Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale
02. Wood Side Apartments
Clock Puzzle
03. Blue Creek Apartments
Safe Combination Puzzle
04. West South Vale
05. Brookhaven Hospital
"Louise" Puzzle
Boss 2
06. Nightmare Hospital
Trick or Treat Box
07. Dark South Vale
08. Silent Hill Historical Society
Roach Trap
09. Toluca Prison
10. The Labyrinth
The Box of Faces
Boss 3
Free the Innocent Man
Boss 4
11. Toluca Lake
12. Lake View Hotel
The Locked Briefcase
Music Box Puzzle
13. Nightmare Hotel
Boss 5
Final Boss

Born from a Wish

01. West South Vale
02. Baldwin Mansion
Acacia Key Puzzle
03. Blue Creek Apartments


I highly recommend that you change the Walk/Run control to Reverse. This makes it so you don't need to hold Square to run. And you run for the majority of the game so it is much easier for you. To change it, go to the options menu and press L1 or R1 to access the secret options. And if you do want to walk, which is never really necessary, just hold Square.

If you want a scary experience, play using headphones. Also try playing with no lights on at night. Try to play alone so the atmosphere is at its best.

Note: This Walkthrough was made while playing on Normal Action Level. Therefore enemy locations may vary on other difficulties, although items will be the same. All given controls are for the PS2 version.

Color legend
Letter from Mary - items
Wooden Plank - weapons
Health Drink - supplies
Map of Silent Hill - maps
Save Point - save points

Letter from Silent Heaven

01. East South Vale

"In my restless dreams, I see that town. Silent Hill"

When you start, a video will play. After it's over, check your inventory to find that you have a 1 Letter from Mary and a 2 Photo of Mary. If you ever examine these items, you'll have a less chance of receiving a certain ending. Do whatever you want but you can check the Endings section for more information.

Extra Item
After you've beaten both scenarios you will find E1 Blue Gem by one of the stalls in the washroom.

Exit the washroom and another video will play. After it's over, run over to the driver's side of James' blue car and take the Map of Silent Hill on the seat. Then run west until you see "Toluca Lake" on a sign by some stairs. The road to the west is blocked so go down these stairs. Keep following the path until you reach well. If you examine the well, you can find a Save Point inside it. Go through the steel gate further down.

Follow the path and it will diverge into a graveyard. Head towards the graves and James will meet a young dark-haired woman and asks for directions to Silent Hill. She tells James the town in dangerous but he doesn't care and that he'll go anyway. From now and on, use your map to know where you go. After the video is over, head to the northwest gate in the corner and go through it. Now follow this path for a while.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game at least once on the right side of the path you'll come across a E2 Chainsaw (also if you're playing on Easy Combat Level).

Further down the path you'll need to go through a gate near the fenced area. Now you're on Wiltse Road so continue all the way to Sanders Street. When you reach Sanders Street, head to the other side of the road and move east past the Flower Shop. Grab the First-Aid Kit on the table run west to Lindsey Street.

James finds some blood streaks on the road and a monster is seen in the distance on Lindsey Street. If you want a Health Drink, there's one up some stairs at the southwest corner of Sanders and Lindsey Street. Head north on Lindsey Street on the east sidewalk since Katz Street is blocked off. Get the Health Drink sitting by the garage door and continue to Vachss Road, where blood streaks are seen again. There's another Health Drink by another garage door on Lindsey Street, past the opening of Vachss. Move east down Vachss and enter the fenced area to find 2 Health Drinks and a Save Point on a table. Exit the area and continue down Vachss Road, past a gate, until you reach a construction site where some weird static is heard; enter the site through the wood planks.

A video will play and James finds a 3 Radio inside that seems to be making the racket. Then he sees a Patient Demon and takes a 4 Wooden Plank from the barricade structure to fight it. From now and on, use the Wooden Plank until further notice. Now hold R2 and walk up to the demon, and then whack it with the X button until it falls down. James will confirm that the demon is killed. Exit the construction site and James takes out the radio, which then makes more static and a voice similar to Mary's is heard; but it's not very clear. Run back to Lindsey Street.

There are some more Patient Demons around here so just watch out. Feel free to practice your plank skills and kill them. Near the Katz and Lindsey Street intersection you'll find a stone monument with partially readable words engraved into it. When you're done here, head to Katz Street to find that it's not blocked anymore.

What you want to do is to get the Rosewater Park but it won't be so easy. North Neely Street is blocked and west Katz Street is blocked off with a locked door, and there's a locked gate that leads to the apartments; so expect to go back there. Your next step is to try Saul Street. So head there, and if you want some health, there is a Health Drink past halfway down the south Martin Street/alley on the east side. You'll probably encounter an annoying Giant Roach and some Patient Demons by the alley though. Also be sure to pick up the First Aid-Kit at the east side of Happy Burger on the way to Saul.

Once at Saul Street, you'll notice that it's blocked off with a locked gate door, but there's a motorhome very close to it; so enter it. There is a memo saying "I'll wait at 'BAR Neely's'" on the couch, so that's your next destination. There's also a Save Point on the bed.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game on Normal or Hard Action Level you'll find a E3 Hyper Spray inside the motorhome.

Exit the motorhome through the left door and head to Neely's Bar. Once inside, look at the map on the counter and James will notice a question mark at the top of Martin Street. Read the strange message on the paper-covered window and exit the bar. Make your way to Martin Street past some Patient Demons and you'll here a Roach somewhere when you get there. Move north up the street, getting the Health Drink by the left fence on the way.

If you want a surprise, run right beside the white van. The Patient Demon will be moving on the ground for a while so just ignore it and move north to find a corpse where the question mark is. You can find an 5 Apartment Gate Key right by the corpse. Finally you have a key; there's a locked apartment gate at west Katz Street so head there.

On the way, you may want to head north up Neely Street for a corpse with six memos near it giving you tips on the monsters. There will also be Patient Demons moving on the ground there so kill them before reading the memos. At the corner of Katz and Neely Street, you can find a First-Aid Kit and a pack of Handgun Bullets. Continue west, past some enemies, until you reach the gate where the camera angle changes. Go through the gate door, using the Apartment Gate Key, and then enter the apartments in front of you, which is called Wood Side Apartments.

02. Wood Side Apartments

"You too, huh. Something just brought you here, right?"

When you enter, turn left and get the Map of the Apt Bldg on the bulletin board. There's a Save Point on the wall to the right and a Health Drink on the small brickwork by the stairs. The door leading to the courtyard is locked so go up to 2F. It's too dark here to read your map so head to the right, ignoring the north hallway, and when you reach the Patient Demon go through the door there, which should be Room 205.

Inside you'll notice light coming from a fashion dummy wearing clothes similar to Mary's. Grab the 6 Flashlight on it and then a Mannequin monster will get up from behind it. Kill it if you want or just exit. Head back towards the stairwell, moving past a Patient Demon on the way, and go through the open blue doorway there. Examine the garbage shoot to find some stuck garbage in the shoot. You don't have anything for it now, so enter the stairwell and go up to 3F.

On the other side of the gate thing here, a key is seen. Try to grab it and a little girl will step on James' hand and kick the key away. She'll laugh and run away. Since you can't get the key now, enter the only open room up here, which is Room 301 at the end of the hallway. After you enter, walk up to the shopping cart in the middle of the room and take the 7 Handgun (make sure your Flashlight is on so you can get it). Try not to use the Handgun yet, even if you have ammo for it. Exit the room and run back down to 2F.

Now head east and try to head north up the hallway and you'll hear a muffled scream. So head north, where it's coming from, and you will see a demon glowing red on the other side of the gate blockade! What is going on here!? Enter the close by Room 208 to find someone murdered sitting in a chair with the TV on. Notice something shining on the shelf and take the 8 Key to Room 202. If you go through the doorway by the shelf, you'll find a clock in an empty room. You can try to push it but it won't budge, so just exit the room.

The monster is gone now and since you have the key, head to Room 202 past a Patient Demon, using the Key to Room 202 to get inside. First, get the Health Drink on the kitchenette counter, then enter the open bedroom. Go up to the hole in the wall with green liquid coming out of it. Examine the hole to get the 9 Clock Key. There's a clock in Room 208 so exit the room and run to Room 208 again. Go in the clock room, go up to the clock and use the Clock Key on the clock face.

Clock Puzzle

There are some clues in this room on how to solve this puzzle but you can just read the solution at the bottom of this puzzle section below. First, there's a memo on the side of the clock that says:

The scars from the past shall
remove the nail that stops Time.

The idea is to move the clock out of the way but you can't so you have to do something. You'll need to find more clues. In the main section of this room, there's a memo by the phone on a small wall table. The memo is different depending on your riddle level:


Three different sizes,
time on the run.
Three young men circlin'
round the sun.
Henry is short and
very, very slow,
Scott can't stop,
he's always on the go.

The memo uses the names as the hands of the clock. So Henry would be the hour hand on the clock since he's "short and very, very slow" and Scott is obviously the second hand as "he's always on the go."


Three needles stand of
three different heights.
The fat, the tall and the thin.
From slow to fast they
move to the right.
Scott rests not on three,
but fifteen.

The "Three needles" are easy to understand. They are simply the hands on the clock. "The fat, the tall and the thin" - Hour, minute and second hands. "From slow to fast they move to the right" describes the order of the hands: Hour, Minute, Second.

There's also another way to tell the names of the hands and this is how you're sure who is the minute hand. Look at the first letter of each name:

(H) Henry - (H) Hours
(M) Mildred - (M) Minutes
(S) Scott - (S) Seconds

Go to the small room with the clock to find something written on the wall that the clock is facing. The memo has three names and directions for each of them. There's Henry and Scott from the other memo, and Mildred. Mildred would be the minute hand since that's the last one left, and you determined that with the first letters of each name and hand. The arrows for each name are as follows:

Henry: 9 (9 hours) - hour hand
Mildred: 2 (10 minutes) - minute hand
Scott: 3 (15 seconds) - second hand

So that leaves you with 9:10 and 15 seconds. But if you check the clock, you'll notice that the second hand doesn't move and it's already on 15 seconds, so don't worry about that one.

You now have the solution so turn the clock hands to 9:10, and you should hear a clank. That would be the "nail that stops Time", from the memo, unlocking. You can now push the clock and move on. No matter what Riddle Level you're playing, the answer to this puzzle is always 9:10.

Now go to the right side of the clock and push it, for a hole to be revealed. Go through the hole to find yourself in Room 209. Enter the main section of the room to find a Save Point on a pushcart. Move into the kitchenette to find a Health Drink. Exit the room and go through the blue door, which is the north stairwell. Go up the stairs and get the Handgun Bullets placed on the ledge.

Go through the 3F door and go past a couple of doors with broken locks, then enter Room 307 to see a video of a pyramid-headed creature doing something with two Mannequins. James hides in a closet and fires at the monster when it comes close, which causes it to leave the room. After the video, get the 10 Courtyard Key in the closet where James was hiding. Exit the room and head south past the Patient Demon to the end of the hall. Then move west and get the 11 Fire Escape Key that the little girl kicked earlier.

Enter the laundry room to the left and get the Handgun Bullets on the floor. If you want some health and ammo, enter Room 303. There is a Patient Demon in the right room, but there are no items in there. Grab the First-Aid Kit on the left small cabinet in the main room. A pack of Handgun Bullets is on the bed in a room to the left, and a Health Drink is on the tipped over fridge in the kitchenette. Exit the room when you're done and enter the stairwell at the east end of the hall.

Go down to 1F and go down the open hallway. At the end, take the 12 Canned Juice in front of Room 107. Go back and exit through the double doors, unlocking them first. Run west to the other double doors and go through them. Go up to 2F and go in the laundry room beside the stairway door. Go up to the garbage shoot and enter your inventory see if you have any heavy items. The Canned Juice should do, so use it and the garbage will be knocked down.

Go back down to 1F and exit through the lobby doors. Go to the bottom of the garbage shoot, which is around the corner to the right. Take the 13 Coin [Old Man]. There is also a memo in the garbage. Study the memo, because later you will need to know something about it. Go back through the lobby doors and go through the courtyard door, using the Courtyard Key. Now is a good time to equip the Handgun as there will be more enemies here and in the near future than previously.

Check your map and head for the pool. The pool has no water in it so go to the edge and fall in. There are three Patient Demons in here that may drain you're health. Kill the Patient Demons with the Handgun if you must, and go up to the baby carriage to find the 14 Coin [Snake].

Once you have the coin, use the northwest steps to get out of the pool. Now enter the east door in the courtyard (not the door you came through, the other one). Move to the right, killing or moving past the two Patient Demons, and enter Room 101. You should hear someone vomiting, but check out the area first. You can find a bloody open fridge with some legs coming out of it in the kitchenette, and a pack of Handgun Bullets in the far right corner of the room. Enter the washroom, where the noise is coming from, and a video will play. James now meets Eddie. Although no key items are procured here, you must see Eddie or else you cannot continue further into the game later.

Exit the room after the video and if you want ammo, enter Room 104. Kill the Patient Demon in the room and grab the Handgun Bullets on the chair. Head back to the door and note the tourist pamphlet on the desk. Exit the room and head back to the main section of 2F. There are two ways: Up the stairwell right here and pass through Room 209 and 208, or head outside and through the other door and go up to 2F there. There's one last open room in Wood Side and it's Room 210. Go there if you want ammo.

