Speed Walkthrough


Recommendations Before You Start

Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale
02. Wood Side Apartments
03. Blue Creek Apartments
04. West South Vale
05. Brookhaven Hospital
06. Nightmare Hospital
07. Dark South Vale
08. Silent Hill Historical Society
09. Toluca Prison
10. The Labyrinth
11. Toluca Lake
12. Lake View Hotel
13. Nightmare Hotel

Born from a Wish

01. West South Vale
02. Baldwin Mansion
03. Blue Creek Apartments

Recommendations Before You Start

This speed walkthrough is intended for players who have either beaten the game at least once (as a quick reference to speed up their play times), or for players who wish for only the bare minimum of instructions to make it through the game instead of the detailed explanations in the full walkthrough. My walkthroughs are normally extremely in-depth, so I get it if you just want the instructions and that's it.

That said, boss strategies will be very concise and to the point, we won't bother mentioning most enemies, and it'll be up to you to keep yourself stocked up on ammo and health. Consider using Bullet Adjust so you don't have to pick up as much, and feel to skip any non-mandatory weapons you don't plan on using. We also won't cover save points so it'll be up to you to find one if needed. Refer to the Save Point Locations section for all locations.

You shouldn't need any maps for pure speed, but understandably they can help you in sudden moments of confusion so they will be marked below for you to consider. And since many of the codes in the game are random each time, consider grabbing a notepad and pen for quick reference.

For the quickest time possible, you'll need to beat the game with the Dog Ending. This walkthrough will cover that as an option along with the normal endings route. Just be sure to pick up what you need and ignore what you don't for the ending you're going for.

Note: Cutscenes don't count towards your play time in the game clock, but I suggest still skipping them anyway to stay in the groove. If you wish to take a quick break, use Select to pause the game which also stops the game timer.

Color legend
Letter from Mary – items
Wooden Plank – weapons
Map of Silent Hill – maps

Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale

Save Point Locations

  1. At the bottom of the well just before the graveyard's main gates on the nature trail.
  2. On the table in the fenced lot on Vachss Road.
  3. On the bed inside the camper trailer at the west end of Saul Street.


  • Optional: The Blue Gem is available on the restroom floor in a New Game Plus, if already unlocked and only in Greatest Hits/Director's Cut versions
  • Leave the restroom, grab the Map of Silent Hill from the car (required), and head down the steps to the left
  • Follow the path through the gate to the graveyard and run towards Angela
  • Run ahead to the right and exit through the gate there
  • Optional: The Chainsaw is available on the right logs a bit ahead if playing a New Game Plus
  • Follow the path through the next fence gate and continue to Sanders
  • Turn right towards the intersection and follow the "shadow" north
  • Turn right down Vachss and enter the construction site
  • James gets the Radio and Wooden Plank
  • Quickly kill the Lying Figure and exit the construction site
  • Head back to Lindsey, take a left and then a right onto the next street, Katz
  • Take your first right up the narrow Martin Street and grab the Apartment Gate Key from the corpse at the left end
  • Go back and turn right on Katz, taking it all the way to the apartment gate on the right side
  • Optional: In a New Game Plus the Hyper Spray is available inside the camper trailer at Saul and Harris, but it's more time efficient to save it for nighttime unless you plan on heavily using it
  • Enter the compound with the Apartment Gate Key and then the building itself

02. Wood Side Apartments

Save Point Locations

  1. On the right wall just inside the west lobby entrance.
  2. On the pushcart by the kitchenette in room 209 2F.


  • Optional: The Map of the Apt. Building is available on the left wall
  • Take the stairs to 2F and get the Flashlight from the dummy in room 205 to the right
  • Run up to 3F and reach for the key by the bars
  • Get the Handgun (required) from the shopping cart in room 301 at the left end (Flashlight must be on)
  • Head back down to 2F, take a right and you'll hear a muffled scream at the intersection
  • Enter room 208 up the hall and grab the Key to Room 202 on the left shelf
  • Head back down the hall, go right and enter 202 using the Key to Room 202
  • Enter the right room and get the Clock Key from the small hole in the wall
  • Re-enter 208 and move inside the small clock room to the left

