Unlockables and Secrets

Once you complete the main scenario of Silent Hill 2, you will you begin to unlock various extra items and weapons. Some will be unlocked after that first completion, while others will require more playthroughs. Read on below for full details.

Additionally, this section covers other secrets and easter eggs such as notable film references.


New Game Plus

New Game PlusFirst of all, there is no official name for this feature in Silent Hill 2, but it's the equivalent of Next Fear, Extra New Game and A Brand-new Fear from the other Silent Hill games. Once you complete the game the first time, "New Game" will now be highlighted yellow, indicating a New Game will now be a New Game Plus.

Only in a New Game Plus can you find any extras that you've unlocked, but it's really straightforward anyway since you only can start a New Game Plus as long as your memory card is inserted with your original completed file. Just be sure to not start a new game without a memory card and save over your other save. All of the following extras in this section can only be found in a New Game Plus.

Bullet Adjust

Bullet AdjustUpon completion of the game, you will unlock the ability to adjust the bullet count from every ammo pickup to x2 or x3, along with the standard x1. This will allow you to use firearms more and reduce ammo conservation on repeated playthroughs. Once unlocked, set your bullet adjust in the Extra Options menu. Note that unlike other games in the series that require multiple completions to keep upping the count, here you will unlock x2 and x3 with just one completion. However of course it has a lower max multiplication than what is offered in SH1 and SH3.

Noise Effect

Noise EffectOn your first playthrough you may notice a rough, grainy look all over the screen, which is a filter intended as a throwback to old horror films. Upon completion of the game, visit the Extra Options menu to turn this off and experience the game at its crispest and clearest graphical fidelity. I personally always prefer this off as it brings out all the detail in the game's art design.

Extra Riddle Level

Extra Riddle LevelFor players who are up to the task of solving Silent Hill 2's most difficult riddles, this extra level is unlocked upon completing Easy, Normal and Hard Riddle Levels. There will never be an "Extra Riddle Level option in the difficulty select screen, but rather the next time you choose Hard it will instead be Extra. This can be verified by checking the bottom right of the save/load menu upon saving or loading your game.

Further, once you complete Extra, the next "Hard" playthrough will be Hard, then Extra, and it will alternate like so each time. Why Team Silent chose to make Extra Riddle Level so obscure and potentially confusing, who knows, but if you had fun solving all the Hard riddles then you'll surely enjoy the new challenge here with some seriously difficult puzzles. Keep in mind only some of them are new, while others will be the same riddles as Hard. Refer to the walkthrough for solutions to all.

Extra Weapons

Just two extra weapons can be unlocked in Silent Hill 2, both only available in a New Game Plus.


ChainsawThe Chainsaw is unlocked after completing the game once. In a New Game Plus, find it stabbed into the stack of logs across from the Silent Hill Ranch along the long pathway into town. It'll actually be running while you find it, making it very difficult to miss. The Chainsaw is a very powerful weapon, killing enemies in one slice, but it's actually very awkward and slow to use.

James must turn the thing off to run around and then back on to attack an enemy, adding more time that puts you in a bit of danger. Consider using the Hyper Spray to freeze enemies in place for a short period before using the Chainsaw, but you should be able to get a hang of it either way. Hold R2 to start it up and press X to perform a shoulder-level arc, or press X tightly for a forward thrust attack. After killing a few enemies, stand over an enemy corpse without touching the controller for James to perform a battle cry, straight out of Evil Dead.

Hyper Spray

Hyper SprayJames must turn the thing off to run around and then back on to attack an enemy, adding more time that puts you in a bit of danger. Consider using the Hyper Spray to freeze enemies in place for a short period before using the Chainsaw, but you should be able to get a hang of it either way. Hold R2 to start it up and press X to perform a shoulder-level arc, or press X tightly for a forward thrust attack. After killing a few enemies, stand over an enemy corpse without touching the controller for James to perform a battle cry, straight out of Evil Dead.

James will cover his mouth when using the spray since it is a harmful substance and will even inflict self-damage over time. Additionally, James will have to stop and shake the can to refresh the spray every once in a while.