If you enter Room 210, kill the Patient Demon in the main section of the room and take the Handgun Bullets on the small table. In right room you can find more Handgun Bullets on the corner table. Exit the room and head back west all the way to the end of the hall and go through the door, using the Fire Escape Key. There is a window that leads to another apartment replacing the fire escape, so move on, leaving Wood Side.

03. Blue Creek Apartments

"What did you say? How do you know that?"

You are now in a bedroom in Room 203 of Blue Creek Apartments. Go to the washroom ahead and examine the toilet to find a memo in a wallet. Look at the memo and go to the living room of the apartment room to find a safe to the right. Go up to the safe and examine it.

Safe Combination Puzzle

The point of this puzzle is to open the safe with the combination in the wallet. You don't have to open the safe; it's an optional puzzle. But there is plenty of ammo inside. The puzzle is a bit different on certain Riddle Levels; rather the combo. So use the solution that matches your Riddle Level to complete the puzzle. But first, you may need to know some basics on how to use the safe. You get a memo with the combination on it. There are arrows that indicate which direction to turn after moving to each number (except for the last, of course). So you would move to the first number in whichever direction. After the first number there are two right arrows. So that's the way you move the dial. But you must PRESS the direction it says, even though the dial will move the opposite way. You must do that to complete the puzzle.

Here, you get a simple combo with plain, old numbers. The code is random but here's an example of a code: 15 >> 8 << 12 >> 6. If this were your code, you would turn the dial in any direction to 15. Then you would press right to turn the dial until you reach 8. Now you would press left and stop at 12. And then finally, you would press right until you land at the final number, which is 6. But your code will most likely be something else, as it is random.

Okay, now you get a code with some normal numbers and some roman numerals. Remember the code is random and the following is just an example of a code: 11 >> X2 << 7 >> 3. If this were your code, you would turn the dial to 11. Then press right until you reach 12, which is X2 (X=10, +2=12). Now press left until 7. And finally, press right until you reach the final number, 3. There can be more than just the "X" roman numeral. There can also be "V", "VV", "XV", and "XX". And like above, there can also be roman numerals mixed with regular numbers such as "X5", "VV2", etc. In these cases you would add them together. "XV"=15, "VV2"=12, etc. You should know roman numerals, but if not: V is 5, X is 10. XV is 15, and XX is 20.

Here, it's very easy once you figure out what to do. In the memo there are now letters of the alphabet, as well as normal numbers. The code is still random but here is an example of a code: 3 >> j << 4 << b. If this were your code, you would turn the dial to the first number, 3. Then you would press right until you reach 19. Then press left until 4. And finally, press right until you reach the final number, which is 11. You're probably wondering where the numbers "19" and "11" came from. The numbers in the combination only go from 1-9. After that, letters take their place. The letters represent the number they are in the alphabet, plus 9. So a=10, b=11, c=12, and so on. So in the above example combination, "j" would be 19 (9+10), and "b" would be 11 (9+2). The safe numbers go from 1-20 so there can only be 11 possible letters for the combination, along with the 9 numbers. The number for each possible letter is below to save you some time.

a - 10, b - 11, c - 12, d - 13, e - 14, f - 15, g - 16, h - 17, i - 18, j - 19, k - 20

After you finish the safe combination puzzle, take the 4 boxes of Handgun Bullets inside the safe. Also take the Health Drink on the counter of the kitchenette before leaving. Exit the room and to your left will be a Patient Demon. Ignore it and head right, looking for the glowing "EXIT" sign on the roof to locate the stairway door; enter the stairway. Get the Map of the West Apt. Bldg on the floor by the door to the left. Go down to 1F and go through the door in front of you to the right.

The sound of a Giant Roach is heard - if it comes near you, shoot it. Move left and go in the laundry room for a First-Aid Kit on a washing machine. Then enter Room 109 down the hallway, ignoring the Mannequin ahead. If the door won't open then you have missed something. If you haven't done so, you need to see Eddie in Room 101 1F in the north building of Wood Side Apartments.

When you're inside, find the couch and grab the Handgun Bullets. Then go through the white door and a video will play. James meets the dark-haired woman again and finds out that her name is Angela. She gives James her knife and leaves. If you check your inventory, you'll notice that you have 15 Angela's Knife in there. You can examine it but if you ever do so during the game, it may influence which ending you receive at the end of the game. Examining the knife may lead to the sad ending so do as you wish. If you don't know whether to examine it or not, you can read the Endings section to figure out which ending you want to get. But I recommend you do what you want.

Take the 16 Coin [Prisoner] on the nightstand and exit this room and Room 109 itself. Enter Room 105 and examine the secretarial puzzle desk.

Old Coin Puzzle

You will need to put the three coins in the correct order to open the desk. The solution to this puzzle is different based on which Riddle difficulty you choose. When you examine the desk, it will tell you how the puzzle works. The solutions to this puzzle on each Riddle Level are listed below, as well as why they are the solution. But to understand the puzzle, you must know what is on each coin.

If you examine each coin, you'll notice that each have a picture on them:

Old Man - Picture of an old man; hence the name
Snake - Picture of a snake; hence the name
Prisoner - Picture of a lady


To the right is the lady.
To the left is the old one.

In the center drawls the other.

Now just two spaces remain,
But fear not for now,
The puzzle is done.
The puzzle is done.

Old Man | Empty | Snake | Empty | Prisoner

According to the memo, "To the right is the lady", which is the Prisoner. The "right" would be the slot at the right end. "To the left is the old one", which would be the Old Man in the left end slot. And "In the center drawls the other", which would be the Snake. The rest of the riddle just tells you the puzzle is done because you only need three coins.


Three bright coins in five holes be

At one end sits
the Seducer of she

The wind from behind
the woman doth play

The Formless One,
Null, lies furthest from they

The Old One beside
the Serpent sits not.

Tis to the Prisoner's left
that he doth rot

Empty | Old Man | Prisoner | Empty | Snake

The first sentence "Three bright coins in five holes be" just means three coins fit into the five slots. "At one end sits the seducer of she" is saying the seducer sits at an end. The seducer, in this case would be the Snake, seducing Eve to eat the apple (Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden). The next line "The wind from behind, the woman doth play" describes which end the Snake sits at. Behind is the to left, so there is no behind if it's at the left end, which determines it's on the right. It also determines that the lady is in the middle spot, which is to the left of the "wind" (behind the wind) which is the empty slot beside the Snake. And the woman is the prisoner. The next line "The formless one, null, lies furthest from they" is saying there's an empty slot at the opposite end of the Snake, which is the left slot. "The old one beside the serpent sits not" is pretty self-explanatory. The Old Man doesn't sit next to the Snake and "Tis to the prisoner's left that he doth rot". So the old one sits to the left of the prisoner.


First lies the seat of
He who is Peerless
Silent and empty,
heartless and fearless
Beside him sits one who knows
The place of the servant is
next to throne

Dozens of feet,
yet not a single toe
The One that is Hidden
beside him doth go
Seducer of dreams,
creature of Hades
Lying further from
Man and closer to Lady

Man and Woman seeing all
Heedless to the Raven's call

Silent and Hidden the two may be
They be not there for you to see

Return them to whence
they would be
And blessing shall
descend on thee

I speak thus with
the North Star behind me
The birth of the sun is
the start of the story

Empty | Old Man | Empty | Snake | Prisoner

This one is a little harder, but makes a little more sense in my opinion. "First lies the seat of He who is Peerless; Silent and empty, heartless and fearless" describes the first slot, which is the left, and we do not know who or if someone goes there. "Beside him sits one who knows" determines someone is in the second slot. "Dozens of feet, yet not a single toe" means there is no human between the second slot and the fourth slot. "The One that is Hidden beside him doth go; Seducer of dreams, creature of Hades" is easy to understand. The Snake is both the seducer and creature of Hades. The meaning of "Lying further from Man and closer to Lady" is quite obvious. So the Snake is closer to the lady, and further from the man. "Man and Woman seeing all Heedless to the Raven's call" tells you that between the man, which is the Old Man, and the woman, which is the Prisoner, they must see all five slots between them. If the Snake is placed in the fourth slot where it belongs, the woman in the fifth slot, and the man in the second slot, it all works out. The man and the woman can see all five slots and the Snake is closer to the lady and further from the man. But the riddle is not done yet. "Silent and Hidden the two may be, They be not there for you to see" determines that the first slot, which is "silent", and the middle slot, which is "hidden", are empty. This leaves you with the solution.


Like coins in the hazy
aether tossed
Our souls must by
their sinful weight
Descend to earth
with lightness lost

To "right" the sins
that they hath laid
When thrice in falling they intone
The Happiness shall be thy own

The first note be not by
the Horned One rung
Though it be there that
all sins be sprung

The Bringer of Life and
the Bringer of Shame
The sins of the latter be
even more tame

Though coming
in the Aged One's wake
The Formless One's soul
in fear doth quake

The Needless One, silent,
with hungers all sated
Is least then in sin
with his lusts all abated

For the gravest of sinners
His place be appointed
And if he be lucky
May his soul be anointed

Old Man | Empty | Snake | Prisoner | Empty

The sentence "Our souls must by their sinful weight; To 'right' the sins that they hath laid" means that the more sinful the person or thing is, the further to the right it belongs. "The first note be not by the Horned One rung; though it be there that all sins be sprung" determines that the Snake is not the biggest sinner, but is the cause of the sins, as it's represented as the Devil. "The Bringer of Life and the Bringer of Shame; the sins of the latter be even more tame" says that the woman, which is the bringer of life, is more sinful than the snake, which is the bringer of shame. The word "latter" means the second of two things mentioned, and the word "tame" determines that the "latter" (the snake) is less afraid, therefore less sinful. "Though coming in the Aged One's wake; the Formless One's soul in fear doth quake" mentions that the snake is afraid of the old man, thus they cannot be together. "The Needless One, silent, with hungers all sated; Is least then in sin with his lusts all abated" states that the old man has put an end to his eagerness, or if you will, craving for qualities such as power, life, etc. Thus, making him the least to sin.

After you've solved the old coin puzzle, the secretarial desk will open; take the 17 Lyne House Key inside. Directly behind you after the puzzle is a small path that leads to a Save Point.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game at least once you'll find a E4 White Chrism on the kitchenette counter of Room 105.

Exit the room and go back up to 2F. Use the Lyne House key to open Room 209. Inside you may hear some whispers but that's not important right now. Move to the balcony, which leads to Room 208. Get the Handgun Bullets on the chair and take the 18 Apartment Stairway Key on the envelope on the bed. Use the Save Point on the wall because a boss is coming up very shortly.

Go back to Room 209 on the balcony and exit the room. Head to the west stairway, past the Mannequin, and enter the stairway using the Apartment Stairway Key.

Boss 1: Pyramid Head

Once you're inside this stairway, you can't get out. The door is locked and the stairway is filled with water. So you'll have to deal with Pyramid Head.

This is pretty easy. You actually don't even have to fire a single shot. All you have to do is run to the other side of the room when Pyramid Head gets near you. But he may swipe you with his Great Knife if you don't do it at the right time. So wait in the corner at the beginning until he gets near you, and let him swing his Great Knife - it shouldn't hit you. Right after he swings, run to the other side of the room. Let him come up to you again and if he swings, do the same thing, run to the other side of the room. After a bit, he will stop swinging and he will try to slay you in each corner. This is better because it takes more time for him to do it, however, he will kill you if it hits you, no matter what health you have.

He will nail his Great Knife right into the ground where you were, leaving you with plenty of time to get to the other corner if you haven't already. Remember that you can always use the Handgun to slow him down. It won't hurt him but it can buy you some time.

Keep in mind that this battle is harder at the beginning and Pyramid Head will try to swipe at you when you exit a corner. Just run fast and try to stay as far away from him as you can and he shouldn't hit you. And if you're playing on Hard Action Level, his reaction to you running away will be faster. You may receive a slash but it won't kill you if you have good health; it won't do too much, too. Near the beginning of the fight, dash to the other far corner because he may just close you in. Do this for a while until you notice he's starting to do the slaying attack, where he lifts the knife over his head and swings downward.

Pyramid Head wields a mighty blade so heavy that he has to drag it behind him. So that means he will walk pretty slow. Pyramid Head has three attacks. One is placing his Great Knife behind him so he can lift it over his head and slay James - this will kill you no matter what. Another attack with his knife is where he just swipes across at you; usually at the beginning of the fight, which is the hardest part to not get hit. And in the other attack, he grabs you by your neck and tries to strangle you - in this case you would have to be very close and in front of him. So stay as far away from him as possible.

Whatever you do, make sure he does not get a swing at you with his Great Knife. It probably won't kill you if it's a sideways swing, but if he lifts it up and swings downward, you're dead. That is if it hits you. If you see him stop, that means he lifting up his Great Knife so he can take a swing at you. When this happens, run to other far corner of the room. Stay away from him while running away because he may hit you while he lifts the knife up which is very fast and can kill you, as it did to me once when I was fooling around with the wooden plank.

After you move to a different corner from where you started, wait for him to stop and lift his Great Knife, and then leg it to the other corner - where you were before. Just keep repeating this strategy for a while and the fight will be over. An alarm will sound off and Pyramid Head will turn around and head down the stairs. Don't follow him or he may try to slay James. Doing this strategy will save you a lot of precious bullets so you should always do this. The fight is timed (its duration varies on Action Level) and Pyramid Head will leave eventually, however shooting at him can end the battle faster.

