New Pyramid Head Figures

July 1, 2023

Two new Silent Hill 2 Pyramid Head figures by two different manufacturers were presented last week.

Red Pyramid Thing Limited Edition Statue by Numskull Designs

First comes a new official Silent Hill figure by Numskull Designs (they already released Bubble Head Nurse and SH3 Heather Mason statues in the past 12 months). A highly detailed 11.6" (29.5cm) PVC replica of Red Pyramid Thing from Silent Hill 2 features detailed floorboard themed base with shackles, spears and fallen victim props. This figure is expected to arrive in November and you can pre-order it at the following online stores:

POP UP PARADE Red Pyramid Thing by Good Smile Company

Next is the second Silent Hill release in the POP UP PARADE series of affordable 17-18 cm high statues. This figure will also arrive by the end of 2023 in December. You can purchase it from the following stores: