Speed Walkthrough



Letter from Silent Heaven
01. East South Vale
02. Wood Side Apartments
03. Blue Creek Apartments
04. West South Vale
05. Brookhaven Hospital
06. Nightmare Hospital
07. Dark South Vale
08. Silent Hill Historical Society
09. Toluca Prison
10. The Labyrinth
11. Toluca Lake
12. Lake View Hotel
13. Nightmare Hotel

Born from a Wish
01. West South Vale
02. Baldwin Mansion
03. Blue Creek Apartments


This speed walkthrough is intended for people who have beaten the game at least once, but I recommend you beat it a few more times so you relatively know where to go and what to do.

You are expected to know where to go when something is said:
-Enter room S3 on 3F

Use your map if you really need to, but you should only have to use it sometimes, and find the area that is mentioned and determine how to get there.

You are also expected to know where items are in a particular room:
-Enter Room 208 and get the Key to Room 202 on the shelf

Always locate every item beforehand, so you know where they are. That is why you should beat the game at least a few times before going for speed.

If you're only trying to get a fast time, don't waste time killing too many enemies. Enemies that block hallways or may be harmful should be taken out, however.

This is a speed walkthrough so health and ammo aren't pointed out. You are required to get these supplies yourself. Since you're going for speed, don't go out of the way just for one item and get supplies near items or weapons you pick up.

Note: Cutscenes do not count towards your time. You can watch them if you want but to stay on track, you might want to skip them.

Color legend
Letter from Mary - items
Wooden Plank - weapons
Map of Silent Hill - maps

Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale

-At the beginning, exit the restroom, take the Map of Silent Hill from James' car and head west to the stoned stairs and go down them
-Follow the path to the graveyard and enter it
-Find Angela and then exit the graveyard through the other west exit
-Follow the path and grab the Chainsaw if it's in the log
-Keep heading west, through the next fence door and it will turn into Wiltse Road
-Head west on Sanders Street and follow the "shadow" by heading north on Lindsey Street, east on Vachss Road and enter the construction site
-James will find a Radio and tear off a Wooden Plank from the structure
-Kill the Patient Demon and exit the construction site
-Head west back to Lindsey Street, head south, west on Katz Street and north up Martin Street
-Take the Apartment Gate Key by the corpse and head south back down Martin Street
-Head west on Katz Street until you reach the Wood Side Apartments gate, and enter the inside area of the fence with the Apartment Gate Key, and enter Wood Side Apartments

02. Wood Side Apartments

-Grab the Map of the Apt. Building to the left and head up to 2F
-Enter Room 205 and take the Flashlight
-Go up to 3F and try to get the key on the other side of the gate thing
-Get the Handgun from Room 301 in the shopping cart and go back down to 2F
-Head east until you hear a scream/cry and head north to Room 208
-Grab the Key to Room 202 on the left shelf and exit the room
-Head to Room 202 and enter it with the Key to Room 202
-Enter the right room to find a small hole in the wall
-Investigate the hole to get the Clock Key
-Head back to Room 208 and find the clock in the left room

-Open the clock face with the Clock Key and set the hands on 9:10

-Push the clock and go through the wall to Room 209
-Exit the room and go up the stairwell to the right to 3F
-Enter Room 307 to find Pyramid Head, and James will hide in the closet until he leaves
-Get the Courtyard Key from the closet and exit the room
-Head south down the hallway and get the Fire Escape Key by the gate thing
-Head down to 1F through the east stairwell
-Go down the 1F corridor and get the Canned Juice in front of Room 107
-Exit through the south lobby doors and head west to the west entrance, where you first came in
-Go up to 2F and put the Canned Juice down the garbage shoot in the laundry room
-Go back down to 1F and go outside to the incinerator to get the Coin [Old Man], and go back inside
-Use the Courtyard Key and go through the courtyard door
-Get the Coin [Snake] in the carriage in the pool and enter the north building
-Enter Room 101 and meet Eddie
-Reenter the west building and go up to 2F
-Head west down the corridor to the last door in front of you
-Go through the door with the Fire Escape Key and go over to Blue Creek Apartments

03. Blue Creek Apartments

-Go over to the washroom and get the memo from the toilet
-Go into the main section of the room and examine the safe on the chair

-Use the memo to solve the puzzle
-Turn the dial to the first number
-Turn the dial, pressing right, until you reach the second number
-Turn the dial, pressing left, until you reach the third number
-Turn the dial, pressing right, until you reach the last number
-Roman numerals represent which numerical number they are and letters represent their number in the alphabet plus 9

