West South Vale

"My name... is Maria. I don't look like a ghost. Do I?"

Video Walkthrough
Back Alley

With no trace of Pyramid Head, move down the stairs and towards the fence ahead for a First-Aid Kit on the right. Spin around and follow the path around the corner for another brief cutscene.

Afterwards you can find two boxes of Handgun Bullets up the set of stairs along the left wall ahead. Continue down the path to finally reach Rosewater Park.

Rosewater Park: A Special Place

You can just skip straight to the waterfront if you wish, but up the left stairs you can find two boxes of Handgun Bullets at the end of the path. Down the other stairs there is a Health Drink on the left bench. Move down the stairs there and up the other stairs to the right to find Handgun Bullets on the bench near the gazebo.

Continue north to the waterfront, finding a Health Drink by the railing to the right. Head down the other way to meet... Mary? No, a seductive lady named... Maria. Well, this is interesting. With her help, James realizes his "special place" might instead be the Lake View Hotel. Maria joins James to find it.

Note on Maria:
You are now responsible for keeping Maria alive for the next portion of the game. Do try your best to keep enemies from attacking her and be careful not to accidentally shoot her yourself during combat or it'll be Game Over. Additionally, how much damage she takes and how much time you spend with her may influence the outcome of the ending you receive at the end of the game. I suggest you play as you normally would, but feel free to get more information in the Endings section upon completing the game.

Now with sexy Maria accompanying you, head west to the other side of the park, past an interesting stone monument which you may want to check out. Head up the left stairway by the end of the waterfront path and continue south past any openings. Just past the right building you'll find a Mannequin guarding a Health Drink. Continue ahead to Nathan Avenue.

Nathan Avenue: Finding a Route to the Lake View Hotel

Before heading west, you can find a Save Point on the car in the nearby parking lot of Jack's Inn. But now our goal is to follow Nathan to the west and see how far we can get.

New Game Plus Item: Dog Key

Dog KeyAfter achieving all three main endings or just the Rebirth ending, the E5 Dog Key can be found in a doghouse in the small lot directly across the road after leaving Rosewater Park, just west of Jack's Inn. If there is no doghouse in the lot, you do not have the appropriate endings in your save file. Using this key at the correct location will award the player with the Dog ending.

Past a few enemies, find the Texxon Gas station near Carroll Street. Hearing an engine running, take the 19 Steel Pipe from the running car to shut it up. This new weapon is a great upgrade from the Wooden Plank, offering much more power and range, so do give it a try.

New Game Plus Item: Book: "Lost Memories"

Book: "Lost Memories"After completing the game once, the E6 Book: "Lost Memories" can be found in the open slot of the newspaper stand at Texxon Gas. It is one of four extra items required to receive the Rebirth ending. Read more about it in the Endings section.

You can also find two Health Drinks and a pack of Handgun Bullets in front of the delivery truck a little south in the gas station lot. Just west of the truck by the garage door are more Handgun Bullets and another Health Drink. Carroll Street is blocked off to the south so we can only continue west.

All right, what you want to do here is reach the hotel to the north, at the top of your map, ideally taking Nathan Avenue west all the way to Sandford Street. However, you'll find that the bridge just past the Historical Society is wrecked. Looking around the bridge however, you'll find a map near a corpse which serves as a clue. A few points of interest are crossed off on this map, but Pete's-Bowl-O-Rama is circled, so that's your next destination.

If up by the west bridge, do be sure to grab the Handgun Bullets near the corpse, as well as the First-Aid Kit in the Silent Hill Historical Society parking lot. As a side note while traversing Nathan, you may notice the shocking phenomenon of Mannequins flying out of nowhere and landing near the road edges. Things are certainly escalating...

Anyway, the entry doors for Pete's are on the north side. Grab the Health Drink by the grass patch just in front and enter the bowling alley. Maria will stay outside since she hates bowling. Too bad for her because she'll be missing a jolly ol' good time!

Pete's Bowl-O-Rama

Head through the left door in here to enjoy a cutscene of Eddie and the little brat from earlier. Where did Eddie get that pizza from though? Still in a side room, continue through the door at the other end and move deeper into the main room to talk to Eddie.

Unfortunately the little girl slips away, but James at least learns her name is Laura while harassing Eddie's pizza-eating. Once she leaves, you can find Handgun Bullets at the end of the third alley from the right. Head through the same double doors as Laura and leave the joint altogether.

Chasing Laura

With Maria gone, head east and she'll come running back to inform you where Laura went. If you go too far east, Maria will correct you because she ran around the building. So take a right through the building's side parking lot, around the next corner at the back and through the gate at the far end.

Head upward until Maria shows you the gap Laura squeezed through. Unable to fit, Maria points to the nearby side door. Try it to find it's locked, but Maria conveniently pulls out three keys from erotic positions on her body to unlock it, keeping James' full and undivided attention. Head through the mystery door.

Heaven's Night

Inside the building, move up the stairs to James' right. At the top, you can learn about James' drinking habits if you examine the stacked crates of liquor. Continue on and pass through the green door on James' right.

Taking in this room, you are very much inside a strip club called Heaven's Night, although no action is going down tonight. Maria did have the keys to the back door though... Looks like James is in for a hell of a treat.

Grab the First-Aid Kit on the chair of the second table you see in the room, but sadly that's it in here. You can eye the stripper pole on the stage and imagine your wildest fantasies with Maria, but unfortunately she appears to be off-duty today. Exit Heaven's Night through the grey front door.

Carroll Street

Outside, head down the stairs past Maria at the bottom and continue ahead to Carroll Street, now on the other side of the blockade. Head south and Maria will soon spot Laura enter a building on the right. Follow her and enter Brookhaven Hospital around the right corner.

03. Blue Creek Apartments 05. Brookhaven Hospital