Puzzle: Grandfather Clock

  • Open the clock face with the Clock Key and set the hands to 9:10
  • Push the clock, move through to 209 and exit
  • Use the right stairwell to access 3F
  • Enter 307 and take the Courtyard Key in the closet immediately after the cutscene
  • Exit and grab the Fire Escape Key on the floor around the right corner
  • Turn around and enter the east stairwell at the other end of the hall
  • Run down to 1F, enter the open hall and grab the Canned Juice by the end door (107)
  • Exit through the lobby doors, take James' right across the yard and enter the other lobby
  • Head to 2F and use the Canned Juice in the garbage chute in the open laundry room
  • Return to 1F and get the Coin [Old Man] from the garbage chute bottom around the corner to James' left
  • Re-enter the lobby and enter the courtyard with the Courtyard Key
  • Jump in the pool to the left and get the Coin [Snake] from the carriage, exit with the left steps
  • Enter the other building and meet Eddie in the washroom of 101 to the right (required)
  • Run back to the main lobby, go up to 2F and use the Fire Escape Key at the left end to cross over to Blue Creek

03. Blue Creek Apartments

Save Point Locations

  1. On the wall at the end of the short hallway in room 105 1F.
  2. On the wall in the bedroom of room 208 2F, after crossing over from 209.


  • Optional: Grab the toilet memo for the safe code if interested, then examine the safe and grab all the ammo inside after solving it

Puzzle: Safe Combination

  • Use the memo to solve the puzzle and get the ammo inside
  • Turn the dial to the first number
  • Turn the dial right to the second number
  • Turn the dial left to the third number
  • Turn the dial right to the fourth number
  • V means 5, X means 10, and any letter represents its number in the alphabet plus 9
  • Take a right, enter the stairwell on the left and enter the first floor hall right at the bottom
  • Optional: Map of the West Apt Building is available on the 2F stairwell floor
  • Enter 109 to the left and move through the white door to meet Angela and get Angela's Knife
  • Take the Coin [Prisoner] on the nightstand and enter room 105 to the right directly across from the stairwell
  • Optional: The White Chrism is on the kitchenette counter in a New Game Plus

Puzzle: Old Coin Desk

  • Solve the desk puzzle with your corresponding Riddle Level:
  • Easy: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
  • Normal: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner , Empty, Snake
  • Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
  • Extra: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner , Empty
  • Take the Lyne House Key from the now open desk and go back up to 2F
  • Enter 209 with the Lyne House Key and cross over to 208 from the balcony
  • Take the Apartment Stairway Key on the bed and exit from 209
  • Enter the stairwell at the left end with the Apartment Stairway Key

Boss 1: Red Pyramid Thing

  • Survive the encounter with Pyramid Head and make him leave as quickly as possible
  • To do this, constantly fire the Handgun at him and run to the opposite corner when he gets close (the Handgun Bullets in the 203 safe may help here, or any other packs you find)
  • When the siren sounds, immediately run to the far corner and let Pyramid Head leave without any distractions
  • Move down the staircase and exit to outside once the water drains