-Take the ammo from the open safe and exit the room
-Enter the west stairwell and take the Map of the West Apt Building on the floor
-Go down to 1F and enter Room 109
-Enter the room with the white door near the middle of the room
-James meets Angela again and you get Angela's Knife
-If you examine this knife it may affect which ending you'll receive
-Take the Coin [Prisoner] on the nightstand and exit the room
-Enter Room 105 and examine the secretarial desk

-Solve the puzzle with the Riddle Level you are on:
-Easy: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
-Normal: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake
-Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
-Extra: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
-Then take the Lyne House Key

-Exit the room and head up to 2F
-Enter Room 209 with the Lyne House Key and use the balcony to go over to Room 208
-Take the Apartment Stairway Key, run back to Room 209 and exit the room
-Enter the northeast locked stairwell with your Apartment Stairway Key

-You will now have to fight Pyramid Head
-When you can play wait until Pyramid Head gets to your relative position and then run to the far corner
-You can wait until Pyramid Head stops, when he lifts his knife, and then dart to the other corner
-When he gets close, do the same
-Repeat this process for a while until you the alarm sounds off
-Bullets only slow Pyramid Head down as this is a timed fight
-Pyramid Head will head towards the stairs and go down, so don't go near him or he may try to slay you

-When Pyramid Head is gone, the water in the stairwell will drain
-Go down the stairs and exit to West South Vale

04. West South Vale

-Go down the stairs and head north to Rosewater Park
-On the way James meets Laura in a video and then she runs off
-Run north to the Rosewater Park waterfront and meet Maria in the video
-Make sure you do not kill Maria or it is GAME OVER
-Exit the park by heading west and at the steps head south to Nathan Avenue
-Head west to Texxon Gas and take the Steel Pipe in the car's hood
-Now continue west to Pete's Bowl-O-Rama and enter it through the front double doors
-Go through the door on the left, and after the video find the other door in the room and go through it
-Go up to Eddie for a video
-Go through the double doors where Laura went through and exit the bowling alley through the double doors where you came in
-Head east and Maria will come running back
-Go around the east corner and around the next corner and go through the gate behind the bowling alley
-Head south (upward) towards the end of the alley for a video and then try to go through the locked door
-Maria will unlock the door with her three keys; enter Heaven's Night
-Run up the stairs and go through the green door on the right
-Find the exit door and go through it
-Run down the stairs and head south until Maria spots Laura run into the hospital, and enter Brookhaven Hospital

05. Brookhaven Hospital

-Grab the Map of the Hospital on the right board and enter the Reception Office
-Go through the other door in the room and grab the "Purple Bull" Key on the table
-Enter the stairwell nearby and go up to 2F
-Enter the Women's Locker Room to get the Bent Needle in the teddy bear and the Shotgun in the locker
-Enter the patient wing, and enter Examining Room 3 and get the code on the blue carbon paper
-Enter room M2 and take the "Laois Eye" Key in the open drawer
-Now go back through the double doors to the other corridor and go up to 3F
-Enter the patient wing with the code, which is 7335 on Easy and Normal Riddle Levels and 1328 on Hard and Extra Riddle Levels
-Enter room S3 so Maria can have a rest
-Take the Roof Key on the nightstand and go up to RF, using the Roof Key in the east stairwell
-Run over to the diary (examine it if you want; it may affect which ending you'll receive) and run to the fence near the Elevator Control Room
-Pyramid Head will knock you off the roof to the locked Special Treatment Room - move towards him to make it faster
-Enter the 2nd closest door to the camera and get the hard to read number on the wall, then run to room S14 and enter it

-Combine the "Purple Bull" Key and the "Lapis Eye" Key and use them
-Enter the code you found on the blue carbon paper in Examining Room 3 on the push-button lock
-Enter the code you found on the bloody wall in the Special Treatment Room on the turning lock
-After unlocking all locks, the box will open

-Take the Piece of Hair in the open box
-Now enter the Shower Room in the same corridor and combine the Bent Needle and the Piece of Hair and use them by the drain to get the Elevator Key
-Enter the elevator in this corridor with the Elevator Key and go down to 1F
-Enter room C2 and find Laura for a video - she takes and locks James in Examining Room 2 and now you will have to fight a boss

-Equip your Shotgun and start blasting away at the Hangers
-Try to stay away from them so they can't pick you up or kick you
-Shoot them until they get close to you then run to the opposite corner
-Stay away from them while you shoot until they both die, and a 3rd Hanger will come out
-Do the same until this one is dead and the fight will be over

