Save Point Locations

Over the course of the game you'll come across several red square sheets on walls, tables and other objects. These are save points, allowing you to record your progress upon examining them. This section contains the location for each and every save point found in the game.


Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale
02. Wood Side Apartments
03. Blue Creek Apartments
04. West South Vale
05. Brookhaven Hospital
06. Nightmare Hospital
07. Dark South Vale
08. Silent Hill Historical Society
09. Toluca Prison
10. The Labyrinth
11. Toluca Lake
12. Lake View Hotel
13. Nightmare Hotel

Born from a Wish

01. Baldwin Mansion
02. Blue Creek Apartments

Letter from Silent Heaven

East South Vale

1. At the bottom of the well just before the graveyard's main gates on the nature trail.

2. On the table in the fenced lot on Vachss Road.

3. On the bed inside the camper trailer at the west end of Saul Street.

Wood Side Apartments

4. On the right wall just inside the west lobby entrance.

5. On the pushcart by the kitchenette in room 209 2F.

Blue Creek Apartments

6. On the wall at the end of the short hallway in room 105 1F.

7. On the wall in the bedroom of room 208 2F, after crossing over from 209.

West South Vale

8. On the trunk of the green car in the Jack's Inn parking lot.

Brookhaven Hospital

9. On the desk in the Reception 1F.

10. On the left wall in room S11 3F.

Nightmare Hospital

11. On the lattice fence inside the far west hallway on 1F, after entering from the Garden.

12. On the pillar in the employee wing stairwell on 3F.

13. On the right wall by the exiting lobby doors on 1F.

Dark South Vale

Save points 2, 3 and 8 are all accessible again at nighttime.

Silent Hill Historical Society

14. On the counter just inside the entrance.

Toluca Prison

15. On one of the pillars at the back of the cafeteria 1F.

16. On the wall by the urinals in the men's washroom 1F.


17. On the wall by the entrance door to the Labyrinth, just after the long elevator ride.

18. On the wall beside the door up the ladder, just before the Abstract Daddy boss fight.

19. On one of the gravestones in the catacomb.

Toluca Lake

20. On the far lone barrel along the dock.

Lake View Hotel

21. On one of the chairs in the Lobby 1F.

22. On the wall by the door in the Employee Elevator Room 2F.

Nightmare Hotel

23. On the door of room 313 3F.

24. Nine Red Squares on the wall in the small room just north of the Lobby on 1F, right before the Pyramid Head Duo boss fight.

Born from a Wish

Just like the main scenario you will come across a few red square sheets that you can examine to save your progress. There are only three of these in the short sub scenario, located in the following areas:

Baldwin Mansion

1. On the wall by the south door in the Living Room 1F.

2. On the wall by the stairway door outside the Service Room on 1F.

Blue Creek Apartments

3. On the wall at the end of the short hallway in room 105 1F.