After Pyramid Head exits to outside, the water drains. Go down the stairs and go through the door to outside.

04. West South Vale

"What's a little girl like you doing here anyway?"

After you exit the apartments, you'll find no trace of the water or Pyramid Head. But that's not important. Go down the stairs and run forward to find a First Aid-Kit. Then go the other way and around the corner. Head north for a bit and a video will play. James sees the little girl again, and she seems to know something about Mary.

After the video is over, continue going north and go up the close by stairs on the left. Take the Handgun Bullets x2 and go back down. Continue north once more and James will finally reach Rosewater Park. Move into the park and go up the left stairs and find Handgun Bullets x2 on the ground at the end. Go down the other stairs there and grab the Health Drink on one of the left benches. Then go down the stairs and go to the right and up those stairs. In the open area in front of you, you can find more Handgun Bullets on a bench.

Then continue north to the waterfront and get the Health Drink down the stairs to the right. Head west for a video. James meets a strange woman named Maria whom looks just like Mary. James discovers that his "special place" with Mary was the Lake View Hotel and that's where he wants to go now. Maria will follow James for the next portion of the game. Make sure Maria doesn't get killed because it will be GAME OVER. Even if you shoot Maria once, she will die. So be careful.

Now head west to the other side of the park, past the stone monument, to the next set of stairs. Then head south until you reach a Mannequin on the right side. Kill it and get the Health Drink there. Then head south to Nathan Avenue. There's a Save Point on the trunk of a car in the Jack's Inn parking lot if you need to save you're game.

Extra Item
After you've received the three regular endings or the Rebirth ending in the same file you'll find a E5 Dog Key inside a Dog House in an open yard directly across Nathan Avenue when exiting Rosewater Park.

There are plenty of supplies scattered around the town here. Feel free to get them although it isn't really necessary. Head west on Nathan Avenue past two Mannequins and a Patient Demon. Go to the Texxon Gas Station and take the 19 Steel Pipe from the running car. In front of a truck a little south in the gas station lot you'll find 2 Health Drinks and Handgun Bullets.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game at least once you'll find the E6 Book: "Lost Memories" in the newspaper stand at the Texxon Gas Station.

You want to go to the hotel but the road is eventually blocked to the north. But there is a map near a corpse with a circle around the Bowl-O-Rama. So head there. But if you're up there, get the Handgun Bullets by the corpse on Nathan Avenue near the end of the road, and the First-Aid Kit by the blocked off boat docks by the Silent Hill Historical Society. If you head up the road on either side you can see some flying Mannequins. Head to Pete's Bowl-O-Rama. Get the Health Drink by the grass in front of the entrance and enter the bowling alley. Maria will wait out here for you because she hates bowling.

Once you're inside, go through the door on James' left and a video will play. Eddie and the little girl are talking for a while. After the video is over, find the other door in the room and go through it. Go to the right in this area and move forward. James meets Eddie eating pizza and then sees the little girl leave. James then discovers from Eddie that her name is Laura. After the video is over, get the Handgun Bullets at the end of alley third from the right. Then exit through the same doors as Laura, and then exit through the main doors.

Maria's not here so head east and Maria will come running back to tell James to go after the little girl. Run through the side parking lot around the right corner. Then go around another corner, which leads you to a gate. Head south (upward) until Maria shows you where Laura went, and the door to get to the other side. Try to open the door that Maria pointed out to find that it's locked. Maria will unlock it for you with her three keys. Try again and enter Heaven's Night.

Once you're inside go up the right stairs, and at the top, examine the stacked coloured boxes of liquor and James will comment on his drinking obsession. Then continue and go through the green door on the right. In this room, get the First-Aid Kit on the chair of the second table and exit Heaven's Night through the gray door. Outside, go down the stairs and head south down Carroll Street. After a while, Maria will spot Laura and she enters a hospital. Follow Laura and enter Brookhaven Hospital through the double doors.

05. Brookhaven Hospital

"James, wait a minute. I'm kinda tired...."

After you enter Brookhaven Hospital, get the Map of the Hospital on the bulletin board to James' left. Then enter the Reception Office in front of you. There's a Save Point on the desk, along with a memo on three mental patients that were in this hospital. Grab the Health Drink on the desk by Maria and go through the door there, which leads to the Document Room. Read the memo on the desk and get the 20 "Purple Bull" Key. Then exit both rooms.

After you do that, you may notice that the Examination Room and Doctor's Lounge are locked. So expect to come back here later. Enter stairwell in the corridor and go up to 2F. Up here, kill the Nurse Demon around the left corner and the same for the other one in the area if it comes near you. Then enter the Women's Locker Room.

James seems to be staring at a teddy bear on the table so examine it to get a 21 Bent Needle. Move to the right to find a 22 Shotgun in the open locker. It isn't necessary to use it yet so keep the Handgun equipped for now. Exit the room and enter the Men's Locker Room.

You can find the 23 Examination Room Key in the Lab Coat in the Men's Locker Room, but you don't really need it if you're reading this walkthrough. But since this is probably your first time, I suggest you get it and use it. So head back down to 1F and enter the Examination Room, using the Examination Room Key. There's nothing here, so go through the other door to the Doctor's Lounge. Get the Shotgun Shells in the sink and examine the white board by the far door in the room.

The memo tells you the code for the 3rd floor Patient Wing. It will tell you it's 7335 on Easy and Normal Riddle Levels and it will explain that it's a "T" on Hard and Extra. Exit the room through the door beside the memo, unlocking it first, and go back up to 2F. Go through the double doors to enter the Patient Wing. Get the Handgun Bullets on one of the stools in front of you and start going down the hall.

Enter Examining Room 3 and grab the First-Aid Kit on the bed. Then go to the typewriter on the desk further back and examine it. The will be a memo imprinted on the carbon paper containing a four-digit code. It's random so write it down for future use. Exit the room and enter room M2. Inside, get the 24 "Lapis Eye" Key in the small nightstand drawer and the Shotgun Shells on top; exit the room. Inside room M3 is a Health Drink and Handgun Bullets, as well as a Nurse Demon. If you go past the Nurse Demons in the hall and enter room M6, you'll find Shotgun Bullets by Maria and a Health Drink by a Nurse Demon. When you're done on 2F, go up to 3F in the east stairwell.

On 3F you can find a First-Aid Kit on the ground in the northeast corner, but you'll have to get past two Nurse Demons first. The Special Treatment Room is locked so try to open the door to the patient wing hall, and a number keypad will show up. If you went to the Examination Room on 1F and got the code, put it in. But if you didn't, it doesn't matter. On Easy and Normal Riddle Level, the code is 7335. But on Hard and Extra Riddle Level, the memo on 1F says the pin number is a "T". The resulting code ends up being 1328, so put that in if you're on Hard or Extra and it will unlock.

Now enter the patient wing hall through the now unlocked double doors and head down the hallway. If you want to get rid of Maria right away, enter room S3 and she will lie down on a bed and relax. After this happens, she can't join you anymore. Depending on how much time you spend with Maria, and if you check on her often, you may have a better chance of getting a certain ending. I recommend you do what you want, but you can also read the Endings section to figure out what to do.

Take the 25 Roof Key on the nightstand and exit the room. Since you just got the key for the roof, go up to the roof in the east stairwell, using the Roof Key. On the roof, look around until you see a bluish green book on the ground with some scattered papers. Either look at it or just go near it. If you read it, you can have a better chance of getting a different certain ending. Do what you want or you can read the Endings section if you want to get a certain ending. If you try to exit to the stairwell, you'll find that it won't open. Go to the Elevator Control Room area and a metal scraping concrete noise is heard. Pyramid Head will come out of nowhere and knock you off the roof. It is impossible to avoid this so don't worry.

You are now in the Special Treatment Room on 3F, which was locked from the other side earlier. James will have red stamina after you fall, so use a First-Aid Kit and/or some Health Drinks. It is impossible to die from this fall, no matter what health you have.

Enter the second room from the left and read the blood writing on the wall. You'll have to examine the bloody wall for a close-up to be displayed. Write down or remember the four-digit code because you will need to know it very soon. If you can't make it out, just write it down exactly how it is and try to figure it out from there. Exit the room and exit this area  through the exit door once it's unlocked. If you didn't kill it earlier, there may be a Nurse Demon in the corridor. Enter the patient wing and move down the hall. Make your way past the Nurse Demon and two Mannequins, then enter room S14. Examine the weird looking box on the bed.

"Louise" Puzzle

First, combine the "Purple Bull" Key and the "Lapis Eye" Key and use them. You don't need to combine them, but it's faster if you do because you use them at the same time. On the push-button lock, enter the 4-digit code that you found on the carbon paper in the typewriter in Examining Room 3. If you forgot the code, go to the memo section in the menu and see what it was. On the turn combination lock, enter the code you got from the bloody wall in the Special Treatment Room, and the box will open. If you forget the codes, enter your inventory and go to the memo section.

If you're having a hard time reading the bloody wall code, this may help you:
The code is random each time so I can't tell you what it is. My best advice is to write the code down exactly how it is on a piece of paper and figure out possible combinations from there. The codes are random but some reappear. Codes 5757 and 5752 may be hard to read and one of them may be the code in your situation. Some numbers may also look like other numbers. Fives can look like sixes, twos can look like sevens, and fives can look like random lines. The numbers can also be the other way around so sixes can look like fives and sevens can look like twos.

Inside the box is a 26 Piece of Hair. Exit the room and enter room S11 for a Save Point and a Health Drink on a tipped over nightstand. Save your game because a boss is coming up soon. Then go to the Shower Room down the hall to find something stuck in the drainage pipe. So combine the Bent Needle and the Piece of Hair, and James will get the 27 Elevator Key out of the drain. Exit the room and use the Elevator Key on the west elevator, which is in this corridor. Examine the panel and go down to 1F.

On 1F, enter room C3 and get the Shotgun Shells on the left nightstand and the Handgun Bullets on the floor on the right. Exit the room and enter room C2. Move forward to see Laura playing with some teddy bears. She tells James how she knows Mary. She ends up luring James into Examining Room 2 and claims a letter is in the back. As naive as James is, he walks in and Laura locks the door to leave James with two new enemies for a boss. Now you have to kill the Hangers before they kill you.

Boss 2: Hangers

At the start, make sure you have your Shotgun equipped. Keep shooting the Hangers until they get close to you. When they get close, run to the other side, or they will grab you. Use the strafe buttons if you need to. But to shoot them with the Shotgun, you need to make sure it's aimed up at them before you shoot or you won't hit them. James will lower it to pump it after each shot. So wait for it to aim up, then shoot.

The best thing to do is to lure both Hangers to one side of the room, and then run to the other side and pump rounds into them. The Hangers have two attacks. One is coming up to James and grabbing him by his neck, trying to trangle him. The other is a kick attack that they try when you are just outside of their range. This attack can hurt the other Hanger if it hits it (usually from behind). Make sure the Hangers don't get too close or they'll grab James and try to strangle him. If this happens, rapidly press the D-pad and the shoulder buttons to escape the attack more quickly and lose less health.

If your running low on Shotgun Shells after you kill the first two Hangers, equip the Handgun for the last Hanger and shoot around 10-20 shots at the Hanger, depending on the difficulty, and it should die.

A weird video will play and James seems to be transferred to outside.

06. Nightmare Hospital

"'Anyway'!? What do you mean 'Anyway'!?"

You are in the Garden on 1F, which is much smaller than on your map. Go through the doors beside you to enter the hospital again. Once inside, you'll notice that it looks different. It has turned into an evil hospital. Get the Shotgun Shells in the corner and use the Save Point if you want, then go through the double doors. Enter room C2 to find a First-Aid Kit along with a Patient Demon. Switch back to the Handgun for a while as it's not really necessary to use the Shotgun yet on normal enemies. You may hear some glass break in the room but it's not really important; exit.

Enter room C1 for some ammo and health, but first, there is a Nurse Demon just inside the room that may be close enough to hit you while you can't see. Enter the room with your Handgun blazing or you may receive a smacking. Then get the Health Drink on the left and the Handgun Bullets to the right. Exit the room and enter the elevator; go up to 2F.

On 2F, you can find two Nurse Demons in room M4 guarding a Health Drink and Shotgun Bullets - get them if you want. Then go to room M6 past the Nurse Demon and take the Handgun Bullets to the left, the First-Aid Kit by the camera, and then check out the area to the right. There is a 28 Dry Cell Battery and the 29 Basement Storeroom Key on a small ledge above the hands, and a memo of which explains that a ring is in the "basement's basement". Exit the room and go past some Nurse Demons to the elevator. If you check the Day Room, you'll notice that there's a knocked over fridge which James can't open.

Go up to 3F in the elevator to find an odd locked door with two hands sticking out. There are Nurse Demons to the left and right; take the right and enter room S11. Grab the Handgun Bullets and the Ampoule on the stand and read the memo on the bed explaining the odd stairwell door. Exit the room and enter room S3, past the two Nurse Demons if they're there again, to find that Maria is gone. Her medication is on the nightstand and some eep breathing is heard. Exit the room and the patient wing, then enter the east stairwell in the other corridor.

