Trap Room Keypad Puzzle (Historical Society)

Location: Silent Hill Historical Society, Sewer



After picking up the Spiral-Writing Key in the small room, your Flashlight battery will die. Use the Dry Cell Battery from your inventory to replace it. The room is then revealed to be full of Creepers and the door is locked, with a keypad beside it.

The entire keypad is slightly illuminated, but if you look closely you will see that two or three numbers are brighter than the others. This must be because they were pressed more recently, clearing some of the dust and dirt away, and thus making them the numbers of the code.


To find the correct code, you'll need to try different combinations with the highlighted numbers until the door unlocks. If the inputted code is incorrect, you'll hear a buzzing sound. If it is correct, you'll hear a distinct beep and the door will unlock.

Before trying any codes, consider first writing down all possible combinations from the numbers you have, then cross them off as you try them (or just do it in your head if able). The maximum number of possible combinations will always be six; no more, no less. Refer to below for an example of illuminated numbers and their solutions:

Sample Numbers    Possible Codes
3 6 8   368, 386, 638, 683, 836, 863
5 9   559, 595, 599, 955, 959, 995

As you can see there's always only six combinations. Apply the same pattern to your illuminated numbers to uncover the potential codes.

Do be on top of your health here since the Creepers may attack you between guesses, and keep trying to check the panel as quickly as possible to minimize your vulnerability.