There are four potential colour sprays of different characteristics, which will be unlocked depending on the ranking received in your previous run. Below are all the possible spray colours along with the required rankings for each one.

  • 0.0-1.9/10 ranking - Purple spray
  • 2.0-7.9/10 ranking - White spray
  • 8.0-9.9/10 ranking - Yellow spray
  • 10/10 ranking - Green spray

All Sprays: Will kill Creepers and also dispel Mary/Maria's moths in the final boss fight. All sprays will start to reduce in spray volume and range until James refreshes it by shaking the can.

Purple Spray: Very difficult to obtain and ironically it's the second best spray, perhaps as a reward for those who are truly struggling. It freezes most regular enemies but uniquely knocks down Lying Figures without harming them or allowing a kick. It also immobilizes or slows most bosses while entirely killing the Flesh Lips. Lastly with the Yellow spray it shares the ability to make Mannequins fight each other, but uniquely makes both Pyramid Heads fight each other in the hotel battle. Refer to the Hyper Spray section of the 10-Star Ranking Guide for more information, including how to unlock it (find the brief Sub 2-Star Ranking Guide) since it's no simple feat to do so poorly but is a worthwhile item to obtain.

White Spray: The most common Hyper Spray, requiring a fairly average or even poor ranking. The White spray will freeze most enemies for a brief period but will not harm them. Achieve a ranking between 2.0 and 7.9 stars to acquire this spray.

Yellow Spray: Exact same as White spray but like the Purple spray it also makes Mannequins fight each other when in close proximity. I'm not joking, go ahead and try it. Receive a ranking of 8.0-9.9 stars to unlock.

Green Spray: This is the best Hyper Spray colour available. Other sprays generally freeze enemies (with some exceptions) while this one kills all enemies and immediately ends boss fights, or advances to the next stage. To receive the Green spray you must achieve a perfect 10-star ranking. Read the 10-Star Ranking Guide for more details.

Extra Items

Other than the two weapons, there are a total of five unlockable extra items in the original version of Silent Hill 2 and six in the Greatest Hits/Director's Cut version. These extras are only obtainable in a New Game Plus.

White Chrism

One of four ceremonial items required in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth ending. Unlocked after completing the game once. Located on the counter of the kitchenette in room 105 of Blue Creek Apartments.

Book: "Lost Memories"

One of four ceremonial items required in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth ending. Unlocked after completing the game once. Found inside the newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station, West South Vale.

Obsidian Goblet

One of four ceremonial items required in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth ending. Unlocked after completing the game once. Found inside the smashed display case in the second exhibition room of the Silent Hill Historical Society.

Book: "Crimson Ceremony"

One of four secret items needed in your inventory at the end of the game to receive the Rebirth Ending. On the shelf behind the headphones in the Reading Room on 2F after you view the videotape, Nightmare Hotel.

Dog Key

Unlocked after receiving the Leave, Maria, and In Water endings, or just the Rebirth ending. In a New Game Plus with the required ending(s) in your file, the Dog Key can be found in the doghouse in the open yard just west of Jack's Inn. This secret key can be used to open the Observation Room on the third floor of the Nightmare Hotel, which will immediately end the game with the secret Dog ending.

Blue Gem

Greatest Hits/Director's Cut version only. Unlocked after completing both the main and sub scenarios with James and Maria. After doing so, the Blue Gem is found on the floor along the back wall of the rest stop washroom at the beginning of the game. The Blue Gem can be used at the following three locations in the main scenario, upon which the game will end with the UFO ending:

  1. In the Nightmare Hospital's Garden, immediately after defeating the Flesh Lips boss creatures.
  2. On the Toluca Lake dock, after defeating Eddie but before stepping in the boat.
  3. Near the back window in room 312, Lake View Hotel, before watching the videotape.

Clues of Other Endings

Searching for Another ConclusionUpon completing the game once, a secret document can be found in the apartments that will provide clues on how to achieve one of the two remaining regular endings. A memo entitled "Searching for Another Conclusion" will be found on the sewing room table in room 205 of Wood Side Apartments (you must grab the Flashlight and have it on to read it).