04. West South Vale

Save Point Locations

  1. On the trunk of the green car in the Jack's Inn parking lot.


  • Run down the stairs, turn around and follow the path around the corner and past Laura
  • Head straight to the waterfront of the park and meet Maria to the left
  • Continue along the waterfront and take the left path to exit towards Nathan Avenue
  • Optional: The Dog Key is available inside the doghouse in the open yard across the street if unlocked and playing a New Game Plus – grab it if going for the fastest route possible
  • Head right from the park down Nathan Avenue and enter Pete's Bowl-O-Rama
  • Optional: The Steel Pipe can be found in the hood of the car at Texxon Gas – it's recommended on Normal/Hard for a later boss fight
  • Optional: The Book: "Lost Memories" is available in the newspaper stand at Texxon Gas in a New Game Plus
  • Enter the left room and then the main room after the cutscene
  • Approach Eddie and then exit the bowling alley entirely to the right
  • Take a right to reunite with Maria
  • Take the next right all the way to the back of Pete's, then pass through the gate
  • Head upward to the end of the alley
  • Try the door Maria points to and enter after she unlocks it
  • Enter the main room up the stairs at the right end and exit through the front door
  • Run to the sidewalk and take a right
  • Enter the hospital on the right side after Maria points out Laura

05. Brookhaven Hospital

Save Point Locations

  1. On the desk in the Reception 1F.
  2. On the left wall in room S11 3F.


  • Optional: The Map of the Hospital is on the bulletin board
  • Enter the Reception and get the "Purple Bull" Key on the desk through the other door
  • Enter the stairwell from the hall and go up to 2F
  • Get the Bent Needle and Shotgun (recommended) from the Women's Locker Room around the left corner at the end of the short hall
  • Optional: The Examination Key in the Men's Locker Room is useless since the 3F door code is always the same per riddle level
  • Enter the patient wing and get the code imprinted in the carbon paper inside Examining Room 3 through the double doors on the right
  • Enter room M2 and take the "Lapis Eye" Key from the nightstand
  • Re-enter the employee wing and head up to 3F via the stairwell

Puzzle: Third Floor Patient Wing Keypad

  • Enter the 3F patient wing by tapping in the code on the keypad
  • Easy/Normal: 7335
  • Hard/Extra: 1328
  • Enter room S3 to drop off Maria and get the Roof Key from the nightstand
  • Use the Roof Key to access the roof from the stairwell
  • Run over to the messy diary in the corner (which can be read but doesn't have to be) and then to the fence by the door
  • Hearing metallic screeches, run away from the fence to activate the cutscene earlier
  • Enter the second closest cell to the camera and jot down the code on the wall
  • Exit to the hall, enter the patient wing and approach the box in S14 at the very end of the hall

Puzzle: "Louise" Box

  • Combine and use the "Purple Bull" Key and "Lapis Eye" Key
  • Enter the code from the blue carbon paper in Examining Room 3 into the push-button lock
  • Enter the code from the bloody wall in the Special Treatment Room into the turning lock
  • Take the Piece of Hair from the open box
  • Head back right down the hall and enter the Shower Room on the left side just past the elevator
  • Combine and use the Bent Needle and Piece of Hair to get the Elevator Key from the drain
  • Enter the elevator around the right corner with the Elevator Key and go down to 1F
  • Enter room C2, the third room on the right side, and meet Laura at the back; James will be lured to Examining Room 2

Boss 2: Flesh Lips

  • Equip your Shotgun and start blasting away at the Flesh Lips
  • Keep on the move so they can't grab you, shooting them once or twice from each spot
  • Quickly kill the first two then finish off the final Flesh Lip once it drops down

06. Nightmare Hospital

Save Point Locations

  1. On the lattice fence inside the far west hallway on 1F, after entering from the Garden.
  2. On the pillar in the employee wing stairwell on 3F.
  3. On the right wall by the exiting lobby doors on 1F.


  • Re-enter the hospital through the double doors, then through the other doors in the room
  • Take the elevator to 2F and enter room M6 at the right end
  • Take the Dry Сell Battery and Basement Storeroom Key from the ledge
  • Head up to 3F via the elevator and enter the employee wing to the left
  • Enter the stairwell and use the Basement Storeroom Key to access the Storeroom at the very bottom
  • Push the shelf and try to go down the ladder
  • Now with Maria, climb down the ladder and get the Copper Ring
  • Head back to 3F and enter the patient wing elevator
  • Go down to 2F, skip the radio show, and enter the Day Room at the left end
  • Examine the fallen fridge to get the Lead Ring with Maria's help
  • Take the elevator back up to 3F
  • Optional: If you want all the extra ammo and health, enter the Storeroom in the employee wing

