Silent Hill: Ascension Premiere Date and Details

October 8, 2023

The interactive streaming series Silent Hill: Ascension will start on Halloween, October 31. According to the latest announcement the "world premiere" date is set at 9pm ET / 6pm PT in the US. The viewers will be able to watch and participate in the series through the desktop browser as well as the mobile apps for the Apple and Android devices which you can already pre-register for free. New scenes will stream everyday at the same time and the whole story will unfold over six months. After each new episode airs, viewers will be given minimum 24 hours to make the choices and for important decisions it will be several days which will allow the whole world to participate and interact with the series asynchronously.

Genvid CEO Jacob Navok also disclosed the details regarding the season pass subscription. The subscription priced at $22.99 covers all six months and grants you access to the chat, stickers, profiles and puzzles around the viewing. The video content as well as all participation is free.

Genvid Entertainment also presented a new story trailer.

Audiences will be taken to a troubled rust-belt town in Pennsylvania called Hope’s Junction, rebuilding itself after a fatal steel mill accident decimated its economy. Another death shakes the community, and Rachel Hernandez is held responsible. Halfway around the world, in a dying fishing village in Norway named Stilledalen, the uneasy peace of the Johansen family is upended when their matriarch, Ingrid, dies under suspicious circumstances.

As members of both families delve deeper into their own horrors, and their towns are simultaneously consumed by mass hysteria, these two families will uncover strange connections between them despite being a world apart.