You can find a Save Point on the pillar. Go down the stairs until you reach the very bottom, and go through the door, using the Basement Storeroom Key. After you're inside, get the Shotgun Shells and go up to the shelf with the blood hand prints on it. Move the shelf and try to go down the ladder; Maria will open the door and blame James for not trying to save her when he had no idea where she was. Maria will now stay with you and follow you again.

Go down the ladder to the basement's basement. Take the 30 Copper Ring in the middle of the floor and go back up the ladder and exit the room. Go back up to 3F and enter the patient wing, ignoring the radio static in the west corridor. Enter the elevator and go down to 2F.

Before the elevator doors open, a strange message from a game show is heard. Three questions are asked. Listen carefully to the questions and see if you can figure out the answers. It tells you to go to the 3rd floor Storeroom to collect your prizes. But since you're on 2F now, head to the Day Room and try to open the fallen fridge. James still can't open it so he asks Maria to help him open it. Inside is a 31 Lead Ring. Now go back up to 3F in the elevator.

If you want to collect your prize for the Trick or Treat announcement in the elevator, exit the patient wing and enter the Storeroom. Kill the Nurse Demon outside first so it's easier when you come out. Inside, grab the First-Aid Kit, Shotgun Shells and Handgun Bullets on the shelf by Maria. Then examine the blue box on the table.

Trick or Treat Box

On the box is a panel with nine buttons and it looks like this:

     1 2 3
Q1 o o o
Q2 o o o
Q3 o o o

In order to get your prize you have to answer the questions correctly. If you answer incorrectly, spray will come down on you from the roof which will lower your health into red. The questions were given to you when you went to 2F with Maria in the elevator. This puzzle always has the same questions and answers, no matter what Riddle Level you're on. Here are the questions:

1. Merry-Go-Round, haunted house, roller coaster, ferris wheel and tea cups. Silent Hill is home to a thrilling amusement park that both children and adults love. The question is: What is the name of this amusement park?

  • One, Fantasy Land
  • Two, Silent Hill Amusement Park
  • Three, Lakeside Amusement Park

2. Silent Hill witnessed a gruesome murder a few years back. A brother and sister were playing in the road when they were attacked and chopped into pieces with an axe. Torn flesh, smashed bones, splattered blood, and finally... What a terrible tragedy. What gruesome end to such innocent lives. What was the name of the murderer who committed this vile act?

  • One, Walter Sullivan
  • Two, Scott Fairbanks
  • Three, Eric Gein

3. South of the lake is a deserted old neighborhood called South Vale. From there to Paleville, the central resort area northwest of the lake, there's only one road you can take. Just one road, no more. The third and final question is: What is the name of that road?

  • One, Bachman Road
  • Two, Rendell Street
  • Three, Nathan Avenue

Now that you know the questions, let's figure out the answers:

1. The name of Silent Hill's amusement park. Where could you find that? Check your map and find the map of Silent Hill. Look at the top to the right of Lake View Hotel to find the answer: Lakeside Amusement Park.

2. The killer of the two kids. Do you remember reading an article about this? At the bottom of the Wood Side Apartments garbage shoot? Enter your inventory and go to the memo section. The name of the memo is "Article about murder incident". If you read the memo it gives you the answer, which is Walter Sullivan.

3. The name of the road that goes from South Vale to Paleville. Check your map again for the answer. Look at the road to the west of the map that is in Paleville. It's called Sandford Street. But look where it connects as it moves south. It connects to Nathan Avenue and goes south all the way to South Vale and is your answer.

Now that you have the answers, you can solve the puzzle. On the top row, press 3. On the middle row, press 1. And on the bottom row, press 3. The box will open. You should be happy with the contents in the box.

After you have opened the box, collect the Shotgun Shells x5 and the 2 Ampoules. Exit the room and enter the patient wing for the last time. Go up to the west stairwell door. There are two 3D arms sticking out of the door. Go to the menu and combine and use the Copper Ring and the Lead Ring, and the door will unlock (combining the keys only makes it faster). Go through the door and go down the stairs to find a memo on the ground. Read it to find out about the key to the museum and continue down to the bottom of the stairwell, and go through the door there.

Now follow the path and you will hear something. Pyramid Head will come from behind you and Maria and start to attack Maria. He tries trying to spear Maria to death, so run quickly following the path before she dies, and to get her moving. On Hard Action Level, you will have to shoot Pyramid Head or whack him with any weapon to slow him down. The best and fastest method is to use the Handgun. Right when he appears, unload a full clip into him (you should notice him slowing down). Start running and you might want to fire another clip at Pyramid Head around the fenced-window area just in case. Once you get to the beginning of the last hallway, you should be okay.

I used to use the Steel Pipe here but it takes much longer. If you want to try it, go ahead. When Pyramid Head first appears, whack him once, and walk backwards a few steps until he comes closer, and whack him again. Walk backwards a few more steps until Pyramid Head comes closer, and whack him again. Keep on doing this until you get to the fenced window area, and then run for it.

Once you get near the elevator a video will play. James will enter the elevator and it will start to close, causing Maria to not make it. Apparently it is possible to make it through by just running, but you'd have to hit no walls and be extremely fast.

After Maria's stabbing, the doors close and the elevator goes up to 1F. Up here, enter the Director's Room. Inside on the desk, James finds a map that shows a letter and a wrench on Lindsey Street. He also gets the 32 Hospital Lobby Key. Then Laura walks by out the window. Exit the room and find the lobby doors for a Save Point on the right side of the wall. Use the Hospital Lobby Key on the main entrance doors to exit the hospital.

07. Dark South Vale

"Mary... What... What should I do?"

There are plenty of health and ammo items around and feel free to look for them. But the necessity of these items will be pointed out here. After you exit the hospital, head south down Carroll Street past a threesome of Nurses. You can find an Ampoule and Handgun Bullets at the west end of Rendell Street on the south side, and a Health Drink and a First-Aid Kit behind the station wagon on the other side of the road. Head east on Rendell Street past some Nurses and get the Shotgun Shells x2 and the Rifle Shells in the dirt area on the north side of the road, near another Nurse Demon. Further east are more Rifle Shells and some Handgun Bullets.

Continue east on the north side of the road and grab the Health Drink and Shotgun Shells at the far end of the construction sheet. Head southeast towards Saul Street, passing over on Munson Street. Ignore or kill any Nurses and get the Handgun Bullets x2 by the blocked off Munson Street in the corner of the map, and also get the 2 Health Drinks by the door around the corner on Saul Street. Move east on Saul to find a gate; go through it.

There will be new monsters under the grating that can move moderate speed. Run down the grate path, dodging the total of three Underhangers. Also move out of the way for the gaps on the left and then the right that may slow you down. At the end, go through the gate door after unlocking it. You can find and enter the motorhome from earlier on in the game just ahead, but there's only the same Save Point inside. Outside by the front of the motorhome is a First-Aid Kit, and Shotgun Shells x2 by the nearby car.

Now continue heading east on Saul Street to near the end and get the Handgun Bullets x2 by the paper stands on the south side of the road. Near the corner of Saul and Neely Street is a First-Aid Kit. Make your way to Happy Burger for Rifle Shells on the west side of it and more Rifle Shells on the east side. Get the Handgun Bullets in front of Neely's Bar if you want and if you enter Neely's Bar you will find something strange. It may change which ending you receive but it probably won't and it is cool to see. There is a message to James on the far wall. When you're done, exit the bar and head east on Sanders Street, past the Mannequins and Nurses. Go north up Lindsey Street and find the second house to the north past Gonzale's Mexican Restaurant.

On the porch, you will find a letter and a wrench. Read the letter and take the 33 Wrench. The memo in the hospital about the "direckters's key" stated that the key to the museum is in the park behind the praying woman. So head to the park. Continue north on Lindsey Street to Katz Street, and get the Handgun Bullets at the Cafe Texan door. Then head west. By Big Jays on Katz/Neely is a Health Drink and Rifle Shells (by the Neely Street entrance). Handgun Bullets are south at the Katz/Neely intersection, at the southwest corner. Head west past some enemies and go through the now unlocked gate door past the apartments.

Continue west to Munson Street. Now head north on Munson Street past some Nurses and get the Handgun Bullets at the right side of the Nathan Avenue and Munson Street intersection. Then head west on Nathan Avenue until you reach the entrance of Rosewater Park. Take the left path moving north and get the Shotgun Shells x2 in the left concrete area. Go to the right side of the path and go north until you see some steps on the right. Go down them and down the next steps ahead of you to the left. Follow the path and then go around the corner to James's left. Go behind the "praying woman" statue and dig up the tin box.

Use the Wrench to open the tin box and take the 34 Old Bronze Key inside. Now go back up the sets of stairs you came down before and exit Rosewater Park to Nathan Avenue. Now head west on Nathan Avenue all the way to the Silent Hill Historical Society Museum. It will take a while to get there and there will be many Nurses on the way, but there's no other way to do it. Just ignore the Nurses and run past them to save time. If you want Handgun Bullets and Rifle Shells, head to the end of the road to the northwest. They're by the corpse.

Once in the museum parking lot, kill the Nurse Demon to the right and get the First-Aid Kit. Then go to the left by the entrance. Ignore the Nurse if there's one there and enter the museum, using the Old Bronze Key.

08. Silent Hill Historical Society

"'Misty day, remains of the judgment' It's him."

Once inside, you can find a Save Point on the left counter. Deeper in the room are some paintings; one in particular is of Pyramid Head. Go through the double doors behind the painting of Pyramid Head. You'll find more paintings in here. One about Brookhaven Hospital, the director of the old hospital and one with a deep hole. A strange moaning noise is heard in the distance. Move around the room to find a hole in the wall, which the noise seems to be coming from.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game at least once you'll find an E7 Obsidian Goblet in the smashed display case in the 2nd room of the Silent Hill Historical Society Museum.

Investigate the hole to find that it has a descending pathway. Follow the path - it's a long one. When you finally reach the end, go through the door. On the desk to James' right is a memo dated from 1820! Very strange. Go around the pillar to the other side of the desk and get the First-Aid Kit. Go through the other door in the room to find yourself not alone. Move forward to see a Patient Demon. Kill it or just run the other way, as it's blocking a door with a broken lock. Down the hall, take the right path and kill the Patient Demon there, then go through the door at the end.

You are now in a room with a hole. It appears to be the same hole in the picture earlier. Examine the hole and decide to jump down. Now you are trapped at the bottom of what looks like a well. Search every inch of brickwork until you find an area that James says is different and he may be able to break it. The "different" area is approximately 135 degrees to the left from where you start. Take out your Wooden Plank or Steel Pipe and whack the area until it breaks apart. A door will be revealed - go through it.

Now you are in a sewer. Follow the path, past a Patient Demon, until you reach two doors. Go through the right door. Ahead is a locked gate on the ground. Since it's locked, go through the right door in the hall. Take the 35 Spiral-Wiring Key on the ground, and your Flashlight will fade out. It ran out of battery power so use your Drycell Battery. Once you replace the battery, the room is filled with Giant Roaches! Examine the panel beside the door since the door is locked.

Roach Trap

Either 2 or 3 random numbers will be highlighted on the panel. All the numbers are illuminated, but only two or three have been used recently as they are brighter. The code to get out is with those numbers. You'll need to try different combinations with those numbers until the door is unlocked. But first, write down the possible combinations and cross them off as you try them. If you're numbers are 3, 6, 8, try 368, 386, 638, 683, 836 and 863, and the door will unlock with one of those combinations.

If your numbers are 6 and 9, then try 669, 699, 696, 996, 966, 969, and the door will unlock with one of those. There are always only six possible combinations so find out what they are and write them down. Then try them one by one and the door will eventually unlock.

After you have unlocked the door, exit the room. Now go to the locked floor gate to the right and use the Spiral-Writing Key to open it. Jump down the hole.

09. Toluca Prison

"Killin' a person ain't no big deal. Just put the gun to their head...pow!"

James finds himself in a cafeteria. Eddie is in the room and he admits that he murdered someone, then denies it. After he exits, grab the Health Drink behind you to the right. Also find the other Health Drink further back as well as the 36 Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig" on the pushcart at the back. Lastly, there's a Save Point on a pillar near the back of the room. Exit the room when you're done.

Since you have no map, turn left and run forward down the hall. Grab the Handgun Bullets on the first desk to the left. Continue down the hall to the next desk and take the Map of the Prison on it. Since there are no actual compass directions on the map, north is up, east is right, south is down, and west is left - just like usual.

Head south down the hall and go through the first door on James' left, which is an area with six identical rooms on your map. You are now in a Shower Room. Take the north path and kill the Patient Demon around the corner. Continue and enter shower with no door. Take the 37 Tablet of "The Seductress" on the ground and exit the Shower Room - the other Patient Demon in the area will probably be near the door.

Head south down the hall and enter the upper south row of cells. A Patient Demon occupies the 2nd cell from the west and another one is further down the corridor. The 5th cell down is open so get the Handgun Bullets on the bed. Continue down the corridor past the Patient Demon in the 6th cell and enter the 9th cell down. Take the 38 Wax Doll on the bed and exit the corridor through the east door.

Now you're in the east corridor. Head north, taking the Handgun Bullets on the first desk and go through the double doors on the left. Kill the Patient Demon and get the Rifle Shells by it. Exit the room and continue north. Enter the lower north row of cells, going past the Patient Demon if it's in your way. Enter the first cell right beside you to find three strange paintings. Exit the cell and continue down the corridor.

