Full Puzzle Solutions

Here you will find the solutions for each riddle level of each puzzle found in the game, both for the main and sub scenarios. Some puzzles will have elements of randomization each time, requiring some work by the player, while some will always have the same solution per riddle level. This is clearly explained for each puzzle below.

Letter from Silent Heaven

01. Grandfather Clock (Apartments)
02. Safe Combination (Apartments)
03. Old Coin Desk (Apartments)
04. 3F Patient Wing Keypad (Hospital)
05. "Louise" Box (Hospital)
06. Trick or Treat Chest (Hospital)
07. Trap Room Keypad (Historical Society)
08. Box of Faces (Labyrinth)
09. Free the Innocent Man (Labyrinth)
10. Locked Briefcase (Hotel)
11. Music Box Player (Hotel)

Born from a Wish

01. Gravestone Memorial (Baldwin Mansion)

Quick Reference Solutions

In this section you'll find just the solutions for every puzzle. Refer to the previous section for full explanations.

Grandfather Clock Puzzle (Apartments)

Use the Clock Key and set the time to 9:10.

Safe Combination Puzzle (Apartments)

Note: Optional.

Refer to the toilet bowl code and turn any way to the 1st number, right to the 2nd, left to the 3rd and right to the 4th number and it will open.

Combinations are random every time. V means 5, X means 10, and any letter represents its numbered-position in the alphabet plus 9.

Old Coin Desk Puzzle (Apartments)

  • Easy: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Empty, Prisoner
  • Normal: Empty, Old Man, Prisoner, Empty, Snake
  • Hard: Empty, Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner
  • Extra: Old Man, Empty, Snake, Prisoner, Empty

3F Patient Wing Keypad Puzzle (Hospital)

  • Easy/Normal: 7335
  • Hard/Extra: 1328

"Louise" Box Puzzle (Hospital)

Combine and use the "Purple" Key and "Lapis Eye" Key, then insert the typewriter's carbon paper code in the button lock and the bloody wall code into the turning lock. Codes are random every time.

Trick or Treat Chest Puzzle (Hospital)

Note: Optional.

Push the buttons 3, 1, 3 like so:

  1 2 3

Trap Room Keypad Puzzle (Historical Society)

Use the two or three illuminated numbers to decipher the correct code as one of six possible solutions. Code is random every time.

Sample Numbers   Possible Codes
3 7   337, 373, 377, 733, 737, 773
2 6 9   269, 296, 629, 692, 926, 962

Box of Faces Puzzle (Labyrinth)

  • Easy/Normal: Display one of:
    1. Green-eyed upside-down face
    2. Yellow-eyed upside-down face
  • Hard/Extra: Locate two doorways opposite each other in the metallic room and rotate the cube correspondingly to line them up to the entrance and exit across from each other. Correct solution is random every time.

Free the Innocent Man Puzzle (Labyrinth)

Locate the innocent man's corpse in the corpse room and pull the rope in the same position in the noose room. The innocent man for each difficulty:

  • Easy: Kidnapper
  • Normal: Arsonist
  • Hard: Counterfeiter
  • Extra: Thief

Locked Briefcase Puzzle (Hotel)

Use the Thinner obtained from the basement elevator to erase the ink on the combination photo on the bed to reveal the four-letter code for the briefcase in the same room. The code is random every time.

Music Box Player Puzzle (Hotel)

  • Easy: any box into any slot
  • Normal: Cinderella, Snow White, Little Mermaid
  • Hard/Extra: Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Snow White

Gravestone Memorial Puzzle (Baldwin Mansion)

  1. Insert the White Board as is.
  2. Insert the Black Board as is.
  3. Insert the Red Board 90 degrees to the left.