The memo will pertain to one of the other two main endings you haven't achieved, and upon achieving one of them, it will explain how to achieve the final of the three main endings. After receiving all three main endings, this memo will never appear again in the same save file.

The memo basically tells you the requirements for the specific ending in an essay-type format, also mentioning what not to do. All three memos can be read below, and the exact requirements for each ending can be found in the Endings section.

"The Road to Tomorrow"

Note: Clue for the "Leave" ending.

The first step to a healthy
life is to avoid illness. That
may sound obvious, but it's
also very important.
Instead of working to heal
yourself after you're sick,
it's better to avoid getting
sick in the first place.

Also you have to maintain a
positive, optimistic outlook on
life. It's no use worrying over
things that have happened in
the past.

You've got to get outside and
play in the fresh air once in a
while, instead of just sitting
inside reading difficult books.

"How to be a Happy Couple"

Note: Clue for the "Maria" ending.

Do you really love her?
In sickness and in health?
If you truly love her, then you
must act. It all depends on how
hard you fight for her.

Whatever happens, don't give up.
Always try just one more time.
Even though there may be hard
times, never turn to another

And if it comes to it, you must
be willing to protect her with your
very life. After all, true love means
a willingness to sacrifice.

Be true to your heart and with
luck, things will work out in the

"Choosing Death"

Note: Clue for the "In Water" ending.

When life is filled with nothing
but despair, some people choose
to end it all.
I once chose that path for
myself as well.
At the time I felt that I had no
other choices.

After I made my decision, it
became the only thing binding
me into this world.
Sometimes I would cry to myself
while thinking of the past, but
mostly all I did was plan over and
over again how and when I was
going to kill myself.

I did stupid, dangerous things.
I figured it didn't matter since
I was going to die anyway, so
I went out of my way to invite
I stopped taking to people and
it didn't bother me even when
friendships grew distant.

Partially-Illegible Memos

Throughout the game you may run into a few various memos that are partially illegible, blocking out full, multiple or partial words. Around the release of the game I remember hearing various rumours on how to unlock the full texts, such as completing all endings or difficulties, however this is not true and they are unreadable in all versions.

That said, the full memos have been found in the PC version's code, as the words are indeed there behind the blocks. So they likely were intended to be unlocked somehow but perhaps this was forgotten in late development. But because of the PC version's code we are able to fill in all the gaps to uncover the full content of each of them. To read these fully-legible memos, refer to the Memos section where they are listed alongside the originals.

Jacob's Ladder References

Jacob's Ladder is a 1990 film directed by Adrian Lyne. Team Silent revealed that this film had a strong influence on the development of the Silent Hill franchise, contributing to its atmosphere along with general environmental and enemy design, among other things. Team Silent have certainly acknowledged this with the first easter egg below, but there are many other aspects that can be traced as homage to Jacob's Ladder.

I strongly recommend for any fan of Silent Hill 2 to watch this film. Not only will you easily be able to identify the references, it's actually a brilliant horror film with loads of atmosphere. I highly suggest just diving head first into the film before reading anything below as to not spoil your experience. Trust me, it's a fantastic film and you're essentially guaranteed to enjoy it if you like this game. Once you've viewed the film, read on below.

Lyne House Key

This is the key obtained from the old coin puzzle desk in room 105 of Blue Creek Apartments. It is very clearly named after the director of Jacob's Ladder, Adrian Lyne. The "Dear Tim" memo on the door to room 209, the door the Lyne House Key unlocks, may be another reference to the film, specifically its star Tim Robbins who plays Jacob Singer.

Locked Horizontal Gate

Outside the back of Blue Creek Apartments after the Pyramid Head boss fight, you'll find a stairway in the wall near the entrance of the park that has a locked horizontal gate above it that cannot be open, much like the scene in Jacob's Ladder where Jacob encounters a mesh covering over a stairway in the subway. The stairway area in the game looks much like that of a subway as well, possibly hinting at the scene even further.

Normal to Nightmare Hospital Transition

After the Flesh Lips boss fight, James witnesses a transformation and is transferred to the outside Garden. The cutscene plays out as if James is wheeled out on a gurney as we see the visuals of metal grating up on the roof with the sounds of wheels moving, together with Mary's whispering voice.