Enter the 7th cell from the east and take the 39 Tablet of "The Oppressor" on the bed. Try to exit the cell to find that it won't open! Keep trying and James will force it to open.

Since you have all of the 3 tablets, exit to the east corridor. Then exit through the double doors on the east side of the wall to the courtyard. Once outside, walk directly forward until you reach a scaffold. In the menu, combine the Tablet of "Gluttonous Pig", Tablet of "The Seductress", Tablet of "The Oppressor" and use them. After they're all inserted, you should hear a scream/cry sounding like a hanging. If you want to have some fun, you can go on the scaffold and fall off backwards and stuff like that. James actually falls and doesn't land on his feet so it's funny. Now head back to the double doors and take the 40 Horseshoe that suddenly appeared on the left door, and then reenter the prison.

Once inside, ignore the Patient Demon to James' left and enter the lower north row of cells. Then go through the door at the other end after unlocking it. Go through the door in front of you to the right and take the First-Aid Kit on the counter. A brass Zippo lighter is seen on the other side of the glass. Exit the room and enter the next room to the north. Go through the other door of the destroyed visiting room to the civilian side of the prison.

Remembering the lighter, enter the room right beside you to the left. Inside this visiting room, take the 41 Lighter on the counter in front of the glass and exit the room. Go past the next door on the left and go through the one after that. You're in the women's washroom. Knock on the closed stall door to the right a few times and head towards the exit. If nothing happens, try it again. Exit the room when you're done and enter the next room to the left, which is the men's washroom. The only thing in here is a Save Point above one of the urinals. Exit the room.

Go through the door in front of you to the left. Inside, kill the Patient Demon and collect the items in this area. There's a First-Aid Kit on the TV, an Ampoule on the nearby sink, and a Health Drink by the far door. Also be sure to read the very interesting memo on the desk in the room. If you're interested, examine the left shelf for a diary.

When you're done, go through far door in the room, which is where the health drink was. Take the Handgun Bullets in front of you in the stand and get the Shotgun Shells and Rifle Shells in the cabinet to James' right. Take the 42 Hunting Rifle on the wall and the Rifle Shells lower on a box. Don't go wasting your Rifle Shells because you'll need them for near the end of the game. You should know when to use them - remember "9 Red Squares". You can see another Hunting Rifle above, but its barrel is busted. Exit this room, killing the Patient Demon if it's there again, and exit the main room back to the corridor. Then go through the gate to the right.

On the floor, you can see a rusty, white escape hatch - go in front of it. The hatch's handle is missing and James can't open it. So go in the menu and combine the Wax Doll, Horseshoe and Lighter, and use them. James melts the wax with the lighter and puts it where the missing handle on the hatch first was. Then he puts the horseshoe in the melted wax for a new handle. Open the hatch and jump down yet another hole. Now you're in the basement of the prison. Turn around and go through the double doors directly in front of you. James makes funny comments if you examine the corpse on the stretcher and certain holes in this foul room.

Go through the double doors on the other side of the room and jump down the hole. After you jump down, walk forward and open the door to find another hole! Since jumping down holes is now a standard operation procedure for James, jump down this hole. Down here, enter the large elevator right in front of you and go in a far corner to get it moving. There are items in each corner of the elevator, so get the Handgun Bullets, Rifle Shells, First-Aid Kit and Shotgun Shells. It's odd how James already jumped down five holes and the elevator is descending. It's a very long elevator ride, but it will come to an end... Eventually.

Do you realize how far down James is right now? He went down one very long descending hallway, jumped down five holes, and just went down one really long elevator ride that descended very deep. It seems like a one-way trip to hell. Anyway, exit the elevator and use the Save Point by the door if you want. Then go through the light brown door beside it.

10. The Labyrinth

"How do you know about that! Aren't you Maria?"

As you can see, the doorway directly across from the entrance to the Labyrinth is blocked by wires, and a ladder visible behind it. So you will need to find a tool to cut the wires. Since there is no map for this area, James will have to draw his on as he goes. The Flashlight has to be on so he can draw it.

Head east to encounter two Patient Demons walking around. Kill them now to make it easier. If you want to get a new weapon go down the northeast ladder on the map, or the one directly across from it (they both lead to the same area). Now you are in the same room as Pyramid Head so be careful. If you encounter Pyramid Head here, just turn around and head in the other direction. If you took the northeast ladder, move forward and go to James' left. If you took the other ladder, go left also because Pyramid Head will be to the right. Either way, find the path with a door that leads to the center room.

In this room, take the 43 Great Knife on the bloody table, as well as the Shotgun Shells x2. Exit the room and go back up the ladder you came from. Follow the west path around the corner and follow it to another ladder, not taking the right path. Go down the ladder and blast the two Patient Demons down here. Go up the other ladder in the watery corridor to find a weird box of faces - examine it.

The Box of Faces

This puzzle is very easy on Easy and Normal Riddle Difficulties. Keep in  mind that some faces are upside-down and some are right-side-up.

Rotate the box upward or downward until the right-side-up face with the red eyes is displayed. Now if you look behind James, the entrance to the empty room has completely vanished! Now with the red eyes right-side-up face displayed, rotate the box left or right so that one of the 3 upside-down faces are showing. As you can see, there is a staircase in the empty room now, so you are done with the box of faces.

On Hard and Extra Riddle Levels, the solution is randomly selected each time so just keep trying it on different faces until it is correct. There are 6 faces and the two side faces can face upward, downward, right, and left. So that makes 12 possible combinations (4 normal faces + 4 left side faces + 4 right side faces). The possible solutions are below.

Note: There are four different colours for the faces. Below are all the possible solutions. The direction listed is what side the top of the face is facing.

Yellow - up, down, right, left
Red - up, down
Green - up, down, right, left
Blue - up, down

Once you complete the puzzle, go down the staircase in the other room. James will meet Maria again, even though she died in the hospital (or did she?). But James is on the one side of a jail cell and Maria is on the other. So your job is to find the entrance to the other side of the jail cell. After the video, go back up staircase and you should hear some spark sounds. Go up to the open breaker box beside the ladder and take the 44 Wire Cutter that is stabbed into a wire. Go down the ladder and follow the path to the other ladder, and go up it.

Follow the path and take the left path when you can. Go forward to the wall and then left to find the doorway with wires blocking it. Use the Wire Cutter and go down the ladder. Follow the corridor, past the Patient Demon, and take the first right, then go up the ladder. Go forward and take the right path to a ladder - go down it.

Move forward and go counter-clockwise, killing the Patient Demon if it's in your way, until you find an opening to another ladder and go up it. Blast the Patient Demon in front of you and follow the corridor. Take the right path and go around the fence, ignoring the Patient Demon to the right, and go down the ladder at the end of the pathway. Kill the Patient Demon near you and follow the path. Take the first left and follow it to a ladder and another Patient Demon; go up the ladder.

Quickly eliminate the two Patient Demons in front of you and get the Handgun Bullets by the ladder you came up. Move down the hallway and go down the ladder at the end to the right. In this area you can encounter Pyramid Head, but you won't if you take the right path. So take the first left path and go up the ladder. Read the partially illegible blood-soaked newspaper on the ground and be sure to use the Save Point on the wall to save your game, because there will be a boss fight just ahead!

Go through the door and equip the Shotgun if not using it already, and follow the path. On the way you may notice many papers on the ground. Some are from today's date according to James. Continue walking the path and you should hear Angela scream. James will enter the nearby room and will have to fight a Doorman Boss.

Boss 3: Doorman

If you find the 3D Control hard to use in this fight, just go in the menu and change it to 2D Control. But I'd recommend 3D as it is better. Right when the fight starts, start blasting Shotgun rounds into the Doorman as fast as you can. It should take two shots to fall to the ground. If the Doorman is close to you and it falls on the ground, use that time to run to the other side of the room and reload. Use the menu to reload because it's a lot faster (unless you're on Easy Action Level). If you're using 3D Control, use the R1 and L1 buttons to strafe. This will help you a lot when navigating in this very small room.

The Doorman has one attack of lumbering and lifting its doorframe over James' head like a hood. The range of this attack may surprise you so stay as far away from the Doorman as possible at all times. You will have to fire around 6 Shotgun shots on Normal. Then Angela will finish off the job and run out of the room. This fight is rather simple although it may be difficult to move around in the small room.

After the fight, Angela will run away. Exit the room and continue following the hallway to find a door; go through it. If you continue through the door at the end of this hallway, you'll find a pair of handcuffs attached to the exiting lifting-gate (bars). So go back and investigate the two rooms in the other corridor.

After investigating the two rooms, you will find a room with six corpses of men who were hanged, and a room with six empty nooses.

Free the Innocent Man

The first thing you want to do is examine the two signs on the fence in the room with the six nooses in it. They should give you a clue of what you have to do. All of the Hanged Men are positioned in a randomly chosen fashion. But on each Riddle Level, the solution will always be the same. The smaller sign on the right reads as the following:

Only the sinless one
can help you here.
Mistakenly pull on
a criminal's rope and
your reward will be returned
to you in a shape most
wondrously strange.

The larger sign is different on each Riddle Level. The riddles are all below. In the room with the six corpses, you'll find inscriptions describing what they were hanged for. You'll come across six of the following eight men, depending on your riddle difficulty, in no particular order:

  • Kidnapper - One who steals a human being
  • Bodily Injurer - One who causes physical harm/hurts another
  • Arsonist - One who illegally sets fire to property
  • Counterfeiter - One who copies with intent for forgery (in this case money)
  • Thief - One who steals, especially by stealth
  • Swindler - One who cheats or defrauds money or property
  • Embezzler - One who takes money, etc. for own use in violation of trust
  • Murderer - One who kills another brutally


He committed an evil crime.
He turned a happy home
into a pile of ash.
For that, he should die.

They also committed crimes.
They tried to fraud
and trick others.
So their reward too is natural.

Even he cannot be forgiven,
My friend without his left hand.
And so his death bothers me not.

And what of him?
He also is not sinless.
There is only one here
who is innocent.

The missing child was
nowhere to be found,
And so there was
no proof of his guilt.
His death was a tragedy.

That is all I wish to say.
It was neither justice
nor retribution."

"He turned a happy home into a pile of ash" is describing arson, so the arsonist is guilty. "They also committed crimes. They tried to fraud and trick others" describes three of the six accused men. We'll come back to that in a moment. "My friend without his hand. And so his death bothers me not" easily describes the bodily injurer.

Back to the three accused men who "tried to fraud and trick others". That describes the counterfeiter, as he tries he trick people with fake money, the swindler, who defrauds money or property, and the thief, who is also considered a fraud.

And then the final accused man, "There is only one here who is innocent. The missing child was nowhere to be found". The answer is basically given to you. The kidnapper is innocent because the missing child was never found, so there was no evidence of his guilt.


Dead men, dead men
swinging in a tree
How many dead men
do you see?
Tongue turned blue and
face gone grey
Watch them as they
twist and sway

The first one killed
the butcher man
Then cooked him in
the frying pan
Served him to his hungry guests
And gave them seconds on request

The next one with his smile
and sweets
Stole poor children off the streets
To men who dressed unsavory
He sold them into slavery

Breaking into home at night
The thief he had a nasty fright
Filled his foolish head with ale
Woke in the morn
in the county jail

The artist with his daunting skill
Tried his hand at painting bills
But caught in rain he was undone
When the ink he'd use did
start to run

With promises of great return
Taking gold he did not earn
Bundled it up out of sight
Quietly slipped off into night

Three houses into ashes burned
The sheriff with no place to turn
Did spy a stranger to his town
Locked him up and beat him down

Dead men, dead men
swinging in a tree
How many dead men
do you see?
Six feet long and
six men wide
Round their necks
the noose be tied"

Okay, this one is pretty obvious, but let's just go through the whole thing so it all makes sense. The first paragraph is just introductory.

The next one, "The first one killed the butcher man" is pretty clear. Killing someone is the crime of murder, so the murderer is guilty.

"The next one with his smile and sweets; Stole poor children off the streets" is obviously the kidnapper, so he's guilty.

"Breaking into a home at night" is more obvious than Big Bird hiding against a black wall in broad daylight. It's the thief, so he's also guilty.

"The artist with his daunting skill; Tried his hand at painting bills" explains that an artist made counterfeit money, making him the counterfeiter and being guilty.

"Taking gold he did not earn" is clear, but not as simple as the previous criminals. Taking something you didn't earn is the crime of embezzlement, so the embezzler is guilty.

All of the five previous hanged men were determined as guilty, so that leaves us with the arsonist. "Three houses into ashes burned; The sheriff with no place to turn; Did spy a stranger to his town; Locked him up and beat him down". There's no proof that he committed the crime; the sheriff just assumed he did.


I do not wish to die.
But tomorrow I will climb
the thirteen steps.

Please someone - answer me,
Why must I die come the morning?

The man imprisoned beside me
believed me. "Because they're
all insane, that's why," he said
Of course I know his opinion
will change nothing. "Now you
know why I struck out at them,"
he muttered.

The man who was executed
yesterday, the one who had
said his job was to sell dreams,
said that was not true.