Puzzle: Trick or Treat Chest

  • The box will open once the three questions are correctly answered:
    • Press the 3 button on the top row
    • Press the 1 button on the middle row
    • Press the 3 button on the bottom row
  • Combine and use the Copper Ring and Lead Ring on the patient wing stairwell door by the elevator
  • Run down and enter the basement from the stairwell
  • Follow the pathway as quickly as possible to the elevator at the end, ignoring Pyramid Head on Normal Action Level or lower
  • On Hard Action Level, fire a full Handgun clip into Pyramid Head when he first appears, then run to the fenced-window area and shoot another clip into him through the window, then run to the elevator
  • Now on 1F, head left and enter the right end Director's Room
  • Take the Hospital Lobby Key on the desk after reading the memo
  • Exit the hospital with the Hospital Lobby Key

07. Dark South Vale

Save Point Locations

  1. On the table in the fenced lot on Vachss Road.
  2. On the bed inside the camper trailer at the west end of Saul Street.
  3. On the trunk of the green car in the Jack's Inn parking lot.


  • Head right down Carroll Street, left on Rendell, right on Munson, left on Saul and through the end gate
  • Run through the gate at the other end of the tunnel, dodging the gaps in the path
  • Optional: The Hyper Spray is available inside the camper trailer in a New Game Plus if you haven't collected it yet
  • Run past the trailer on Saul, take a left on Neely, right on Sanders, and left on Lindsey
  • Grab the Wrench on the porch of the second house on the left of Lindsey
  • Continue up Lindsey, take a left on Katz and pass through the now unlocked door in the large sheet past the apartments
  • Take a right on Munson and left on Nathan
  • Find and take the path along the right side of the road into the park
  • Stay on the right of the entry path, take the first right down the stairs, the next left down the small steps, then left around the corner
  • Dig behind the praying woman statue, then use the Wrench to get the Old Bronze Key in the tin box
  • Retrace your steps to leave the park to the streets (turn right from the statue, up the steps, right, up the stairs, then left all the way)
  • Take a right on Nathan and run all the way to the Silent Hill Historical Society
  • Enter the building with the Old Bronze Key

08. Silent Hill Historical Society

Save Point Locations

  1. On the counter just inside the entrance.


  • Enter the second room through the door on the right
  • Optional: The Obsidian Goblet is available in the smashed display case in a New Game Plus
  • Find the hole in the wall and go through the door at the end of the long descending hallway
  • Go through the next door, follow the hall to the left, take the right path and through the door past the Lying Figure
  • Jump down the hole into the well
  • Turn around 135 degrees to the left and examine the wall to find the different spot
  • Whack the bricks with the Pipe (or Plank) and go through the door
  • Move through the first door on the right and get the Spiral-Writing Key
  • Use the Dry Сell Battery from the inventory once your Flashlight battery dies
  • Examine the keypad in the bug-filled room

Puzzle: Trap Room Keypad

  • Two or three numbers will be slightly more illuminated on the keypad; use them to solve the puzzle by trying each combination possible
  • There are always only six possible combinations
  • Example 1,2: 121, 122, 112, 211, 212, 221 1,2,3: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321
  • Exit the room once unlocked and use the Spiral-Writing Key to open the locked gate door on the floor and jump down the hole