While this is perhaps a subtle reference to Mary's hospitalization, it is clearly a reference to the insane asylum scene in Jacob's Ladder where Jacob is wheeled on a gurney in a very similar fashion. In the film, Jacob eyes the metal grating above him, seeing insane mental patients walking and sitting above.

Monster Framing

During the game we come across several different forms of monsters in cage-like framing, notably inside Pyramid Head's Labyrinth lair as well as the Misty day painting, the Flesh Lip creatures, and most importantly the final boss of the game, Mary/Maria. This cage framing, particular for Mary/Maria, appears to be a reference to Jacob's Ladder. In the Vietnam scene where Jacob is lifted up to the helicopter, he lies in a similar-looking stretcher and appears as helpless as Mary/Maria does before the very final blow delivered by James.

Head Twitching

The twitching heads of the Lying Figure and the Mary/Maria boss, as well as other game concept videos including Fukuro, were derived from the twitching heads in Jacob's Ladder. In the film we witness a man at the door with his head twitching in this fashion as well as a man without legs during the insane asylum scene with Jacob on the gurney.


The whole concept of Maria is derived from Jezzie's character in Jacob's Ladder. In the film, Jezzie is manifestation entirely from Jacob's mind, perhaps even someone he worked with at the post office before Vietnam. Similarly to Maria and Mary, Jezzie she serves as a wilder, more attractive, sexual, and exciting woman than Jacob's ex-wife Sarah. Silent Hill 2 takes this one step further by making Mary and Maria near identical in general appearance, however.

James' Jacket

Even James' jacket strongly resembles the mail jacket Jacob wears in the film. Instead of green, Jacob's jacket is blue, but otherwise carries a similar look, further with chest and shoulder patches. Perhaps James' jacket and green colour (and the American flag patch) is further derived from the military jacket worn by Jacob earlier in the film.

David Lynch Film References

David Lynch is a popular American film director mostly known for psychological thrillers with elements such as surrealism and dreamlike atmospheres, much like Silent Hill. Team Silent have revealed David Lynch's work to be a major inspiration for the Silent Hill series and several subtle references to his films and concepts can be found in the games.

One interesting catch is that the portrait of the former director of Brookhaven Hospital, found in the Historical Society, bears a striking resemblance to a younger David Lynch, especially his very unique hair style. Perhaps this portrait is an effort to acknowledge his importance on the development of the series, but it's not the only one. In addition to the film below, David Lynch's TV series Twin Peaks is a known inspirational work of Silent Hill and similar themes can be found in all the games.

Blue Velvet

Blue Velvet is a 1986 film directed by David Lynch and one of many David Lynch films that inspired Silent Hill. With a keen eye, one can find multiple references to the film in the game. Firstly, the name Blue Creek Apartments is derived from both the title of the film, Blue Velvet, and the apartment in the film, Deep River Apartments. "Blue" from the title and "Creek" as a synonym of river.

Additionally, the closet scene where James hides from Pyramid Head in Wood Side Apartments heavily draws from a similar scene in Blue Velvet. In the film, Jeffrey hides in the closet while sneakily observing Dorothy in her apartment when a visitor enters. Further, both James and Jeffrey witness a disturbing sexual assault while hiding in the closet, as Pyramid Head in some ways embodies the visitor in the film, Frank Booth, at least in this scene.

Street Names

Follow the lead of the first Silent Hill, the various street names in Silent Hill take after famous writers and authors of horror, mystery and thriller novels, who also in some way played a part in influencing the creators of Silent Hill. These authors include: Robert Nathan, David Wiltse, David Lindsay (although the street is spelled "Lindsey"), Andrew Vachss, David Martin, William Katz, Lawrence Sanders, Richard Neely, Thomas Harris, John Saul, Ronald Munson, Ruth Rendell, and Jonathan Carroll.

The root of Carroll Street is usually attributed to Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice in Wonderland, however Team Silent have clarified the street gets its name from Jonathan Carroll. That said, Alice in Wonderland has also been listed as an inspirational work of Team Silent and has featured in series puzzles (prominently so in SH1), so both names work either way.