But the man who is to be executed
the day after tomorrow for stealing
children shouted back that it was

The man who was hung today
did not answer. "They'll kill me
either way," he said. He was
caught embezzling public money,
so he hasn't any hope for mercy.

The man who is always quietly
smiling to himself said "I am
happy for I will soon be with her."

I do not wish to die.
I long only to return home.
But I know it is not to be.
Though I have done nothing, this
crime has been thrust upon me.

Someone save me. This is not
judgement. They are bloodthirsty
and I am their sacrificial lamb!

Half of this riddle is easy and half is not so easy. Let's do the obvious ones first.

The paragraph about "stealing children" clearly describes the kidnapper, so we know he is guilty.

"He was caught embezzling public money" literally tells you the answer, so the embezzler is guilty.

Okay, now we'll move on to the not so obvious ones. They will require some thinking, and that's probably why you're here.

The paragraph about the man who said "I am happy for I will soon be with her" is actually quite clear. If you think about it, he's fits a murderer the best out of the four left hanged men. He probably killed his wife or a woman close to him and he misses her. He wants to be with her so he's happy to die. So the murderer is guilty, although he'll probably go to hell. But he doesn't know that.

The paragraph about "the one who had said his job was to sell dreams" isn't so clear. Just think about it though. He sold "dreams" to people so he stole their money. This is the crime of swindling. If this doesn't make much sense to you there's also another reason. He could've took away people's dreams by defrauding of their money or property, which is swindling. So the swindler is guilty.

The paragraph about the person beside the author of the memo said "they're all insane; now you know why I struck out at them." This is pretty hard to understand, and that's why I left it for last. The word "struck" is how you determine the answer. The definition of struck is: To hit sharply, as with the hand, the fist, or a weapon; to thrust (a weapon, for example) in or into someone or something. This can easily be the crime of bodily injury. It clearly fits the description and the only other person left is the counterfeiter, which in this case, the description doesn't make sense.

So we're left with the counterfeiter. The man is never mentioned, and it's not to hard to realize that he's the one speaking in the memo. We realize he is imprisoned with the other prisoners and he describes the other men's crimes.


We may visit death upon the head
of the sinner but to what avail?

In the name of retribution,
we took part in a bitter
comedy this day.

You, hanging as you do,
by your neck,
Unforgiven and cursed by all.

Five of them committed crimes,
six went out for a drink and
were captured there.

Only one of them was innocent,
but they knew not that.

The bloodstains remaining
are proof of their guilt.
Trodden upon and thus created,
they are paths to
Hell or the Void.

The white bandages stained
with crimson,
The remains upon the scorched
black earth,
The whispered cries of
the maiden.
They are but meaningless

They are also signs of guilt.

But one of them was
done without reason.
It was done out of fear
and a ripe imagination.

Sinning alone at the
end of a rope,
it is nothing less than
a disgrace to us all.

The first six paragraphs stand for themselves and tell us not much more than the known.

The seventh paragraph, "The white bandages stained with crimson" brings two crimes to mind: Bodily injury and murder. But bandages don't belong on a dead person as they will do nothing, so it has to be bodily injury.

"The remains upon the scorched black earth" is a simple, obvious phrase. What does fire do? It burns, yes - but also turns things black. And the word "scorched" really gives it away. The answer is arson.

The next phrase, "The whispered cries of the maiden" describes a maiden, a not yet married woman, trying to scream, really. But all that comes out is a whisper because she's terrified. So this describes kidnapping.

"They are but meaningless contract" is bare sentence and its meaning is deep inside, so you have to think about it. A contract is an agreement, but it is meaningless if you're not going to follow it. And the answers left are thievery, swindling, and murder. Think of swindling (which only really makes sense here) - to cheat or defraud of money or property. So the phrase describes defrauding the contract, which is an agreement. So the answer is swindling.

The second last paragraph isn't as simple as the other ones, but not as difficult as the previous one. "But one of them was done without reason. It was done out of fear and a ripe imagination." Without reason, eh? We only have thievery and murder left, so lets see if the thief fits. Can you steal something out of fear and a ripe imagination? No, it just doesn't make sense. So move on to murder - Does killing someone out of fear make sense? Definitely. So that's your answer: murder.

Only five out of the six men have been mentioned in this riddle, so what's this all about? What about the other guy? Well, we've determined which five people are guilty, and the last hanged man, the thief, is never mentioned, so he's the innocent one.

Once you determine the Innocent Man and where he is located in the corpse room, head to the room with the six empty nooses inside. Once inside, find the noose that is in the same spot of the Innocent Man in the other room. Once it's found, Press X to pull it down. Don't pull any other nooses down or it will reset. Exit this room and head back to the other room. If you have pulled down the correct noose, you'll notice that the Innocent Man is gone and there is something where he was. Go over to his former location and pick up the 45 Key of the Persecuted.

If you don't do this puzzle correctly each time, there will be two Patient Demons in the corridor. If you don't kill them and get the answer wrong again, there will be one more Patient Demon in the corridor. The maximum number of Patient Demons in the corridor is three. Make sure you do the puzzle correctly so you won't have to deal with them.

Now follow the corridor, through the door, to the handcuffed gate and use the Key of the Persecuted to uncuff the handcuffs. After the gate has been raised, go down the ladder and follow the path. Go through the white door directly ahead at the end of the corridor, since the gate ahead to the right is locked. Inside, a video will play. Maria has died again! Could she be real? James will then leave the room, realizing there's nothing he can do. If you try to enter the room again, you will increase your chances of achieving a certain ending. I recommend you do what you want, but you can see the Endings section if you want. If you go back to the gate, you'll notice that it's now open. So proceed through the watery corridor of the Labyrinth that leads to a ladder; go up it.

Get the First-Aid Kit on the ground in front of you and follow the corridor to outside. Now you're in a catacomb. Get the Shotgun Shells near the southwest corner of the area, Shotgun Shells in the southeast corner, Shotgun Shells in the center to the north, and an Ampoule in northwest corner. Also note the Save Point on a grave to the east.

If you examine the graves in this area you will find these names: Walter Sullivan, Miriam K., Eddie Dombrowski, Angela Orosco, and James Sunderland, himself. James must jump down his own grave. Once in his grave, continue down the stairs and follow the long pathway. Once at the end, go through the door.

Boss 4: Eddie

First Room

As soon as the video is over you should know what you have to do. Eddie has gone mad and now you have to kill him before he kills you. In this first room, there are many weapons you can use. But there are two strategies I recommend. The Steel Pipe and Great Knife.

With the Steel Pipe, right from the beginning of the battle, just hold R2 and X tightly to continuously bash Eddie over the head. If you do this, he shouldn't ever get a chance to hit you; however, he may be close. This strategy is intended for Hard Action Level; getting a 10 star ranking. This strategy is not recommend for Easy, though, as it works horribly.

The other strategy is using the Great Knife because of its power. It is a great choice if you know what you're doing. It is the most powerful weapon in the game and you will only need to swipe Eddie 1-3 times, depending on your action level. You can also slay him, which is best. It will make him run to the next room after one successful slay (two on Hard Action Level). If playing on Easy, you can just swipe at him but on Normal and Hard, just try to slay him. However, I don't recommend this strategy on Hard because you'll probably get shot and/or take some hits from Eddie. On lower action levels, don't worry too much about being hit either because Eddie will move away from James after he hits him. This is good because he will be in your range and he won't attack you for a bit because he just did. So try this strategy on lower action levels and the above strategy for hard.

Although melee weapons are the way to go in this first room, guns are good as well. But if you use them, Eddie will probably shoot you. After you hit him enough, you can hear him panting and he will run into the next room.

With the Shotgun and Hunting Rifle, just start blasting him away until he runs into the next room. But you should try going right up to him with the Shotgun and give him a few blasts. The Hunting Rifle should only be used if you decide to stay away from Eddie and fire at him. But if you're far away, he'll probably shoot you. If you're close, he will punch you, which inflicts a lot less damage. Recover your health safely and be sure to use some Health Drinks for minor wounds, First-Aid Kits for larger wounds, and Ampoules for painkillers if you really need them.

I don't recommend the above strategy for Normal and Hard, but it can work well for Easy and Beginner.

After you shoot Eddie a number of times, he will end the draw and run into the next room. After he leaves, be sure to get the Rifle Shells and the Shotgun Shells. Reload all of your weapons if you need to and make sure you have good health. Then enter the second room.

Second Room

In this room, there are giant racks of meat hanging from the roof so you can use them to block Eddie's shots. Eddie has 2 attacks: Either raising his .357 Magnum Revolver and shooting James, or he will run up to him and punch him. In this room, it is best to use your Shotgun first because you should have plenty of ammo for it and not as much for the Hunting Rifle. The Shotgun has amazing power at close range as well, and can have two more shells loaded into the gun.

A punch from Eddie will only take off around a tenth or so of your health, however, a shot will take off a quarter of your health. Try to get close to Eddie so he only gets to punch you and inflict less damage. If he does do so, let him walk away a bit and blast him. Quickly strafe out of the way so he can't punch you; try it again.

When Eddie runs after you, just use the strafing buttons and directional buttons to get away. Hide behind the meat racks and then come out and shoot Eddie. Then do it again. When he starts hiding behind the meat racks, you may want to equip the Handgun because it is faster and pretty good for this part. Find him behind the rack that he's behind and let him run, but since the Handgun is easy to ready your aim, aim at Eddie and take off some shots. Repeat this process for a while and he will finally die in a brief video.

That may work but the Shotgun should work better. When Eddie starts hiding behind the meat racks, one good shot (possibly more) should kill him. If you want to use it, there is a different strategy here below.

After the first video in the second room when Eddie approaches you, shoot him once, then run away so he can't get you back. This won't work on Hard so don't try it. It is best to try to attack Eddie at close range because he will run up to you and try to punch you, which is much better than being shot by his gun because it's much more powerful. James' health can still go red after 4 or 5 punches so be careful, and be sure to use health often after contact from Eddie.

Try to sneak up on Eddie from behind. To do this, simply hide behind the meat racks so Eddie can't see you. When he runs somewhere, run out and shoot him. After about 8-15 Shotgun or Rifle blasts, Eddie should fall to the ground. He is dead now. So continue by exiting through one of the two large doors where you haven't been yet.

11. Toluca Lake

"Mary... Did you really die three years ago...?"

As soon as you exit through one of the doors, continue along the dock to find a Save Point on a barrel. Continue to the left until you see a boat, and get in it. Now you have to row the boat across Toluca Lake. If you are playing Beginner, Easy, or Normal Action Level, it will be much easier to control the boat. Use the D-Pad buttons to go in the direction you want to. Hold up to go forward, left to go left, and right to go right.

But if you are playing Hard Action Level, this could be hard for you. You will have to use both analog sticks. By rotating both analog sticks in a clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the left. If you turn both analog sticks in a counter-clockwise fashion at the same time, you will turn to the right. To move forward, simultaneously turn the left analog stick counter-clockwise and the right analog stick clockwise.

Now you know how to control your boat, so get moving. Try to do this very fast because the time you take to complete this will count in your final ranking at the end of the game. Under a minute is really good, but it will be very hard to get under a minute on hard. If you get under 1m20s, that's good.

At the beginning, turn your boat right for a few seconds and then stop. Move forward as the boat gradually stops turning. If you do it right, the light should be in the screen. If you're still turning as it appears in the screen, stop and counter steer. Now row forward towards the light until you reach the dock to your "special place", which is the Lake View Hotel.

12. Lake View Hotel

"Waiting for you..."

Finally! You have reached your "special place", the Lake View Hotel. After the boat stage, equip your Shotgun until near the end of the game, if you haven't already. Now run forward to the courtyard of the hotel. On the left fountain you will find the 46 "Little Mermaid" Music Box. Take it and look around for the main entrance stairs to the Lake View Hotel and enter through the double doors. You will need to find a map.

Look to James' left and on the wall is the conveniently placed Hotel Map (For Guests). When you look at the map, you'll notice that in box of Room 312 it says "Waiting for You..." The room James and Mary stayed in - Could Mary really be here? Next, enter the "Lake Shore" Restaurant and go over to the area with the tables. Grab the 47 "Fish" Key on the set table and then try to head for the exit. As you see in the video, Laura is here. She scares James by playing the piano.

This video is pretty important. You get 48 Laura's Letter which tells you a few things, including Mary saying "Happy 8th Birthday to Laura." Laura says she turned 8 last week. So Mary couldn't have died three years ago! Laura apparently lost another letter and runs away to find it. When she's gone, examine piano for a funny comment on Mary. You are done here so exit to the main hallway.

There will be two Doormen out here and they are coming after you. Shoot them both twice with the Shotgun so they fall to the ground, then kick them. If you need or want Rifle and Handgun ammo, go through the 3rd door on the left of the west side of this corridor, which is a Store Room. Kill the Mannequins in the area and enter the open room through the doorway at the end to the left. Get the Rifle Shells on the boxes and Handgun bullets x3 on the shelf. Exit the Store Room and enter the lobby through one of the two large doors.

There's a Save Point on a chair in the northwest. Head to the Reception to find a note on the counter about James' videotape. It says that his videotape that he left is in the safe in the Office on 1F. Go through the door to the inside of the Reception. Grab the 49 Key to Hotel Room 312 in one of the key boxes and exit the Reception. Then go back to the main hallway and go down to B1F. Once down here, make your way past the two Mannequins and grab the 50 Thinner in the elevator. Then go back upstairs.