09. Toluca Prison

Save Point Locations

  1. On one of the pillars at the back of the cafeteria 1F.
  2. On the wall by the urinals in the men's washroom 1F.


  • Get the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" at the back of the room and enter the hall
  • Optional: The Map of the Prison is available on a table down the hall to the left
  • Enter the shower room along the right side of the hall, second door from the cafeteria
  • Take the left path and get the Tablet of "The Seductress" in the open shower stall, then exit the room entirely
  • Take a left and enter the upper south cellblock through the next door on the left
  • Get the Wax Doll from the second last cell and exit the cellblock on the other side
  • Head up the hall and take the second door on the left to the lower north cellblock
  • Grab the Tablet of "The Oppressor" inside the closed seventh cell, then exit after your fourth attempt
  • Take a left back into the previous hall, take a right and enter the courtyard through the next left door
  • Combine and use the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig", Tablet of "The Seductress" and Tablet of "The Oppressor" on the scaffold
  • Head back to the entrance and get the Horseshoe now on the door handle
  • Back inside, take a right and re-enter the lower north cellblock on the left, then pass through the door at the other end
  • Take a right and use the last door on the left before the gate to pass through to the northwest corridor
  • Grab the Lighter from the next room on your left
  • If you want the Hunting Rifle (recommended for all endings except Dog and UFO), enter the warden's office at the right end of the hall before the gate and grab it from the next room
  • Head through the gate in the hall and combine and use the Wax Doll, Horseshoe and Lighter on the hatch to make a handle and open it
  • Jump down the hatch, turn around and proceed through the prison morgue ahead and down the next hole on the other side
  • Open the door and jump down the next hole
  • Run deep into the elevator to start its one-minute-long descent
  • Enter the Labyrinth through the door at the bottom

10. The Labyrinth

Save Point Locations

  1. On the wall by the entrance door to the Labyrinth, just after the long elevator ride.
  2. On the wall beside the door up the ladder, just before the Abstract Daddy boss fight.
  3. On one of the gravestones in the catacomb.


  • Optional: If using the map, keep your Flashlight on so James can draw it
  • Optional: If you want Pyramid Head's old weapon, take a left, another left, go down the left ladder, take another left, another left, through the door and grab the Great Knife – to continue, head back up that same ladder, take a right, ignore the next right and follow the path to and down the next ladder; skip the next instruction
  • From the starting door, take a left, the second right and go down the ladder at the end
  • Move up the ladder at the other end and solve the box of faces puzzle

Puzzle: Box of Faces

  • On Easy and Normal Riddle Level, rotate the cube to display either the green-eyed upside-down face or yellow-eyed upside-down face
  • On Hard and Extra Riddle Level there is no set solution, so either take a look in the metallic room, find two doorways opposite each other and turn the cube to line them up, or try all the following combinations:
    • Yellow Eyes - up, down, right, left
    • Red Eyes - up, down
    • Green Eyes - up, down, right, left
    • Blue Eyes - up, down
  • After creating a passage, head through the cube room and down the stairs to meet Maria
  • Head back and grab the Wire Cutter from the electrical box
  • Head back down the ladder, up the other one, then take the first left, then the second left to reach the wire door
  • Use the Wire Cutter to cut the wires and go down the ladder
  • Take the first right and go up the ladder
  • Take the right path and go down the ladder
  • Take a left and follow the path around the next two corners, then move down the opening there and up the ladder
  • Take a right at the intersection, the next left around the fence and go down the ladder
  • Follow the path, take the first left and go up the ladder
  • Move ahead and down the next ladder, then take the first left and go up the ladder there
  • Go through the door and down the hall to trigger the next boss fight

Boss 3: Abstract Daddy

  • Blast the Abstract Daddy twice with the Shotgun and run to the other side of the room
  • Blast it twice again and strafe or run left along the boxes and Angela to then return to the back left
  • Repeat this strategy, running to the other side each time, and the fight will end after six to ten shots, depending on your difficulty
  • If having difficulty within the small room, consider trying 2D control, but understand strafing helps a lot with 3D
  • Exit the room and move through the next door for another puzzle involving the two rooms in the corridor