06. Nightmare Hospital

-Go through the double doors beside you and enter the next area through the next double doors on the left
-Go up to 2F via the elevator and enter room M6
-Take the Drycell Battery and the Basement Storeroom Key where the hands reaching up are
-Go up to 3F via the elevator and enter the east corridor
-Enter the stairwell, go all the way down to the basement and go through the door, using the Basement Storeroom Key
-Push the shelf and try to go down the ladder
-Maria will come in; go down the ladder and get the Copper Ring
-Go back up to 3F, enter the patient wing and enter the elevator
-Go down to 2F and a trivia will come up, sounding like a radio - maybe James'
-On 2F, enter the Day Room and get the Lead Ring from the hard to open fridge with Maria
-Go back up to 3F and enter the Store Room in the east corridor if you want your prize
-Go up to the weird box and examine it

-For the first row of numbers, press 3
-For the second row of numbers, press 1
-For the last row of numbers, press 3
-If answered incorrectly, yellow spray will come from the roof and drop your health to red

-Take the 5 shotgun shell packs and the 2 ampoules inside the box
-Now go back to the patient wing and go up to the stairwell door
-In the menu, combine and use the Copper Ring and the Lead Ring
-Go through the now unlocked door, go down the stairs to the door at the bottom and go through it
-Run down the hallway and Pyramid Head will come and try to attack Maria
-Just run quickly down the corridor to the last hallway where Maria starts running and run down the hallway to the elevator for a video
-If you're playing on Hard Action Level, you'll have to hit Pyramid Head with a melee weapon or shoot him on the way until you're close the last hallway
-When you first see him, empty a Handgun clip into him, then start running
-You may want to empty another clip into him around the fenced-window area, and then run for it
-Maria won't make it so it was kind of pointless protecting her
-Now you are on 1F, so enter the Director's Room and get the Hospital Lobby Key along with examining the map on the desk
-James will see Laura walk by; do the same by going through the lobby doors with the Hospital Lobby Key

07. Dark South Vale

-Head southeast until you get to Saul Street and go through the gate door there
-Run on the grate path with the Underhangers and dodge them
-Go through the gate door on the other side when you get there
-Run northeast to Lindsey Street and grab the Wrench on the porch of the second closest house to Gonzale's Mexican Restaurant
-Head north, then west on Katz Street and go through the now unlocked gate door past Wood Side Apartments
-Run up to Rosewater Park and find the Praying Woman Statue
-If you need directions: when you first get to the park, take the first stairs you see that are on the right, then take the left stairs close by and go left around the corner to the statue
-Go behind it; dig and use the Wrench
-Take the Old Bronze Key in the tin box and run back to Nathan Avenue
-Head northwest up Nathan Avenue and enter the Silent Hill Historical Society with the Old Bronze Key

08. Silent Hill Historical Society

-Enter the second room through the door on the right
-Find the hole in the wall and go down the really long descending hallway until you reach a door at the end, and go through it
-Go through the next door and follow the hallway to the left and take the right path
-Go past the Patient Demon and through the door
-Jump down the hole and you will be in a well
-Search the well walls for some "different" and weak bricks, then equip either the Wooden Plank or the Steel Pipe and whack it 2-3 times
-The approximate location of the weak wall is 135 degrees to the left of where you start
-Go through the door and follow the path to the first door on the right, and go through it
-Get the Spiral-Writing Key and your Flashlight battery will die
-Use the Drycell Battery to replace the old one
-Examine the keypad in the bug-filled room

-Either 2 or 3 numbers will be illuminated on the keypad
-Use them to solve the puzzle by trying each combination possible
-There are always only six possible combinations
-Example: 1,2 - 121, 122, 112, 211, 212, 221
1,2,3 - 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321

-Exit the room and use the Spiral-Writing Key to open the locked gate door on the floor and jump down the hole