You are done on this floor so go up to 2F via the slim staircase. Also, don't count on getting to Room 312 soon. You'll notice that there is a locked gate blocking the 3F hallway. On 2F, enter the Cloak Room to find a First-Aid Kit on the counter. Move behind the counter and get the Shotgun Shells x2 and Handgun Bullets x2 on the shelf. Then examine the locked briefcase on the counter to the left. Use the "Fish" Key to open it, and take the 51 Key to Hotel Room 204 inside. Exit the room and go to James' left, down the corridor and get the Handgun Bullets x2 on the semi-circle table by the window. Check out the Reading Room for Shotgun Shells to the right on the small table in the corner, and a Health Drink further back. More Shotgun Shells are on the middle-left shelf. Exit the room.

The next thing to do is to go to the west wing of rooms. Kill the two Doormen in the hallway and enter Room 204, with the Key to Hotel Room 204. Inside on a desk you will find the 52 Employee Elevator Key. Continue investigating, and you will find that there is a hole in the wall to the left, so you can access Room 202. In this room you will find a funny looking briefcase and some pictures on the bed.

The Locked Briefcase

As you can see, this briefcase is locked. You need to enter a combination of 4 letters, which make up and actually word. No, it is not Mary. Go to the bed and investigate it. James will notice that one picture is of the case and the combination, but it is crossed out in black ink. Now is the time to use the Thinner. Go in the menu and use it. If you don't have it, it's in the B1F elevator.

Now the combination will be revealed. Go back to the case and enter the same combination as in the picture, and the case will open. Inside is the 53 "Cinderella" Music Box.

Now you want to go to the Employee Elevator Room, which is across to the east side of 2F, since you have the key now. So exit this room, unlocking the door first, and exit the corridor as well. Enter the middle corridor of 2F and enter the east corridor. Grab the Health Drink on the semi-circle table to the left and the Rifle Shells on the weird stand thing. Then enter the Employee Elevator Room, using the Employee Elevator Key.

Use the Save Point near the door if you need to and get the 2 Health Drinks on the janitor cart. Go over to the small elevator and walk in. An alarm will sound. That means that the elevator can't support this much weight. James is not fat, it's just his items. Check the panel on the elevator to find a note about weight allowance. You need to check the panel so James knows he needs to get rid of his items.

Just outside of the elevator is a shelf. Go and investigate it. In order to use the elevator, you must empty your whole Inventory into the shelf. You actually don't have to put Mary's Letter and Photo in the shelf, but you might as well since you don't need them. But even if you have any other single item, like Laura's Letter, James can't use the elevator. If you can't put your items in yet, you still need to check the panel in the elevator so James sees the note on weight allowance! After putting all your things in the shelf, go back in the elevator and go down to 1F. You might feel scared discarding your weapons for now but you will be just fine.

On 1F, just outside of the elevator, grab the Hotel Map (For Employees) on the corkboard. Find and enter the Pantry and grab the hard to see 54 "Snow White" Music Box on the shelf to the left. Now you have all the Music Boxes. Exit the room and enter the Office. If you remember from the note to James, this is where James' videotape should be. Inside, grab the 55 Videotape and 56 Can Opener in the safe to the right, then exit the room. For ammo, enter the Employee Lounge. Get the Rifle Shells x2 on the fridge in the far corner, then exit the room. If you go back to the elevator, you may notice that it will not move. So you have to find another way back to 2F.

For a start, go through the blue door in front of the Office. Inside, go down the stairs and enter the basement through the door at the bottom. In this area there will be two Mannequins that you will have to run past and you have no weapons to use on them. The area is a bit dark to see your map, so push yourself past the first Mannequin, then enter the room to James' left -- the Boiler Room. Take the First-Aid Kit in front of you on the ground, and the 57 Bar Key hanging on the other side of the boiler, then exit the room.

Move forward a bit so you can check your map. Then push past the next Mannequin and enter the Kitchen. Get the 2 Health Drinks on the back shelf and the Health Drink on the right counter. You can find a large tin can at the corner of the counter. Now is the time to use the Can Opener. After you've opened the can, you will find light bulbs inside. Who keeps light bulbs in a can, honestly? James will take a 58 Light Bulb. Continue on by entering the "Venus Tears" Bar through the right door. Inside the bar, it is dark and James can't see clearly enough to put the Bar Key in the keyhole to unlock it.

Behind the door is a lamp on the bar. Use the Light Bulb and James will put it in the lamp. Now exit through the door, using the Bar Key, since it's bright enough now. Now you are in a familiar place - the basement for guests. Go up the stairs to 1F, then enter the lobby. Go up the stairs here to 2F and enter the east side of 2F.

Here there will be two menacing Mannequins in front of you. Quickly run past them and enter the Employee Elevator Room. Reclaim your things from the shelf and exit. Sadly, the two Mannequins are gone now. Go back down to 1F in the lobby. Once you're down the lobby stairs, examine the large Music Box player at the bottom.

Music Box Puzzle


In each slot the same thing is written:

When the Lost One is returned
the sour note shall turn sweet

No real puzzle here; just put the 3 Music Boxes in random slots. The quote from above just tells you what will happen after you insert the three music boxes.


Here, you will have to put the boxes in specific places. When you examine the empty slots, you'll find readings that describe which Music Box goes in which slot, and the order below is from left to right.

Seat of the Princess
who fled at midnight.

Seat of the Princess
who awoke from death.

Seat of the Princess
who spoke no words.

This is a rather easy puzzle, especially if you have basic knowledge of Cinderella, Snow White, and the Little Mermaid. Cinderella was the one who fled at midnight, and she also left a shoe. So the "Cinderella" Music Box goes in the left slot. Who awoke from death? That would be Snow White. After she ate the poisoned apple from the Queen, she died, and the Prince resurrected her. So the "Snow White" Music Box goes in the front slot. And lastly, we have the Little Mermaid. But to make sure she belongs in the last spot, does the sentence match her? Yes, she gave up her voice so she could marry the Prince. So put the "Little Mermaid" Music Box in the right slot.


On Hard it's a little different. The rectangular identification slots have more detail, but at the same time are harder to recognize the character. The order is from left to right below.

Twas shameful greed did stain
her shoe with blood.

Even so, I still want to believe
that she was happy.

Beauty - Both a blessing
and a curse thou be.

Let's look at the first one. The word "shoe" sort of gives it away. But the part about the blood refers to the original "Cinderella". You may or may not remember about the blood because there are apparently over 3000 versions of "Cinderella". Anyway, in the original, Cinderella ultimately goes to the party with the curfew and loses her shoe. The Prince then sets out to find out whose it was by making women try the shoe on to see if it fits. When he comes to the home where Cinderella is, with her stepmother and her two daughters, the stepmother hacks the first sister's big toe off for the slipper to fit. It does and she leaves with the prince, but some birds cry out: "Look! Look! There's blood in the shoe! The shoe's too small! The right bride is still at home." So the prince goes back and the stepmother hacks off the heel of the second sister to make the slipper fit, but the birds warn the prince again. So he goes back and Cinderella tries on the slipper and it fits, since it's hers. So what the sentence means is: "Twas shameful the stepmother's greed for the prince's riches did stain Cinderella's shoe with the sisters' blood." Pretty long sentence but that's what it means. So place the "Cinderella" Music Box in the left slot.

The second sentence refers to the Little Mermaid. She had the finest voice of all mermaids and better than all humans. But once she saw the prince she fell in love. She gave her voice away so she could at least have a chance of being with the prince, becoming a mute. She ultimately did and that's what the sentence is referring to. "Even though she's a mute, I still want to believe that she was happy." So put the "Little Mermaid" Music Box in the front slot.

The last sentence refers to Snow White and how beautiful she was. She was so beautiful that she was the "fairest of them all" so the Queen tried various attempts to kill her. For one attempt, she gave Snow White a poisoned apple, which she ate and died from. A prince came along and took her corpse, then later he resurrected her. Thus being so, the Queen ultimately did kill her so she could be the "fairest of them all". "Beauty - A blessing to everyone around her yet a curse to her as the Queen wanted to kill her." So put the "Snow White" Music Box in the right slot.

Once the music boxes are in their correct locations, play the music box and it will play correctly. The music boxes will turn to the inside of the large music box on a turntable and three more music boxes will be revealed, with a key on the one in the middle. If the music boxes aren't in their correct spots, the music will play unpleasantly.

Take the 59 Hotel Stairway Key, then go up the stairs behind you and go through the west double doors. From there, head up to 3F via the stairs right beside you to the right. Use the Hotel Stairway Key and open the gate blocking the way. Then use the Key to Room 312. If you didn't get the key, it's in the Reception in the 1F Lobby.

Inside, walk towards the other side of the room and go up to the VCR on the floor to the right of the TV. Put the Videotape in. Watch this important videotape, and when it's over Laura will enter the room. James tells her the truth and she leaves. After the video, James can hear Mary talking on his Radio. She must be in the hotel then! Exit the room.

13. Nightmare Hotel

"James. Where are you? I'm waiting. I'm waiting for you."

Once in the hall, you'll notice that the hotel is different. It seems to be leaking from the roof. Also, your Flashlight doesn't work and it won't for the rest of the game. You don't really need it, so don't worry about it. Down the hall is a Save Point on the door of Room 313. Head down to 2F when you're done here.

If you check your map, you can notice some purple marker, as well as red marker for broken lock doors. If you enter the Reading Room on 2F, there are headphones on the desk. If you listen to the headphones it may affect which ending you receive at the end of the game. It is your choice if you want to listen to them or not. For more information, check out the Endings section.

Extra Item
After you've beaten the game at least once you'll find the E8 Book: "Crimson Ceremony" on the shelf behind the headphones in the Reading Room.

Now, enter the west corridor and if you go through certain doors you will be warped to different areas, but on the same floor.

Room 207 and Room 204 warp to each other. Room 202 warps you over to Room 219. Room 219 warps to Room 220. Room 220 warps you to Room 207. And lastly, Room 212 warps over to Room 202. To make more sense, here is a list of which doors warp to which door:

  • Room 207 - Room 204
  • Room 204 - Room 207
  • Room 202 - Room 219
  • Room 219 - Room 220
  • Room 220 - Room 207
  • Room 212 - Room 202

The idea is to get to the east corridor, and you can't get there without using these doors. So just try to enter Room 202 and it will warp you over to in front of Room 219 (on the opposite side of the hotel). From here, get the Handgun Bullets x2 on the window sill to James' left. Make your way to the south of the corridor and enter the next corridor to the west. Find the elevator and take the 2 Ampoules on the semi-circle table, then enter the elevator. Examine the right panel and go down to B1F (B), which is the only elevator button that works.

After going down to B1F, you can see that this floor is completely flooded. You will have to work around this floor like this. Exit the elevator and go past the Patient Demon moving around on the ground. Enter the "Venus Tears" Bar to the left. Go behind the counter to find 5 Health Drinks on the back ledge with the other bottles! They camouflage with their surroundings but you can still notice them. Once done here, enter the Kitchen. If you need ammo, here is the place. There are Shotgun Shells x2 on the Kitchen counter to James' left and Rifle Shells x2 in the back on the shelf. Also on the counter by the fridge is a First-Aid Kit.

Exit the room through the east door and make your way to the blue staircase door, past a Patient Demon on the ground. James will meet Angela in an unfamiliar place and the stairs are on fire. If you have or have not yet examined the knife she gave you, it may affect the ending which you receive. For more information, check out the Endings section. After the video, you are left with fire in the middle of the stairs. Don't try to go through it as James will just lose health. Exit through the door you came in from.

Now you find yourself in the real stairway. It is the same as before (when you came down here without your items). Continue up the stairs and go through the door at the top. You are now on 1F again. Move to the southeast towards the washrooms and take the 2 Ampoules on the heater. On this floor it really looks like the hotel had been on fire. Find the northeast path and take it. Get the Rifle Shells x2 in the small alcove by the Manager's Office and continue following the path. Go through the door at the end. Follow the unmapped grate path past two Underhangers and go through the door at the end.

In here you will find 9 Save Points! Nine Red Squares. I think Konami is trying to tell you to save your game here. After this point, there are the final two bosses in the game. Equip the Hunting Rifle and keep it ready for the rest of the game. Brace yourself, and then go through the double doors in the middle of the room.

James will see Maria ahead, hanging above with two Pyramid Heads. One will skewer her to kill her once more. James realizes he knows the truth, and now it's time to end this.

Boss 5: Pyramid Head Duo

You've already fought one Pyramid Head before; now you are about to fight two! Right at the beginning, run to a corner (preferably the corner furthest away from the two Pyramid Heads). From there, try to fire off 2-4 shots on Easy and Normal Action Level, then strafe out of the way using either L1 or R1 appropriately. Strafe to the next corner or the corner directly across from your current location before either Pyramid Head stabs you. Don't under-estimate their range - they can stretch pretty far. The two Pyramid Heads only have one attack that is coming up to James and stabbing him with their spears. On Hard Action Level, try to fire only 1-2 shots at them because the Pyramid Heads move much faster.

It is better to take only 1 shot and get away clean than to take 2 shots and receive a stabbing. But if you are sure you can make it, take 2 shots. Then strafe out of the way by using either L1 or R1. Hold L2 to position the camera on the Pyramid Heads while shooting them. Each Pyramid Head will usually be impacted by the second of two shots. When this happens, it does buy you some time but the other Pyramid Head may try to lock you in. So when that happens, strafe the other way.