Puzzle: Free the Innocent Man

  • Enter the first room to check the locations of each hanged man, then run to the other room and pull the noose in the same position as the innocent man in the first room
  • The innocent man for each riddle level is:
    • Easy: Kidnapper
    • Normal: Arsonist
    • Hard: Counterfeiter
    • Extra: Thief
  • After pulling the correct noose, re-enter the first room and grab the Key of the Persecuted in place of the innocent man's corpse
  • Head through the door at the other end of the hall and use the Key of the Persecuted to unlock the handcuffs attached to the gate
  • Go down the ladder and through the white door at the end of the watery path
  • Back in the corridor, move through the now open gate and up the ladder at the end of the path
  • Follow the path to the catacomb and enter the grave of one James Sunderland
  • Enter the room at the end of the path for another boss fight

Boss 4: Eddie

  • First Room:
    • On Easy, fire away with the Shotgun from right up close
    • If you have the Great Knife, use it instead and swipe Eddie once or twice to send him to the next room
    • On Normal/Hard, use the Steel Pipe and hold R2 and X tightly to continuously perform overhead downward swings until he leaves
  • Second Room:
    • Use the Shotgun to get in close shots but allow for an escape before Eddie punches you and repeat, using the meat racks as cover
    • Another great method involves using the Great Knife – move behind the first meat rack and swing through it to hit him, then keep swinging whenever he approaches you
    • After a while, Eddie may start to hide behind the meat racks (although the Great Knife generally avoids this)
    • To finish the battle, quickly approach and blast him with the Shotgun, or the Handgun if you're finding him difficult to hit
  • Exit the freezer through one of the far large doors

11. Toluca Lake

Save Point Locations

  1. On the far lone barrel along the dock.


  • Run along the dock and step into the boat
  • Use the D-pad or left analog stick to move the boat on Normal Action Level or lower
  • On Hard, move the left analog stick counter-clockwise and the right stick clockwise simultaneously to move forward, both analog sticks counter-clockwise to turn right, and both sticks clockwise to turn left
  • Once in the boat, immediately start turning right for a few seconds and then directly towards the light through the fog
  • James will leave the boat and step onto the dock once you reach the light

12. Lake View Hotel

Save Point Locations

  1. On one of the chairs in the Lobby 1F.
  2. On the wall by the door in the Employee Elevator Room 2F.


  • Run ahead into the courtyard and get the "Little Mermaid" Music Box on the left fountain
  • Enter the Lake View Hotel through the double doors at the top of the nearby steps
  • Optional: The Hotel Map (For Guests) is on the noticeboard by the entrance
  • Enter the restaurant through the right doors around the right corner
  • Get the "Fish" Key on the set table and head for the exit for a cutscene where you'll receive Laura's Letter
  • Back in the hall, take the center stairs to the basement, take a right and get the Thinner from the open elevator
  • Head back up, take a right and use the stairs to access 2F
  • Enter the Cloakroom through the first left door in the short hall just ahead
  • Use the "Fish" Key to open the briefcase on the counter and get the Key to Hotel Room 204
  • Now enter the west wing through the double doors enter room 204 with the Key to Hotel Room 204
  • Take the Employee Elevator Key on the desk and pass through the hole in the wall to room 202

Puzzle: Locked Briefcase

  • Use the Thinner to erase the ink on the photo on the bed
  • Enter the code from the photo into the locked briefcase beside the bed to open it up
  • Get the "Cinderella" Music Box from the now open briefcase, then exit from 202
  • Return to the previous hall, pass through the doors ahead to the Lobby balcony, then through the other doors ahead
  • Enter the room on the left side of the hall
  • Step into the open elevator, check the panel to read the note on weight allowance, then examine the shelf in the room and store all your items
  • Now head down to 1F in the elevator
  • Optional: The Hotel Map (For Employees) is available on the noticeboard by the elevator
  • Follow the right hall ahead and enter the last door on the left with the red light above it
  • Get the "Snow White" Music Box on the shelf to James' right and exit the room
  • Head back, take a right, go past the elevator and enter the Office through the first door on the left
  • Take the Videotape and Can Opener from the open safe and enter the stairwell through the blue door across from the Office
  • Head down to B1F, push past the Mannequin and enter the Boiler Room in the short left hall
  • Grab the Bar Key on the boiler and exit, then follow the left path and enter the Kitchen straight past the other Mannequin
  • Use the Can Opener to get a Light Bulb from the can on the counter
  • Enter the bar through the other door and insert the Light Bulb into the lamp on the bar edge near the exit door
  • Exit the bar with the Bar Key, then return to the Employee Elevator Room on 2F (up the stairs to 1F, take the slim staircase to 2F, then pass through two doors to your left and take the left door in the next hall)
  • Retrieve all your items from the shelf and exit to the Lobby balcony on 2F
  • Move down the stairs to the large music box for another puzzle

