Letter from a Silent Heaven

Wooden Plank

Location: Construction site at north end of Vachss Road.
Description: Wooden Plank with nails at one end. Not very powerful, but easy to use.
Notes: The first weapon James acquires. Weak but good at close range.

The Wooden Plank is the first weapon James acquires. This is a two-by- four board of wood about 3 feet long with nails at one end. The Wooden Plank is only good at close range, but it inflicts a moderate amount of damage. So be careful when attacking enemies and don't worry too much about their health. To use the plank, hold the R2 button to ready your weapon and press or hold the X button. The plank has two methods of attack: an across or downward swing. Doing the above will perform an across swing and if you press X hard you will perform a downward swing. The downward swing is more powerful and has greater range. You can also attack while running on the streets. Run, holding R2, and press or hold X to swing. If you can, try to attack from behind with the plank because of its extremely close range. You can find the Wooden Plank at the construction site at the north end of Vachss Road.


Location: In the shopping cart in Room 301 3F Wood Side Apartments.
Description: Full clip holds 10 bullets. Light handgun. Not much stopping power, but easy to use.
Notes: An M92F Beretta pistol. The first firearm James acquires. Holds 10 bullets per clip. Best at close and medium range.

An M92F Beretta pistol that holds 10 bullets in each clip. Handgun Bullet pick-ups normally contain 10 bullets. To use the Handgun, hold R2 to target an enemy near you, and press X to fire a shot. To fire multiple shots, hold X. The Handgun is the best overall weapon in the game so try to get all the ammo you can find for it. James finds the Handgun in the shopping cart in the center of Room 301 on 3F, Wood Side Apartments. You must have the Flashlight and have it on to get it.

Steel Pipe

Location: Texxon Gas station, stuck in a car's hood, at the northeast corner of Nathan and Carroll.
Description: 3-foot long steel pipe. Not very destructive, but good range
Notes: Superior to the Wooden Plank. Has longer range, more power, and the more lethal thrust attack rather than across swing.

A long shaft of bonded steel, which has a greater range than the Wooden Plank. To use it, hold R2 and press or hold X. The only attacks you can perform are a thrust attack and a downward swing. Both are very powerful. Pressing X will do a thrust attack and pressing it harder will do a downward swing. James can find the Steel Pipe at the Texxon Gas Station at the northeast corner of Nathan Avenue and Carroll Street, stuck in the hood of the car.


Location: In open locker, Women's Locker Room 2F Brookhaven Hospital.
Description: Maximum capacity 6 shots. Tough to use, but can attack opponents in a group.
Notes: High stopping power but lacks a little in range. Holds 6 shells. Best at close range. Great for its widespread.

A normal Shotgun with a wide blast radius. The Shotgun holds 6 shells. Shotgun Shell pick-ups normally contain 6 shells. To use the Shotgun, walk close to an enemy so you can use the Shotgun's wide blast radius. Hold R2 and press or hold X to shoot. You should mostly use the Shotgun for boss battles, but you can also use it on normal enemies if you have plenty enough of ammunition. James can find the Shotgun in a locker in the Women's Locker Room on 2F, Brookhaven Hospital.

Hunting Rifle

Location: In the weapons lock-up just behind the front office in Toluca Prison.
Description: Maximum capacity 4 shots. Takes a long time between shots, but each shot is very powerful.
Notes: Powerful and extremely accurate. Holds 4 shells. Best at long range because of amazing stopping power and accuracy. Lacks in firing rate.

The Hunting Rifle has extremely precise aiming with extremely long range. Rifle Shell pick-ups normally contain 4 shells. To use the Hunting Rifle, hold R2 to target an enemy, preferably far away, and press or hold X to shoot. You should only use the Hunting Rifle for the last two battles of the game. If you don't, it may be very hard to beat the game. Only if you know how much ammo you need for the battles, and if you have plenty enough of ammunition for the Hunting Rifle, you should use it. It's not that good of a weapon on regular enemies anyway, but do whatever you want to do. If you do use it, keep track of your ammunition and beware of its very slow firing rate.