09. Toluca Prison

-After the video, get the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" and leave the room
-Head upward until you find the Map of the Prison on a table on the left, and head downward and enter the second door on the left
-Take the north path and enter the open shower room to get the Tablet of "The Seductress"
-Enter the south row of jail cells and get the Wax Doll from the second last cell
-Enter the north row of jail cells from the east side of the prison and get the Tablet of "The Oppressor"
-Exit to the courtyard and find the scaffold in the middle of the yard
-Combine and use the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig", Tablet of "The Seductress" and the Tablet of "The Oppressor" on the front of the scaffold, where the picture of the Pyramid Heads are
-Head back to the entrance and get the Horseshoe on the door handle
-Use the north row of jail cells to get to the west side of the prison and enter the civilian side through the last open door on the northwest side
-Enter the next door on the left and get the Lighter on the counter
-Enter the last door on the right and enter the next room in the Warden's Office and take the Hunting Rifle hanging on the gun rack
-Go through the gate next to the Warden's Office and combine and use the Wax Doll, horseshoe and Lighter on the hatch to make a handle; open it
-Jump down the hole and go through the double doors directly behind you
-Go through the other doors and jump down the hole
-Open the door and jump down the next hole
-Enter the elevator and go in one of the two far corners for the elevator to start its descent
-After the terribly long elevator ride go through the one and only light  brown door to enter the Labyrinth

10. The Labyrinth

-James draws his own map if you have the Flashlight on; make this so
-If you want a new weapon, follow the path to the northeast ladder and go down it
-Run to James' left down the turning hallway and enter the first room on the left
-Get the Great Knife on the table
-Leave Pyramid Head's lair by going back where you came from, to the main area
-Follow the path to the southeast ladder and go down it (not the other one that leads to Pyramid Head's lair, the one more south)
-Follow the watery corridor and go up the ladder at the other end
-Examine the box of faces

-On Easy and Normal Riddle Level rotate the cube until you get the right-side-up red face and turn the cube left or right to one of the three upside-down faces
-On Hard and Extra Riddle Level there is no set solution, so just keep trying all the 12 possible solutions until you get it right
-The possible combinations are (which direction the top of the face is):
Yellow - up, down, right, left
Red - up, down
Green - up, down, right, left
Blue - up, down

-Run past the box of faces into the metal floor room and go down the new stairway for a video
-After the video, go back up the stairs and get the Wire Cutter from the electrical box near the box of faces
-Go back to the main area and use the Wire Cutter to cut the wires blocking the door across from the entrance to the Labyrinth and go down the ladder
-If you encounter Pyramid Head face to face in this maze, you've gone the wrong direction; however, he will be in the last watery corridor before the boss
-Follow the path and take the first right, and go up the ladder
-Move ahead and follow the right path to the ladder and go down it
-Follow either path to another opening and go up the ladder in it
-Walk the path to where you have a choice to turn, and turn right
-Continue moving and take a 180 to the left around the next corner, and down the ladder
-Take the path around the corner, taking the first left and following to a ladder; go up it
-Head forward and go down the ladder at the end of the hall on the right
-Take the first left and go up the ladder
-Go through the door and go down the hallway of papers for a video and you will now fight another boss

-If you haven't already, equip you Shotgun and blast the Doorman twice to make him fall to the ground
-Always run to the other side of this room when this happens, because it's very small
-Repeat this a few times, using the strafe buttons to get out some situations, or change the control to 2D if not using it already
-The Doorman will die after around 6-10 shots

-After the video, exit the room and go through the next door to find two weird rooms for another puzzle

-Enter the first room to figure out the locations of the hanged men and then run to the other room and pull the noose in the same location as the body of the wrongfully accused man
-The solutions are:
Easy Riddle Level: Kidnapper
Normal Riddle Level: Arsonist
Hard Riddle Level: Counterfeiter
Extra Riddle Level: Thief

-Run back to the first room and grab the Key of the Persecuted
-Go through the last door in the hallway and use the Key of the Persecuted to unlock the handcuffs attached to the gate
-Go down the ladder and go through the white door at the end of the path
-Back in the corridor, go through the now opened gate and go up the ladder at the end of the path
-Follow the path to the catacomb and go down your grave
-Follow the long path and enter the next room for another boss

-As soon as you can play, equip the Great Knife and swing it at Eddie or slay him with it
-If you slay him once on Easy or Normal Action level, he'll run to the next room right away; twice on Hard
-Using the Steel Pipe and holding R2 and X hard will probably do better as James will continuously bash Eddie over the head without getting hit
-Or just use the Hunting Rifle - a few shots
-In the next room, equip your Shotgun and take off a few shots at Eddie
-Try your best to not let him shoot you, so use the strafe buttons when he starts to lift his gun
-After a while, he will get confused and hide behind the meat racks
-Run up to him to make him move, then shoot him
-If you find it difficult with the Shotgun, use the Handgun, but not the Hunting Rifle; it takes to long to ready your aim
-Keep shooting him until he dies for a video

-After you've defeated Eddie, exit the area by going through one of the two large doors where you haven't been yet