Puzzle: Music Box Player

  • Insert the "Little Mermaid" Music Box, "Cinderella" Music Box and "Snow White" Music Box into the large player in the correct order from left to right as per your riddle level:
    • Easy: any box into any slot
    • Normal: Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid
    • Hard/Extra: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White
    • Play the music to turn the turntable
  • Take the Hotel Stairway Key on the middle music box and get the Key to Hotel Room 312 from the mailbox behind the Reception
  • Run up to 3F (Lobby staircase, right through the doors and up the slim staircase) and use the Hotel Stairway Key to open the gate
  • Enter room 312 with the Key to Hotel Room 312 and insert the Videotape into the VCR by the TV
  • Exit the room

13. Nightmare Hotel

Save Point Locations

  1. On the door of room 313 3F.
  2. Nine Red Squares on the wall in the small room just north of the Lobby on 1F, right before the Pyramid Head Duo boss fight.


  • Optional: If you're aiming for the Dog ending and have the Dog Key, use it to enter the Observation Room through the double doors to the right
  • Head back down to 2F and enter the west wing through the right doors
  • Optional: The Book: "Crimson Ceremony" is available on the bookshelf in the 2F Reading Room in a New Game Plus
  • Try to enter room 202 (last door on the right) to be transported to the east wing of 2F
  • Head through the end double doors and enter the elevator
  • Ride down to B1F and enter the flooded bar through the door ahead
  • Pass through the Kitchen to the middle corridor
  • Enter the stairwell at the end of the flooded hall
  • Exit the alternate stairway to be transported to a more familiar one
  • Head up to 1F, take a right, the next right and follow the path to and through the end door
  • Follow the grated path through the next door
  • Equip the Hunting Rifle and head through the doors for another boss fight

Boss 5: Pyramid Head Duo

  • Immediately run to the farthest from the two Pyramid Heads and fire away, always holding L2 to see them clearly
  • Run to the next corner when they get close and repeat
  • You should be able to take off 3-4+ shots on Easy, 2-3 on Normal and 1-2 on Hard, although the Pyramid Heads' speed can vary
  • Try to not get greedy with too many shots early on, but as the fight progresses you may be able to get in more shots due to slowing them down
  • Keep in mind it doesn't matter which Pyramid Head you're shooting as they share a health bar
  • As an alternate method if you have the Great Knife, prep it as the duo approach you and perform an executioner swing so that it hits the closer one just as it arrives; then once beside them you can try to swipe once or twice more, or unequip and run to another corner and repeat
  • On Hard, the quickest method is going into a corner and swinging the Great Knife at the Pyramid Heads as it bounces off the wall and back at them (repeat until over)
  • Get the Rust-Colored Egg and Scarlet Egg from each Pyramid Head and insert them into the two doors in any order
  • Pass through one of the doors and then through the double doors
  • Run down the long hall and through the door at the end
  • Follow the pathway up the stairs
  • For maximum speed, either strafe up the stairs or run at an angle towards the wall to avoid slowing down
  • Approach Mary/Maria at the top for the final boss