Great Knife

Location: Pyramid Head's Lair on the table, Labyrinth.
Description: Massive weapon wielded by Pyramid Head. Hard to use, but lethal.
Notes: The most powerful weapon in the game, but awkward to use. James has to raise it first, then swing, because it's huge.

Before James acquires the Great Knife, the demon that James refers to as "Pyramid Head" wields this enormous knife. The Great Knife is an incredibly large and heavy blade with a razor-sharp edge. The Great Knife will indeed kill or at least knock down almost anything in one hit, but it is very awkward to handle and use. James can only drag the Knife across the floor, which slows him down a lot since it's very heavy. To use the Great Knife, hold R2 and press or hold X, and James will lift the weapon off the ground and swing it in a clumsy arc at the face height. That's just one attack; there is an even more powerful attack. If you hold R2 and press or hold X tightly/hard, James will bring the knife over his head and swing downward in a very fast, slicing action. Enemies have a lot of time to stop you from performing your attack, so be careful when using it. It is strongly suggested that you use the Hyper Spray, if available, before use. James can find the Great Knife in the center room of Pyramid Head's Lair in the Labyrinth.


Location: Stuck in a pile of logs across from the Silent Hill Ranch on the nature trail, after you beat the game at least once.
Description: Gas-powered chainsaw. Extremely high attack power.
Notes: Powerful but hard to use; James need to stop it to run, and start it up again if you want to attack.

Only in a replay game can James acquire the Chainsaw. It's a little hefty and awkward to use. To start it up, you must hold R2, and press or hold X to saw back and fourth at head level. If you hold up while you press X you will perform a thrust attack. Try to attack from behind because of the time it takes to get going. If you decide to attack from the front, it's wise to use the Hyper Spray first, if available. In a replay game, James can find the Chainsaw stuck in the pile of logs across from the Silent Hill Ranch. Trust Me, you'll know where it is.

Hyper Spray

Location: Motorhome at the intersection of Saul Street and Harris, after you beat Normal or Hard Action Level.
Description: Suspicious spray can. Effect unknown.
Notes: Immobilizes enemies when sprayed at, for a brief amount of time. May affect James' health after many sprays. Colour and power of spray depends on rank.

James can only find this can of aerosol spray in a replay game. The Hyper Spray will immobilize one or multiple enemies for only a brief amount of time. However, the noxious fumes are also dangerous to James. It will drain his health if you use the Hyper Spray too much. To use the Hyper Spray, hold R2 and press or hold X. If you press X it will spray for about two seconds, and it will continuously spray if you hold it. If you use it a lot, James will have to shake the can to get it going again, but it can never run out of spray. If you spray the fluid at an enemy it will be immobilized briefly. Now take out any other weapon and use it to defeat the enemy. There are four different colours of spray that depend on your ranking. Green is the best and it will kill enemies instead of freezing them. A 10 star ranking is required to get the green spray. Check out the Ranking section for more information. To unlock the Hyper Spray, you must beat the game on Normal or Hard Action Level. Then it will be in the motorhome on the south side of the intersection of Saul Street and Harris.

Born from a Wish


Location: Maria's own weapon that she starts off with.
Description: Max load is 10 bullets. Easy to use but not much power.
Notes: Moderate stopping power. Holds 10 bullets. Good for inside areas; close to medium range is good.

This weapon belongs to Maria and is what you start off with. Although it's a Revolver, it holds 10 bullets. Shoots moderately fast and has moderate power. To shoot it, Hold the R2 and press or hold X.

Chinese Cleaver

Location: Stabbed into the counter in the main room of Heaven's Night.
Description: Square-bladed knife. Ugly, but powerful and easy to use.
Notes: Powerful melee weapon that inflicts a good amount of damage.

This weapon is stabbed into the bar in Heaven's Night. It is the only melee weapon in the sub scenario. The Chinese Cleaver has two attacks; down and across. Hold R2 and press or hold X to swing across and hold X tightly to swing downward. A good strategy is to run with Maria on the streets and run into an enemy while holding R2 and X. Repeat this strategy until the enemy is on the ground, then kick it.