwork as photos. I can attest to its beauty and accuracy, they even capture the redness around her eyes (seen in a close-up shot on the side of the poster). She stands tall, her hand wiping blood off of her cheek. She has all of her SH3 details, down to the orange rims around the top of her boots.

The only slight concern, as with other Numskull human statues, is the irises, but for the price, the rest of the paint makes it a CLEAR winner.

This statue will be available to pre-order within the next couple of months, confirmed before the end of 2022 for £89.99 GBP, or $99.99 USD from affiliated Numskull vendors such as JustGeek and Big Bad Toy Store, and Zavvi (UK, US, & EU.)