Final Boss: Mary/Maria

  • Immediately fire away with the Hunting Rifle, and strafe away and keep running as soon as the moths come your way after the screech
  • Run (or keep strafing) away while holding L2 to focus on Mary/Maria, and unload more shells into her when the moths disperse, then repeat until she drops
  • An alternate method that actually works even better than the Rifle, if you have the skill for it, is the Great Knife
  • With the massive knife, ready it for an executioner swing (don't bother with other attacks) and perform it just as Mary/Maria enters your range
  • It'll only take a few of these overhead, downward swings to end the battle, although it'll be difficult on Hard so watch your health
  • The Handgun may take a while but allows you to get in consistent shots
  • Perform the killing blow once she falls to the floor

Congrats on your speed run through the game. You did a good job if you managed under two hours, but even under three gets you the highest score for the play time category. Any time between 1h and 1h30m is quite impressive.

The better you get at streamlining everything, the closer you can drop your time to even under an hour or 50 minutes. But maybe that's better left for those who are really serious about speed running.

Now that you've done a speed run and know the game well enough, why not go for a perfect 10-star ranking? Check out the 10-Star Ranking Guide to learn more details. Trust me, it's pretty fun and rewarding if this is your type of game, and you'll get a really cool reward for doing so.

Born from a Wish

01. West South Vale


  • Exit the room and go through the green door to the left
  • Get the Chinese Cleaver (required) from the bar counter and leave Heaven's Night through the next door
  • Run to the road and take a right on Carroll, left on Rendell, left on Munson and slip through the door along the right wall past Katz and the side road by the apartments

02. Baldwin Mansion

Save Point Locations

  1. On the wall by the south door in the Living Room 1F.
  2. On the wall by the stairway door outside the Service Room on 1F.


  • Go through the double doors to the Living Room
  • Optional: The Baldwin House Map is available on the small bookshelf in here
  • Enter the stairway to the left and meet Ernest behind the right door at the top
  • Go through the next door to the left and the immediate right door to grab the White Board on the balcony
  • Return to the stairs and go back down to the Living Room
  • Climb up the ladder in the now open fireplace
  • Get the Red Board and the Black Board and solve the gravestone puzzle

Puzzle: Gravestone Memorial

  • Insert the boards in the following order:
    • Put in the White Board as is
    • Put in the Black Board as is
    • Put in the Red Board 90 degrees to the left
  • Take the Acacia Key and go back down the ladder, then back up to 2F via the stairs
  • Pass through to the next hallway and move through the far right door
  • Use the Acacia Key to pass through the door on the balcony
  • Enter the second room in the hall, the Kid's Room, and get the Matches on the table
  • Continue to the end of the hall and through the door
  • Use the Matches on the candle up the stairs and grab the Birthday Card under the attic chair
  • Return back through the previous hallways and enter the Lounge where Ernest was
  • Exit through the other door and enter the stairway through the second door on the right
  • Run down the stairs and through the door to the right at the bottom, right beside the stairs
  • Pass through the next two rooms at the end of the super long hallway and enter the Study through the first door ahead
  • Try the other door in the room to give the Birthday Card to Ernest
  • Exit the room, go back through the door to your right and through the door beside the save point to the now-unlocked stairway
  • Follow the path down the stairs and up the next stairway
  • Exit the mansion at the end of the hallway
  • Enter Blue Creek Apartments next door

03. Blue Creek Apartments

Save Point Locations

  1. On the wall at the end of the short hallway in room 105 1F.


  • Pass through the other door and enter room 105 ahead
  • Grab the White Liquid on the desk and exit back to the alley outside
  • Re-enter the mansion next door

Baldwin Mansion Return

  • Follow all the hallways and stairways until you reach the same save point, then take the farthest door back to the Study hall
  • Enter the Study through the closest door and try the other door again to leave the White Liquid for Ernest and complete the scenario

It may take some tries, but you should eventually be able to beat this scenario in around 10 minutes, and if you really want to push it you can aim for seven or six minutes, which really isn't that difficult if you streamline your process.