Trick or Treat Chest Puzzle (Hospital)

Location: Nightmare Hospital, Storeroom 3F



Inside the 3F Storeroom after hearing the Trick or Treat elevator announcement, you'll find a large, glitzy treasure chest on the counter. It contains a panel with nine buttons, which appears as so:

    1 2 3

In order to claim your prize, you must answer the three multiple choice questions correctly by pressing one button for each question on the box. If you answer correctly, the box will open and you can take your prizes. If you answer incorrectly however, spray will come down from the roof to inflict damage and the box will be permanently locked. Note that your answers will be locked in once three answers are selected, so make sure they're correct.


The three questions were given to you on the elevator ride to 2F with Maria. These questions and answers are always the same, no matter what riddle level you're on, so let's go through them, straight from the host's mouth:

1. Merry-Go-Round, haunted house, roller coaster, ferris wheel and tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that both children and adults love. The question is: What is the name of this amusement park?

  • One, Fantasy Land
  • Two, Silent Hill Amusement Park
  • Three, Lakeside Amusement Park

2. Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. A brother and sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and chopped into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, smashed bones, splattered blood, and finally... What a terrible tragedy. What gruesome end to such innocent lives. What was the name of the murderer who committed this vile act?

  • One, Walter Sullivan
  • Two, Scott Fairbanks
  • Three, Eric Gein

3. South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale. From there to Paleville, the central resort area northwest of the lake, there's only one road you can take. Just one road, no more. The third and final question is: What is the name of that road?

  • One, Bachman Road
  • Two, Rendell Street
  • Three, Nathan Avenue

Now that you know the questions, you have the ability to answer them all entirely by yourself. Check your map for the answers to 1 and 3 and read the "Article about murder incident" in the Memo section of your inventory for the answer to 2. But we can go over it together just to be sure:

1. The name of Silent Hill's amusement park. Where could you find that? Check your map and find the map of Silent Hill by scrolling up or down. Looking at the full large map, check the top just beside the Lake View Hotel to find the answer: Lakeside Amusement Park.

2. The killer of the two kids. Do you remember reading an article about this? At the bottom of the Wood Side Apartments garbage chute? Enter your inventory and go to the Memo section. The name of the memo is "Article about murder incident". Read it to find the murderer's name, which is Walter Sullivan.

3. The name of the road that goes from South Vale to Paleville. Check your map of Silent Hill again for the answer. Looking at South Vale south of the lake, the road at the top of that area is called Nathan Avenue. If you follow it west, it connects to Sandford Street, which moves north to Paleville. So the answer is Nathan Avenue.

Now that you have the answers, you can solve the puzzle. Press the 3, 1 and 3 buttons like so:

  1 2 3

Your reward inside is five boxes of Shotgun Shells and two Ampoules.