11. Toluca Lake

-Run along the dock to the boat and get in it
-Use the D-pad to move the boat on Easy and Normal Action Level
-On Hard Action Level you will have use both the analog sticks
-Move the left analog stick counter-clockwise and the right analog stick clockwise simultaneously to move forward
-Move both analog sticks counter-clockwise simultaneously to turn right
-Move both analog sticks clockwise simultaneously to turn left
-When you get in the boat, turn for a few seconds and you should see the light from the lighthouse
-Continue moving forward until you reach the Lake View Hotel

12. Lake View Hotel

-Run into the courtyard of the hotel and get the "Little Mermaid" Music Box on the left fountain
-Enter the Lake View Hotel via the double doors at the top of the steps
-Take the Hotel Map (For Guests) on the corkboard and enter the "Lake Shore" Restaurant
-Get the "Fish" Key on the set table and head for the exit for a video
-Go down to B1F and get the Thinner in the elevator
-Go up to 2F and enter the Cloak Room
-Use the "Fish" Key to open the briefcase and get the Key to Hotel Room 204 inside
-Enter the west side of 2F and enter Room 204 with the Key to Hotel Room 204
-Take the Employee Elevator Key on the desk and go through the hole in the wall to Room 202

-Use the Thinner to erase the ink on the photo on the bed
-Go over to the briefcase to the right of the bed and use the code you got from the photo on the bed to open the briefcase

-Get the "Cinderella" Music Box from the now open briefcase, then run to the east side of 2F and enter the Employee Elevator Room
-Go in the elevator and see the note on weight allowance on the panel, then examine the shelf outside the elevator
-Now put all your items in the shelf and go back in the elevator and go down to 1F
-Get the Hotel Map (For Employees) on the corkboard and enter the Pantry
-Get the "Snow White" Music Box on the shelf to James' right and enter the Office
-Take the Videotape and the Can Opener in the open safe and enter the stairwell through the blue door near the Office; go down to B1F
-Enter the Boiler Room and get the Bar Key on the boiler, then enter the Kitchen
-Use the Can Opener to open the can on the counter and take a Light Bulb
-Enter the Venus Tears Bar and put the Light Bulb in the lamp on the counter
-Exit the bar, using the Bar Key and go back up to 2F
-Go to the east side of 2F and enter the Employee Elevator Room
-Get all your items back from the shelf and exit to the middle of 2F
-Go down the stairs to the large music box

-On Easy Riddle Level just put the 3 Music Boxes in any of the three slots
-On Normal Riddle Level the "Snow White" Music Box goes in the front, the "Cinderella" Music Box goes on the left, and the "Little Mermaid" Music Box goes on the right
-On Hard and Extra Riddle Level the "Little Mermaid" Music Box goes in the front, the "Cinderella" Music Box goes on the left, and the "Snow White" Music Box goes on the right
-Select "Yes" to make the music box play when it asks you and it will play correctly

-The music boxes will turn to the inside and three others will be facing you now
-Take the Hotel Stairway Key on the middle music box and get the Key to Room 312 in the Reception
-Run up to 3F, using the Hotel Stairway Key to open the gate
-Enter Room 312, using the Key to Room 312, and insert the Videotape into the VCR to the right of the TV

13. Nightmare Hotel

-If you want the Dog Ending and you have the Dog Key, use it to enter the Observation Room in this corridor
-If not, go down to 2F and enter the west side of the floor
-If you want to, listen to the headphones in the Reading Room on this floor (but you are going for speed so you shouldn't)
-Try to enter Room 202 and you will be transported to the east side of 2F
-Go through the double doors to the south and enter the elevator; go down to B1F
-The basement is now flooded but you can still get around
-Enter the Venus Tears Bar and use the Kitchen as a passageway to the next corridor, then enter the stairwell for a video
-After the video, exit the stairs and they will be normal again; go up to 1F
-Follow the path northeast and go through the door at the end
-Run along the path with Underhangers underneath it, ignoring them, and go through the next door
-Equip the Hunting Rifle and go through the double doors to the Lobby