You can actually trick the Pyramid Heads, too. If one is close, strafe towards him which should trigger him to try to stab you, and then strafe the other way quickly. This is great for buying time, which will allow you to fire more shots in the next corner.

Another strategy is using the Great Knife. First you should get a good distance away from the Pyramid Heads, then pull out the Great Knife. Ready the knife and when they start to get close, press X hard enough so James performs the slay attack. This will heavily damage the Pyramid Heads and it can also make them spin with their spears, which is quite strange. This strategy is fun to try, but the Hunting Rifle should be sufficient.

After about 20 shots on Normal Action Level, the Pyramid Heads should stop and go towards the center of the room. They then stab their spears through their heads and die. How ironic; they are invincible to James, yet they kill themselves in the middle of the battle. On Hard Action Level, you will have to shoot either Pyramid Head more times. Also, it doesn't matter which Pyramid Head you shoot because it's like they share their health. When you defeat the two Pyramid Heads (they defeat themselves, but oh well), you'll find that you can go back in the previous room and save your game, and there are two other doors in the Lobby which are locked.

Examine the Pyramid Heads' standing corpses to find a 60 Rust-Colored Egg and a 61 Scarlet Egg in both Pyramid Heads' hands. Use them to open the two exiting doors by inserting them into either door. It doesn't matter which one goes in which door; as long as they're both in a door. So go to the doors and use the Rust-Colored Egg and the Scarlet Egg and they will both be unlocked.

After you've inserted the two eggs, go through one of the doors. Find the entrance doors you came in the hotel to start with, and try to exit the hotel. You are now in a long hallway. A recording of Mary when she was sick will start to play. James is heard as well. If you stay and listen to the whole recording or run quickly and go through the door at the end of the hallway, it may affect which ending you will receive. Do what you want but you can also check the Endings section for more information. Make a decision and go through the door at the end of the hall when you're ready. Now you are actually outside, and it is raining.

Move forward and then head to the right along the railing. Find the stairs and go all the way to the top. It will take a while. When you're at the top, move forward to the window or bed, depending on which ending you're about to receive. A video will play and you now have to fight the Final Boss in the game.

Final Boss: Mary/Maria Demon

This boss is quite similar to the Hangers but it's quicker at moving and has better attacks. This last boss has two attacks. It will spit out a cloud of black moths that will swarm around James to prevent him from moving. To get out of this attack, wiggle the movement controls and the shoulder buttons. This attack is easy to avoid though. When it spits out the moths, just start strafing around so they can't get you and they will go away. Just avoid the hole in the grating where the staircase was and the bed, which may slow you down. The demon will perform this attack many, many times so try to get shots off when the moths go away.

The other attack is very lethal so try not to let it happen to you. The demon will try to get close to you, hovering above, and it will snatch James with its long black tail. Beware of the speed of this attack because it is fast. Just make sure the demon never gets close to you and it won't happen. But to get out of this attack, wiggle the movement controls and shoulder buttons, then run away. If the demon is close to you, you should consider strafing in either direction to get away.

So in order to beat this final boss, try to stay as far away from the demon as possible and use the Hunting Rifle's great range and accuracy to get the job done. When strafing, watch out for the gap and bed that may cause you to get attacked. You should be able to fire two shots with the rifle before the demon spits out the moths. Always reload in the menu; with any gun.

If you run out of Rifle Shells, use the Handgun because of its quick firing rate and easy maneuverability. Use L1 and R1 to sidestep while shooting if the demon is close. The Shotgun is also good because of its power, but it is slow as well. Try to get close but not too close.

After you shoot the demon several times, it should fall to the ground. Go up to the helpless demon on the ground, hearing Mary's voice. Choose your weapon of choice (I personally enjoy the Great Knife - hold X tightly so you slay the demon). Then finish off the demon with one final delivery.

Good Job, you have now beaten the game. Enjoy your ending and remember that there are still four more endings (five in the Greatest Hits version) left for you to get. Use the Endings section below to figure out how to get each ending.

Born from a Wish

01. West South Vale

"Do I fight and live? Or do those monsters get me?"

After the video, collect the Revolver Bullets x2 on the shelf to the right of Maria. Turn around and get the 2 Health Drinks on the ground by the door. Exit the room and go through the green door to the left, on the other side of the hall. In this area, move forward and take the 1 Chinese Cleaver stabbed into the counter, as well as the First-Aid Kit on the chair beside it. You're done here so exit through the other door in the area that leads to outside.

Once outside, go down the stairs and head south down Carroll Street. Get the Health Drink on the steps of the semi on the east side of the road. Continue south, past the hospital which you cannot enter, and make your way past the 2 Patient Demons. If you shoot them, you'll notice that you only have one bullet in the gun, so you'll have to reload it. When you reach Rendell Street, go to the west to find Revolver Bullets on the back of a station wagon. Then head east on Rendell. If you stay on the north of the road, you may notice the Patient Demon on the roof about halfway between Carroll and Munson Street. It can't do anything to you so continue past it and get the 2 Health Drinks in front of the delivery truck.

Once you reach Munson Street, you'll only find a Mannequin to the south, and a gate door that doesn't open on Saul Street. So head north up Munson past two Patient Demons. East Katz Street is blocked off and has a locked door. If you move west down Katz, you can find a First-Aid Kit on a small brick wall by the 4x4 at the north side of the road. At the end of the road on the south side is a fenced area with Revolver Bullets x2. Nearby are two Mannequins.

A little north on Munson are two Mannequins, along with a lot of blood on the ground in various places. More north on a small road to the east by Blue Creek Apartments are Revolver Bullets and a First-Aid Kit in the back of a pickup truck. Continue north on the east side of the road to find a Mannequin and a Patient Demon by some blood and a slightly opened door. Go through the door and kill the two Patient Demons to Maria's left. Walk past the mysterious corpse on the ground and go through the double doors up the steps to enter the mansion.

02. Baldwin Mansion

"Is it really necessary for me to answer all your tedious questions?"

Once inside, move past the table in front of you and go through the double doors ahead to enter the living room. Move to Maria's left and get the Baldwin House Map on the short bookshelf. Head back and over to the right area to find a Save Point on the wall by a door. In the middle of the room grab the Revolver Bullets x2 and the First-Aid Kit on the coffee table. Behind you is a fireplace with a board covering it, saying "Do not use". Go to the north side of the room where you got the map and go through the door there.

Start going up the stairs and get the Revolver Bullets x2 on the stand. Continue up the stairs and go around the corner. If you try to enter the west door in the corridor, Maria starts to open the door and something shuts it from the other side. Maria knocks on the door and the voice of another person is heard. He says his name is Ernest Baldwin and he won't open the door. Go through the south door to find a Mannequin ahead of you. Ignore it for now and go through the door to your right. Move forward on the balcony and get the 2 White Board. Exit the balcony and go past the Mannequin. Get the Health Drink on the stand in the corner and go through the door to the right. Here is just another balcony with a locked door. So exit the balcony and reenter the other corridor where Ernest is.

Go back down the stairs and you can hear a thump and some footsteps on the way. Enter the living room to find that the board blocking the fireplace has fallen. Examine the fireplace to find a ladder inside; go up it. Up here, get the 3 Red Board in front of you and the 4 Black Board by the grave. Then examine the grave.

Acacia Key Puzzle

If you read the epitaph on the grave, it reads:

Along with you died joy.
All that remains is despair and a
future of meaningless tomorrows.

But I will never give up.
One, to see your
beautiful smile again.
One, to beg the
blessings of the Gods.
I wait for that day.

When the boards cover all
All sadness too will be covered
But until my dreams
return to reality
I will have to swallow
all the pain.

The idea of this puzzle is to place the three boards you have in the grave. But the boards have square holes in them so you'll have to put them in so that you can't see the blue background on the grave. This puzzle may seem hard at first, but it actually isn't. There is a solution where you can figure the puzzle out without my help. Just copy the squares on the boards to three small pieces of paper equally sized, and label them appropriately. Then cut out the squares and try to find a way that you can put all three pieces of paper on each other so that all holes are blocked. Then do what you did to insert the boards. There is more than one solution for this puzzle but the following will work and it's the easiest solution:

  1. Put in the White Board as is
  2. Put in the Black Board as is
  3. Put in the Red Board 90 degrees to the left

You may be wondering if the order matters. For this solution, the red board can't be put in first, as the first board will be as is. It needs to be 90 degrees to the left. So the white or black boards can be put in whenever, and the red board must be second or third. But for another solution you can put the red board in first (as is) and the white and black boards 90 degrees to the right.

After the puzzle is solved, Maria will get the 5 Acacia Key. Head back down the ladder and enter the stairway once again. Go up the stairs once more and enter the next corridor through the south door, remembering the locked door. You still can't enter the room with Ernest in it so don't worry about that. Go through the door at the end of the hall to the right. On the balcony, go through the other door, using the Acacia Key.

Once inside the hallway, follow the corridor and enter the Kid's Room. Get the 6 Matches on the nightstand beside the bed and leave the room. Continue down the corridor to find another unlocked door at the end; go through it into the attic. There is no map of this area but you won't need one. Go up the stairs and you should hear voices. The area is dark so you'll need some light. You don't have a flashlight but you do have matches. Go up to the candle on the table and use the Matches. Now that the area is lit, investigate the far left to find a 7 Birthday Card under the chair. You seem to be done here, so head back down the stairs towards the door.

On the way down the stairs you should hear a voice of a little girl say "Give it..." and when you go try to go through the door, "...to my daddy." I think you know what she wants you to do. You will then go through the door and exit the attic. Go back to the other end of the corridor, past the Mannequin, and go through the door. Go through the other door on the balcony and reenter the corridor where Ernest was before to find a Patient Demon right in your face. Kill it and try to enter the Ernest room and you will.

No one's in here now except you, so get the 2 Health Drinks in the cabinet to Maria's left and the First-Aid Kit in the opposite corner of the room. On the table is a book on Acacia that Ernest was probably reading. Examine it and go through the other door in the room. Kill the annoying Roaches in the area, as well as the Mannequin around the far corner if you want to. Go through the door with the stairs and go down them. Go past the Patient Demon at the bottom and enter the east corridor through the door by the Main Kitchen.

Start moving down the long hallway and get the Revolver Bullets on the left side of the floor. Continue down the hallway and go through the door at the end on the right. In here, get the Revolver Bullets on the garbage container and the 2 Health Drinks on the counter. Exit the room through the other door when you're done. To Maria's left is a Save Point on the wall and a locked door. Go through the other unlocked door in the corridor and kill the Patient Demon right by you. There's a Mannequin to the north and another Mannequin far around the corner of the Study, but you don't need to go over there. Enter the study and read the "Lost Memories" book on the stand. Then try to go through the other door in the room to find Ernest behind the door.

Maria leaves the Birthday Card for Ernest and he wants Maria to get him a bottle containing a white liquid in the apartments next door. Apparently he can't get it himself, so he wants you to get it. He said he'll unlock the stairway door so exit the room and reenter the small corridor with the save point. The door is mysteriously unlocked so go through it. Go down the stairs and through the door at the end of the small hallway on the left. In front of you on the floor is some kind of plate about Amy. The corridor is infested with Giant Roaches so watch out. Move down the hallway and go around the corner, and then up the stairs.

Follow the corridor and go through the door at the end that leads to outside. In front of you will be a Mannequin. Kill it and note the "KEEP OUT OF HAUNTED MANSION" spray painted on the wall. Go through the doorway in the area to find a Patient Demon walking around. Go through the nearby door to enter Blue Creek Apartments.

03. Blue Creek Apartments

"In the apartment next door, there is a bottle containing a white liquid."

Move forward, and if you want the map go up the stairs to the left. Get the Map of the Apt Bldg by the 2F door. Go back down and go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. There will be Patient Demons to the left and right. Ignore them for now and enter Room 105. In here, get the 8 White Liquid on the secretarial desk ahead of you. Get the First-Aid Kit on the right counter of the kitchenette and the Health Drink on the left counter. There's a Save Point at the end of the small path near the kitchenette, but you don't really need to use it so exit the room.

Out here you can kill the three Patient Demons roaming the hall if you want, and enter the stairwell. You can go up to 2F but there is no need, unless you want to kill some Roaches, Patient Demons and Mannequins. In the stairwell, move forward and go through the door exiting to outside.

Out here is another Patient Demon. Kill it or run past it and reenter the mansion. Move forward and go around the corner past the Patient Demon. Then go down the stairs through the doorway at the end of the hall on the right. Go around the corner and follow the path to and through the door at the end on the right. Follow the corridor and go up the stairs and through the door at the top. Enter the corridor to the west and enter the Study once again. Examine the other door and Ernest will speak to Maria again. Maria leaves the White Liquid on the stand for Ernest. Maria and Ernest are talking for a while and Ernest mentions James. Maria opens the door eventually to find that no one is in the room.

Maria is then outside wondering what to do - suicide or continue living. She throws the Revolver away and starts walking towards Rosewater Park. She whispers "James......" and continues walking.

Congratulations on beating the Born From A Wish scenario. Enjoy the song in the credits (one of my favourites) and enjoy the clips of Maria.