Ending System

Here you will find all the endings and the requirements to get them. You are not fully guaranteed to get the ending you want if you do all the requirements for a certain ending sometimes, so make sure you do everything you should do, and nothing you shouldn't do. But if you do all of the requirements, you have a very high chance of receiving that ending.

First, once you beat the game, there will be a memo in Room 205 2F of Wood Side Apartments, next to the sewing machine on the table. It will basically describe what to do to get one of the three regular endings that you haven't yet received. If you've gotten one ending, the memo will be about one of the two other endings. If you've received two of the regular endings, the memo will be about the last regular ending. It will only describe the Leave, In Water, and Maria endings. All of the three possible memos are in the memo section. If you read the memo, it will tell you what to do to receive the ending it's talking about. Requirements to get each ending are below though.


Requirement: To receive this ending James must act like he wants to survive. Keeping stamina healthy, not doing suicidal things, and acting like you want to find Mary by going in the correct directions. This ending is the easiest to achieve and if you just play through without aiming for a certain ending, this is the one you're most likely to get. Do the following and you should get this ending.

  • Recover your stamina (health) as soon as it drops. Try to keep green stamina throughout the whole game
  • After meeting Maria in Rosewater Park do not head east and do not make Maria tell James which direction the Hotel lies
  • Listen to the entire sick in bed conversation of Mary in the last long corridor before the last boss fight
  • Do everything that is recommended to avoid the Maria Ending

Avoid the Leave Ending:

  • When your health drops, don't be too quick to heal and don't worry too much when you have red status

Credits song: Overdose Delusion


Requirement: You will receive this ending if James shows a lot of comfort with Maria and spends a lot of time with her. Thus making James think of her as a new Mary. Do the following to get this ending:

  • Immediately go where Maria tells you to go. Do not go the opposite direction or make her tell you twice
  • Make sure Maria suffers none or very little damage
  • Spend a long time with Maria before leaving her in room S3 3F of Brookhaven Hospital
  • After you leave Maria in room S3, return and check on her often
  • After leaving Maria's cell in the Labyrinth try to re-enter the room (the white door, not down the stairs)
  • At the last long corridor before the Final Boss after the Pyramid Head Duo, don't listen to the entire conversation and quickly run forward and go through the door at the end of the hallway

Avoid the Maria Ending:

  • Hit Maria with the wooden plank a few times but do not kill her
  • In the Inventory, examine the Photo of Mary and the Letter from Mary
  • After you meet Maria in Rosewater Park run as fast as you can to room S3 on 3F in Brookhaven Hospital

Credits song: Promise

In Water

Requirement: In order to receive this ending, James must act in a suicidal manner. So if you are careless and keep your health low and do other things that might give James an idea of killing himself you should get this ending. If you wish to get this ending, do the following:

  • Examine Angela's Knife in your Inventory
  • Read the Diary on the Hospital Rooftop
  • See the message to James on the wall in Neely's Bar, Dark South Vale
  • After viewing the videotape, go down to the Reading Room on 2F of the Nightmare Hotel (Lake View Hotel) and listen to the recorded conversation with the headphones on the desk
  • Listen to the entire last corridor conversation of Mary sick in bed before the last boss fight
  • Go through the game with red health status often

Avoid the In Water Ending:

  • Do not let your health get to red status at all or too often, and use health items immediately when this happens
  • Never examine Angela's Knife

Credits song: Angels Thanatos


Requirement: In order to receive the Rebirth Ending, you must beat the game at least once. Start a new game and there will be four extra items that you will have to collect (not including Chainsaw, Hyper Spray, Dog Key, and Blue Gem). Collect the following four secret items so you have them in your inventory when you beat the game:

  • White Chrism - Blue Creek Apartments, Room 105 1F
  • Book: Lost Memories - In newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station
  • Obsidian Goblet - Silent Hill Historical Society Museum in the smashed display case in the second room
  • Book: Crimson Ceremony - Behind the headphones on the bookshelf in the Reading Room on 2F, after you view the videotape, Nightmare Hotel 

Credits song: The Reverse Will


Requirement: To get this ending, you must receive the three normal endings, Leave, In Water, and Maria, or just receive the Rebirth Ending in a replay game. Once you have these endings in the same save file, load it and start a new game. When exiting Rosewater Park for the first time, just head straight and you will enter an open yard just west of Jack's Inn. Inside is a Dog House with a Dog Key inside. Get the key and use it to enter the Observation Room on 3F of the Nightmare (Lake View) Hotel, after viewing the videotape in Room 312. The game will end there and the ending will start. Enjoy it and feel free to laugh as it's a joke ending.  


Requirement: Expanded versions only. After you've beaten both scenarios (with James and Maria), you can pick up the Blue Gem in the Restroom at the beginning of the game in the main scenario. It is by the furthest stall from James. Once you have it you must use it in the following three places to receive the UFO Ending:

  • Nightmare Hospital in the Garden 1F, after you've beaten the Hangers Boss
  • Right in front of the boat on the Labyrinth dock of Toluca Lake, after you've beaten the Eddie Boss
  • Room 312 3F Lake View Hotel, near the window by the TV, before you watch the videotape

Once you use the Blue Gem at these three places, the game will end and the ending will start to play. This is another joke ending so don't take it seriously.

Born from a Wish

Requirement: Simply complete this additional scenario since it has only one ending.