-Right when you can play run into the furthest corner and start shooting at the Pyramid Heads
-You should be able to take off at least 3-4 shots on Easy Action Level, 1-2 shots on Normal, and 1 or maybe 2 shots on Hard
-On Hard Action Level try to only take off one shot in each corner you visit because you may get stabbed
-After you've taken off the appropriate amount of shots, use the R1 and L1 buttons to strafe out of the way to the next furthest corner
-Keep firing at the two Pyramid Heads, traveling to the furthest corner each time, and you should find this battle quite easy
-Further in the battle, you will be able to take off more shots in each corner as the Pyramid Heads will be slower
-Just make sure the Pyramid Heads don't get close to you so hold L2 to position the camera on the Pyramid Heads while you're shooting at them
-Keep in mind that it doesn't matter which Pyramid Head you are shooting each time; they split the damage
-After about 20 shots on Normal Action Level, the two Pyramid Heads should head towards the center on the Lobby and they will stab their spears into their heads, oddly enough, to end the battle

-Examine the Pyramid Heads' corpses to find the Rust-Colored Egg and the Scarlet-Colored Egg in their hands
-Find the two exiting lobby doors and insert the Rust-Colored Egg and the Scarlet-Colored Egg into either one of the two doors; it doesn't matter which egg goes in which door, as long as you put one in each door
-Exit through one of the two doors and go through the south double doors to enter the long hallway
-It may change which ending you will receive if you listen to the whole recorded conversation or not (you're going for speed so rush through it)
-Go through the door at the end of the hallway and turn to James' left
-Start running up the many stairs, as the path turns, and follow it to the very top for a video, then the final boss in the game

-Right when you can play run away into a far corner and use the Hunting Rifle's amazing accuracy and range to hit the demon
-When the demon spits out the moths, keep strafing until they fly away because they can harm you
-Try not to get too close to the demon or it may try to grab you and hold you up in the air, inflicting a lot of damage
-Keep running into corners, staying away from the demon, and use the Hunting Rifle to shoot the demon
-Be sure to dodge the demon's attacks and you should do well
-Be sure to hold L2 to position the camera on the demon while you're shooting at it, to see how close it is to you, and run away when it gets close
-If you ever get attacked, use the movement controls and the shoulder buttons to get out of the attack faster
-The demon will spit out its moths several times so stop shooting when this happens and run around until they fly away
-After many shots the demon should fall to the ground and it will be
-Take out your weapon of choice and take out the demon
-If using the Great Knife (or another melee weapon) press X hard so James will do a downward attack, killing the demon
-After you have officially killed the demon you have beat the game; congratulations!

If you get under 2 hours that's great. If not, it's not hard to improve your time. If you think you're good enough in Silent Hill 2, go for the 10 star ranking using the tips and strategies in the ranking section.

Born from a Wish

01. West South Vale

-Exit the room and go through the green door to the left, then get the Chinese Cleaver stabbed into the counter
-Exit Heaven's Night through the next door
-Run south down Carroll Street, east on Rendell Street and north on Munson Street
-Then go through open door near Blue Creek Apartments on the east side and enter the Baldwin Mansion

02. Baldwin Mansion

-Go through the double doors to the living room
-Get the Baldwin House Map on the small bookshelf and enter the stairway
-Go up to 2F and try to enter the room on Maria's right for a video
-Go through the next door to the left and enter the balcony through the right door to get the White Board
-Go back down to 1F and you should hear a noise on the way
-Go up to the fire place and climb the ladder
-Get the Red Board and the Black Board on the ground and examine the grave

-Put in the White Board as it is
-Put in the Black Board as it is
-Put in the Red Board 90 degrees to the left

-Take the Acacia Key and go back down the ladder, then back to 2F via the stairs
-Go through the open door in front of you again and run past the Mannequin, then enter the other balcony on the right
-Go through the door, using the Acacia Key and enter the Kid's Room
-Get the Matches on the table and exit the room
-Continue down the hallway and enter the attic at the end
-Use the Matches on the candle on the table for some light
-Get the Birthday Card from under the chair
-Go back all the way to the door where Ernest was and go through it
-Go through the other door, and then the door to the right to the stairs
-Go down to 1F and enter the east hallway through the door beside the Main Kitchen door
-Go through the Service Room at the end of the hall
-Go through the door ahead of you to the next corridor and enter the Study
-Maria will give Ernest the Birthday Card and now you'll have to get the white liquid
-Go back through the other door where you came into this corridor
-Enter the stairway and go down the stairs
-Follow the pathway and go up the next stairs
-Go to the end of the path and exit the mansion to outside
-Enter Blue Creek Apartments next door

03. Blue Creek Apartments

-Enter Room 105 and get the White Liquid on the desk
-Exit back to the Baldwin Mansion
-Run back all the way to Study on 1F and try to go through the other door again to complete the scenario

You should eventually be able to beat this scenario in around 10 minutes, which is a good time. If you can't, try it a few more times.